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Skins A400 Compression Pants Review

Skins A400 Compression Pants Review29 Jun. 2015
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An interview with Johnny

An interview with Johnny West, GM of Skins North America, discussing the Skins A400 Compression Pants for Legacy Fighting Championship's blog.

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How does Skins compare to 2XU?

Zoned compression gear - skins a400 vs a200 - 2XU, Nike Pro Combat, Underarmour etc

Zoned compression gear - skins a400 vs a200 - 2XU, Nike Pro Combat, Underarmour etc19 Jan. 2015
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How much should you spend

How much should you spend on compression gear? Will more expensive compression gear lead to faster running times and increased performance? Does the increased price mean better quality?

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Melanie Murray

better value for money isn't the cheapest its still taking into consideration a high quality product that will last the distance

Fken Beast

Hey steve im just wondering does tighter compression means better compression?

David White

Zoned is something that I exclusively look for in a compression top & bottom. I can work harder longer without overheating.

The cas calculator

I have been wondering a while about what that triathlon thing on the wall is? Is it some sort of award or just do decoration?

muttley T

Oi Kalclash, how much was that sexy skins top ur wearing then?


I tried on a dozen of compression leggings at stores here in the U.S., then I found an Under Armour one that had perfect and solid compression for me. It turned out that these are also the cheapest UA leggings UA makes. Luckily I got them on sale as well for $25. I've just used them on a 2.5 hour elliptical machine workout (I do this 2X a week) and my legs and knees felt great + better than usual afterwards - usually they feel a bit lethargic afterwards. This compression gear works great for me (I use a cheap UA compression shirt as well - I find that it keeps my posture straight as I workout). I suggest people trying on these compression gear before you buy them..even some of the same sizes of the same model fit differently...you might want to purchase in-store, rather than online, if you do find a perfect fit...the potential one coming from an online source, will probably fit a bit differently. The most $$$ gear isn't always going to feel the best. Try them on first!


Hey man speaking of compression, Puma has a pair of compression tights with built in athletic tape that supports key muscles. They're called ACTV tights. Puma actually won some award for it when they first developed it a few years ago. Anyways, I am by no means what you would call a runner but I have a pair which I've tested out several times and i seem to consistently notice a performance increase. It may very well be a placebo but I've used them for both soccer (yes I'm a filthy American lol), and for running. I always notice the difference on the last third of my runs/games. My legs feel better, I can crank out faster times and run longer. I'll use them one day, then skip the next, then use them again etc and I can honestly feel the difference, it really helps my over all performance and amount of discomfort I feel after my run, whether soccer or just running. They don't shave minutes off my mile or make me sprint like Gareth Bale and I could probably achieve the same results of I push myself but the discomfort while doing so and afterwards is noticeably worse. I feel like the compression also saves potential energy wasted by my muscles and fat shaking on impact. I'm not as lean as you. Well just a little insight on my experience. Btw I love your channel, your in depth explanations, and how fiercely you defend vibrams! Thanks to you, I now run in vibrams exclusively and it's brilliant!

muttley T

man like marcus hole

Skins RY400 Compression Pants Review

Skins RY400 Compression Pants Review13 Jun. 2013
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http://www.AllAroundJoe.com. Skins is probably the most popular brand of compression pants on the market today. They are designed to increase the blood flow through your extremities, and in turn decrease the time that it take your body to recover from a workout. This is my review of the Skins RY400 compression pants.

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Michael C

Your review consists of "I like 'em". Worthless