Supination meaning

What is the meaning of the word SUPINATE?

What is the meaning of the word SUPINATE?23 Jan. 2021
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Definition and

Definition and spelling of the word SUPINATE.

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As a verb (00:07):

• turn (the hand or forearm) so that the back is downward or backward, or turn out (the leg)

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Golf Smart Insight - What is supination

Golf Smart Insight - What is supination25 Feb. 2014
5 552

In this golf smart

In this golf smart insight, we discuss how 3D systems look at supination, and how you can use that as a guide when looking at a golf swing. Supination is one of the most powerful movements that the forearms can make and will be a part of your release, whether you feel it or not.

For more insights and guides for understanding the golf swing, visit http://golfsmartacademy.com

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Supination is palm facing sky after impact.
Simple as that .
Read Ben Hogan’s 5 fundamentals of swing.
Everything covered in that .
No need for these pens.
Bad coaching from this guy.
He made it too complicated

da ra

That makes no ducking sense what so ever

What does supination mean?

What does supination mean?10 May. 2015

What does supination

What does supination mean?

A spoken definition of supination.

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