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Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skills #5

Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skills #522 May. 2017
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A simple grounding

A simple grounding exercise for managing anxiety and triggering the parasympathetic response. This simple activity can help you feel calm by giving you a practical way to use your 5 senses to remind your brain that you are actually safe.

Grounding skills are more effective than coping skills for anxiety because they provide a longer-lasting and more sustainable way to resolve anxiety, actually re-training your nervous system to be calm, instead of just avoiding thinking about anxiety.

These Grounding Exercises for Anxiety can be helpful for Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, PTSD, and work well with both Children and Adults.

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Comments (100)
Charli Haynes

I didn't calm down that much


this really helped me a lot...i went from being pissed off to crying to a calmness enveloping my body...

Sheri Robertson

How can I take your 2 hour course for free... PLEASE help!

J&Z Channel

Thank you this very helpful.


Thank you for this video! This really helped me understand grounding and techniques I can use to stay present and grounded.

Wonder Woman

I did this exercise and my palms started to sweat . Yes I do have hyperhidrosis but not when I'm relaxed and definitely not at night. This is odd. Need to deep dive and understand why.


This is just amazing you are amazing thanks so much

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I have depersonalization so grounding is a tough one for me and if I dont pay attention I'm on autopilot all day without experiencing anything i did. She's right though it gets easier with practice.


Every time you say, i hope it was helpful, at the end of your videos, i tell myself "it was helpful".
Thank you!!!

صهيب العدوان - 3dwani aggressive

Thank you really thank you much love

Karyl Debolt

You can use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts guys.

blank page

my therapist wants me to try grounding but i still don't really get it... i tried to follow the instructions but doing this and being more "aware" of my surroundings or feelings(?) seems to make me more anxious...? what am i doing wrong?


how do these grounding exercises work when one's anxiety is largely interoceptive (internal feelings, not exernal circumstances are the driving contributor)?

Aiden Johns

Im saying this from experience! i really think you all have the grounding thing completly wrong! let me explain, Think of grounding as an electrical term! after all we are electrical beings, everything you see, touch, smell, and even think, is an electrical signal. next think about the different frequencies of the brain. what if i told you, and you can go and read about this, it's well documented, that the Earth has a frequency! 7.83Hz the same as Theta brain waves! coincedence, perhaps! but we were all born on this planet!... while the brain is in Theta it releases certain chemicals and boosts the immnune system. and also calms the mind!.. it is as simple as taking your shoes off and connecting with the Earth! Grounding! your electrical system, and calming the mind. it helps with inflamation and is used in the Tour De france to speed up recovery!,, and in my experience stops the shakes instantly! think about it, how good, do you feel when your at the beach?... there are more and more scientific studies being done on this, and with the amount of electro magnetic frequencies in the modern world is more important to understand this... it has been practiced in yoga for thousands of years! and it works, so rather than distracting your mind with other thoughts jsut take your shoes off! and electrically connect with the earth... i have learned this through experience! and anyone reading this should watch this film. to get a full understanding of what im saying. love peace and happiness to all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ddtR0XDVU

Felix Cabrera

Excellent video. Thank you.

Ellie Baldwin

I was on the brink of an anxiety attack and this video really helped me calm down and to ground my emotions and body. Thank you SO much for this video!!!!! Sending love to everyone!❤️


Very helpful, thankyou

Captain Crundle

Wow, thank you! I woke up with the daily anxiety I feel before work and came across your video in desperation. I watched the previous videos in this series, then did the exercise as you walked through it an immediately all my queasiness disappeared!!! The feeling of relief was so strong that I burst into tears! Thank you. Thank you so much for providing this resource. This is a huge turning point for me.

ريماز Noor

Thank you


You deserve to be viewed by many. Simple and practical methods. Thank you

Leanne Peoples

Thank you so much

Pat Roy

! /. X V"?Sven,, X. ." XX

Shamaila Amar

Thank you ,thankyou, thankyou, love u

Presque vu

If you are constantly in danger, like having a psycho boss who might at any moment fire you, this is not really very applicable. You may be physically safe at a given time, but never safe from a genuine threat, e.g. from being one pay cheque away from homelessness. A common problem is that one is simply not free to escape a threatening situation in which at any moment you could come under attack. Hence you are always on your guard and anxious.

Naveen Raj

Thank you for this. Very helpful for me.

Marissa M

thank you!

Gabriela ASMR

thank you

Chi Chi

Great ???✔️?


Thank you for these videos (anxiety sufferer). I can see they will be quite helpful in the long run with daily practice. God bless.


the sound is kind of weird?

Raluca Smadu

From someone who's always alert and aware of their environment this doesn't help. I do yoga and meditate daily..I also do craft art so I am always in touch with objects and aware. This technique is very simplistic..not really efficient for strong anxiety.

Martin Engelbrecht

Covid 19 has resulted in a bad night's rest every night


Wow I’m doing this and pausing-grounding-couch carpet tv remote- visual- candleholders speaker flowers in vase-sound fridge humm range- air conditioning- love this feeling! I am mellow right now -what just happened to my overactive spazzing cortex? Gotta love this girl!

Elsa Kennedy

no way!!!! I just stumbled upon this video...whaaat....

Bailey Corneal

What happens if you are in an environment where something triggers you?

Sara RJ

wonderful wonderful videos! thank you!

Anna Steig

Great video! You are really good at breaking things down! I found this very helpful. You should write a book.

Meme Clips Excusive

This worked like magic!

Stephan Kromin

Please do a video on depersonalization/derealization

Justin Pettit

I honestly don't get how stuff like this helps anxiety.

unknown -

Can you help me please? I lost very contact with reality around me. Thats scares me. Helps this grounding technique to say to my body 'its safe'? How long do i have to do this tools? Do you know another grounding tool to let me body know its safe?

Shamaila Amar

How much time we have to give suppose touching , 1 minute or not more , please tell

Brandon C

Thanks I've been struggling all my life with anxiety and not once did any of my therapists mention the grounding technique.. I'm now 36? Oh well thanks again!!?

Huib Bosdijk

Thank you for your video's, they are great and very helpful!

Benjamin Röhling

it's called parasympathic und sympathic


Practical and memorable [sight-sound-touch].Really helpful :)

Terri Werning

So good. Thank you.

Madhavi Dosapati

Thank you for the useful video.


Great video! Helps a lot. I also like to say an affirmation or one thing I like about myself afterwards

Ace Alexander

Thank you so much for sharing this. I subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more of your videos. Thank you!

sree sree

How long we have to do this?

Alli Foster

? you radiate a very calming un threatening nature. Thanks for the tips !

Theo Ning



Ok so I found a really great channel with subjects on I enjoy and have been reading about for some time. Only drawback is that my brain can not process fast speech. Even at 0.25 of the speed, your speech, it is way too fast for me to understand. It's not a language barrier as am from UK. I was born with a brain malformation called Chiari.




I always have a resting heart around 100bpm. I figured it was anxiety. But it went down to 80 bpm the first time I did this. It's still high for body at rest but I'll keep doing it daily. I was first scared if I had a bigger health condition.

Rose O.

Hello biscuits

anindya biswas

Thank you very much. This was oddly simple and effective.

Gumball 4870

My counselor just told me to try this today. I hope this helps with my trauma!

Phúc Hồ

Hello you. Can you help me answer this question? My problem is that when I am in a crowded place or do anything in a very hot environment, my body will reflex and my whole body will sweat especially the back, chest, face and arms. If it's in a place where my body doesn't feel too hot or I'm not worried it is normal such as in an air-conditioned environment or in a cool wind. I don't know how to solve my problem.

Frank Piskor

I hope this helps my distress, i’m going to try this tomorrow, i’m scared it won’t help please if you see this comment reply and give me advice i’m only 14 and already suffering from depression and stress aka distress??


Thank you for this! My brain has bee stuck in fight or flight for many years and now really taking a toll on me. ???


I love your videos and your channel. I don’t know if it’s me or the exercise, but I ended up feeling more anxious afterwards.

The Aquarian Empress

Thank you so much for this video ??

Ron Kol

this sucks. this for people who arent in fff mode. when youre calm and can think. not for thoise right now in panic mode. emergency reaction video of how to cope when youre stressed as fuck and breaking down is needed.

Christopher Alvarez

qhat also helps me is if your negative thoughts start to creep up into your head, just imagine a stop sign blocking that thought. It has personally helped me as i am trying to control my anxiety.


not only is she smart but also so beautiful . and to makes things even better your voice is so calming . thank you !

Amber Williams

I ended up finding you. Today!thank gawd because I have gained so much from grounding and your video. Your my angel. Thank you very very very much tears of happiness I can't believe it took me this long. so simple and so effective thank you

Susan Thomas

So happy I found you on YouTube! You are helping me!!? Thank you!

Mathieu Norry

I could listen to your calming voice all day


This is great, practical help.


The music i heard every youtube video but you re very good. Thanks

Pixelated Media

Thank you. This is helpful, strategic and concise. God bless you.

jake gerich

why did i start crying when she said to "Notice how your body feels" 2:46

Brianna W

You are my little island of safety tonight. I’ve been struggling with a particularly intense anxiety freeze for over a week and I can’t tell you how comforting your videos were for me. Thank you thank you thank you for making these ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Stasser Christopher

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

Fatima Zia

This was helpful and informative. Thank you.

Giant Pants

I just started this grounding thing a few days ago. It's helped me with PTSD. Thanks so very much.

Tina Inglima

What about flying how can I do theses things sitting in a plane when I’m afraid to fly to take off.

World Nature Video

This is great one! Thanks for sharing. It inspires me to make my workout more enjoyable. This makes my day more productive.

Brendan Miggins

Thank you. This helped me today. Been feeling anxious and somewhat paralyzed. This helps. Glad a found this.

Harijuku Black Barbie

I love you, your amazing !

Jimmy Leung

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

E J456

This was SO helpful, thank you - I was just coming out of a near panic attack when I found this video and worked through it. I noticed the shift in how my body felt just as you said to notice how your body feels. Thank you

Marksy B

Mainly I can hear my tinnitus...


i love you for this great reminder thanks a lot. Once my mother triggers me I lose focus and get out of touch. My actions get irrational ..this is really really helpful. Wow. Thanks again.


Thank you! I discovered this channel a few days ago and I really like it ?

Jeff Galef

Thank you. That was a fantastic explanation.


Can i do this also when calm during the days or is it better to do it when felling stressed out ?

Amanda Lee

I just quickly googled a grounding exercise on the verge of a panic attack. This was very helpful in this moment, thank you x

li cooke

what it sounds like figuratively or literally?

Levi Franklin

I tried this exercise but honestly it doesn't feel helpful because I had a concussion a few months ago and ever since I've had a lot of extra mental health issues like out of body experiences and feeling not present.

michel guilmain

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

Don Black


Charli Haynes

Honestly, it didn't help at all.

Ewa Zakrzewska

Thank you for this video! :-) Easy way to use mindfulness when struggling with anxiety. It's great that you make it simple and present in a clear way psychological knowledge about why is important to learn them :)

Kayla Stubblefield

This helped so much. I felt a panic attack coming on and this calmed it

Lane De

I always struggle with feeling safe because i am sick from an environmental illness. When i try to tell myself i am safe my mind says "how do you know? " even testing my environment isn't always reliable especially because now im extra vulnerable to environmental illness and what shows as safe for 'normal' people may not be safe for me. How do i know i'm safe?


I've found that I did breathing exercises once and my stomach started spasming and then my whole body felt like it was re-alligning and then afterwards I felt really grounded, at peace, happy, lightweight and very aware of my surroundings. It was surreal. And I want to do it again so bad. I feel like Morty when he went into that machine that Rick made.


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Hanna ÖbergSubscribe 438 721

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Supersets: Means you are two different exercises and putting them together in the same set. For example like I do, first I'm doing my reps in the cable pull through, and then, directly after, I move over to the next exercise without any rest. When You've done the second exercise you rest, that's a full superset.

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Evan song_23

Wow eres hermosa y aunque no entiendo nada de lo que dices se que hay que hacerlo como lo haces

Reem Bilal

Thank you soooooo much ?? love yah ??

Danielle Moore

I am going back in time and watching some of your older videos because I know you could be delivering right now! You have changed my life in the most positive way! My husband and I own a roofing company and a couple years ago I had some injuries that made me lazy with time. I put on some unwanted weight and lost a lot of my strength. You helped motivate me to put in the work and make my health and fitness a priority again. I am so happy for all you have gifted so many of us with and if your travels ever bring you to Alaska. My husband and I would love to meet you both! Best wishes with your baby boy. Xoxo from AK

meghaa sharmaa

Please do a meal prep video

Carey Anne's Corner

Loving the voice over explaining each method!!! Xoxo Thanks!!

Marfisia Lanza

I have tried the eccentric one and I love it. It works, is amazing. Thank you so much ?

filou 21

What is your certificate ? ?

Tiffany Gonzales

Thanks, Hanna!. Love you.?❤


Did you do cert in fitness?


#Livelifeanlift those kick ups tho I'm gonna challenge myself to try that looks hard tho but u always make me try new stuff lool keep the videos coming?????

Tha Dude619

A queen who love her health

Lianna Miller

Your English is great don’t feel embarrassed!!! Loved the video!!

Kejda Robi

Sending love from Albania , following your tips for 2 months now and I have seen a great improvement ?

Sammy Gutman

I dont speack english but I can ser your explanation.
Thanks ?

Jess D

Your English is perfect, mama! Trust me. You explained eccentric training perfectly ?

Jonasb Berndtsson

Hey hanna you have beautiful ?

Suba B

Thank you ?? good information

Talissa Sergeant

I have been working out for years and I learned so much from this video!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Keep being incredible you!! So inspirational ❤️

Melisa Music

Ur so freakinnn cuuuteee????

Leigh Blackiston

Awesome video!

Alma Naranjo

Wowww I got it!!

Virginia Reyna-Walling

I am going to try this method, your great and I love your workouts. Thank you.

Jen T

People often suggest using converse or less padded shoes on leg day because of more focused stability. What is your opinion on this?

Mano Billi

Love you

Jennifer Dahlgren

Hej från Sverige ??
Are supersets supposed to work the same muscle? Or should it be antagonist/agonist?


Thanks for explaining this! Now I understand the exercise terms that my trainor uses. More power to your channel! xx

Emeli Victoria

You've helped me so much with explaining the right and wrong ways to do exercises and of course, you are such a babe ?

Mari Linn Wik

hey, sjekk ut mine trenings videoa da ? :)))

Sheri Wilson

You’re so beautiful Hanna!


Do you use self tanner? Or spray tan? Or do you go to a tanning salon? Youre always so tan!! Just curious

Sakshi Shrivastava


Jada Chavarria

Hi! I bought your workouts and nothing come to my mail box! Please help I already paid 60 for both!:) thanks


Förslag på video: EN till cardio video!!!! <3 Jag är också beroende av brun utan sol, man mår så mycket bättre när man känner sig brun och fräsch!! Men fråga, hur ofta smörjer du in dig?!
DU ÄR BÄST! Kram <3

joanna prevost

Drop sets are a game changer ! Hanna , you are my favorite fitness blogger!! Thank you so much for showing us unconventional workouts that are so effective! Thank you ?

Anu Rajah

You explain it very well babe?




This is very clear! Thx a lot Hannah :)

anna c

Your english is so good !!!!!

Sarah Dignan

I always love your workouts oh my goodness! You are so informative!

Laura Välimäki

Girl I'm DYING!!!! I feel so motivated and can't wait to get over this god damn FLU!!!! Because I have to try these super- and trisets! Keep doing amazing videos! ❤❤

Mimi Karce

I’m not home yet


you're the person I'd go for an advice for workouts. I really do love the way you're explaining exercises :)

förnamn efternamn

Provade göra ett giant set idag med kettlebell squats. Skitbra? kommer helt klart göra det oftare :)

The Awkward Life.

Could you do a video on how you structure your workouts for the week?

Carolina Riofrio

How many sets do you like to do ??? I usually do 3-4 sets

Zulema Cipriana

Love all your videos! Can you make a video on what music you listen to while you’re working out?

Ricchiti S

i thought at first you were Meghan Markle

Gigi Caona

I will try the giant sets and the other one reversed but I love the eccentric type too because it really does burn the muscle lol


Yes, I know essentrics! It is heavy but very good? I like the superset idea, keeps your body warm and moving. Hugs ?

Marlene Marlene

Hi Thank you for the video. I just found you can you tell me I am over 50 Plus years old and have not work out with weights lifting in years. I have neck pain can I still do your type of work outs?

Mercy H

Such great information. And please don't apologize for the your English. You are explaining really well.

Judith Montpetit

I’m absolutely loving your videos! Thank you for all of your great tips. Totally forgot about eccentric lifting and always loved it—so glad you mentioned them ? You rock girl! ❤️???

Alethia Rains

I love these and all but .... the Botox ? great video and very informative. Love using these workouts ?

Melissa Merrill

Time under tension! Always a good one!

Megan Charlton

all I do is giant sets I didn't even realise it was a specific thing haha

Holly Kittle

Yay! Thank you for this video, I’ve been writing my own workouts lately based on a lot of the videos you have posted and I’ve gotten to a point where I am unsure how to switch it up. So, this was a perfect video, thanks ?

Kelly Essilfie

Loooove your videos ????

meghaa sharmaa

Great information really learning new things from Ur videos keep going

Ting Irene

learning new tips again...TY for sharing ...<3 always be ur supporter :)


It’s clear that you really love helping people learn to build and you’re a really good coach!


Really loved this thank you❤️

Bridget Nieto

Hi! New subscriber! I wanted to know if you had a cardio -StairMaster routine and if you can explain what can help for Hiit on the stairmaster.

Bianca Neagu

Please check your facts. A giant set involes a set of at least 4 different exercises - that target different angles of that specific body part . Also, it is an advanced training method and is not reccommended to begginers. A giant set is by no means similar to drop sets. They are very intense and their use should be occassional. There is not much educational or in depth about this video, a simple google search can provide more accurate information. Girls please do your own research ?

Maryam Sadeghi

Hej! Har du privat tränning?

JulieAnne Carrière

EMPTY gym!! What time of day was it?... I wish I could workout in an empty gym??

Monica Goings

So very helpful!

Emely Nutrix

Can you please do a video on more excentrisk workouts :)

Jeanette Pena

Omg, my first time hearing about giant sets. Thank you so much!!

ROKA Ezzat

Thanks So much,I learned alot from you.
So I want to ask if alot of repetitions and sets with light weights give us the Same results like growing our booty and muscles comparing with heavy weights and few repetitions and sets?

jenny Melgar

How lucky that your gym is never full i can never find my gym wintout people what time of day do you go

LiveFit Bunny

I love how real you are. It seems that more and more fitness youtubers are giving into to the fake stuff...?

Veronika Mikulasikova

You made me start my own Youtube channel. I love your videos and thanks to you I believe it has a potential even for non-native English speakers to do the videos in English. I hope to meet you one day! ♡


Love you ???

Haben 19

Thank u beautiful Hanna, love ur videos❤️❤️

Houria Salmi

Thx hanna now i know what is super ser & one set yeahhh شكراااااا

Kay Be

I think your the only one who actually explains the different types of sets, this is SUPER helpful. Im on week 3 of the booty program, goodness gracious! I noticed I'm not as sore but maybe its because I've been napping before the gym, drink BCAAs and taking L-glutamine for recovery lol. Damn girl, someone got a sexy BACK! Can you do a workout that tones the lower back? Im slowly starting to work on back again. Love you girl! Hope everyone is killing it in their workout program! XOXO


did you do a pyramid set on camera with the sumo squats? like going low-high-low weights when you were saying giants are low to high? ?

عاشق الحق

thx for giving us these important information and experience of course motivation too. ?from Iraq.


I adore your videos! So informative! Thank you!!??


Hanna, I am having a lot of problems with doing the correct form of squats. Can you please do a full beginner legs workout/ stressing form, and mainly using free weights? Thanks!! I love your videos!!!

Alo Carolina

Love the video ❤️you're so knowledgeable ?

Danielle Hopkins

You did a great job of explaining in English and in general!! I love of your tips, they are so helpful!!?

The Wic

Älskar dina träningstips???


I often do dropsets, but I don't know if you try it but I looove to do lateral raises in this way: I do my first set normally and I do my dropsets in the eccentric way. its feel so heavy and it burn :D sorry for my English but give it a try <3 you'r so beautiful by the way


Hanna darling, can you do a gym selfie tutorial? I suffer from pretty-fit-in-person-but-look-like-a-crap-in-gym-selfies syndrome, plz teach me how to slay in gym photos

Anna C


Optimistic Outreach

Legs like a MLB catcher...

imane nejjari

Thank tou soooo much for this video i reaaally needed this! Love you sooooo much❤❤ please answer that would make me sooo happy? ( this is my first comment)? anyway much love again from morocco???


Awesome video. Very informative thanks for sharing. I’ve always been confused about these and you have explained each very well!!


I dig it

Andrea Gunn

Great info thank you!??


Thank you I tried some of the techniques today - literally the same day that I watched the video. You have inspired me to push myself further. I needed to mix it up and add something new. Thank you ??????

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Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques

Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques27 Apr. 2020
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Breathing exercises can

Breathing exercises can be a great way to help relieve stress and anxiety. This video focuses on two relaxing breathing techniques: Square breathing (aka box breathing, 4x4 breathing, 4-part breath, etc.) and Pursed breathing. More breathing exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7-CAFhJn78

I start off with Square breathing. It’s so good at helping to relieve stress and anxiety that it’s sometimes used in the military to help calm nerves before stressful situations.

It’s performed just how it sounds--using your breath to make a square. Use imagery as well and imagine making a square or following something with a square pattern with your breath. Each position is 4 seconds. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, and hold your breath again for 4 seconds.

Pursed breathing is another breathing technique that can help relieve stress and anxiety, and it can also help make your lungs stronger. For this one, use diaphragmatic or belly breathing. Breathe in for 4 seconds, and then breathe out with pursed lips for 8 seconds.

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Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques



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I have delayed my studies for too many years, I'm about 5 years "late" on my college degree*, but now I know I can go through these stressful situations and be calm, focused and ready to win. Thank you very much, Doctor Jo.

* I used to think I was "late", but now I understand we all go through life at different paces and the most important thing is to focus on our health and treating ourselves right.


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