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Meditation Music For Weight Loss: Lose Weight Music, Burn Fat Music, Self Improvement Meditation

Meditation Music For Weight Loss: Lose Weight Music, Burn Fat Music, Self Improvement Meditation5 Jan. 2015
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Reiki Healing for Weight Loss

Reiki Healing for Weight Loss15 Aug. 2013
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This is a distant Reiki

This is a distant Reiki healing to assist with releasing excess weight and boosting your metabolism. :-)

Listen to it as many times as you feel drawn. Reiki only helps, never harms. Trust your intuition!

It’s always good to drink water after receiving energy healing to help integrate the energy!

The music is playing in the background and is separate from the healing.

You do not need headphones to listen. Just press play and receive the energy.

I do not recommend driving or operating heavy machinery while receiving energy healing because everyone is impacted differently.

This is not a substitute for medical care.

For more answers to common questions, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1EA6tTWjk&t=10s

Subscribe to my newsletter to receive a free download of my healings by topic: http://www.blendedinsight.com

Private session purchases, more information on energy healing, and extended downloads are located on my website: http://www.blendedinsight.com

Contact me: [email protected]

Visit me: www.blendedinsight.com

Connect: https://www.facebook.com/blendedinsight

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Komal Gopani

Thank You So Much

Gloridel Dullona

hello susan.do you have to listen to one music only to make it work? or can I listen to several successively

Ps. 97:10-12

Thank you Susan for weight loss energy transmission.I love Reiki very much,i am initiated at reiki ll degree but i stoped it before long time ago...i can eagerly wait to start again to practicing it...we can only feel better.Thank you very much.

Frugal Ferals

My hands immediately became warm and tingly.

Mohammad Klam

This video helps a lot keep giving reki to me my name is Sapna

Chaitali Supade

How many days do we have to listen? Also can u explain how to receive these energies?

Sarah Fara

This someone did a lot to my heart chakra, felt like an energy expansion. Maybe a blockage related to weight loss was removed. Thank you!

Komal Gopani


Kristina Ter-Oganesova

This video helps a lot... Thank you Susan ❤️


Thank you Reiki, God Bless you Always J.J. Love 4 U

M Ibrahim

why iam crying while listening?

Namrata Senghani

Can I listen to 2 music together one after another.... one for weight loss n other for childhood wounds??

Corliss Crabtree

Many, many thanks for supporting the healthy changes of so many people.

Mike Wade

thank you

Janaki Ganapathy

Thanks Susan. I will listen to this music. I too want to reduce my weight

Itsme Sia





I am feeling it working in my abdomen

Lisa McCue

Could you do a Reiki Healing for sugar addiction? I know you have addiction in general, but sugar is so, so hard to quit.

Sajal Saun

Thank You! ?

light seeker

Thank you?

ann summer

thank you susan, amazing x

Anjali Karve

kind of brain waves, while listening to this music. I am 1st degree Reiki practitioner.
Thanks for posting

Vidya s

It's permanent solution or how long to listen how effect it's whole body or only some pls tell.

Ri Ri

May it drop off along with Much pain in the body ?☀️

Lin Peter

ohh thank you I like your healing music very com portable..


I am looking forward to positive and amazing results! Thank you!

Viola Davis

How much does the classes cost?

Tiff TALKS22

Umm.....THIS IS REALLY WORKING! MY APPETITE IS ACTUALLY CHANGING! IT'S AWESOME. Thanks SO much Blended Insight. You are appreciated.


this reiki video really helps in weight release. you can instantly feel it. :)

Aurora Carrillo

This is my first time using and listening reiki, what do you recommended me?

Asawari Savant

Thanks Susan..I'm a degree 2 reiki practitioner myself....your video is helping me a lot...thanks a ton :)

Prem Kaur

Lovely. Would you do a Reiki for breaking habit of smoking? That would be quite Awesome. Thanks Susan.

Annana Joarder

Plse make video on autism and also on parenting skill and love.

Shabnam Sid

Thanks Susan. ,it's very relaxing .I'm sure ,I've a firm belief that it will work for wt.loss.

meena vasita

Thanks susan...i really need to reduce my weight this video is healping me a lot....

Sandra Sellers

thank-you. I overworked my body yesterday. Body aches and headache. I felt better after listening even though it's for weight loss. Having just finished a renewal course this was an amazing find today. Much appreciated

Gloridel Dullona

hello susan.do you have to listen to one music only to make it work? or can I listen to several successively

rajkumari TPL

Do we need to use reiki symbols while listening. How fast could one see the results. Thankfully

Erin Jensen

Thank you Susan! ??

rajkumari TPL

Thank you susan?

Ange La

Thank you ❤️??

Komal Gopani


Colleen Clark

does this work? i've been listening while spinning in the am's

Lisa V

I'm new at this and trying to understand how listening to this music assists with weight loss...lack of money, ect...

Kristen Dukes

I'm new to reiki can u feel the tingles even when u don't listen and can reiki push u like I was relaxing on side and body moved like someone was to say wake up plus legs moved scared me

Romana loveee

I hope it wouldn't effect my cat because I don't wear headphones and she can hear It too

Michael McCullough

Actually, I could use some weight gain. I've lost almost 50 lbs. Over the last few years [unintentionally], and I hate being this skinny

Habiba Mim

Hey I love your reiki videos..they helped me so much ❤️ thank you.. today I'm starting to use this one..I have questions hope you answer..does this also heal the underlying causes of gaining weight ? Like hormonal imbalances.. deficiencies and emotional energies ? I don't even know why I gain so much weight ( I don't eat much )..as I don't know the reason..I can't solve my issue.. that's why I came to this video to solve it for good ? I know this will help me.

Dee Hearts

Can I listen while falling asleep

Summer Rae

I need to loose 25 pounds it's very hard I want a flat stomach and slim arms how many times a day do I need to listen to this music before I see some rrsults

Vidya s

How long to.listen and it's permanent solution

Kamna Monga

Dear Susan will definitely try as I have to loose 30/40 Kgs,I enjoy your videos,love you Dear May God Bless You Always ❤️

Roxana Zavala

I really hope this helps I don't have time to exercise and have zero energy as I am a hose cleaner and clean offices and I clean so many dirty homes life is hard for me and I'm gaining weight because I'm hungry since my job is hard I am depressed I don't want to be like this?

Raq G

As I listened I felt my abdomen heat up I wondered why?


Thanks Susan ?I listen to lot of ur videos. I'm reiki healer too.

Lose Weight Fast - (9 Hour) Sleep Subliminal Session - By Minds in Unison

Lose Weight Fast - (9 Hour) Sleep Subliminal Session - By Minds in Unison5 Feb. 2018
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Disclaimer: This

Disclaimer: This recording should not be used as a substitute for any medical care you may be receiving. Click 'show more' below to read the full disclaimer. This MP3 is now available to DOWNLOAD *** https://bit.ly/3bo77Lt *** Get 50% off the UNLIMITED MP3 DOWNLOADS PACKAGE. 50% off for a limited time only.

Full disclaimer: This recording along with any other recordings on this channel should not be used as a substitute for any medical care you may be receiving. You should always refer to a doctor when necessary. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery, only listen in a place where you can relax and let go. If you need any help or advice, please contact me via my website at: https://mindsinunison.com/contact-me

If you would like to support my channel, you can do so via Patreon. I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer. Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/thomashall

The affirmations for this recording are blended into a nine hour relaxing soundscape of a beautiful forest at night time. You will hear the wonderfully soft sounds of nature, predominantly crickets, with the occasional hooting of an owl or two. Although this recording was designed to be listened to while sleeping, you can also listen while awake.


Q. Can I only listen whilst asleep?

A. You can listen to this recording whilst asleep or awake, both methods are effective.

Q. Do I need headphones to listen to this recording?

A. No, you do not need headphones. The messages have been embedded in a variety of ways, ensuring they can be absorbed either with or without headphones.

Q. Can I listen while driving or when I’m at work?

A. No. You should refrain from doing anything that requires concentration such as the operation of machinery or driving. This is for your own safety as some people may experience temporary drowsiness. I recommend that you listen while sleeping, relaxing, meditating, or enjoying activities such as drawing or reading.

Q. Do I need to watch the screen?

A. No, you don’t need to watch the screen. The messages are only embedded in the audio recording, so you just need to listen.

Q. Why can't I hear any talking?

A. This is a subliminal recording, which means the affirmation messages are hidden within the audio.

Q. How do subliminal messages work?

A. Compared to regular audio, the subliminal affirmation messages are recorded at many different frequencies and volumes, therefore you will be unable to hear the messages consciously. Because you are unable to hear the messages consciously, they bypass the part of your mind that analyses information, thus enabling the messages to go directly to your subconscious mind, allowing them to be absorbed as a factual new reality.

Q. How long until I get results?

A. It varies. Some people will only have to listen for a matter of minutes to notice an improvement, whilst others will need to listen for several hours over the course of a few days.

Q. At what volume should I play the recording?

A. At whatever volume you find most comfortable.

Q. What do the messages in this recording say?

A. Here is a list of all the affirmations/messages in this recording.

I resist food cravings

I like being a healthy person

My health is improving and so is my life

I am in complete control of my emotions

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I have excellent motivation

My motivation grows stronger everyday

I only eat when necessary

I am losing weight

I feel good about myself when I eat healthy food

I have very strong willpower

I am in charge of my life

I love exercise

I lose weight easily because I am a motivated person

Losing body fat will make me happier and healthier

I will reach my goal

Dieting is good

Exercise will make me feel good and help me lose weight

My body becomes more attractive each day

I resist the temptation of eating unhealthy food

When I lose weight, I look more attractive

My motivation grows stronger everyday

I love being physically fit

I am in control of my weight

I am in control of my life

I look after my body and feed it healthy food

Exercise will make me feel amazing

I will only eat healthy food

I have the strength to achieve my ideal weight

I say no to eating sweet food

I will succeed because I am a strong person

I say no to food cravings

I believe in myself

My willpower continues to grow stronger each day

I am completely focused on losing weight

When I wake up each morning, I am full of motivation

When I wake up each morning, I am full of energy

(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording)))))

Thank you for listening, for a full range of subliminal, binaural beats and hypnosis recordings please subscribe.

Comments (100)
Crystal Aringo

Starting weight: 57.85
Be back tmrw, imma go to sleep

Bonni Castillo

I really found this to work! I weighed myself before going to bed and woke up 4 lbs lighter! Of course, I'm eating more veggies and drinking more water too! But anything that helps it go faster is GREAT!!! I even listen to "Weight Loss While Working" and have found my appetite to lower and I have more control to stay away from unhealthy snacks!

Bxrbie Bree


Noémie Bernard

I usually don’t post comments but man I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. I went from 130 to 122.

Ellis Harshbarger

day 1- 138 pounds
day 2- 135 pounds

Alli Mae

day 1: 173lbs
listen even if this doesn’t work i love the sounds so imma watch it anyway.

Pia Wiederin

I'm gonna try this for the next few weeks and eat healthier lets seeeee I am already pretty positiv so lets goo


This really works. I lost 4 lbs in 2 days while listening overnight for 2-3 hours

white rose

I'm going to try it for a week ?
Day 1 :65.8 kg
Day 2 :65.7 kg
Day 3 :
Day 4 :
Day 5 :
Day 6 :
Day 7 :

Luisa Reyes

I’ll try it

Listen with headphones only at night during my sleep
No exercise (I’ve got no time)
No diet, just try to eat healthy when I can. No soda, sweets or candies, cereals (the ones with milk for breakfast) or salty treats.
I’ll post an update in a week.

Week 1. 1 pound lost


Honestly it works

Ellis Harshbarger

day 1: 140 pounds

Charlton Norah

Do you happen to have one or can create on one motivate a person to clean and keep a house clean? I need one badly.


I listened to this for a month almost every night. I knew this alone wont make me lose weight I'll have to make some changes. I lost 6kg. It didnt instantly make me lose weight but already after the first night I noticed my cravings ain't as strong. Maybe it helped my metabolism maybe not but it helped me feel full It helped me eat less. Like I said 1 month 6 kg no workout no "only healthy ahit' I been eating chocolate I have been eating crisps and sweets but smaller amounts only thing I cut out was alcohol. Maybe it was this or maybe it ws all me making up my mind about losing weight. Either way this never did me harm, it just made me more sleepy

Imane Sy

Im too fat and im 17years old i became like i have 30yr old bcs my weight is 70 and my height is 160


Im relatively new to subliminal. I've discovered that it works better when subliminals have longer hours and when listened to during asleep as I do not want to listen to it in the morning due to playlist cravings. I will update after a week, not on a daily basis.

Ive convinced myself to do this instead of the clear skin cause Im getting fatter and I dont want to be overweight. Let's do this!!

Rim Zemmouri

I can't beleive it, I listened to tuis with some other subliminals and a booster, AND I LOST 2 KGS OVERNIGHT I- THIS IS THE FIRST TIME A SUBLIMINAL WORK FOR ME, I WAS 51.5KGS AND I AM NOW 49.8KGS AJJQJQM IM SO HAPPY HAHA--


I really wanna try this out but i dont wanna loose weight on my lower body, i only wanna loose weight on my stomach and arms, will this still work?


I was listening to this on and off while sleeping, and it has helped me eat so much less and I have been losing weight, which is nice :) I did try to eat something sweet though, and it made me sad that it made me feel a bit sick now, because I used to love it. Also it’d be cool if there was a fast metabolism affirmation in it but I can just affirm that to myself ? thank you for making this! ❤️


who hears the owl in the background?? is it just me?

Arlene Portsmouth

If this is binaural what frequencies are being used?

JA Luxx

Started workout today, now listening to this while i sleep. HEY YOOOOO QUARANTINE I WILL BEAT YO ASS

Mansing Dhas

What about the charging of phone

Linds 3569

starting weight/day 1: 135.3
day 2: 134.5

goal weight: 120


For those wondering if this truly works: it does, and I can’t believe it.

I’m only sixteen and already I’ve struggled through becoming obese at the age of fourteen, developing anorexia and losing 80 pounds in one year, then recently gaining back 30-40 of those pounds. My weight and my relationship with food has always been skewed, for reasons I still haven’t figured out. I’ve lost hope and regained it so many time as well, telling myself the all too familiar, “this time I’m going to lose the weight.” However, “this time” never lasts. All I’ve ever wanted is to become confident enough for myself, and that’s what I recently set out to do - finally in a healthy way that’s sustainable and which doesn’t make me want to rip myself apart.

I’ve listened to so many different subliminals to try and change my mindset surrounding food, but none have ever had a noticeable effect - not until I found this video. I started putting this on my TV and allowing it to play all night while I slept, and I’ve already noticed a WORLD of a difference. Seriously, it’s night and day - so far I’ve lost six pounds in five days!! I no longer feel any urges to stuff myself with junk food because I can or because it makes me feel happier, and it’s easy to eat what I need when I’m hungry and then stop. I don’t derive that kind of pleasure from food anymore, which has been a blessing. I’m also still able to eat a small treat EVERY DAY, feeling completely satisfied afterward (before it would’ve triggered a binge). I wish I could better explain how much this has already changed my life, but I don’t know if words can describe it.

All I can say is that if you’re skeptical, just give it a couple of nights and hopefully it will do for you what it did for me. A positive mindset, willingness to change, and this video is all you need to lead a much happier, healthier life! Thank you so much to the creator(s) of this video, I’m one-hundred percent sure I would still be struggling without it. ♡

robert franks


C Caleca

Hate the crickets!!

teresiaaa beau

Day 1- 66.1
Day 2- 66.1
Day 3-65.3



K8lynn 0131

Me: I think this is working
Also Me: Farts
Me: ???

Alekhya Ale

But are the results permanent? Please reply

Natasha C

So all the fatties gathered here.. ?

Sunnie one so true

Hi Thomas, Would you please do a subliminal for weight loss with every other day intermittent fasting? That would be great!




starting weight: 60kg
goal: 53kg :)

day 1: (im gonna update when i wake up)

valen poli

First night: I ate salad, fries, cooked vegetables, pizza, soda and ice cream xD

Wiktoria Ś.

Better be skinny for that coronavirus event ???

Rachel T

Weight Loss Journal?
Starting Weight : 60.5kgs
Goal Weight : 53 kgs

Will be checking my weight every morning?

Day 0: 60.5 kgs
Day 1: 60.2 kgs
Day 2: 59.7 kgs
Day 3: 60.5 kgs :/ I overate and it came back?
Day 4:

Do like to support my journey ?

Diana Reynolds

I am gonna listen to this tonightt!!! And update in the mornin

Paul Chamberlain

Here are some stats....49 years old. 15+kg covid weight gain.(5kg overweight to start with) 28 days of listening to this every night. Loss of 10kg or 22lbs or 1kg every 2.8 days.

I made sure not to exercise anymore than I usually do, it's been impossible not to exercise after day 21, so I started walking 30 minutes per day.

Now my experiment is over, I'm going to jog, walk, ride and lift weights every day from now on. 100% guaranteed!!

Next, I will experiment with "healing your past and letting go of pain" I will let you know what happens after my 21day Thomas Hall challenge.

Thank you Thomas. ?❤️?


I started this Sunday. I have lost 6 lbs and don’t have a strong appetite. I crave healthier foods. I play it very low when I sleep. Gonna keep going.

nurr hann

me : 16 , 153cm (i guess)
start : 47.6 kg [22/12/2019]
update 1 : 47 kg [28/12/19]
update 2 : 46.4 kg [20/1/2020]
update 3 :
update 4 :
update 5 :

Andrea Thomas

Sono qui solo per il cricket suona ?

Minh Ánh Lê Huỳnh

Đặt dấu tích người Việt Nam lên trang này

Isabelle Janae

Yall need to stop being so funny I'm tryna sleep XD

hari shabad kaur

Should I do a flush if I was listening to another channel yesterday?

derik despain

Hello. Did you happen to have one for hormonal balance?

Kebron Negussie

1 like equals one day of working out


Right now my weight is 58.7 kg, i'll try to update!!
Day 1: Just woke up, my weight is 58 kg!! yaaaaay
Day 2: went to bed m weiight was 58.6 and now it's 58.2kg

Snake Eyes

Will it work if i only listen on my smartphone?

Nicole R.

Lol all I hear are crickets...I could get same results by sleeping outside under the nights stars lol

bang lenin ofc


April Starling

It helps me sleep so I dig it


Bigfoot: hmmmm, you like crickets?..me: get outta im trying to lose weight

malin bra

If you listening on this all night, how many nights do you need to listening on this before it is working?

Robyn Nicole

Day 1: I listened overnight but only for 3 hours cos my phone died but I’m not hungry at all

Caroline Thurner

I believe in subliminal messages. I just never tried one on weight loss. My mom quit smoking on subliminal tapes. I am anxious to try it as I have 40 pounds to lose. I will keep you posted. ?

Kathy Carter

Holy Guacamole! This gave my hubby and I the best sleep. Knocked out. And it’s helping w not making bad decisions. Thank you

Madeline O'Brien

Do I have to watch the same one each night or can I watch different ones every night?

Lorina Iverson

I have been listening to this for about 4 weeks and have lost 25lbs. Most of my sugar cravings are gone.

My Recovery

Day 1: I felt less hungry. I ate breakfast at 11:30 am, wasn’t as hungry as normal and didn’t really want food, but I ate it anyway. I was hungry around 6 pm for dinner. And that’s it. I did still crave food tho, so I ate 2 snacks out of emotional hunger instead of physical hunger.
Day 2: also way less hungry. I had the same breakfast (oats with seeds and a banana) and was hungry like 6 hours later. Only had 3/4 of an apple and then some dinner. Still craved sugar, so I had some sugarfree candy. But I’m just a lil hungry now. Didn’t have the urge to binge.

girl in baby pink

day 1: 55 kg

Panicked_ Oof

Dr: u on a diet you look different
Dr: what kind
Me:crickets chirping and miralax


Is there a way to lose 44 ponds in one night with this pls if yes tell me


starting : 74kg
goal : 60kg
day 1 :
day 2 :
day 3 :
day 4 :
day 5 :
day 6 :

Sarah Gayford

Hi, I’ve been listening to nightly subliminals. I feel like a change! I will give this a month of nightly listening and will weigh myself then.
I really like your focused words that’s another reason I am going to give this a month ?.
At least I will have a reply for everyone in mid December 2020.
Note I do fitness classes Monday to Saturday. Monday Wednesday and Friday I do two classes and every other day one class. These classes contain HIIT, Strength,cardio and Metafit.
My current weight is 62.7 17 November 2020
UPDATE COMING ON 18 December 2020
Thank you for having this free to listen too.


listens to it while reading comments.. OMG I FEEL MY ARM TINGLING but nope i got pins and needles from lying on top of my arm

Missy Missymiss

This is my favorite background sound so far. It used to be rain, but this is even more relaxing.

Rada Rotarip

It’s helps for my intestines and stomach
Thank you very much ???


i listened to this for six months but because i want controlling what i ate and not exercising i kept gaining the weight back. i just started listening again but using all the tips below and it has worked wonders!! i’ve lost so many pounds and i’m sure you can too!
y’all it really does work but you have to imagine yourself already skinny and feel those emotions. you also have to control what you eat and at least do some stretching, yoga, exercise, you name it for 30 minutes each day! Make sure you drink 1 cup of water before you get up then 1 cup before you eat a meal, 1 cup when you’re eating, and 1 cup after. this will help you lose weight!! also intermittent fasting works great!! use 16:8 method which is the best for beginners (look it up for more details) I hope this helps now get out there!!

Noah Wondwossen

Does this thing work

Sophie Leigh

Will you be able to do a gcse one or an intelligence one?

Ella Mae

would you also loose weight in like your butt? ? cause if so than I'm stopping now. I'm already flat Enough

Ebrar Varol

I am going to try it....
Day 1: 55 kg
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:


Day 1 I had sex for 4 hours. I burned a lot of calories.

Erilya TV

I do Workouts and try to eat better, but my weight goes down very slowly.
If i dont forget ist, i will update.

1 Day: I LOST 1KG? I wasnt eating very good and my workout was short so, HOW?

Update: I listened for a few nights to this, and yes i dont know how but i did lost weight everytime i heared that. But i felt so sick but everything was fine. After Day 4 i decided to stop hearing this, cause i didnt feel well after listening to this. And it stoped everytime i stoped listening to this.

Maybe its just not for me, but still wanted to let u know.

Ella D

Bro I just listened for one night and I don’t think I lost much weight but I felt rlly good today and I wasn’t hungry/had more self control :)))


It's relaxing.

Cherry._ toxicc

I'm gonna update for a month c:
Day 1: 10st (140lbs)
Day 2: 9st 13lbs (139lbs)
Day 3: 9st 13lbs (139lbs)
Day 4: 9st 12lbs (138lbs)
Day 5: 9st 10lbs (136lbs)
Day 6: 9st 11lbs (137lbs)
Day 7: 9st 9lbs (135lbs)
Day:???? 9st 3lbs (129lbs)

Ayesha Azm

Been using this for a week my appetite has just started to get smaller I think I’ll be seeing results very soon and if I do I shall update.

Mary Hernandez

People just get your shit together start a keto lifestyle eat right and exercise don’t have to kill yourself to much with the exercise The keto lifestyle is Fat burner machine It is quite incredible how much you can lose without too much effort just the right attitude and visualize how incredible you can look that would help to.

Bxrbie Bree



ive currently been listening to this for 2 hours and when i stop it , it sounds weird since im used to the sound

Lily Herrick

One like 20 sec of jumping jacks, please help x

katie Clemens

Day 1: 54 kg

Google This

Thank you! Another night down and another great day to look forward to!
I’m on day 24 and after listening each night? I’ve no desire to eat anything that’s not healthy for my body! My friends say I am carrying myself differently and I do! I am more comfortable with my body and who I am as a person. It just kind of feels like a bonus that I have lost some weight too!
I greatly appreciate your channel. ✌???❤️


One like=one situp

Gabriela Arriaga

Un concierto de grillos.

wee woo

this makes me wanna eat healthy

The Money Magnets

I will update every 3 days
CW: 203 ??
GW: 150 ?
2/28/2020 Day 1: 203
3/03/20 Day 3: 202
3/06/20 Day 6: 200
3/09/20 day 9 : 201 ☹️ I freaked out when I saw 200 and started eating a lot. Something in me doesn’t wanna lose weight.
3/15/20 : 200

Ella Swindail

Starting weight:63kg 06/01/2020
Day 2: 62.4kg

Princess Via

I went from 135 yesterday to 127 today. I listened to this abt a week ago. Idk how this shit works but here I am again bc I wanna loose weight and I wanna sleep

Tara MacDonald

Before listening: 56.8 kg
Goal Weight: 47 kg
Day One: 56.5 kg
Day Two: 56.1 kg

Wølfy Gacha

I started using this 9 weeks ago (2 months and about 2-3 days ago) then- 120lbs
Now 48lbs

Mia I

Omg it works so good


im going to get back down to 110 again.

Bec Butts

He needs to add the msg, I will not crave soda, I will not crave soda, I will not crave so... Ohh look a mtn dew... Mmm


Night: 204
I’ll update when I wake up

Uh_oh_ Spaghettios

While I was sleeping I dreamt that I was already at my dream weight and that’s never happened before even when I had an ED. That’s so strange but I’m pretty sure this is gonna work for me.

Lloyd Robert Evans

I am 11 st at 43 years old acourding to boots weight machine with those lazer things I with in normal condition for my age