Turkish get up kettlebells


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AFTER REVIEWING THIS, I REALIZE THERE ARE SOME SOUND ISSUES. We are gonna leave it up until we can reshoot this.

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Lewis Yaworski

I like that tip about ‘rolling over the weight’ when its time to transition hands.
Its so efficient and saves you from wasting time getting up and sitting down again.
I feel so much more informed through performing TGUs, I used to think they were just for shoulder rehab. Truth is if you don’t practice these 2x a week, you are missing out on an incredible super movement.

Zdjęcia Szkolne

Pro tip: start and finish from standing position, just like in the middle, much easier

Good Win550

This channel is so underrated !! From all the videos I saw from you, I've always apreciated the way you teach and going through every step and making little details count which can lead to injuries in the long term if not taken into consideration (in my opinion).

TL ; DR : Thank you very much for your work ! ^^

bak 138

Love your channel Mark. Great systematic breakdowns of movements like the get up. It can be a little overwhelming bc there's so many steps, so this is great


great instruction--the sound is fine, btw.


I've watched so many of your videos in the past few days. Your encouragement is as top tier as your instructions. Not everyone can handle hearing they did something "wrong" so phrasing it the way you do probably keeps a lot of people going who might have thought of quitting.

Meesum Naqui

Thanks sir your explanation was very good

Robert Smith

I'm watching this whilst eating chocolate chunk shotbread. Truly an advanced human experience. How many 20kg get ups do I need to do to burn 1,200 calories btw?

Jacob Lancia

So currently I do a very Pavel-esque one of these every minute, for 10 minutes (so 10 total getups-5 per side). I love your nerd math videos, and I’m trying to figure out what I’m working towards. You sort of say it here, I’m just looking for clarity what my goal is volume-wise before a new bell.

You’ve changed my life man. Genuinely thank you.

Ilqr D.

Amazing video. Subscribed!!

Bicycle Montreal

Do some nerd math on this one.


Perfect! Just what's needed for most of us getting back into the TGUs :)


Hi Mark, Thanks for the video.
One question, how much does this exercise on friction from the feet to the ground?

Robert Lehnert

Today, through the day, I did 3/4 TGUs, one each side, three times, with my 26lb DIY KB, and then later in the day I did full TGU, one each side, twice. For you that may be pathetic, but I'm a 59 year old ectomorph-by-nature whose always had to struggle getting upper body strength, so this is PROGRESS. I will be working on more reps, less spread out through the day.


I'd love to do it but can't kneel on knee due to injury.

Scott Hughes

I have been working with kettlebells for the last month. I am really enjoying the exercises except for the TGU. The kettlebell always ends up against my radius.


on my side the sound was just fine, I did not realize there was any sound pb

stephen king

This is excellent! I used to do a lot of these but switched over to sandbag get ups due injuries/curiosity. Two tips: (1) the arms, head, and shoulders should form a straight line from the elbow post position on up. Most people when they start these will form sort of a "Z" shape tilted onto its side and the kinetic chain\line of force will be broken and the bell will wander all over the place. (2) it helps to face a wall when doing these so you can square yourself to the wall as you do them. This is a slow exercise so do not hesitate to stop during execution and reset yourself if needed. You can have a lot of fun with get ups!

There are a lot of get ups out there and I hope you cover some more different types. I thought your on weight loss training was the best I have ever seen! I check this site daily!!!!

I think a good topic that have yet to see covered anywhere is risk\rewards in general.

Denis Mrzljak

So how do we include TGUs into our existing programs?

Imran Javid

Amazing detailed explanation, thanks Mark.

Antonomase Apophasis

If I could add my 2 cents...
8:51 - transition from stable position on knee to stable position standing up was a faith-based maneuver till I made sure to:

8:52- solidly plant right foot toes to set up the drive up to standing position

Thilina Jayaratne

Mark you're a great coach! Hope people watch your stuff more. Have you thought about a video of something like 'best kettlebell home workout for social isolation'? Something to get people's attention?

Wendy Graydon

So excellent!

Gabriel Stockton

Thank you, I will practice these tips to stay safe and get fit


Watched a couple of your videos over the last few days, top notch instructor

Mark L

Fantastic explanation.

Rob M

Amazing instructional! You're videos have helped me so much with my kettlebell technique. Would you ever post a video about what to make work-rest ratios for different program designs?

Jason P

Love your videos, but if you were to close your eyes when hearing you talk, I swear it's John C. Reilly speaking.

Gorilla Pie

Honestly if there's one strength move work perfecting, it's this one. Thanks Mark for the great step-by-step breakdown !

Jay` Cohen

Mark, can you offer a progression for TGU. I'm doing your 10x10, on TGU. Thanks!!!

Barry Brewer

Wonderful demonstration.

Voice In My Head

You said in another video whatever you do with your right hand you gotta do the exact same thing with your left, gotta let your weak hand go last so that it works when you are tired as well as your strong hand does

Gee Emm

Great explanation and demo. For programming purposes, if training the move twice a week with a heavy and light day, would you change the size of bell or the number of reps?


I think I finally found my go-to YouTube KettleBell instructor

Travis Mcghee

I'm watching your video, I love your videos by the way, you're doing a great job, and can't stop admiring your shoes lol. They look very sturdy, like infantry boots. What shoes are those? I'm hard on my shoes and am always looking for great all around shoes that are sturdy, will last and are very functional for multiple activities. They look like they would be great shoes

cristobal garza

If you hear a loud crack, while doing this exercise, and you no longer are holding the kettle bell above your head, seek medical attention.

Pastor Billy Chidester

Man thanks for this. So helpful!


Excellent tutorial, thank you

Paul Mason

This is a crazy exercise, I have to comment for others, with context...
I had a very athletic youth - just to give some context in my last year of high school: first string all star football (offensive line), top level provincials in wrestling, our field lacrosse team was #1 in Ontario, full contact hockey into my mid 30's, downhill skiing my whole life.
.....and then I became a computer geek and have worked in IT for over 33 years, and am now technically obese, and shaped like a pear from the waist up. I still play hockey 3 nights a week, pandemic notwithstanding. My legs are still in great shape, relatively speaking.
I also grew up in a scrap yard with my old man lugging anything you can imagine. My uncle had a small moving business, and he had a contract with a local music store to deliver pianos. There's nothing like hauling an 800lb upright baby grand piano up a flight of stairs with a bend in the middle ! I have lugged it all! My wrestling teammates used to ask me where I got my strength because they never saw me work out in the 'weight room'. I used to tell them to come work with my old man on the weekend and stack a couple hundred 45 gallon (empty) barrels 3 high by hand, or carry a few hundred 10" concrete blocks from A to B.
My mom's side is from the farm, and so I spent a considerable amount of time working on a farm in the summers of my youth as well. We actually owned a 25 acre 'hobby farm' from the time I was 8 until I was 12, so I totally get, and love the 'farm boy' references.
If you're over 40 (I am 55), and you want to test your level of self delusion as to just how much you've been bullshitting yourself that you're not in too bad of shape, then try some Turkish Get Ups. This is an amazing crazy ass exercise that will kick your ass if you've been deluding yourself that you're in 'ok' shape.
Technique is EVERYTHING!

The Sunpouncer Gaming Channel

Will you do a separate video going into variations of the TGU? I've started doing what I think are reverse TGU. Start of cleaning and pressing the bell, then do the downward half of the TGU, then back up, then put the bell down. This seems more convenient as I avoid having to switch the kettlebell to the other side since it always starts and ends at my feet. I'd love to know your thoughts on this and any other variations. Thanks for the thorough explanation in this video!


i freaking love the way you do TGU's. Thank you!

Bienes Raíces Félix Jaimes Remax Millenium

Great Explanation, Thank you very much.

Eunis Christensen

Totally impressed!

Jonathan Explosion


Jared Studyvin

TGU nerd math, please! I love your nerd math videos.

Simon Collingridge

Superb Mark, thank you. So clear and easy to understand.

Paul Cooper

I'm tuning in more to you mate thanks for the tips ?

Aleks de Freitas

Fantastic video, great explanations!


What I really appreciate about these videos is that you always talk about reps & sets: from beginner to very advanced. It's really important for me to understand where I 'am' and yet the majority of videos I watch on KBs or weights/fitness in general, rarely mention reps& sets.

Forest Macquarrie

How many reps of this for the ten minute workout?

Lars Nicolaysen

Absolutely fantastic instructions. Also all his other tutorials, IMO the best you can find on the net when it comes to kettlebell training. Thank you for your great work, Mark!

Tony Renshaw

turkish get up actually came out of iran/persia, warriors would do this and other exercises with their shields

Blackbeard Tactical

I remember this guy... he smoked Thomas Jacob Jack Black Jablinsky Games ass one time... dude was jello after that w/out. That's the mark of a good instructor.


I never even attempted these before because they always seemed too difficult. You really broke this down so its super easy to comprehend and now I can finally complete a TGU. Thanks man!


Exercising with jeans. A man's man.

Andrew Chilvers

Excellent , clear, concise ,understandable. Clarified the uncertainty I had in some elements of the exercise .Thank you

Matt Bryant

What is the best grip position for TGU? I find that if I put thumb end into corner and have diagonally across, then it digs into my radius and bruises even with guards. I got up to 20Kg doing it this way but found my wrist bending a bit and decided to remove guards go back to 16Kg and find a better grip. I now hold handle in middle and parallel to my callous line and this makes it lie on my ulnar side of forearm which is totally ok no bruising and I can keep wrist straight BUT doesn't seems as stable and so I am practicing the first quarter (press up) and then hold for 30 seconds to strengthen this part of the move. I find that the next move rolling onto forearm the most difficult and wobbly/unsteady.The rest of the move I find easy and have technique good at 16Kg (but at 20Kg arm bent a bit probably not ready to move up.) Any ideas on how to progress/improve?


Sorry for two questions in one day. Why is your left hand the weaker hand? Thank you.

Rebecca Knight

The TGU reconditioned my surgically reconstructed shoulder, and save another one with a minor rotator cuff tear. <3

James Barros

You can take the trainer out of the dojo,
but you can't take the martial artist out of the trainer. Great instruction, but you sound like you're teaching martial arts more than lifting. Really solid instruction and a lot more accessible for many of us who don't spend a lot of time in gyms. Thank you.


I've never seen a TGU broken down like this. You're a great instructor!

James Rogulski

Your videos are excellent.

However, please invest in a microphone -- lavalier or usb would do the trick. The audio is terrible.

Mohamed Benabderrahmane

Turkish get up is about stability with palm open not closed


Damn....this kettle ball is bigger then your head?

jonathan parsons

ok so i recently bought a 35lb kettlebell, i actually had to get a guy i work with to pick it up for me because i couldn't get the time to travel to pick it up because its almost impossible to get gym equipment right now any way i managed to do one rep on my dominant side but i couldnt manage with my other side, got any progression tips also i wasnt able to do the essentric either side

Squawking About

Thanks from the bottom of my shoulder joints to the top of my head. Quick question... my 35lbs kettlebell broke when it hit my head. Should I use duct tape?

weston bowers

Great work, great content!

Michael Senft

I agree with other comments - you are clearly a great professional. Clear communicator, clear command of the detail and ability to implement with even beginners

Lef Kuzco

Great video. This exercise must have saved his life from many a Crip...4:25

Ilan Kaplon

Having ~25 years of competitive swimming and teaching experience and moving to crossfit box with ZERO knowledge about weight lifting and exsistence of kettlebells.
left the box with a bit more experience to home train myself.

Your channel got me the basics , and change my look at kettlebells and functional training.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge , experience , breaking down the hard moves and making those awesome videos where you speak to the point.
Your teaching skills are great , took couple of things from them too.


my shoulders are messed up, I really envy you to be able to do those movements. I am not sure if I should try TGUs though, even with light weight. I tried 2 years ago and my shoulders did not like it, but my technique was not good I must confess

Eimar o brien

what a super instructor

Jan Bael

Has to be a former Army trainer as he explains something so even the biggest moron can understand it and that really helped me learn to do a Turkish Ge Up.

Nik Villuri

?? breaking it down. Never thought of that to learn the correct form

Adam Donovan

What about "truly functional training" just learning to get up from the ground based on how the body works? What's the point of complicating the move? Given that you build skill at what you do, why would I want to build the skill of getting up with a KB when the REAL FUNCTION I WANT is just getting up efficiently. Without some prop.

Camila Gomes

This guy is awesome! Best tutorial on Turkish Get Up ??


Breaking down the “roll to elbow” into roll first and then elbow is the first time I’ve really felt like I get that part of the movement.

Todd Brown

Holy Crude! After 3/3 12K my butt is kicked.
Hopefully the learning stop and start I needed will get better and less clunky.


My shoulder on post arm rides up out of socket when I'm coming down, any tips?

Andrea Winchester

What I love about your training is that I always learn what I didn't realize I didn't know.... if that makes sense.


Should the shoulder be packed the whole time?

Veer Chasm

Wait, the Ground is beneath me? WTH???


Nice tutorial, very well explained and executed, thank you. As someone mentioned down lower, you can also preform this backwards (reverse TGU? Turkish get down?) starting from the standing position. I find this way to be my preferred method. Basically clean and press the weight overhead, get down on the floor, then get back up.

orestis nalmpantis

Is it my impression or 16 kg that pavel suggests for beginner's is just too much? I have only one 16 kettlebell and I am thinking of training with like a 10 kg dumbell to start. would that be ok?


Yeh agree with a lot of other comments your level for detail and comments is great - I subbed

AL Bond

Thank you Sir! Mind boggling that you used 100lb kettlebell ?.

Doug Moore

Yes, you are an excellent teacher. Tell, do repeat...

John Van Meter

Amazing.....Thank You for educating...Now I know. Best wishes from Indiana

Free Crypto Education

Just noticed I've been cheating on putting my leg through before the lunge. I would preposition it in a sitting position which takes much less core strength. But in turn, puts more pressure on shoulder strength as you are already straight up while pushing the leg through. I imagine this is much harder on the shoulder trying to keep that stable.

Scooby Donkers

Consistently one of the best explainers on this site. Good work bud. Thanks for sharing all this info.


Thanks for that detailed explanation. :)

Theena Kumaragurunathan

Thank you, Mark. That was lucid, clear and so well explained. It's like you should be a trainer or something.

Isabelle Storey

Aww man I love you and the way you teach the likes of me who never thought I could ever do TGU in my wildest dream...step by step...wow just blew me away...I have deleted all other training you tube channels in my saved list.
You are my one and only GO TO man here on in. I watch all your vids.
Thank you Mark. I am purchasing your clothing. Much Respect.X

Rob Scott

Love this. Great content, man. Thank you. ?


What are your thoughts on keeping the eyes looking through the window of the kettlebell? The only time I'm not looking at the window is when I"m kneeling, standing, or in between.

Lore M. Ipsum

Wow. Can’t believe how informative this video is. TF I have a big ass tin of baked beans to start with. ?

Ramir Puhawan

Can you do a nerd math on these? Like how would u structure your sets? Like 1 rep every minute... starting with 3 minutes like you did with sand bags? And how would you differentiate a “light” tgu day from a “heavy” tgu day?

Kayeljay Banjo

Another great video! Thanks, Mark! There's a lot of moments where I'm like <ding!> now I get it. Fabulous.

Hasan Doğan Meriç

"You're doing it not very right" is possibly the most positive way of telling someone they are doing it wrong.

Pastor Billy Chidester

Finally got these TGU. With 25 lbs. thanks for your help.

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I'll do this kettlebell complex as finisher on my full body days as it incorporates a number of movements patterns that are important and most people won't incorporate.

This is a transition from 1.5 reps of Turkish gets ups to an offset cossack squat for 5 reps and then moving to the other side for the same sequence.

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I love Turkish getups!

Tyrice Anthony

Ana taco it’s t.y. From inner city I miss you and hope the best for you


Great explanation. I remember Gray Cook mentioning this as "loaded yoga". Thanks for sharing.

Steve B

Nice tutorial, does this girl have her own channel?

Oxtoa Wolf

I do it for 5 minutes. Reps increase with skill naturaly. As you get smoother you'll be faster.


Outstanding! The best and the simplest explanation I've come across.


she performed it perfectly

John Murphy

anna is fine. :)


Omg this is so great ima become a workout trainer and this is gonna be my go to workout I think it is fabulous and is done perfectly

Thomas De Thaey

Great stuff!

Ray Corrigan

Thank you Mr Guliani

M Howard

I love the attention to detail!


God, she's good,

Andy T

Nice explanations from both of you.

Golf Fitness Ireland

excellent explanation


Great teacher. Love your swing video too.


mike is still kicking

AGFitness & Health

Thanks for the video. Because there are lot of movements and involves a lot of coordination is this recommended for older clients who have this mobility or getting up problems?

Todd Boothbee

Looks like it might be good for grappling training.



Zachary Harris

Did not know about pushing off with the back leg, keeping the knee lined up with hand, and windshield wiping leg going down to "hip out." Now I know why I was having low back pain

Ken Wilkens

One of the best breakdowns I've seen. Thank you.

Ruben Bond


James Neumann

Excellent breakdown, in particular the hip hinge reaching to the floor