Super shred diet week 1

Super Shred Diet Challenge week 2

Super Shred Diet Challenge week 28 Apr. 2014
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Super Shred Diet & February Fabletics | LOSE 20 LBS IN 4 WEEKS?! | FITNESS

Super Shred Diet & February Fabletics | LOSE 20 LBS IN 4 WEEKS?! | FITNESS21 Feb. 2016
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I know a lot of you were

I know a lot of you were asking questions about the Super Shred Diet so I thought I would try to answer some of them!



Thank you so much for watching!

Let's get to know each other better!



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I am a mom of four beautiful kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. I am married to my first love and best friend. I am by trade a designer, by passion a Pastor's wife and by love a mommy. Thank you so much for watching and I hope TODAY you know that you are loved, treasured... beautifully and wonderfully made. Remember that there is no one in the world like you. You are a gift to the rest of us! xoxo Jeannie korean makeup

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Stephanie Rojas

I'm with you trying to follow the 21 day fix diet and gym workouts 5 days a week...I am excited to see how this workouts for you and your hubby

C.L. S.

Our rower kicks my bum (or really my poor arms)! It's not hard, but it's so hard - haha! On the same type of journey in a different way - we will all get there, I have confidence in us! Be well, doll! ❤️

Flaka ochoa

Where do u get ur leggins i also love leggins right now but long once n plain black once


That book seems awesome! -- I am definitely not looking to lose 20 lbs, but still cool!-- lol I just ran a marathon!! Woo Hoo!! So now that that's over I'm back to my normal workout routine 4x a week - I do Bodyflow, Bodypump, and some cardio classes! I love doing the classes at my gym (ymca) because it keeps me motivated! Like you were saying on the rower, you get tired -- and probably bored- you should try some workout classes- they're pretty fun! Goodluck on your journey! Can't wait to watch it unfold!


OK. I know there is a unlimited amount of grocery haul. But you have 4 kids, you are busy, you are meal planning sooooo I need to know how you do this. Esp. shopping healthy help!!


i just watched you calligraphy video & subscribed! you mentioned you went to school for graphic design, where did you go to school & what was your major? ;)

Spring Giddinessify

I am eager to find out your final result.

Flaka ochoa

Ur very beautiful. N u remamber me of a english teacher that i use to have beautiful threw the inside n out.

Monica L.

You just got me motivated! I'm doing the 21dayfix and keep falling off the wagon. Will start again tomorrow :)


So intriguing Jeannie!!! Can't wait to watch ur weekly updates. Been struggling with my weight lately? luv the sport bras from Fabletics, but I just have to put a padding to cover up since it's not padded. Xoxo


Excited to follow you through your journey. Tempted to buy that book. You guys can do this. Woohoo!

Crystal Landeros

Thanks for the helpful diet info!

too cool for middle school

Lol, those are totally like a composition notebook!

boogie googie

awesome video. I have a really honest question but one that also might be taken weird by some but I hope you may share your opinion. I know that you have tattoo/so and that you're a pastors wife. why did you get tattoos if knowing what certain scriptures say about marking our bodies and our bodies bring the temple of God? I just always like to ask people that I see with tattoos (and are Christians) because I was raised a bit "strict" and now I see sine things differently.

SHRED Coach Welcome and Week 1

SHRED Coach Welcome and Week 110 Sep. 2013
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