Specialized s-works road shoes

Sworks Ares Shoes - Is this an Sworks 7 1/2 ?! HD 1080p

Sworks Ares Shoes - Is this an Sworks 7 1/2 ?! HD 1080p4 Feb. 2021
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A quick look and initial

A quick look and initial impressions of the new Sworks Are shoe, having been on Sworks shoes for over 10 years now, I'm getting to know them well..!

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3rd cat Chopper

I have the s works 6 & 7 fab shoes, unfortunately it’s a dealbreaker with these as there so god dam ugly

3rd cat Chopper

Try the shimano rc902 s-phyre amazing shoe slightly better retention system than the s works

Ken wills

Ankle cuff Neoprene? Lycra?

Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoe FIRST LOOK

Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoe FIRST LOOK10 Feb. 2018
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Taking a quick first look at the 2018 Specialized S-works 7 Road Shoe.

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Jon Lee

$400 USD pls tax. OMG...that's steep.

Total Control 871

Here's what I wanna know. Why is it almost all of the cycling shoes cut off at 48??? Actually its more like 45 but definitely you are SOL if you wear a 50 (leather) or 51 synthetic wide. Seems to me they are excluding a huge swath of the market by making cycling shoes only for men with "girly feet".

Cycling Virgin

This is my non-paid honest look at these shoes!

Bosco Cheung

Do u have to wear a half size up than s-works 6?

Story of my life

Funny you mentioned that you use a 45 in others, but this you went 44.5. I use the same 45 for my older spec shoes. But could fit a 44.5 if it were available

Arnold Layne

I'm the same size. Hard as hell to find a local shop with a 44.5. Those shoes are so nice though.

The Batman

So the shoe that you’re selling at your store also happens to be the best shoe on the planet.

Bad Weatherfreak

What isna good entry level shoes?


S-Works 7 right? I don’t think Specialized have announced a new iteration of the Sub6. Love your channel. Keep it up.


I chose bontrager xxx over this, 14 stiffness is enough for me.

Eugene Tayam

Same feel as the torch 2.0 comfy-wise?

Story of my life


George Oprea

How wide is your foot if you need wide version?

Kerim Beşer

This type of shoe is more agressive and hard not suitable for longer rides in my opinion Shimano RP9 2016 model shoe, most comfortable shoe on the planet.

Bike Racer

I got a pair from this review and very happy with the choice thank you! They are pretty limited though. I wanted the green and yellow and specialized was out with no more being made they said. I got the 43.5 wide in black very nice shoe! I also got the new Evade helmet another nice piece of equipment!

Damian Lawrence

Picking up mine tomarrow.

New Shoe Day! Specialized S-Works 7 Road Cycling Shoes

New Shoe Day! Specialized S-Works 7 Road Cycling Shoes8 Jan. 2019
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Looking forward to busting

Looking forward to busting some of my Strava PRs this year!

S-Works 7 Shoes (Size 41): 219g/shoe

old shoe 267g = total weight reduction 95g!

check our my other cycling related vids!

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Nice review