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SOG Smoke Jumper (15 sec)

SOG Smoke Jumper (15 sec)9 Sep. 2015
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Watch the film at www.sogknives.com/whatif

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Marty Meierotto Retires

Marty Meierotto Retires2 Aug. 2019
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Marty Meierotto is

Marty Meierotto is retiring after 31 years with the BLM Alaska Fire Service as a hotshot, smokejumper, and pilot. On June 30th, he flew his last mission and was greeted by friends and family when he returned to the tarmac in Fairbanks.

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Shirley Matthews

I really enjoyed Marty’s in all his episodes. Good luck in your retirement.


"If a bear wants to get in the cabin, the bears going to get in." Marty. I spent two winters in Fairbanks. The summers are a lot better!

Willie Spoonemore

I like Marty

Norman Crown

Must be nice to be so well liked!!!!!!

Carol Bonnell

Yes I loved watching him on mountain men.

Lizzie Sangi

MARTY is a sweetheart of a guy Nice way to end what we know of MARTYS' life.

Peter Moberly

Marty is the man

Brian Gilbert

Congrats on your retirement brother!!! I had no idea you were a fellow firefighter!!! My hat goes off to you for 31 years as a brother!!! I hope you enjoy your retirement!!!

darrel cabrero

Marty I enjoyed all the episodes that you were involved and thanks for everything!! Just too let you know I'm from Hawaii!

m h

iam sorry does anyone.. anyone care?

steve masoero

I loved it when he gave the tv crew the brush off so he could have some quality time with his daughter without a camera crew there. Now that's a great dad !!!

Robert Jones

Are you still doing mountain men or life below zero forget wich one cuz I didn't see you on the last season

Stephen O'Laughlin

Marty & Tom were my favorites


If I believed in reincarnation and I don’t and I could choose who to be I would be Marty.

Deborah Williams

God Bless you Marty!

Johnnie Carter

I don’t live in Alaska. Haven’t even been fortunate enough to visit YET!! But thanks for your service Marty!!!!

William Ricketts

Thank you for your service Brother. From a retired volunteer firefighter in Ohio hope you enjoy your retirement, always enjoy watching and learning things from mountain men. Be your years be blessed and prosperous!


Marty Don’t forget to cover the engine With the yellow blanket LOL I enjoyed watching your shows thank you so very much Wish you all the best

Mike Palucci

You made Mountain Men Marty. Not the same without you.


Dang no more Marty the mountain man

Bruce Guillaume


spocky 0338

Trappeur en avion ou voleur en avion?
Votre femme n'était-elle pas indecendament jeune par rapport à vous lorsque vous l'avez épousé? Elle était TRÈS TRÈS jeune à l'époque non??????
Comment va votre fille aujourd'hui?

Chris Pake

My oldest son is a wildland firefighter with BLM for 5 years now, was in Arizona now he has been in Wyoming. Congratulations on retirement

True Thought

I know you didnt do it for the thank you's and the praise. Thank you for doing what others cant or dont choose to do. Thank you Marty. World needs more Marty's.......

Bob Powers


Mike Shepherd

Marty ,thanks for sharing your time with us! We’ve really enjoyed what you brought to the show! Stay safe ?

Tangia Millsap

So sorry Marty's no longer a part of Mountain Men. Always loved watching him teach about his wilderness experience.

Barry Barnes

Loved watching him on Mountain Men


Trapping is a terrible and cruel way to make money  poor little critters probably suffer a awful death because of you.

Ray Hitt

Marty was my favorite mountain man! Really tough guy in the woods!

Marsha Sanders

he'll be missed but I can fully understand the need to step away from such a demanding lifeway. my partner and I have stepped away from it too, fleshing and tanning hides is not an elder's work, I hope they both find happiness and are able to continue to enjoy doing their craft work and maybe even teach other younger people who my want to try their hand at living the wilderness way...it is massively rewarding for the soul and mind but hard on the body and not going to make you wealthy unless ypu're really really lucky!

Robert Lavrakas

Really appreciate marty.a very versatile tough man!

Dave Martin

Good luck Marty


You saved a lot of forest and property and probably people! Your a true man Marty!

Lynn Hunley

What an incredible person!

Bernadette Keane

Marty!!! Great Guy!!! He sure knows how to overcome obstacles!!!

Michele Volz

Awe,will miss you on the show, but well deserved time w your family

Rodger Price

Give Marty his on show.

David Adjetey

I see. What happened to the Piper Cub?

Ross Olson

Patricia Wickholm

Great! I saw him on Mountain Men but didn't know this story!!

Darrell Pouliot

Marty's the fucking man!?

Diane Peifer

bye Marty have a great life, we will miss you dee from Georgia

Mark Miller

I love the show and he is my favorite. Good luck Marty.

Whitey Brundage

Be safe and happy in your retirement from one firefighter family to yours ?


You will be missed.We watched every episode and you were always up fir a challenge.Great attitude

Matthew Garrett

Marty always seemed like a good guy. I suppose when you have a crowd of your friends greet you on your last flight that might add to that hunch. God bless you Marty. May the next chapter of your life be as satisfying as this one has... Regards, Matt in Virginia

Dennis Overholts

I had no idea what he did

pat smith

Real loss to the show. Best of luck Marty. ?

Mr. Outdoorsmen

That was so nice, Marty has brought a lot of entertainment to my west coast Florida living room. Thank you Marty, enjoy that daughter.

Joe Moran

Good luck and may God be with you and your family. Loved watching you on Mountain Men you are one of the best enjoy retairment



Linda Crowe

Good! Maybe there will be some animals left.

al rainey

Hate to see you retire. I myself have learned from you watching mountain men. And not just you. Will miss you on the show. Enjoy retirement and your family and the great outdoors that god created for us all. God bless.

Harold Cale

Tom retired now Marty, both will be missed. Life is short enjoy your life to the fullest. You think?

Ray Hitt

Marty was a real man on Mountain Men. Going to miss him. We love the show.

Mike Strong

Pure dedication! Don't be embarrassed. Enjoy retirement. May others follow in your footsteps. Amen.

Tennessee Fiddlefoot

No offense but hey. Old and Bold. You did it!!!

antoine /paul le pote

Marty what à good human..he kill animals at 200 meters with
à binocular ???, he don't know that we are in 21 century and supermarkets exist in USA, what a big bastard

John Slavinsky

From one wiconsin guy to another. YOUR THE MAN. Best of luck to you and your family. We love you man.

Theresa Lawson

I still gotta watch this. I love Tom/Nancy/Ellie ! Hard to hear he’s retired but understand why. Hope he’s happy out of the mountains .

Sid Clark

loved him so much on Moutain Man i looked up his adress and sent him a letter. Not sure if he got it but. Anyway, this just proves that he is the great guy that i thought he was. good luck to him . Hopefully a long and healthy life.

Ron Hanenberger

Going to miss you on mountain men


I am a fun Marty ... your a great man ..

James Fischer

Marty, I love you and everything you hold dear. Please get these morons to dump the word Tarmac..it doesn't exist... I've been a pilot for 23 years !!

Sylvia Foust

Marty seems like a super nice guy. Yes very humble.

Tangia Millsap

Such a gentle man... sincere, truthful and wise.

andrew kiesling

he is cool as hell

Wilbur Jordan

Very good enjoy retirement live long will miss you on Mountain Men go forth love life

Robert Mclean

Best trapper on the series, enjoyed watching you!!!

JoAnn Wagner

Will miss him, but now he can be with his girls.

Bennie Mathews

Godspeed Marty! You have been a joy and an inspiration to watch on Mountain Men. A man of perseverance and ingenuity. Thank you for your service in fire protection. God bless!

John McCarthy

What an awesome dude loved watching and listening to him.

Ken Berscheit

well done marty , you and tom are the only two on the series that I belive do what they say

Alaska Railroad

Marty was my favorite.

L Hale

Have a wonderful life.


He's a class act.And he is a real mountain man.

Dianna Williams

Loved watching you and your family
Well deserved retirement enjoy what you love. Off grid in Oklahoma Mt Momma

ger hard

Always loved Marty, he was my top "pick" on mountain men, never swore, never seen him angry...ALWAYS looked forward to seeing him, he was what made Mountain Men...gonna miss you my friend, God bless, and go with God, enjoy your retired life, live well

John Van Ruiten

Me and my wife loved Marty. Oh well, all good things come to an end. Just look at the USA. Attempted coup, stolen election, and nobody even cares.

Anton R

May there never be an end to the breed. #HailODIN

Bill Parrack

You guys will be terribly missed

Pamela Voyles

Love Marty. Take life with ease. Be warm. Miss you


J espère que l on reverra des épisodes c était trop bien sa ma manque

Robert Bonini

I enjoy watching mountain man to this day. Of all the characters, and they are all good, Marty is for real the real deal! He is truly a mountain man and how he survives in that environment, God only knows! Hope he reconsiders and will return to the show!

stable genius

neat guy, best of luck to him

Gary Low

Cool.. ??

Shirley Matthews

I still miss Preston Roberts . Rest In Peace.

spocky 0338

Business is business, isn'it?

John Knierim

I enjoyed his programs

Doors 0071

Good luck Marty

Mike Obrien

Retired from being a tv celebrity ?

Bill Parrack

Marty you are a cool dude I enviy you you have done what I have wanted all.my life but not able to. You can r daughter is a sweety I have always wanted a daughter. I watch all the shows and live my dream thru you guys. Kudos to you all

Big John

Pretty cool that your friends would do something like that for you.


Definitely a man's man

Annie Allen

Tom was my favorite! It’s a loss to the show.

Ria Somers

Marty & Tom are the ones I enjoyed. Enjoy rertirement


Why is everyone acting like this was his retirement from Mountain Men? This is his retirement from the Alaska Fire Service, it doesn't mean he can never fly a plane again or do any trapping. He said he wanted to spend more time with his daughter who enjoys doing that sort of thing so he will most likely be doing even more mountain man type activities, whether or not they will be filmed for the show Mountain Men is another story. That TV show was something he did for a few short years when he was older, it didn't fund his entire life and wasn't his career. Some of those bush pilots can make a pretty nice living, Marty probably did alright.

B Moppin

Marty i have so much respect for you, you are a real Mountain Man, i am a 59 year old that has spent my lifetime in the woods, and i always learn something new every time i watch you, your the reason i watched the show, i hope you have many happy days in the woods brother, with the two loves of your life, sure will miss ya my friend...

Charlene Brown

Marty and Tom are the only ones we like to watch.

Chief Mountain Hotshots leave for California to fight fires

Chief Mountain Hotshots leave for California to fight fires14 Oct. 2017

The Chief Mountain

The Chief Mountain Hotshots from Browning left for California earlier this week and expect to be on the fire lines for at least the next two weeks.

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