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Stamina InMotion Rower

Stamina InMotion Rower24 Jan. 2016
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2B Excat

Is the seat suppose to be wobbly?? If not what do i need to do??

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine REAL Review

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine REAL Review30 Jun. 2012
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Tom Jones

I have used this for a while. Not a bad rower, serves the purpose. I bought it used in excellent condition for 30 bucks. Would never buy a exercise machine new anymore. Too many buys out there, craigslist, etc. Got a couple for free, people buy them, don't use it and hang their clothes on it.

Ross Outdoors

too bad dude doesn't know how to use it...

Jus cnt

nice leg


For a gym sure, Concept II is the industry standard. They cannot be beat. But that's also why they cost over $1000. For personal at home use, this is a great alternative for someone who can't afford to spend that much on a single piece of a equipment. I'd rather spend $200 on this machine and spend the extra money on other things.


I got this at Goodwill for 19.99 in near mint condition. The computer even works. Unfortunately the foot straps are too big for my feet and they slip out.


Would anyone happen know what the torque setting and rep count on this machine would replicate rowing 500 meters?

Nabil Ou

I used to use concept II in a gym, but now I want to buy this kind of rowing at home cause concept II is expensive & don't enough space, so I'm wondering if it has the same impact or not. Thk you

Antonio Moura

Is that a good exercise to lose body fat?

Glenn Niles

Because we can all afford to spend 1200 bucks on a machine right?

Mali Campbell

Below is a link to how this should be used. Click over the photo onto Video.

Damien Durie

Well, it's not exactly a gym quality machine, but for home use it's not bad. Found a lot of info on it, here: BestFitnessEQ com


total joke.


The only thing is it did not come with two nuts for the back where the seat go's. Other than that I love it here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to\17LTEu4


It's a full body workout Abs, arms, legs and back.


I just bought this thing for $120 on amazon...not exactly an expensive piece of equipment. Have been using it and it's awesome for the price! Rowing is one of the best forms of workout that covers several different areas of the body. So thank you, BodyTrac!


the guy doesn't know how to use the machine

Alicia McCallum

I have a very similar rower. Using it for phyio for my arm. Even I know this is improper technique. It makes this rower look useless and a joke. Redo the video with proper form. If so..they'll be more sales. Lord,with an Injury I have better form. Lol.

S Danielson

Unprofessional video - improper rowing technique (doesn't work upper half of body) and not well explained. When I saw the "unscrew" to collapse - highly inefficient. I would rather spend extra $50 and get competitors' machine.


I bought a rowing machine from ebay it had no oars on it so I sat in my front room and drifted ????


Buddy, if you want a real rowing machine then you should go for a concept II

Douglas Nyenke

Is there a rowing machine like this that also has seat resistance ?

Dylan Ruppell

So, I have a question that I think might sound stupid, but how do I know what tension the piston is set at? I can't figure it out, but I'd like to set the tension higher

Christian Chalk

This isn't a rowing machine. It's a sick joke.

Ran Do

This is an ad, not a review.

abubakar mughal vlogs



if you were rowing a boat, you wouldn't be going anywhere.. lol

PT Rower

PT Rower8 Jan. 2017
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Rosalie Brown demonstrates

Rosalie Brown demonstrates a 20 minute workout for most rowing machines. Enjoy!!!

Comments (6)
Gillian Scott

i love this video. thank you

Pam Zimmerman

I used it 3 time and your back does feel better as you continue to use it! I am 60 year old woman and I LOVE it!

Gillian Scott

Do you a video explaining proper technique with this machine?


My back hurts after10 min I’ll return it

Nitrobuz Ae

This may be a bad machine (no idea) but the way it simulates actual rowing looks perfect to me.


Hello, I just bought a used rower just like this one. Do you happen to know where I can get a user manual for it? I've looked on the internet, but to no avail. Thanks for doing this video