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THE Best Biceps Exercise? (SPIDER CURL)

THE Best Biceps Exercise? (SPIDER CURL)15 Jul. 2020
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Spider curls are an

Spider curls are an excellent isolation movement for the biceps. They are about as close as it gets to totally isolating that area--not totally, but pretty close.

Spider curls also change the strength curve somewhat-the "sticking point" goes from the middle of the movement up towards near the top, making this a great candidate for higher reps, as well as partial range of motion "mechanical drop sets".

Try them out, and let me know which movements you want to do next!

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Johan Lilja

Great tip! Keep up the good videos :D

Atharva Sharma

What according to you is the point where one should like ,stop doing reps or should not try further?

Geoffrey Verity Schofield

Let me know which movements you want to see a video on!

Paul Foot

Dude you have awesome content, you deserve a lot more subs.

Mark Kelton

Are chin-ups/rows sufficient for bicep growth for a beginner?

The Robust Mole

Triceps? I have problems working them, and pushbacks feel weird on my elbows :/.


This are great news, Geoff!... keep on coming the One exercise, One video series. Thanks again!

Broccoli Boiii

Would you recommend these over normal curls or alternate each workout to get the best of each? I'm kinda lazy when it comes to curls :'D

John Arrow

Hello, I was just wondering why there´s no wrist turning going on (while doing the dumbbell spider curl). Is there a specific reason to start from an already supinated position?

Campos Vazquez

This is a modified spider curl... The original spider bench has a preacher pad and has placement for legs and feet to prohibit you from stabilizing them... Almost 0 gravity'ish

Looks like a half moon bench with a preacher pad

Therea pics of larry scott using one at vince girondaa gym


Appreciate the coverage of exercise variations I've never heard of!
Thanks to your vids I finally know what Pallof presses, Yates rows and Pendlay rows are.
You might want to show Kroc rows even if they aren't one of your usuals.
Skullcrushers (I learned them as lying triceps extensions) vs pullovers might be a good comparison. So is the difference between Romanian deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts.

Kyaw Swar Han Tun

this is what i needed. thank you so much geoff. you da MVP

Miss Lucky Ducky

Can you go over the deadlift? That is one lift I am always worried about. I'm scared I'm going to hurt myself. I've watched a lot of videos but I love how you explain things.

Tony Soldo

Great to see a young man train with this much intensity.

Mykola Suprun

Wow, never even seen that one :)


Spider curl is great if you have a short bicep insert

Randy Le

Did you see Nick's strength and power world record curls ?

Santosh Puranik

Woohoo .. exactly what we needed. Thank you for all your efforts in posting great content here!

Kyaw Swar Han Tun

Please go over Skull crusher! Thank you

Joe Hernandez

I got your book and almost all the pictures and descriptions, when taken together, make sense. The one exercise that still puzzles me is the Low Pull from the Hang. Despite the pictures and description, I can't picture what it looks like in motion.

Ugly duckling

Wow 2 videos in a day! Good job!

Hy Da

What’s your top 3 curl variation?

red red

I was thinking when you would diss Jeff xD

Roy Charles

That's a very good idea, I'll watch all the videos and like them , thank you!^^

Michael Caiafa

All of your expertise and instruction is effective and improves my training. Most of my life I did powerlifting, I have recently added cycles of general strength training(including isolation) between powerlifting cycles. Your advise is the most practical and understandable out there...would love to have you as a trainer however I live in NYC. Great job and do not ever change.


So how did they get the name spider curls?

The Gentleman

3 uploads in one day?! What's up, Jeff? Did you get laid recently? You must be in a good mood.

Spider curls

Spider curls12 Dec. 2014
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mountaindog1Subscribe 438 721

An oldie but goody. We

An oldie but goody. We used to do these at Parillos' Gym back in the 80's and 90's. Guess what, they still work! Get My New Training Program

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Muhammad Ahmed

Gotta try these, I've never considered using the preacher like that

Bodyknowledge 77

I think Mr Meadows would agree specifically and especially for biceps most guys use too much weight. That's why the results for the typical guy's bi's are usually not so great


My bicep tendon in my left shoulder hurts so bad I can't even train bicep's any more.  This is a great exercise thought.  Thx mountain dog.


what makes these curls so special compared to regular bicep curls?

Spider Curl

Spider Curl12 Apr. 2019
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Spider curls reinforce

Spider curls reinforce proper elbow flexion mechanics through a dead hang and vertical position of both arms. This downward pull of gravity makes it extremely difficult to draw the shoulder upward into flexion, a technique mistake made by many lifters.

Spider curls teach you not to substitute the anterior delts for training your biceps. You want to focus on moving the biceps dynamically; the shoulders should serve only as stabilizers. Once you master the awkward initial setup position, it's just hard to do spider curls wrong.

The spider curl really nails the short head of the biceps throughout the entire range of motion, especially the top of the movement where you can normally "rest" and lose tension.

This type of curl also has a lot of carryover to other biceps exercises. It's help you to ensure a proper finish position to maximize time under tension.

Last but not least, the nature of the setup removes the potential for other joints, such as your hips, knees, and low back, to assist in the movement. It's very hard to cheat on spider curls. – Travis Hansen

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Spider-Man: Inter the Spiderverse brought me here. And I really like spider curls now.