Rich froning bench press

Rich Froning Bench Workout| 75 Reps

Rich Froning Bench Workout| 75 Reps26 Jun. 2020
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Rich Froning and Dan

Rich Froning and Dan Bailey did this workout when they were coaching at Tennessee Tech. Its a perfect bench workout to condition the chest and triceps to keep pushing under fatigue.

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Run & Bench // Mayhem Monday 06.24.19

Run & Bench // Mayhem Monday 06.24.1924 Jun. 2019
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Comments (38)
Anthony Lewis

Okay. Who else saw 7 sets above 3 rounds of 1000m bike erg & 100’ walking lunge?

Steven Centner

Lot of running in that

Virginia George

Trice with his banana and Hypervolt. 100% like my 2yo. ?

Howard Ahhon

Tasia is always camera shy?!?! >< lol and Dre keeps making her blush?!?! ;) lol #good #throw #tasia It's nice to know Hayley does smile often?!?!...hehe =P lol We need more footage of Trice and what he gets up too?!?! >< lol #too #adorable Dre, smart taking the camera. Taking easy while everyone is training...haha =D lol

The Matine

Keep up the good work .from morocco

Christian A Vaflor

I love the editing in this one

Shandon Fleming

Tasia is Trixie from Toy Story :)

Chris Williams

That first shot of Tasia benching, and the nice little edit when the beat drops....fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Any idea where I can get Chris Henshaws shirt? Sugar skull

Joel Abreu

Ok that beat is ?????


1. String Theory
2. Quantum Mechanics
3. Tasia being single

Reynaldo Campos

I watch these videos for one reason and one reason only and she's called Tasia!

Jerah Selig

“Crossfitters can’t do strict pull-ups.” Hah ok.


why it called run & bench?

Darryl Mcneil

Tasia is single?!?! ?

Kyle Orange

god dude watching this group of people just brightens the soul.


Tasia attacc
Tasia protecc
But most importantly:

Tasia don’t miss a rep

Nicholas Boysel

Who took away Trice's goldfish?

Michelle Kinsey

Where is Elly?!


Need the dad beard back! #LostFroningBeard

Shaun DeCroo

1:12, 1:24 yes please.  Good content as always.

Chris Harrison

We want Tasia

Stam P.

No Tasia people want to see Tryce!!!

BigGucci 3hunna

Rich, shouldn't you utilize a spotter sir?!?

Patrick Lepage

LOVE you guy's thanks so much for the motivating vid's you guy's really do ROCK!!!...=P

Rich’s forgotten cousin

Some Jocko motivational speech, strength and conditioning in my garage gym, then shower and Mayhem Monday while having dinner. Perfect night! ??

Gareth soul

No beard rich is quite weird haha


You're wrong. People want to see Tasia!!

Nick L

No the people want more Tasia

Angel F.

Baby face Froning FTW.

Rodrigo Lizardo Pérez Castillo

More Tasiaa please!!!!

Anousone Bounket

We need a Day in the Life of Trice w/ a "Beat it nerd!" tally lol. He's such a dude.


TASIA I'm here, you don't have to be single anymore ! ??


Ok i dont count trice cause he is the man! Tasia takes the mvp title on videos dor the happier person??

Rob Scharff

Tasia is single ?

Marissa Nichols

My mom got her level one at mayhem and I can’t wait to get mine??. I’m 11 yrs old and admire every single one of y’all?. Can’t wait for “froning 3” and plz do a day in the life of Trice Man?


Some boys don’t have beards...and that’s ok.

Dave Miller

6 minutes wasn't long enough

Khalipa & Maddox Battle Froning

Khalipa & Maddox Battle Froning19 Nov. 2011
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Jason Khalipa and Neal

Jason Khalipa and Neal Maddox do the new crossfit total..

Comments (100)

when you reach your limits and yet you continue pushing forward your body sometimes reacts! this year a female athlete peed herself while competing at the crossfit games and actually continued with her box jumps while peeing. The way she didn't seem to care and the way her co-athletes reacted was so cool. They pretty much shared their similar experiences on camera. I think Matt Chan's was the funniest confession of having sharted seconds before competing! i guess what i'm saying is shit happens!

Andrew Malin

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Nick Surq

wow, amazing

Adrian Merks

jay has puny calfs

Makay linzoi

Go and google Morsch Muscle Madness to find out how a unique discovery made an ordinary guy buff.


... I dead lift 325.... so yeah....

akis akuros

where is froning?


These guys were all jacked before Crossfit, sorry. Crossfit is a very inefficient way to "get big." I challenge ANYONE to produce a before and after scenario that proves me wrong.


Rich Froning = 1020

C-A-M Champagne

should have work on there jerk... 345 for Rich, 325 for Neal

Yu Wong

They just proved that all those Olympic weightlifters are on steroids. 150kg clean and jerks is super heavy even for big guys. Those weightlifters are slinging 200 plus for fun, which isn't human.

Terry Neher

Hey there, have you heard about "Musclegend" (look on Google)? There you will find a good free video featuring the right way to start building visible lean muscle easily while reducing fat simultaneously. Steve is one of the countless guys that experienced good success making use of this method. Hopefully it will work for you as well.


man, joints, knees,and wrists  killer 


there's an RX program for competition athletes, but the WODs alone don't make you big. It all starts with the diet and specialised training combined with the wods.

Francois Beya

Good workout music

qt pie

navy seal's are weaklings powerliftingftw1


Lot of technique hating, here's something to think about:

Some Crossfit athletes are in fact better than others (Ben Smith and Aja Barto are examples of pro Crossfitters with great weightlifting), but the fact remains that only so much time can be spent on these 2 lifts, when actual Olympic weightlifters spend every day of training on them.  Also keep in mind most Crossfitters found the sport in their mid to late 20's, and just then performing their first snatch/clean and jerk.  Many avid weightlifters have been training since their late teens, some earlier than that.  Imagine lacing up some ice skates and learning to skate for the first time when you're 25.  Even after 5 years, it won't be pretty. 

I  personally spend much more time on the weightlifting than other Crossfitters, but it's because I've learned to love it, and I'm not going to the Crossfit Games any time soon.  After training for 2+ years, my technique is pretty advanced for a Crossfit athlete, but not nearly as good as the straight Oly guys.  The dudes you see here rely on giant power to "hack" through the lifts, and it works for them in their sport, as they are repeat Crossfit Games top finalists.  It's why some people love Crossfit (me), and why some people hate it (everyone on the internet ever).


Neil's breathing is impressive... Is he holding a large breath to create a bigger, more stable base for his lifts?


What was Fronings total?

Michael Goods

cyber critics! The worst critics!


I feel like Khalipa should be a lot stronger he just has a lot of form problems. Amazing athletes though!

Kyle Welch

so many critics. everyone can work on something to make it better. 

Daniel Holley

Probably the worst bench pressing I've ever seen. lulz

Jeff Sartwell

I agree... Hey, I know Jason will never see these comments, and he is much stronger than I am for sure, also this is 3 years ago.. I hope things have changed since then... but use your legs as a good base Brother... don't let your legs flail....

Jona Bloss

Look at that young Garret Fisher

qt pie

crossfit gay

rajdood1 Perry

I'm trying to understand why some people get soooo up in arms that they feel the need to bad mouth crossfitters whenever they see a crossfit workout on youtube. Do you see these guys? Did you not just watch the video that you just commented on? You can't really think their workouts are not doing them and the legions of other crossfitters (and even the "CF website part-timers" like myself) any good. So then what is it? Jealousy that you can't bench what Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, or Neal Maddox bench? Dummy, I bet you can't ball like Lebron James, either. Does that mean you think basketball is a horrible form of exercise with little to no physical reward? And you twits who say that it is sooo awful that girl pissed herself and kept working out at the games- so what? Football players have never thrown up after a coach put them through a particularly brutal August practice in Georgian heat?Come on.
Even with video evidence of how attainable fitness is with Crossfit, some people are so set in their ways that they can't possibly be bothered to think, "hey maybe I should try something a little bit different because it looks like it is working for all those people who are running faster, lifting more, and look better than me."

Sarath Kumar

yep. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen to this My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/1cBN7T8?=vjjeh


Crossfit games could have been something actually special if they properly tested their athletes. The top guys are clearly on steroids.


Wiggle your feet for more power! <3

Kóti László

when maddox squats with 335 whats that song?


Why is khalipa's shoulders imbalanced? 

Hari Rai

Hi, have you heard of "MuscLeader" (have a look on Google)? There you can watch a good free video showing the best way to build notable muscle mass fast while eliminating excess fat all at once. Kyle is among the many men that experienced good results because of this method. Perhaps it will help you too...

Bren Bouza

Fact, every single one of those BP reps would have been disqualified in a powerlifting competition. No hate here these guys are strong but at that level you would think they would know better than to bounce the bar off their chest.

Josh Gilliam

nothin but a peanut


and this was 2 years ago....

Friday’s are cool

What makes Rich unstoppable is not just his strength and power, but his ability to perform such high reps with heavy weight.

Mark Wallace

I have no reason to. I haven't made any claims about how good I am or how bad anyone else is. If you're going to disparage Khalipa (i.e. "pathetic"), then back it up by showing how much better you are. Do that, or shut up.


Don't come here and act like you're the protector of great form and oppose to anyone who doesn't do it right according to your "experienced" judgement (and by experienced i mean in watching youtube videos) cause i happened to see in your channel that you liked a video called "Derek Poundstone going insane at a Strongman Competition" and if you noticed in 1:20 he nearly broke his back. so don't come and talk to me about fine lines and not working harder but smarter. You're just trolling man,gtfo!


back breacking workout. Careful..

gago ikaw

Nice playlist!

Dr. PussySlam

hitting 350 without your feet planted...impressive as fuck


Dont call that wiggling bench press. There was 0 bech press in this vid.


Holy Shiite at Jason's triceps


yeah I agree, I crossfit as rugby prep. You have to combine it with strength workouts and a careful diet. It burns fat like hell and if you're not careful you'll slim down if anything. Like they tell you in any legit box, it all starts with the diet and you work your way up from there. The competition boys often come from body building backgrounds


Hell ya "Don't Tread On Me"! nice flag

Diego Sheish

It's not like Jason has the form of a machine or a chinese (which are almost the same), but Maddox has the shittiest form I've seen, what's up with him spreading his legs?

gani mba

If you have been trying to get ripped, you should search google for Max Muscle Method. They can help you get the body you deserve.

Anil Maharjan

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Brett Lyons

then why you watching this?


I have never noticed a difference when using leg drive. It just doesn't seem to help me put up any more weight with any more force.

qt pie

jk you will get there eventually.

joe schofield

What was Richs total?

Paul Floyd

It sure is garret fisher. I said the same thing.

qt pie


Cooper Hanson

Maddox's back is shredded.

gani mba

Do you make these deadly mistakes in your workouts? Just Go and Google Max Muscle Method to find out.

Jonathan Danko

Please understand this comment. They said to wiggle your feet for more power; they were being sarcastic and made fun of Jason Khalipa for wriggling his feet.

ejf fierro



Garret Fisher spotting on the bench?

qt pie

Noob feet wiggling

Joshua Rosado

Maybe he would have, but that makes it more likely he'd bend his back..and then all the comments would be focusing in on how much his back bent-_-


When i saw this clip at first i thought man these guys are monsters and how cool it would be for me to just be one of them suddenly, out of the blue you know... just wake up and be fit as hell. But then i realised i would feel like a fraud cause i wouldn't deserve it. i wouldn't have owned it. So it's not really the strength they currently have that makes them inspire me. it's all the pain, sweat, puking, injuries and doubts they had to sustain, endure and keep moving forward. Just impressive!!


no froning?? :(((




lol @ the puke. don't have to puke to get strong. only morons puke.


first time i watched this was in 2011, watching it now i think im seing Garret Ficher as spotter ^^

Paul Floyd

I expect to see fisher on the podium soon


>benching more than you can clean > I SHIGGY DIGGY

Daniela Perez Padilla

no me gusta fuerza mucho

James C

Gee thanks there Hercules


I'm 17 benching 320


I know they don't bench often but I mean it helps out in all circumstances

Critdef Matt

Yeah cool, they're putting up weight, but god damn their technique is bad

vaibhav verma

I already told you. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between One of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. worth watch here now bit.ly/1cBDwvq?=vgogr


seriously why do these guys overhead squat more than they clean?

James C

These guys are awesome. I'm just getting into some power moves and I would be ecstatic to get even 200lbs over my head someday.

Hristo Kostov

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Jeff C

Garret Fisher @ 2:55 !

Anthony Clark

I certainly hope "wiggle your feet for more power" was sarcastic. 


Do a few crossfit workout for time. If you give it everything you've got you will prob puke. Try Fran.


there's a fine line between pushing the limits and stupidity. sometimes what people view as "pushing the limits" is a great way to get a serious injury or land yourself in the morgue. considering the lack of proper form in the crossfit community, i'd really prefer if people were inspired by people who trained smarter rather than harder.


wiggle your feet for more power? I'm presuming you guys stuck that in for a laugh.

Jonny Chu

I admire Jason and Neal's hard work ethic... but both of these athlete's form could drastically improve.

Outlier Faith Warrior

who came up with the overhead squat that is the dumbest exercise i ever seen and a great way to get fubar while doing it

Sartaj Singh

Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/17p1PIP?=nuekf

S M A A Sabir

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It's working out dude. it's supposed to be hard and by progressive overload to become harder. Of course when you realise that a combination of burpees and hand stand push ups after drinking a gallon of water makes you puke you stop doing that and learn from your mistakes thus working out smarter.Now if you want to be really careful and totally avoid every minor strains and small injuries then go do some yoga or zumba or i don't know what else there is out there if you want to avoid working out.

elijah wright

Chronic and 2001 album in the background nice


I think they could move much heavier loads with their lifting technique being more spot on.

Scottie Figueroa

what was Froning's total at this point?

david gutierrez

is that gareth fisher on the back? holy cow i dont want to think badly but cmmon there is alot of muscle diference in just 2 years (2013 regionals) 


sorry, but Jason's technique on bench press is really bad! but he makes up for it by moving a lot of weight though :)


i don't see how they struggle with this. im 16 weigh 191 and I can do 320

Roast Pork Belly

Great tunes!

Keith Fine

whats Froning's total ?

Kobey Robinson

All you do by lifting your feet is pop a nut


insane overhead squats

Cooper Hanson

and then Froning went and snatched 300#... unreal.

Mark Wallace

Let us know when you have posted your video of this workout. Looking forward to seeing it.