Running with hamstring strain

High Hamstring Pain in Runners

High Hamstring Pain in Runners22 Sep. 2017
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Oh my gosh! This is just what I'm feeling! Got to try this ASAP!!! Thank you!

ahmad mukhtar

how long those it take to heal

Alaina S

This was a very helpful video. I had this pain in my right hamstring last year(mostly weighlifting at the time) and was able to "smash" it out successfully with a barbell. Now the same pain is in my left hamstring (I recently stated running again after 4 months of only cycling). Is this happening because of chronic weakness in my hamstrings?


I have had this pain for four months. I went to a chiropractor and she thinks it’s my sacroiliac joint but I told her I’ve had that pain before and I know what it feels like doesn’t feel like that. She and sis are use a foam roller but that doesn’t touch it either. I’ve been using a handheld massager but that seems to make the pain worse.


Thanks for the video. Been dealing with this for about eight months now. Here’s a couple of other helpful exercises for High hamstring Injury rehab:




Peter Rayhan

This is a recipe for PHT disaster.

Daniel Dumile

Once we can do 3x15 of the very last exercise does that mean we are ready to run again? I’m about 10 weeks into my high hamstring strain and this exercise has become easy now.

Logan Dunnaway

Thank you so much for this... I’ve had high hamstring tendinopathy for about a year but just barely at first then it got very bad then back to just barley and after this video I think it’s gone forever!!!!

InformerTV: Running & Hamstring Injuries

InformerTV: Running & Hamstring Injuries26 May. 2012
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Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC of

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC of Championship Chiropractic discusses running and hamstring injuries. Topics also include injury prevention and treatment of hamstring injuries.

The hamstrings are a powerful muscle group located on the back of the thigh.

The hamstring muscles function to flex the knee backwards and extend the hip backwards.

An injury to a muscle is named a strain.

Performing a thorough warm-up is critical in the prevention of hamstring strains.

Recovery time between runs is crucial in injury prevention.

Prevention of hamstring injuries involves strengthening and stretching exercises. .

Strengthen the hamstrings and glutes with full body functional exercises. Stretching the quadriceps, hip flexors, piriformis, itiotibial band and Achilles tendon are important ingredients in the prevention and management of a hamstring strain.

Host: Dr. Donald A. Ozello, DC


Video edited and recorded by Joe Buda

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Hamstring injuries in runners: Why they happen & how to rehab

Hamstring injuries in runners: Why they happen & how to rehab20 Dec. 2018
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Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT

Dr. Rajpal Brar, DPT details how running stresses the hamstrings, why that can lead to injury, and the rehab process to get back to running.

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