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3F UL QiDian Pro Ultralight weight backpack video

3F UL QiDian Pro Ultralight weight backpack video4 Sep. 2020
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Watch this video to see

Watch this video to see how to attach sleeping mat to the 3F UL ultralight weight backpack for tramping.

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Backpack Workout | Upper Body Workouts Without Equipment

Backpack Workout | Upper Body Workouts Without Equipment8 Apr. 2020
9 689

Stuck at home without and

Stuck at home without and equipment? No problem! Here is a backpack workout targeting upper body with nothing but a backpack and a small towel. You can fill your backpack with books, cans of food, whatever to give it some weight.

The movements shown will target your shoulders (front and rear delts), biceps, back, and triceps. This will have your whole upper body, as well as arms feeling pumped! Focus on slow and controlled movement throughout the repetitions, and if you are unable to add enough weight to make the movement challenging, add a 3-5 second tempo on the way up and down!

Let me know what you think about the workout and make sure you subscribe for more at home workouts, with and without equipment.



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Can you get bigger forearms with this too

Emmanuel Cherisme

0:11 Lateral Overhead (16-12 Reps)
0:31 Bicep Curls( 8-15 Reps)
0:51 Row and Press (6-12 Reps)
1:06 Overhead Triceps (12-20 Reps)

flawless after 40

Very unique!love it!!

Shawn Beans

U deserve more subscribers

Nunya Buz

BTW, i put two water gallon jugs in the backpack for a weigh of approx. 16ish lbs.

JJ _chz

this is so helpful thankyou. please do more backpack workouts. also, is it ok to take items out of the back for particular exercises as it's too heavy?

That Record

Is there a way to do any tricep pushdowns with a backback?

Jesus is God

How much does the backpack weigh and what did you put in it?

Howard Tons

Great job! Using the small hand towel like a rope was genius.

marcos sanchez

My state close the gym again oh well time take out the back pack

daffa prasetyo

bro thank you so much

Lauren Stark

Thanks so much for sharing! Trying to get into lifting but during lockdown with no weights? this is super helpful!


Can you make a video for only Arms with backpack. This is a good video.

Nitin Bhatt

According to you what should be the weight of bag for a beginner

Nunya Buz

Got a like for me, and it's for the first 10 seconds of the video. I've been stuck at home with no weights so i tried the backpack thing, but found it uncomfortable somehow. Then he uses a towel on the loop. Genius lol.

Ic rtw

Appreciate it bro

juan camilo anichiarico ruiz

Is there a break time between circuits or exercises?


You are a genius, bro , thank you


The Tricep skull crushers was tough!

Ntokozo Makhathini

Thank you, was really helpful??

How To Get Bigger Arms At Home Without Weights (Backpack Workout)

How To Get Bigger Arms At Home Without Weights (Backpack Workout)7 May. 2019
47 209

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PC Gamer

PLs make a video on shoulder workout at home

Hi Guys

6:07 how does he have my phone!??


your YouTube videos are so underrated for real GREAT JOB


Nice editing the quality of the video has definitely gone up the lwafitness.com at the bottom is abit annoying though


Hi, can someone tell me why does My lower back hurt after backpack workout


Hey fellas, if you're looking for more workouts like these - you can download my FREE 30 Day Challenge here


Kshitiz Prakash

Wow ninja!? What're you doing here?

Red Curry

Good to do during rest days but the only problem is that is gonna be hard to target the long head and the short head

Adil Salim

my man this is exactly what i do lmaoooo

Darri Xo

This is such an excellent idea for people who can’t afford dumbbells at home lovely video you can also put weighted plates on the bag for an idea overall great video

Hammad Hussain

How do I prevent my elbows from moving too much during the curls?

Victor Lopez

This quarantine got me doing backpack workouts ???????


You did all that with a backpack?

code things

Well u proved finally that books ARE useful

LYFAO - We're Funny and We Know It

I have done a couple backpack workouts on my channel but It's hard to keep finding new ways to do things at home with limited equipment ... thanks for some great ideas on my next workout... (-: stay safe


Creative idea for beginner lifters!

KT Kee

I've been doing half press ups (on knees) for a year now. I also do a few to a 2 foot high desk, anything lower I find impossible. But my progress is sooooo slow (stuck actually). Will I ever be able to do a full push up? Will back pack weights help? Is it arm weakness that means I can't do one or something else? I'm female, I don't know if that makes a difference. I don't want it to be 2030 and I still can't do one.

Саша Б.

Awesome arms ?

Fermentum Mobile

After reorganising library, I must say, it was tougher than 1 hour in a gym. XD

Reza Tricks

It's waw your video is fancy

Joseph Kujur

Great video man really great I really hope your channel will grow big.


Is it possible to do back workouts with a weighted backpack?

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

When I do the biceps curls I feel my deltoid more than anything

Arzu Chowdhury

One thing I wanna ask is will this be enough for the whole bicep tricep area
or will I need to do more exercises

Chris Nortcliffe

hi can you help me plzs

Neo Lavia

why don't you do a book bag workout transformation


Can you please make a video regarding the diet that should be followed while building your body?? Also what kind of food should vegetarians be having while building body??

Aryan Pal


SG Rapidzx

He looks like Ninja

Lucas Flim

If I do all these exercises every day will I get bigger arms?

Abdul Muqeet Fitness

What is your arm size?


Ninja when he quits fortnite

Oliver Powell

I’m glad ninja is keeping himself in shape during quarantine ?

sam j

chutiya admi mera bag fat gaya

Huzaifa Gill

It doesn't work!

All games

How time per week ?


Isn't it better that focous on only one of the arm's muscles and do just one of these workouts each week?

saucy jorjor

He looks like Berlin from money heist

Jose Gonzalez

Why you look like ninja

Christian Grimes

I’m in welding school so I take all the steel plates I’ve welded on home and keep them in my backback so every week the weight of it is increasing so I’m getting progressive overload.??

Hitman_ 6sixty

How much time do we do this workout?

Ravi Chudasama

Doing these coz I’m too broke to afford dumbbells and I’m in a lockdown. Never been hit more in the balls doing this ?

krishna jangir



Plot Twist: the bag is filled with weights

Arazose - Fakten & Schockierendes

who is here cause of corona

D4C Love Train

Thanks bud

Akshay Stylo

Super bro very useful to me

BEAST • 99 years ago

straight to the point definitely gonna use this


Dope video??

Valentino Jones

Can I actually get muscular arms with backpack ???.


Great video

Bk techs

Bro we hav to do it everyday ???

Matin Seifi

tanx bro

Jay Olokundi

Good vid bro


every part of my guys arm has a vein poppin' out like he crankin' the steroids-

Sebastian Hurtado

Question about the tricep curls I am trying to do them but why do I feel the pressure in my shoulder? Am I not squeezing my tricep like you said? Or what is my problem

Labib Wajdi

How many kilograms of books did you put inside your bag bro?

Ness St. Pierre

I feel pressure on my deltoids while doing the bicep curls. What am I doing wrong?


Great video man


Backpack is cool but not for schoool ?


Bro u can also use a towel for backpack to hang out


Should you Do this everyday?

Isata Mansaray

#covid szn

Hyper Savage

Awesome vid man, I've just done a workout, literally on the floor right now, could you help me up? ??

Xp Kingz

thought u were ninja

Shishir Karnik

Back pack curls: 3x12 reps
Close grip curls: 3x12 reps
Backpack lateral: 3x12 reps
Backpack pushups: 3x until failure
Tricep overhead: 3x12

Darri Xo

Are the backpack curls compound or isolation exercise?


But wrist injury is a huge possiblity no?

Aditya Firoda

Half the exercise is GoNe (ㆁωㆁ)


The best for Covid's times.

Xp Kingz

great vid tho, definitely gonna do some of this

Jose Gonzalez

Big arms and skinny feet

1K Subs With Only One Video

Here cuz my mum took all my equipment off me

Atreyu Locs

Great video, bro. Very creative!


Thanks dude

Traylon Wilson

Will this method really give you bigger arms?

Study plus Mathematics

You are very accurate in exercise nice content