Tom brady weight training

Strength Day 6 — Tom Brady Strength

Strength Day 6 — Tom Brady Strength10 Feb. 2021
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Intro to TB12 -

Intro to TB12 - Pliability

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Trying Tom Brady's Super Bowl Diet & Workout For 24 Hours!

Trying Tom Brady's Super Bowl Diet & Workout For 24 Hours!22 Jan. 2021
SomeWhatFitSubscribe 438 721

I try Tom Brady's tb12

I try Tom Brady's tb12 diet and workout for a day. There was so much more challenges other than just trying to follow his exact diet and workouts. This was a pretty tough challenge. I couldnt imagine living like #tombrady #buccaneers #dudeperfect


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I like the editing in this video??

The Tattooed Ronin

Your dog looks so cool dress up lol. Good video man Tom Brady is the champion quarterback for a reason that organic beef looked good. I know I drink at least a gallon of water a day but idk about the gallon and a half I already pee a lot already lol.


I also make workout videos


This reminds me of Eric Cartman dude. "What would Tom Brady Do?"?

Purpose Driven

What ever Tom Brady is doing is working. he is headed to yet another Super Bowl. I think we all need to get on to the Tom Brady diet.


I’m not gonna try his training program cause I not a football fan you go bro ?✌?

Tevin Joseph

Man I love Himalayan salt but it’s tooo expensive for what it is haha.. man I need some sauce on my salad! Haha

Brad Lord

I'm a football coach by trade, I need to jump on the Somewhat fit bandwagon and do one of these videos!! ??

Move with Jenn

hahahah that intro was sooo funny. Love how Huck switched it up. He looked so funny dressed up at the end. Damn that is a crazy diet. Instead of 24 hours, you should try this for a week!! This one would be really tough to keep up. That's good that the protein shake was so good....except it gets worse :P. I thought it was good but you couldn't even finish it :P He doesn't lift any weights? That's kind of interesting! I look like a whale from all the water I'm drinking....barely had any...:P that made me laugh. No dressing on the salad? AHH that actually sounds terrible. You killed those throws!! Are you Tom Brady? :P I would hate that diet :P

souradeep sengupta

Ur dog is very cute

Viriatus PC

Damn that really is an insane diet ... i don't think i could stick whit it for long lol .

Ian Heydecke

I watched the video and i know it was tough doing the ?'s Diet. That's why he's so different from most people especially NFL players. Great job on it

Firstborn Athletics

You always have some great intros. Tom Brady has some wacky ideas as far as training and nutrition. With that said I live in Tampa and we're ready for Sunday haha. Great video brother


the outdoor bin shots were epic man - how many tries did it take for the yard shot?

Shayy Butter

No bread no dairy, damnnn
2 gallons this is definitely going to be a challenge
Im getting one of those long loop bands and youre giving me so many ideas on how to use it!
Dry ass salad lmao – I hate kale – tastes like grass
Whatttt! Did you play ball or something – you got all those in, except the last I think haha!
You just chomped on that lettuce im dyingggg


Definitely one of the best competitors. It is honestly pretty crazy. Lol.

Jeff Evans

That's why you guys in the U.S are way too strong! Your diet, your sports are so much tougher than what we have here man, awesome skills you should have tried NFL for carreer ??

GainBros Fitness

??? clever intro... tom Brady diet is simple. Eat what goats eat

CecliusPlays HD

Tom Bradys training and diet looks insane! Looks tough as hell man!


It’s true, my gainz have def improved since subscribing to this channel.

mytra art asm

Nice video, love your video very much

Alynn Aurora

I like the way you dress up your dog ? cute !

Smithy's fitness

Love watching videos like this well done keep it up


To lazy to make a salad lol


his diet is pretty impresive..all oraganic food and mostly no sugar...its hard to follow that diet for us seeing how addictive we are to sugar....lol ...

Rae’s WAY Overdoing It.

Ooh...well I carry a water bottle around but you carry a WATER BOTTLE AROUND


Damm Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time hands-down another BangeR

Kaliana Yoga

I always hear about this crazy diet. Love that you made this video.

YLC Productions

Lol, you from WA?

60 Second Calisthenics

Love how you get the whole family involved (including your dog). Another insanely original intro my friend. SomeWhatFit's a lefty with some good QB skills. ????

alexis Aldrich

I loveeee pink salt


I would not survive his training an diet at all


Torso rotations rock! 5:05 - Try Kale chips! ( homemade / oven ) - LOVE your editing ? & you made every shot with the football !


Haha this is so funny ? your editing and filming is on point as always ?? How long did it take you do this intro? Lol and Tom Brady is too good

Peaceful Potato Yoga

Haha drinking the water seemed tough. Def bloats you too ?? Idkkkk how Brady can eat fish everyday for lunch ... really cool video tho! You and your girl are so fun and perfect for each other ?

Vitality - Fitness & Science

Puhhh no caffeine, that would be hard for me I think :D but great and very entertaining video man ?

Black Healer

XD divorce because of Tom Brady xD

I have to say Tom Brady's diet is for the rich and i am flat out broke


Lol you guys are funny I love you attitude much love to the family

Lauren Aldrich

Those throws were crazy!! Always love the intros. You keep us laughing for sure ?