Zac efron baywatch workout

Zac Efron - BEAST MODE Workout Motivation | HD!

Zac Efron - BEAST MODE Workout Motivation | HD!5 Jun. 2019
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Zac Efron - BEAST MODE

Zac Efron - BEAST MODE Workout Motivation | HD!

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Roger Nyberg

Hi Zac; Great routine & amazing results. SOLID. R

Andrés Felipe Zapata Zapata


AL 3C43

Thats insane

Yari Taylor



What is the name of the intro song?

Personal Trainer Reacts To Zac Efron's Baywatch Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men's Health

Personal Trainer Reacts To Zac Efron's Baywatch Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men's Health29 Jan. 2021

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In this video I watch and react to Zac Efron's Baywatch Workout brought you by Men's Health. They have a series called Train Like A Celebrity where a celebrity or trainer walks through the workouts they do. These reactions are meant to provide commentary without significant negativity. I do not know the trainer, the celebrity, or their goal. I am providing my opinions on the workouts and training methods that are utilized. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with several years of experience training a wide demographic, I just might be the right channel for you!

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Zac Efron’s Baywatch Workout Explained by his Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health https://youtu.be/HgewT6mDqXM

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Baywatch (2017) | Zac Efron Training | Clip 4K

Baywatch (2017) | Zac Efron Training | Clip 4K12 Oct. 2017
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Baywatch (2017) | Zac

Baywatch (2017) | Zac Efron Training | Clip

Director: Seth Gordon

Writers: Damian Shannon and Mark Swift ( screenplay by )

Stars: Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

Comments (100)
Tejas Lot

Hello Brock.....there are some stupid people screaming over a turtle faced guy and Dwayne Johnson doing some sort of strength workout I suppose
do you wanna play here yeah they're getting too cocky...
Brock : on my way


To short this guy and to much steroids! Logan Paul had the best body in the movie

Ella Karlsson

0:30 is that ksi rapping or am I tripping

Márk Pozderka

When i heard the ksi song,i got ligma


Love the girls and the fat kid cheering. None of them could do 1 pullup.

Indigi SocialByte

KSI? no wonder it failed miserably at the box office

Sane Sanny

Zac's my fav physique ever

Icepick114 _


Harrison Barnes



Zack is natural, the rock no


My training on my channel is hard as hell

Robix Rai

Logan paul = small actor
Ksi = made a song

abhinav paul

who is here to listen ksi in 2020

Tim Vriend

I hope they didn't had to do that many times before it was a good shot.


Fun fact: It was revealed during the interview that Zac did this stunt by himself because the stunt guy could not do it haha

Farmer with shotgun

The rock is literally the same character in every movie.

Jeff Soltess

This scene makes me want to work out so bad


Who is Watching this Before Gym ???


Awesome movie that makes me feel bad about myself.

David Sirovan

This scene is like "fck the cardio"

Daniel Perez

i maybe the only one who sees it but zac efron with the blond highlights looks like a younger version of Homelander from The Boys



Fred Cheung

If you pause at 1:14 the tire says Rock Crusher

Luis Cardenas

Ksi is for pussys....


Why would he just watch him do the whole course then tell him? And why did zac assume that was the course if he didnt tell him? It makes no sense

John Doe

Why the fuck do I hear KSI

Joshua Lagrimas

"My song ended up in the final movie. And where were you Oh yeah, DELETED SCENES "

Logan pool left the lobby

Rajmond Gajdos

Zac looks better wow

Aditya Agawane

Nice training

Joaquin Riquel

you can't beat the beast

Nikola Trajkovski




vaskar 101

Lol he did 3 that also half pull ups lol lol


rock is a steroid head

Omar Liswi

Is that a ksi song at the begining?


how about a trigonometry problem. I can do that.


In fairness he does have the body of a god.

jhgfd ghsd


Ranesh Vanan

The rock actually cheated cuz hr fatigued Zac's muscle b4 challenging him on the course

Youiijjm12 Fortnite Ps4

is ksi singing?

Aaron Lee

Why do I hear KSI in the background?


Clown King75

How do we get from high school musical to this ??

Gremlin Games

Is it just me or this a KSI Song playing?


Going to the gym far too much has never been so motivating and discouraging at the same time.

Drew Russell

Baywatch is pretty much softcore porn for women.

Ram Dato

Let's see Rock trying to do this.

Lester Laoagan

American Ninja Warrior!!!

Matias Reyes

Nou is el mismo de antes

Matdon Kedah

love cj high cut suit


The teen was strong with Zac

gab perron

thats bs if they race or run or do any cardio even sprinting zac wins


I’m just watching this for support for KSI?

Higor Reis

Zack couldn't smell what The Rock was cookin

Bhavya Verma

Indians are better

What in the Abraham lincoln is going on here

Remember zac in high school musical? Holy shit where did my youth go...

White Simurgh

He has fat percentage in negitive!


GodDAMN Zach Enron

Amirul Asrani

His abs are unreal

hamza ksentini

He's shredded but he's small and short

0 5

Proportionally wise, Efron looks better than the Rock.


guys stop saying that dwayne or zac are on steroids cus they are not the muscle what u see there is tons of filters edits oils on their body and etc. especially Zac everyone can have such body he started working out since idk he already had pretty good body in we are your friends and before that so after so many years of training its more than possible to have such body

Paul Duclós

que mierda es ksi ?


Lol this course has nothing to do with being a life guard.

Georgia Bristow

I ❤️ watching Zac exercise when I watch Baywatch

Johnny Utah

Dwayne showed just how much of a pussy he was in this scene. Think about it, he made the rookie exert effort and energy in the fake course then challenged him to the real course where he obviously wasn’t functioning at 100% strength. And by doing that, Dwayne would obviously win.


1:32 that superhero fall tho

Ronan Crane Van Cleave

Best scene in the movie ?‼

Michael Dineen

So he tires him out and then acts like he’s tougher

Nayaz Hasan

You just know Zac Efron wasn’t trying in the pull ups ?

Krish Sharma

It’s funny that KSI’s song made the cut but Logan Paul’s part didn’t make the part.

Jc Parker


gene ellis


Nick Diaz

American Ninja Warrior right here man!!!


why is KSI singing in the background?


Somebody get ks CRY


Anyone here after who knows JJ best?

Sugar Ray

Anyone else notice how he shaved his stomach hair in a way that makes his abs look more defined? I mean he's at like 5% body fat for this so he's ripped anyways

Weeb's Gaming

Baywatch = Gigachad the movie

Achraf Agermoune

Why his forearms have biceps that have forearms ?

Ghost Outlaw47

When u realise that one of KSI’s songs is used

Deans Kingdom

Go to Popeyes the next day and he’s fucked ??

Lajos Tóth

OK. Ajánlom a Baywatch (2017.) I Zac Efron Training I Clip 4K 2017-es USA./American. YouTube Videót a YouTube Csatornán. Lajos Tóth./Tóth Lajos. YouTube.

Jeff Saffron

lol only fair one were the pull ups and I doubt that Rock can actually do more of those than Zac. Comparing yourself in weight lifting with someone half your size is really mature thing to do.


1:30 Zac would absolutely annihilate the Rock in a pull-up contest

Peng Robert

Look at those muscles ? 1:39

Søren Jørgensen

Because flipping tyres, lifting refrigerators and doing pullups are the only way to be qualified as a lifeguard... THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID AND VISUAL PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sane Sanny

How many times am I gonna watch this

Truth Street

The rock is a joke. He should run for president.


What song plays when they are going against each other?


Are they training to help people drowning or to kill aquaman and take over atlantis?

Nick Sewell

I'm a cocky SOB, but if the Rock challenges me to physical fitness....I'm folding my king.

Jack Chidlow

quite funny how ksi's song features in the movie and Logan Paul's scene got cut

Sidar Ergisi

using one of KSI’s song in this movie fits in perfectly...

...and i’m not even joking


Is this KSI?

tawfeq jif

rooc fullshe

Bilal Arsalah

there should be like an actor/celebrity ninja warrior where we get to see like jason statham, jackie chan, zac efron and others compete

Raven Skyhart

I swear Zac Efron would be perfect for the new Wolverine.... how he flex reminds me of hugh jackman flexing also in the movie wolverine

Prashant Surani

The rock behave like moron here hahahaha

sempressa SvT

Mano tu seria um otimo,flash.

Jack Willett

So, that was ksi in the song, right?