Ski squat lift

Ski specific training: Squat with forefoot lift at Bonza Bodies Denver

Ski specific training: Squat with forefoot lift at Bonza Bodies Denver24 Oct. 2010
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http://www.bonzabodies.com This video accompanies the ski conditioning video at Bonza Bodies Denver. November 6th 2010 Bonza Bodies is holding a ski conditioning clinic featuring this exercies and much more insider ski training workout secrets - see the website for more details http://www.bonzabodies.com

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Dar Forsythe

What you should be showing skiers to get ready is a core strengthening routine, with a focus on flexibility to reduce early season injuries.

Dar Forsythe

You want your weight on the ball of your feet, not your toes. (with weight distributed over the centre of the ski) You do not want your heel to raise up in your boot, this is a possible faux pas if your weight is on your toes! Furthermore, your Squat exercise for skiing is a calamity waiting to happen! You hyper-extend your knees beyond your toes with each squat. (performed incorrectly)

5 Minutes Exercises To Lift Your Butt and Thighs

5 Minutes Exercises To Lift Your Butt and Thighs9 May. 2018
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List of

List of exercises:

Ski Squats: 00:31

Sumo Squats: 01:25

Pop Squats: 02:23

Squat Hold: 03:15

Squat Pulses: 04:07

Jump Squats: 04:57

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Destiny Boykin

This is some future shiz

Bhrena Yeang



By far the best exercise workout I've seen. Would be nice though just to have a little preview of the exercise before you start. Other than that it's fantastic.

Tanja Hanekom

AMAZING FEELING! Would you mind giving a proper stretch video as well, please, especially for the exercises one has done? :)

Ski Squat Extras

Ski Squat Extras5 Dec. 2012
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Considerations and common

Considerations and common fault corrections for the GPP Ski Squat exercise.

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