Running 12 miles a day

What I Eat During The Day When Running 20 Miles | FULL DAY OF EATING

What I Eat During The Day When Running 20 Miles | FULL DAY OF EATING15 Mar. 2020
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Comments (100)
Seth Erickson

breakfast is so fire

Jefferson Kroeker

where do we get BPN in Canada?

Toshie Moshie

Why did I already know you were going to put ketchup on those potatoes! LOLOL!!

Ironman 70.3

why ketchup? confused! all the great supplements then spoil it. what am I am missing Nick?

CS Isti Csákányfejü

Your economy is shit. U shouldn't eat during any of your workouts, also this much muscle is just big setback.
And the fats....OMG those are the thing u should avoid the most


This guy look exactly like the guy from Jackass just swollen loo

Alfonso Martinez

They’re From Texas

BigBoy McGoy

Lol I've never seen anyone shill as many useless snake oil products as this dude.

Alfonso Martinez

Good motivation so far

Ross Hart

catching up on videos i have missed

Orion Miller

Do I need both the strong multi and the strong joint or can I just manage with just the strong joint? I dont have the money for both

Alfonso Martinez

Why don’t you bare the coffee and if it’s a hit send me some for the idea ?

Evan Davies

Thought this was Dave England

Kieran Dickerson

Make the breakfast sweet by adding half a banana to 2 eggs with the oats and mix it before, then cook it. Perfect banana pancake to add fruit, yoghurt honey and peanut butter too :)

Oil Rig Jobs

Any of those properties come with drilling rights?

Travis Moore

COVID might actually save this guy if his race gets canceled. I wish he’d read his comments. If you really want to qualify for Boston, you need to restructure your training plan. You’re doing a 20 mile run only weeks after your last marathon. That’s not going to work. No coach would allow you to do that if they have any bit of a clue.

Jacob Mastrogiovanni

Did... did he ju— just put raw oats on his eggs

Edgar Medina

To each their own, but it’s a no from me dawg.


Can u start using strava please, so we can follow you.


Hey Nick, have you ever thought about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as your next challenge after the Boston Marathon? Jiu-Jitsu is a crazy good workout. You learn self-defense (not that you need this being a former Ranger), learn a new skill/hobby, and it's a crazy good full-body workout, 3 birds one stone. It would make for a really good new series of videos too.


That looks like dripping springs. That's where I grew up

Zachary Matzke


Chris Rogers

Oh he’s not going to put the oats in the eggs..... yes, yes he is ?

alex garcia

Where did you get the black shirt at?

Margaret Peterson

Looks like an incredible property. Did some great hiking in the Austin/Killeen area this year

Your master

where is the epo at

Jee hue

How many years did you spend in the Ranger B
at? And when did you graduate from jump school?


He will have an endless supply of protein powder lol.

Rodrigo Garcia

That ranch looks amazing! Excited for that project!

Lofty Production

I always sigh when I see videos like this packed with pills and powders. If you eat the right things you'll get all your vitamins and minerals and proteins and fats etc.... such a waste of money :(

Chris W

looks good I have been using Avocado half a one a day amazing how it makes you feel fuller because of the fat from it

minkyu lee

Instead oatmeal put grits it taste a lot of better with eggs


at 2:45 finally gives up hiding how hot the coffee is.

Asher Black

Nick uses the motto “go one more” on everything including his seasonings for food, and his scoops of strong reds and greens.

Anthony Cimabue

You forgot to add in your TRT injections

Michael Holmes

Nick you have to do the Murph challenge again!

Elij 65

Cool content man, just bumped into your channel during quarantine hahaha

Alfonso Martinez

I like your videos and my little one smile ? when you talk T-shirt less

Fishn Giggles

Damn nick how much weight did you lose

Junior Ruiz

Oats with eggs wtf ?

Heb M

what the heck are u eating bud

Diodete Da Silva

Nick has a unique palate...

Álvaro Zamorano Béjar

Saludos desde España ??
Tus vídeos son una motivación
Sigue así de fuerte y un abrazo CRACK !

Levon Knadjian

Just tried this breakfast post run today and it was great!

Darth Muad’Dib

Sub out that ketchup for some sriracha or franks red hot

Victor Garcia

How often do you drink coffee and what do you add into it? If you don’t drink it black

valdez byrth

A perfect day for s 20m run. Atw

Joshua Jackson

Salsa and cottage cheese on avocado toast--another breakfast that sounds not-so-great, but is really good. I think you'd like it.

steven garcia

Looking to move too the Round Rock area once i ETS, so whats the biggest con to this area aside from traffic

Dj Flex

Breakfast is delicious I add taco seasoning.

jazmine goodine

You guys gonna do sample packs on the bpn site , that would be amazing

David O'Callaghan

21 dislikes. Either haters or vegans. Lol


Tell me you didn't knock back a cold one after a 20 mile run ? Impossible not to.

Chris Harker

What’s your normal wake up time?

Leor Golan

what running shoes do you wear?

sim transport

Very nice video.

Road Less Traveled

thought about going on a plant based diet? I think that would be very interesting to see how it affects your performance. Cheers!

Mark Bertrand

Your meal #1 made me lose my meal #2?

extra extra

Breakfast meal is actually good


c'mon brutherrrrr go vegan like rich roll. it's the bomb

Leon Tan

You travel deep enough into the woods and you might just meet Demolition Ranch.

Inna Cvetkova

I can't understand one...The breakfast is delicious or not??

jeff sarhani


Alfonso Martinez

So you are doing a perfect journey so far

Wade Coplen

how do you hydrate on a 20 miler? Do you carry water? Find a puddle?

Alfonso Martinez

So you good for me too

Pochy Rodriguez

You should get sponsored by ketchup bro lol


Where is the vegan protein powder? Was hoping to order by now but I don’t see it online.

Sarah Thérèse

I LOVE eggs with oats!! I've never seen anyone else do it! My dad made it for me as a kid and called it a "runner's omelet"

Alfonso Martinez

I mean bareney gold not the product since I have hipertensión

Angel Ledezma

ATREYU Running company is gonna blow up that’s who you ran with right?

Laura Thompson

God that petrol station coffee looks brutal ?. Good luck to drinking that lad ?


What watch are you using?

patrick cook

If you need a surveyor, let me know.


"Talking pace" run at 8.30 mins per mile lol...

Kevin Ramoo

Lol that breakfast cracked me up, but its good fuel.

HaveFood WillEat

The most jacked ironman in the race for sure. Keep it up brother!

Vezzp Gaming

I wonder how is your leg training now that you run so much. Appreciate your videos !


Warm and humid??? Nooo, that wouldn’t be a perfect run day..for me ??. I thoroughly dislike humidity..and I live in Georgia. Bwahaha. Nice video! I’m going try that breakfast for sure!! ??

Alfonso Martinez

Also my wife enjoy watching you

Ken Kauffman

Love the breakfast. I got some granola from HEB thats nuts and dried bananas and it was great


What brand is the black shirt?

Captain Chaos

Lots of ppl say he juiced but I just don’t buy it

Kenneth Ng

Not wearing masks before running? Do you usually do warm up exercise?

Rene Ocampo

Hey brother what are your usual hours in each meal if I may know

Satoshi N

It's 2020 and people still think they need supplements? How do you think our ancestors lived? They ate nothing but real food and lived a happy healthy life!!! Stop getting scammed

William Hemberg

this dude loves ketchup

S Mauller623

Did you always like running or is that something that came from being in the Army? Im military as well I just can’t grasp enjoying running enough to be motivated like I am for cycling or lifting.

Matthew Sparks

I ran my first 5k I thought I was awesome ???

Peas & Carrots

I like the way you say GU...


Zachary Trice

Great video. Thanks man! Hope you get the perfect land also! Keep up the great work!


total Calories ?

James Aldridge

Love the menu overall, but really wonder about the ketchup. So much sugar, so little value. Why not a shot of hot sauce instead for flavour?

Johnny Boy

How can you say you enjoy Texas humidity. suffering ?


You look exactly like Dave England from Jackass

Skyisthe Limit

What is Goo

Navid Nikraz

Love your videos


at 11:42 it sounds like a comercial! ahahaha!! Stay strong!

Bleacher McAdams

Youtube fam am I crazy and I am I doing stuff wrong? I run 11 miles with no water or supplements during the run Breakfast cliff bar with a large cup of skim milk, lunch half cup of white rice, dinner two pieces of toast, apple with peanut butter and pulled chicken?

Harry Morant

Read the comments about looks like he’s losing muscle mass but he’s training for a marathon how many marathon runners do you see who look like body builders None his heart and lungs will be a lot more efficient than a body builder type most of whom that I’ve seen on you tube couldn’t run for a bus and have difficulty in stringing a sentence together without taking a deep breath much better to be fitter with efficient heart and lungs than a bloated roid mess

tim bradley runs 8 to 12 miles a day EsNews Boxing

tim bradley runs 8 to 12 miles a day EsNews Boxing7 Oct. 2013
32 688
ESNEWSSubscribe 438 721

In this

In this http://www.esnewsreporting.com video we take a look at the story behind the story.

EsNews is a sports channel talking to stars, celebs, trainers, fans and reporters.

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Comments (24)
john doe

Boxing shape is a whole different animal.


Bradley is a beast...he should be next on the menu..


8 to 12 miles a day and going to the gym? damn


how many days do he run ?


My goal is to run 5 a day...

Ballin Too

This nigga talkin bout personality who gives a fuck about that shit

Ballin Too

Damn his work ethic is outrageous runnin 8-12 miles a day got Damn!!!!!!!

Hund Grand

TV on your shoes worse than TV in car

Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

Tell him to steal a personality like Broner. Haha!!

Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr.

Tim gets chubby in-between fights. Bhop and Floyd are the only ones in-shape year round.


running puts the tiger in the cat


He ran more than that during the Pacquiao fight.

Adam Brooks

8 to 10 miles a day is way too much for a boxer,3 to 5 miles either every day or every other day,Angelo Dundee said his fighters would run,walk 3 miles a day,no more than that because he didn't want marathon runners,he wanted boxers,and you needed your legs,not to overtrain your legs,this is probably why Bradley isn't fighting any longer!


all that running and he still couldn't beat Mayweather




I disagree.Tims known for his work ethic and staying in shape,the only time he didnt stay in shape was the Provodnikov fight and he said losing around 40 pounds in two months effected his punch resistance.

Knowledge Comment

That’s extra miles on the body he’s bugging out


I think Timmy gets chubby because he eats everything he wants to eat in between fights. I don't think he gets out of shape per se.


Bradley is just not a marketable fighter. He's dry as hell !!! No personality.....and he knows he lost the pacqiou fight , and I was neutral on that. Broner is bigger then him and he's new in the game!!! SMH....GET A PERSONALITY!!!!!

St. Berdoo

The Navy wants you. Lol.


Nobody floyd fights train as hard as tim bradley.

marioni bruno

Bradley will tko marquez

Brandon Cofield

Thank you Mr Bradley, first fighter to answer this elusive question


lol how bout watching the 24/7 before saying he has no personality. Ever since the pacquiao fight he's been trying to be more of the bad guy.


222 369

"Junk Miles"? TOO SLOW ON

"Junk Miles"? TOO SLOW ON EASY DAYS? i rant.

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Comments (100)
Glitch Matrix

How long should i sustain this workout? the least and the most amount
of time


How do you suggest, or recommend, working on Cadence and building up to faster cadence?

Right now, 84/164 seems to be very manageable even at slower paces...

Thanks Sage!

Abby Immanuel

i felt out of breath watching you run and talk simultaneously haha

Alan Phoenix

Finally good advise about running from someone that runs themselves!! I understand most of what you are saying here but its really good to hear that reinforcement, especially about keeping the pace slow. I head out a lot of times to do just that and end up speeding up because Im having fun. Great VID!!


I misread your surname as "CanadaDay"


I love your advice in so many of your videos, great channel great advice. Thanks.


Why don't you try some speed training? Distance running is a cult. You are all brainwashed into becoming extreme joggers. You have diminished any athletic ability or speed you may have had beforehand. There is no reason to run mileage or duration further than the length or duration of you race. Marathons are different--I guess you are training in order to finish. But if you want to run FASTER, running FURTHER or SLOWER than how you want to compete makes NO sense. If you are training for a 5 mile race, it makes ZERO sense to run 10 slow miles in a workout. 99% of distance runners have no idea what they are doing. They just keep logging miles....slooowwwwww loooooong miles. Tempo runs are also complete bullshit. Run the pace you want to race at. Run shorter, run harder, then build up to your race. You guys have it ALLLLLLLL BACKWARDS.

Carl Tumulak

4:30 recovery? wow

Richard Middleton

Even walking is ok on easy days!


When the ducks are passing me I understand my easy miles may be too easy

David Brown

Great advice! Thanks

Blue Haze

You are so good that when you run it's like you're just floating!

jez lucas

I've always thought this "junk miles " theory is mad .

Thanks ,I think every run counts ,of course should have some structure to training also

Alexander Hurley

I made easy days easier and hard days easier. So I expected to be slower, instead my race times are much faster then when I trained hard. I don't know why but it seems to work.
DIfference in easy days - 1-2 two minutes slower per mile than before. Difference in hard days - 30-45 seconds per mile slower. Also run less than half the distance per week I did before.

Brendyn Tillman

What's this easy day you speak of?

Glenn Nakamura

I'm 50 years old, but a long time runner. Should I be concentrating more on perceived effort and breathing or heart rate? I can be talking comfortably, but be well into zone 3 on my easy runs.

Simon Schmitz

Who runs at 60 % of max heart rate?
My max heart rate is 190 and it is absolutely impossible to run at a heart rate of 114, that's walking.

Eliane S

1) this is my best running channel on youtube so far
2) Can you do a video on how to train effectively twice a week for 5 10k, for those of us who have a tiring full time job and a busy schedule ? I know 2 days if not enough to break a record but like just improve your own time with only 2 days?

E-town Coz

Do you categorize long run mileage as easy mileage?

Planco Creations

I like the jack Daniels method- easy days can’t be too easy but to a certain extent

Tuesdays Runner

Yes, cross training is good for runners over 40. And for new runners. So I went on an easy run today at a near shuffle jog pace. Then I took a nap that turned into a full on day time sleep. Now I am wondering where my whole day went?

Nan Kanhai

Try giving the facts/info while not running. Your running demo is not helpful. It makes your presentation less effective and waste time.

Marcin Rucinski

4.20 per Km and you are having conversations. Wow what is your HR ? at that pace.

Charles Lee Ray

you look like your breathing too hard my bro

Lerenzo Francis

I am glad you said that there are o such thing as "junk miles", too many people think slower runs are a waste of time. Thanks Sage!

Brian Gustavson

Watching this makes me want to go for a run but it’s 29° :(

James Muldrow

Your easy pace is a 7:20? I don’t think I want to run anymore today!

Heather Jergensen

I'm so glad you said, "I don't believe in Junk Miles." Every mile has a purpose, and every run a goal. Thank you, Sage!

Paul Angeles

Thanks Sage. Great stuff, and pretty much in line with Jack Daniels research. He says long, easy, and recovery runs should be 65% - 75% of MaxHR, and anything faster defeats the purpose of the intended work and becomes what he calls "quality-junk" training. The only exception to this rule is "marathon pace" training which is limited to marathon training and is 20 to 30 seconds slower then threshold pace.


7:30 mile pace is NOT slow... Even a pro won’t say 7:30 is slow. It’s not race pace for sure but it’s far from slow.

Anna Chock

“Maybe they’re swear words” ?

not orib

"run slow to run fast"

Must Rästas

Theres easy fast long runs as well, but these are only if you have many more rest days, combined with workouts! I have so much xp with long runs that i actually can say that: there is a certain time you do thouse long easy runs mainly more to build up your endurance and so on, and theres a time when you do thouse long runs with some faster pace (theres as well tempo and speed runs) to be ready for some competition. Doing the same wont get you no where. Body needs as well faster long runs (not a tempo run that is a faster one and takes at least ca 20min). Difference between fast long run and tempo run for example: tempo run= 3´57´´ and faster long run then 4´43´´. LIke i said if having some faster long runs, then after these runs must be a recovery one, then completley a free day, after the free one for example tempo run (that can be as well only 1 km :))!
Some plan example:
Hard week
Monday: Rest
Thuesday: Tempo run
Speed training (intervals)
Fast long run (15km or more)
Recovery run (5/6km, a bit slower than your fast long run´s pace))
Easy week
M Rest
T Metabolism training (easy aerobical- 5/8km) + workout
Speed training (intervals)
Fast long run (12km)
Recovery run (5/6km)
Hard week
This time faster long run is for example 17 km
More for a time when compiting! (And how to know your tempo runs average pace per km/ mile)- well, your last competions one or HR 157-167!


really bad intro music wtf

Mathew Howe

What are people’s thoughts on this? Love running parkrun on a Saturday and giving it a real hit. If that’s my main goal what sort of training setup would work best?

Frances Xh

Thank you for the video..thats very helpfull

J R123

If I try to keep my heart rate below 70 percent of my max, that’s like 12 min/mile haha. My 1 mile record is just below 6 minutes. Is it normal for easy mileage to be this slow relative to my best pace? I’ve been trying to do low heart rate training for months now with no sign of results. I usually run at 9:30 to 11 min/mile pace and my HR is at 72-80 percent max HR. Do I need to go even slower? I already feel like I’m walking.

Jordan Rundell

I will say that I do believe there are junk miles, however with explanation. Surely, for example, if you are a runner who can run a 2:59 marathon, and thus, your easy day miles are usually in the 7:30-8:30/mi range, you are going to get no biological adaptation with running 5 miles at 13:30 pace. I believe if this example runner started running 120 miles per week at 13:30 pace, there is no way he would better his marathon time. Thus, it could be argued that those miles are junk. If that makes sense.

Duncan Wakefield

Thank you. This is the first time I've heard someone mention cadence for easy runs. I've watched many videos and read many articles, including yours, that mention cadence but they never seem to mention easy run cadence. Finally I now know my easy pace cadence is just fine at around 165.

Please consider mentioning this in any future videos that talk about pace/cadence.

Thanks for the great channel.

Julien Riegel

If you’re going anaerobic on a hard workout, does it make you progress aerobically as well? I heard someone saying if you wanna progress aerobically you gotta stay aerobic.. ?

Ram Kadamannil

Highly inspirational!!..Thanks Sage


Very motivational! Thanks!

Brennan Draper Runs

Where are u running?

Toby Sanders

This was really really helpful. Thanks so much!

Mark C

Your easy run is like my Sprint ?


This lad can run and talk to a camera. Much respect.

Pravin Patil

Your easy pace is faster than my hardest pace lol.

Jay Sherman

But if easy runs are like 15 min/mile, brisk walk basically, is it really even running anymore? I mean the proper gait is no longer there and for a lot of people that is their easy "run" speed. I wonder if this advice really doesn't apply to novice/heavier runners. Is there a speed below which it's just not doing anyone any good? Say perhaps 12 min/miles? And run / walk if that is still too fast for continuous easy running.


thx sage

Jean Cater

I run too slow every day. Hahahahaha!

Evan Uthus

I believe in pushing one thing at a time. If you’re increasing mileage you shouldn’t be pushing pace of easy runs at the same time. There’s certainly a pace that’s too slow and that’s too fast, as long as you are recovering properly the pace is not too fast. If you can increase your easy pace by 10 seconds or 30 seconds and you’re still recovering in time then it will be beneficial to do so

mr blue

that is same pace as me slow pace at 7.05
i run at 5.40 great video this this does work

Don Cogleone

Hate the term junk miles.

Jeff Pulumbarit

This is great advice! Thanks!

Goku Runner

Love the whole "easy run" vid is done while you're running easy! Great talk coach.

Paul Duffy

Hi Sage what distance are you running on your easy days?

Stephen Hughes

What if you run daily and have done for a long time.... (and not prepared to stop running daily) ??

Alex R

Thanks for the advice. What are those sunglasses?

Lucky Charm

Monday - recovery run
Tuesday - another easy run
Wednesday - Interval/Repeats
Thursday - Tempo
Friday - easy run
Saturday - Hill sprints
Sunday - Long Run

Fabian Basker

Really positive video, a message that a lot of people will surely benefit from. Great content.

Darrell from Ohio

This is why I follow Sage, cause he does what I do, and I works!

Royce Cheah

Hi to all the experienced runners here and Sage if you have time to read this...

Does anyone have experience getting into running as an ex-smoker? What has your experience been? Have you been able to really compete at the amateur level? How fast have you been able to go?

I was a smoker for about 10 years and quit about 7 years ago. Am 37 yrs old this year.

I started running about 18 months ago, currently at about 40-45km average weekly mileage and have been able to hit some decent time milestones.

Do you think there will eventually be a limit to my potential due to the damage done to my lungs? I'm not asking for much - perhaps to be able to go at about 5min/km pace at aerobic HR and maybe hit sub-45mins for a 10km race.

Thank you!


As soon as he said 5:18 per mile for a MARATHON I realized I wasn’t cut out for this sport.

Dmell Branch

60 sec a mile? 2:12


To be honest, if you're not doing many workouts and instead just building an aerobic base, you can run as high as 79% of max HR (which happens to be right around the faster end of Daniels' easy pace prescription) and recover just fine. MAF training for aerobic base building also falls right around that pace. If you're not feeling tired, there's no reason to slog 8:00 pace when you'd get more benefits from your prescribed easy pace. Listening to your body is most important, though. You should be able to breathe 3-3 with no difficulty.

Joey Williams

Very informative. Thank you!

Chris Rivera

This is great. I like justifying a high % of easy days running (I run about 120-160K / week) and only about ~30K of that mileage is speedwork!


I can’t run and hold a conversation, period. Not yet anyway ?


Do you believe in the theory that some are born with a genetically low VO2Max?


Run naturally, breathe naturally, keep it simple. Don't over think technique, in fact don't even think about technique.

Chinnawat dassathian

Easy day = zone 2 = good workout ?
Easy day + fast = jung miles ?


Too manny runners don't get this - important video Sage! I always think about your easy pace when I see the Strava champions out running at 6:30/mile every day (yet can't ever seem to run faster than 6:30/mile ;) )

Cody Sherrill

I wish I've followed this advise when I was a teenager. Almost blew up my knee training too much. I follow this principle more and receive more gains

Peter Karlsson

The ugly duckling at 2:40

rahul bhowate

Dont make people fool after every 5 min u have edited u r video plz add vfx left nd right side

Tate McMillan

Sage talking about only being able to say two words at a time "probably swear words" during hard workouts is the most relatable thing ever lol

Rob Erickson

That’s my 5k pace lol

Chinnawat dassathian

Easy day = zone 2 = good workout ?
Easy day + fast = jung miles ?

Andrew Swatt

Is there any problem with running my easy miles at 6:56/mi. pace?

Plus Bonus

I thought he was trying to hug me.

Ismael Diaz

Hello there! I'm working for a 10Kk how long should be my maximum tempo run?

Chris Pauls

I know you said you don't even check your heart rate data on an easy day, but I need to, or I WILL break into Zone 3. After reading Rich Roll's book, I've come to find that I'm consistently training in the "dead" zone, not really building a good aerobic base, not really polishing my fitness. Since then, I've ceased ALL hard training and am keeping all my runs in Z1/2 until I actually build some "base" fitness. I've got a lot of work to do! Ironically, I really look forward to my next run now that I've stopped pushing too hard on "easy" days.

Rick Martin

your easy runs are my tempo runs.....mid-aged recreational runner here

Obed Delgado

You're the bomb man thank you for sharing your training techniques..

rafidz rasiddi

Too much talk

Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ

Solid advice Sage. Fortunately I've been doing this, thanks to you and my brother


I love how he stops to appreciate the ducks at 2:40

Alaa Masalha

It's really hard to understand what you're saying while you're running man

Ted Allison

Okay let's clear something up right away.
There are no absolutes in training.
Everyone is an experiment of one.
Different genetic make -up, different strengths & weaknesses both physiologically & psychologically.
No advice just like no one shoe fits everyone.
Using generalities as the basis to implement a training program is rather ludicrous.
Specificity is the governing law of training.
Adaptations are highly individualistic.
Anyone who would survive & succeed much learn to practice quiet hypochondria & effectively learn to read your own body.
The internet has diametrically opposed opinions proliferated @ the rate here of 400,000 new videos per minute( are you kidding me?)
Best advice is this: become a lifetime student of the sport & you will prosper & flourish.

rahul bhowate

Edited video plz dont make us fool

Angelo Monsieurs

I only do 2 workouts a week, rest of it easy running

darrin kinney

So much has to do with heart rate. I used to just get out and run, I'd find a nice comfortable pace for me, and go run 5-10k. However, my HR was always around 170-175. I'd finish the run, barely running 5min/km pace and be gutted tired. I'd think I had put in a good quality session. Because I can run a 22min 5k, and can push 1k at 4min, (with HR around 190-195 bpm)I thought this was just normal for me... (my 175bpm hr for my nice quality runs). Until... I start seeing all my friends are running around 140 bpm. So recently, I have tried to really slow down, and i mean painfully slow running trying to keep my hr below 150. No idea if that will help improve my longer distance times (ie half and full marathon), but its my approach today and really hoping it will work. There comes a point where running just becomes so depressing with a group of guys that can bang out 4min/km pace and hardly break a sweat.

William Wang

Hi do you suggest 80 minutes of easy running followed by a day of rest (repeat), or 40 minutes everyday?

You see what i did there

Your vlog and chit chat level of running is 4:20min/km? Thats my highest speed ever when i was trying to reach home before the storm

Andrew Soto

Hey sage, thoughts on intermittent fasting? Do you think it is suitable for an endurance running lifestyle?

Tristin Tayson

I ran according to my heart rate zone for the first time ever and my BPM's were still high even though the run felt "easy" pace. Subjective and objective information at its finest I suppose haha great video!

Natanael Hansen

You're in Copenhagen in this video... did you run the marathon there this year?


Running 7-min miles conditions your body to run....7-MINUTE MILES. God this is stupid.


7 30 pace is my fast pace , I’m talking I come home and feel proud of myself all day and the rest of the week


wish bulgaria had 10km on stadium nowdays