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Lessons Learned & Empathy Earned: The Story Behind The Story | Rich Roll Podcast

Lessons Learned & Empathy Earned: The Story Behind The Story | Rich Roll Podcast5 Mar. 2020
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Thanks for watching! Read all about Rich Roll here ??http://bit.ly/richroll503

I had the privilege of being a guest on the Outside podcast — an honor I don’t take lightly. The interview perfectly captures how I explain and think about this wild journey I’ve been on — and what can be gleaned from it for the benefit of others.

So I’m doing what I’ve never done before and resharing it with you today.

If you’re stuck and can’t see the way forward, my hope is that this conversation will spark something in you. Inspire you to think differently and more openly about possibility.

This is my story.


✌?? - Rich


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Produced, Written, and Edited by Michael Roberts

Interview by Peter Vigneron

Music by Robbie Carver

Additional Audio Engineering and production by Jason Camiolo

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Hi I'm Rich Roll. I'm a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, author, podcaster, public speaker & wellness evangelist at large. But mainly I'm a dad of four. If you want to know more, visit my website or check out these two the NY Times articles:




2630 Conejo Spectrum St.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 #richroll #mystory

Comments (60)
Robert Waldron

Thank you!

Sherry Towers

Rich Roll for President!

Mira Schiratis

Thank you! You are so rad. I love Outside Magazine

Fam Zini

thank you for inspiring people... I extract lots of wisdom from this but 4 main things from your story and the way you share it. 1) all of us need to stop/change the habits that we know are bad for us and in time can cause serious suffering (they can go from addictions or some other from of being irresponsible). 2) we need to have the courage and faith to listen to the voice within, pointing us into the direction of who we really are (better sooner than later). 3) share with as many people as possbile your success story inspiring them to have the courage to get on this path also. 4) we must try and try untill we find a way to fully express what it is what we are, some of us can be like you thorugh a podcast but for everyone it´s different.

Maynard's Spaceship

I think I'm just going to buy your book for my stepdad, give it to him with no explanation, cross my fingers and pray. Thanks for everything, Rich. I'm thankful for you.

Lake Tolbert


Paul LeMay

Thank you for sharing. As always I have enjoyed this once again. ❤️??

Heide Bateman

You have helped me pull up my socks more times than I can count.

we photo gal

I saw you on the cover of the magazine in the waiting room last week when I took my dad to his doctor appointment - it was so exciting! I shared it on IG.

evelyn baron

I've been sober for 5 yrs which when I think about it isn't much. So podcasts like yours mean the world to people like me who still struggle, in the words of Jackson Browne to keep love and compassion in sight. I remain group phobic but I love the people in my AA recovery world. Some people, bless them all, get off the plummeting elevator before radically bad things happen and I honour them for that; others like myself need near-death experiences before the lightbulb switches on … and I'm not advocating that for anyone who's listened to this amazing talk; but I've found in AA and NA (not addicted to opiates, just happened to be around the corner and the sobriety was so intense and so real; so I've got 2 home groups) a place to shed those layers of camouflage that served no purpose. When I was young and read the Narnia books, CS Lewis had 2 characters loosely based on his understanding of his alcoholic brother; Edmund (the magic toffee) and Eustace who couldn't or wouldn't accept the gift of that magical landscape he found himself in. See the stories as for children or powerful metaphors for redemption and wonder and finding a higher power and recognizing finally without shame all the mistakes we all as humans continue to make. And empathy -- so moving you talked about that. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Eustace finds himself in a dragon's cave thinking dragonish thoughts, and turns into one. That's the moment when he begins to change; to acknowledge his disconnectedness and to in dragon form, help the people stranded on the island with him. Then comes the moment when he meets Aslan, think we can agree he is a Christ figure, and knows he needs to bathe in this pool to rid himself of his dragon scales. But his own attempts are superficial and ineffectual. When he surrenders to those deep claws of the great lion, the outer dragon does fall away and he emerges with another chance at life. I think you have more than demonstrated how that can be done in your tireless efforts to promote deep thought, responsibility for the planet and more; and you live what you believe: the most powerful tool of all. So, from an often porcupiny (not a word) sort of person, endless gratitude.

Tracy Brusman

Here's to trusting those whispers! You are an inspiration! Thank you!


Thank you so much. Long time listener...inspiring.


Rich I am new to your channel. I have spent many hours early in the morning listening to you and your guests...such a great way to start my day! Your story is raw and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it so openly. I’m looking forward to the 2020 journey for all of us.

j mc

Rich this isn’t related to your story and I don’t mean to take away from it or your video but the linked story is about empathy and compassion for innocent vulnerable children...

PS have read the second version of your finding ultra book many times and you were a big inspiration to my husband for going plant based and he’s healthier then ever.

Super Mario Busker

Fantastic!!! Ur podcast washed my mind clean from meat & Deans book inspired my marathon training back in them nastolgic learning days 5 to ten years ago ??

evelyn baron

People get bashed for acknowledging their sponsors; juxtaposed with an inspiring life story which newcomers to my NA group worry about for 30 seconds; may be you need to explain why you need patreons' pockets full of $$$ for this particular podcast, although everybody needs to make a living. If you were starving in some kind of latter day financial attack/gutter -- I know you were there, been there, your wife would not have succumbed to T B; not Mimi; this is this successful spiritual woman in this material world; she's not Mimi. And yes I love all the permutations of La Boheme (southern French sp even without accent). I choose a sponsor with 25plus years so there will be no surprises; A young boy so far away from home, but so are we all. Of course in your deep bottom you were not actually homeless, didn't hide up a chimney when a 14 yr old jewish girl you were discovered by Russian soldiers, like Eva, my mum; gang-raped and left for dead. Or my sister who at 17 was in love with motorcycles and bikers and all it took was brute force and the back of a car. Yes I detest the MeToo movement and all the silliness and perniciousness of taking good people down with the real perpetrators. So deep thx from all of us. (Had my 12 step group -- it's small you didn't break your own rules we're still anonymous and ate a lot of convincing beef stew with preveviouly(sp) cooked and partial- pulsed lentils etc.; little onions and mushrooms and lentils and carrots and frozen baby zucchini homemade veg stalk, lot of other stuff; and you were that evening the topper of our small discussion meeting; paper plates, don't care. I have a friend dying of cancer; everyone in the group wanted to look after my dog; no way. My sponsor has my cat until a better roster can be found so here I am watching my friend die again --- rubbish -- she was her own person as tough as an old boot and her own story and I know no-one gets out of here alive, ok she's 73 but will always be too young; have a good feeling; don't talk the way you do (I don't need 3 syllable words and my syntax is immaculate) -- I'm just angry at everyone most of all at myself, so tx again for podcast; inspiring as always. And i'm sorry for writing that your wife pushed you around on this cheese is nuts video when she turned herself intro a sacred cow I know you love her and this woman isn't nuts and you are very protective of her and let's forget about how protective I was about my dad. No, my friend's not an addict. Or a vegan. Think of her because she and I were both Francophones stuck in English schools as … Catherine Deneuve in trouble without that parapet when silly French people rain down witty insults and surprisingly real-looking dead cows over the parapets in a Monty Python skit. Ok, I write stupid e-mails but on my journey from 3 yrs in a wheelchair to here, I had a lot of time to listen and compare. Carry on! The Joy of Movement was my favorite book and author personally. Almost there, and my anonymous friend Catherine will be all right for now.


I can't wait to watch it . But in office right now✌️??


Yo, I've read your book twice and both times cringed every time you life got worse....listening to this it was the same. You're a role model to me and I love that you got yourself out of that huge hell hole to be who you are today. Peace, One Love

Daina's World 88 Numbers88

Awesome, Timeless, Sober.


I'm glad to download this one for my run today :)

Cliff Yates

Attitude of gratitude brother ! It is important to stop and honor yourself, it's the best way to fully go forward and honor others. Love your story. Thanks for sharing Rich.

Julie Davenport

Love learning from Rich and his great guests and on the special occasion, better half, Julie P.



Canyon Haverfield

Everyone including me, can pickup on what 'seems' deep genuineness exuding from RR. Somethings missing though.. Clearly that police record file was given a wash. Thats when someone in charge gives permission to remove evidence from the file. This happens around the world everyday. Likely a member of the RR fam circle or Julies does a call & writes a check..& white justice happens. Theres the dilemma! My guess is this is the reason RR doesn't sleep well. Who could ? That & he's got his tent upon his homes roof. I dont imagine its a issue of snoring...its an issue of shame. If you look closely into his face...you'll see it.

Jaleo Tech

Click bait! Commercial in a recording about giving thanks? lol making money anyway you can? It's like 20 minutes of commercials



Amy Garner

Must be the best podcast series out there. It's like finding good nutrition in a sea of unsatisfying fast food. So happy I found the RRP.

Kitya C

This was really an amazing session. There was a rawness to it that I found refreshing, especially when you described your financial and emotional uncertainty as you transitioned from the life that you chased, into the life that you now have after finding yourself. The internal compass (that we all possess) is far more important than pursuit of material wealth, regardless of how much society have practically deified money. I'm so glad that you listened to yours instead of trying to "fight the wind". That took a lot of courage and I appreciated the post. It gave me a different perspective regarding my own life that was very helpful.

Niall Brennan

Always great to hear your story. Liked the part where you said you wanted to create a curriculum for people. Have you ever thought about tagging the episodes into categories? I have shared episodes with various friends who were interested in particular topics but had to do the organizing myself. Your content is so good and I feel like if someone wanted to do a deep dive into a topic it would be very useful to see all your episodes on it.

Eileen Hodgkinson

Rich Roll is spiritual , super sexy , a heart of gold, I can’t get enough of listening to him , and watching him he’s motivated me to become a vegan I love him—— Thankyou Rich you are such an inspiration and just sooo charasmatic.

Jack Lonergan

Rich your a new man.....the old you is dead and you really will never go back. You can’t repair anything

Mike Woeckener

Loved learning about who you were and who you are. Embracing the journey call my life and appreciate the encouragement to "take action". Light and Love to you Rich. BTW - Former marathon runner and current endurance cyclist so I "get" the attraction to what 'normal' people refer to as "crazy".


I'm OK about ADV to help run any business and podcasts as well.
But damn, when you're listening something for 10+ minutes and it's still ADV - is this damn OK for 2020?

Ryan Nevius

Podcast starts at 10:25


Raw, real, loved it!

Nancy Sue Leske


Ten Minute Tokyo 2

Most of the US food supply is totally poisoned.

Wayne Hepple

Keep trudging the road of happy destiny Rich! ✌️



Denise Bitz

Love this so much!

Just Say No to Pseudoscience

Oy vey! Typical 12 stepper, always in "treatment and 'recovery,'" never recovered. Stuck in your story. Glad you are sober, physically healthy, but move on already. You deserve it.

Jamie F

Loved it!!

Julie Sill

As always Rich ... you cut right to the core. Thank you. Namaste ??. Peace ☮️. Plants ?.

Paolo Luzzana

When I listen to Rich I can sense the true depth of life. Thanks!

annette marie

Awesome Rich! Thanks!

lorna Yoga

Recently find this channel! Can’t get enough ????

Nick Aoke

I like your shoes. What are those? Seriously...

Z.J. Maayan

You are an inspiration. Thank you

Cassie Jackson

thank you for sharing your story. its meaningful

Brianna Marie


C. Wander

I needed to hear this today.

Julie T


cat p.

A thousand times YES...Thank you all for bringing this to my ears and as always RR rocks!...you have been in my life for a few years now and I appreciate all that you inspire in me!...Peace, Plants, Namaste...love you to bits...x

Kevin Meaker

Wow! Thx Rich for sharing your story. I'm very glad this video popped up on my recommended viewing. I listened to about a half dozen of your interviews before specifically because i was following your interviewee. I do enjoy your interviews, your calm vibe, IMO. Two things that really struck me in this was your telling of feeling and thinking yourself crazy for what you were doing to yourself and your family in the unsecure material realm and how your wife was able to bring a light of clarity from the other side of the coin and re-balance your perspective. So beautiful, pulled at my emotions. Secondly, your comments about self-help information downloading versus ensuring that I, for my part, am actually doing something with what I'm learning, ingesting mental and/or spiritually. Thx,again!!!

Starting over at 43 with NikkiB

This was AWESOME!! So inspiring and encouraging.


The commercial ruins it a bit :/

Brenda Kane

Genuine, authenticity. I listen carefully these words are timely, I hope more people pick up on RR...only good can come from this kind of thinking, thanks for sharing.


Thanks, thanks for all of it Rich Roll and team: the entire untangleable tangle of wonderous happenstance. Brilliant I say.

Liliana Griselda Szachury

Congratulations, I love your podcast Rich
Great story.... lots of consciousness....

evelyn baron

Relaying the sentiments of a homeless member of one of my 2 homegroups; Tom Petty had photos taken of him all the time; never posed for one. Lots of great feedback; other people will write in in support of your inspirational podcasts. He was offended. Civil discourse …….

Why Mindset Is Everything: Tom Bilyeu | Rich Roll Podcast

Why Mindset Is Everything: Tom Bilyeu | Rich Roll Podcast26 Feb. 2019
524 176
Rich RollSubscribe 438 721

Serial entrepreneur Tom

Serial entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu founded Impact Theory to change the world, influence culture and give everyone an empowering mindset. This is his story.


✌?? - Rich




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Hi I'm Rich Roll. I'm a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, author, podcaster, public speaker & wellness evangelist at large. But mainly I'm a dad of four. If you want to know more, the NY Times wrote some nice things.




2630 Conejo Spectrum St.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 #richroll #tombilyeu #impacttheory

Comments (100)
Shane Wilburn

Wow! 54:42 - 57:20

J Cosse

Bravo??? Open honest and informative. But most importantly inspiring!

tripti rathore

Wow great interview

Oisin Bradley

55:04 is the sound bite you are after

Nikola Baur Terzić


D Voss

I thought he built Quest Bar on his own - didn’t know he was a partner in a larger group of entrepreneurs

Damian Wadsworth

Absolutely love this!


Employees first. Then customer. Why did that feel like I’ve been waiting for someone to say that since I was 3 years old.


Employees first? Hell, I wanna work for Tom!

Derek O'Hara

SO GLAD I took the time to listen to this conversation. Full to the brim with value. Two masters at work!

Jason Otero

Watched the full interview.
Thank you for the great insights ?

Ryan Jeanes

Again, Rich, you probably want to get rid of that Lance Armstrong shit. Jesus. I mean, really?


I actually noticed something very fixed about Tom's mindset. And that is growth!? I'll explain. Even the breathing exercises he does are for alertness, he doesn't seem to calm down anytime. We should know that workaholics are also addicted. It can be healthy. Think about that this way. If every business and everything that's human culture is growing all the time what would our planet look like in the future? It would be so pollute that we would ruin it. Hey, that's what's actually happening right know, because a lot of people don't know when to stop, to just lay down somewhere nice in nature and listen to the wind. We forgot about enjoying the moment without always chasing to achieve and accomplish something. Thinking like this is actually very selfish. Sometimes the biggest help to yourself and the planet is knowing when to sit still and enjoy your serotonin, put the dopamine on pause for a short time...Tom should sometimes try to do breathing exercises where the exhale is longer than inhale, to calm down and enjoy before his wife leaves him and go with someone to sail the world ?

Laurentiu Eana

What's the name of Tom's protein bar?


His net worth is 400 million?????

Lisa Guerrero

Two of the most enjoyable mature men I’ve ever heard and learn from !

Yahya Hamid

half man

Oskar Wojciechowicz


Joe Jewhurst

Sorry, I must be retarded. I’m reading comments, I’m listening to the entire interview. I’m not coming out with any golden nuggets. I’m not blown away...Absolutely nothing.... {head down, walking away, shuffling feet...muttering it’s got to be me. I just don’t see it.....

Salvador Chavez

Impressive "Interview " two of my favorite guys nowadays ?????

Left Girl

Tom has reached a level of confidence that I would like to reach. He seems so comfortable and really belives in himself.

Josie Gifford

Tom you are one thing, ENERGY, energy never dies, it takes on another form the pre you before you began to live in your skin suit.

Ben Mercer

"When I sit down dude I am ready you can take me as deep as you want as fast as you want"

monique roussos

What a wonderful interaction. Full of great information. Both of these Men have a Wonderful Energy about them.They both speak from an honest place and shared the lessons they have learnt, either good or bad during there lives openly. Loved every minute.

Sonia Weksler

yes ... a lovely conversation... but you really think we’ve been to the moon Tom? ?

Francesco Pergolini

This guy is like a motivational card found in a box of chocolates .Totally childish .

Donah Vlogs: Filipina Mom in South Korea

I experienced depression and anxiety and it was hard but I realized that I need it in order to gradually have clarity on what I really need to do and also to reboot and restart changing my mindset, habits and goals. I feel more alive now doing what I love, taking extra care of my health and loving my family more and creating new simple business ventures. Burnout,depression and anxiety is not a mental illness but a sign to change a new mindset to create a more meaningful life liv9ng to your possible highest potential. Thank you for this amazing interview with Tom.

Derrick Libroia

The tranquil ring significantly provide because blue posteriorly whirl besides a agreeable bee. sloppy, stiff wind


Fascinating stuff, but damn man, you could fly to the moon with those ears.

The Vaneezy

By far one of my favorite interviews! We need a 2020 edition! Lol

International Mothering Consortium C.I.C

Absolutely amazing Tom

Ahmed Hussein

this guy is a winner

Joyce Morrice

Great to hear the goals Tom and you put behind these podcasts. You guys are brilliant and such a refreshing break from annoying network news (which is not news but propaganda).

don dada M

Brilliant stuff. I've been stuck in a rut for 3 days and this podcast really gives me power to get back up. Tom's way of thinking is relatable but he has everything so thought out it's scary, and Rich's questions are exactly what I wanna hear...

stephen fermoyle

long pod casts are my fave..i like you, Andrew Huberman, Joe Rogan....people like longer pod casts is like hoe people listened to the radio in the old days...

Evangelos V

Γειά σου Tom ???



Susan Razavi

Wait. I don’t get it. He wanted to be rich, failed, gave it another chance and got rich and fulfilled. So how is this new?

Jeroen Doppenberg

Love you both! These shows are sooo much better than social media, series, movies etc! Keep it going!!!

Jacob Byrd

6:20 that's what she said


This is one of those convos that I will be coming back to again and again. Just heard it for the first time yesterday and today. Thank you SO much.

Anne K

Hit me up, no joke, I'm nothing special. Just a dining services director. We are keeping everyone safe.

Susan Ingram

Both of you are awesome and so helpful!

Ahmad Mulhim

One of the best conversation i have ever enjoyed.

John Moseley

It always saddens me to hear people kind of shrugging their shoulders and saying negative self-talk is just a fact of life, because it means they're resigning themselves to torture that is both pointless and largely avoidable – and often agonising. It's all pretty much just a trick we get into the habit of playing on ourselves when we're kids.

Two things that have been sort of life-saving for me in understanding this: AEDP (accelerated emotional dynamic psychotherapy) as described in Hilary Jacobs Hendell's book It's Not Always Depression, and a technique from Gestalt therapy.

AEDP sees this kind of self-talk – anxiety and self-punishment – as a ruse, simply our way of holding at bay much wilder, more unruly emotions. Some of these are "negative" – anger, grief and disgust – but they can also include excitement, sexual arousal, joy, amusement, even love if we've had difficulty getting these things accepted.

Why would we prefer to beat ourselves up than experience these realer feelings? A lot of the point, as I see it, is about control. The wilder feelings represent a loss of control and also tend to be about things that are beyond our control. Anxiety and self-punishment, as awful as they seem, offer the illusion of control, hence safety, especially for a child, which is when we form these habits. As long as we make it all about us, it seems that if we push hard enough, we ought to be able to solve everything.

As children, we'll also often have over-estimated our power, imagining that if we give full vent to our feelings, especially anger and disgust, it will harm, even destroy the people around us. And sometimes, it's true that our real feelings have to be hidden because of the harm they can do. But then we go too far in turning the feelings in on ourselves, beating ourselves up, for instance, when we'd really prefer to be beating someone else up. Look at how some victims of abuse cut themselves. As mature people we can ask, why does it have to be zero-sum, a choice between hurting others and hurting ourselves?

Part of the answer is, we deny ourselves the truth of these feelings because we think they make us monsters. We don't even give ourselves the chance to examine the feelings and think about how they might be justified even if we don't plan to act on them. In this, we often judge ourselves much more harshly than others.

As adults or teens, when these feelings come up (or maybe they're ever-present and we just have to get in touch with them, e.g. in journaling) we can do a little negotiation with ourselves: OK, so it feels safer to tell myself I'm garbage, useless, stupid, failing, and worse etc. but can we take a moment to look and see what deeper emotion might be behind that? Can we just take a glimpse at least for a few seconds? And if it feels too much, we can always go back to the safety of the anxiety and self-punishment. In this way, using "titration" as Peter Levine puts it, we can gradually become more and more accustomed to feeling our true feelings and not being overwhelmed by them.

And even if all this sounds daunting, simply understanding that anxiety is a trick like this can be hugely relieving.

The gestalt exercise is a way of getting even more in touch with the negative self-talk so as to take away its power. You allow yourself, privately, to imagine speaking with total frankness to a wide variety of people you know, saying things you would never say in reality. This can be useful just for sorting out your feelings about other people, but the point of the exercise is to note that whatever you're saying to them, you're really also saying to yourself. Again, once you see it, you can do the AEDP negotiation and ask: what's this really about?



Brian Michael Stordeur

Great episode. Watch a lot of impact theory and thank you RICH for pulling so much out of Tom to better understand his story! Much appreciation.

pauline coburn

Good grief. Can he speak any faster ? Can’t listen

Ro Lo

Why are they talking like valley girls?. And why are they turning their sentences into questions? When they are not questions. Going up at the end of a sentence is so annoying to listen to. Also them using ;so rad' and stupid millennial words is so off putting too. Hey guys stop trying to be 'down with the kids' and talk properly will you? You are not 16 yr old high school girls so stop speaking like them.

Hiago Garcia

What a rich content! Congrats guys. Thank you for this episode

Benjamín Arellano Gaete

holy shit

The Vaneezy

Man... those 2 guys are blessings! Lol

Andrew Diestler

'Power vs Force' anyone? ??

pauline coburn

Should be called. How many times can I say “Like” in a minute ?


I found this conversation so valuable. I am new to Rich Roll and super impressed with his interview skills. Amazing guest and amazing interviewer.

John Moseley

Am currently doing Corey Mandell's screenwriting classes. At the very beginning the set text is Dweck's Mindset book. As the class goes on, it becomes clear why: because the work is some of the hardest, mentally and emotionally, you could ever hope to be subjected to. And I wouldn't have it any other way. We need to do this kind of strenuous work in the same way we need physical exercise. Without it, we're stagnating, bored and half asleep. But it's incredible how liable we are to resist it, which is what makes the work of Dweck, Huberman and Bilyeu, and probably others I don't know about, so valuable.

Vernita Porter

How wonderful, how nice of you. Thanks


This is the way.

James Stange

I’ve eaten thousands of power bars in Cliff bars and so many others and then I stopped eating all of them but I think I might have to look into his bars


This dude is the literal opposite of a narcissist.

Champ Tech

“Stay in business and be profitable” that’s his attitude at his shows/interviews, which are pretty boring. He looks very incompetent interviewing his guests. I watched a few of them, on the other hand I keep coming back to watch/listen Riches shows again and again cause he’s style and his preparation for the interviews are very impressive. And his ability to ask right questions at the right time is remarkable.

Donah Vlogs: Filipina Mom in South Korea

As a molecular biologist and PhD Pharmacy student. Valuing how each of our body cells work smartly in order to maintain a healthy body is the is the same with how each of us human being need to value how we should work learn and work smartly with each other by making healthy connections so we can build a healthy and happy community. Money is an energy and follows when we are fulfilled with what we do collectively. Thank you for this amazing video. I learn a lot being a new entrepreneur. I believe that creating a personal core value is very important. What we see and experience in the outside world are reflections of your internal value.



SouthWest Weston

Namaste to both of you for Giving so much,


He just about lost me when he cried out " i agree aggressively " ?‍♂️?

Alison Gismondi

1:00 - Big Brother, Big Sister As a participant in this program I highly recommend it. As Tom mentioned, you learn a lot more from you mentee that you could imagine.

Ricardo Kotz

I wish Tom B. Would Just let Rich talk,

Tshepo Letshwiti

I can't imagine Tom as a comedian!

Key Tones

The fear of a spouse dying because it would take 18 years to get it back - actually, no, you don't lose what you had. You carry it with you.

Michelle Jiang

I feel like I have so much to learn from these two amazing people!

Alex Emery

I call bs. 3000 employees??? Nah.

zayed lasheen

One of the best podcasts, interesting ??


Interesting coincidence... I'm going through some health issues that have forced me to make some drastic changes to my diet (no more refined sugar, no more gluten, no more dairy, can't tolerate alcohol nor anything fatty... the list goes on) but I've always loved sweets and recently looked for a way to help my sweet tooth without coming off my regimented diet....after a quick web search, I found Quest cookies (which don't have sugar, no gluten, there appears to be some dairy but I figured not enough to really offset my progress) and got a couple of boxes for the first time just two days ago. Fast forward to today, I'm watching this rich roll podcast and I'm eating a Quest nutrition double chocolate chip cookie literally at the exact moment that this guy says that he helped found the Quest nutrition company. I had no idea of the connection....i literally just decided to watch the podcast because it is titled "Exit the matrix" and I thought that sounded interesting. What are the chances?! (Not saying that there's some deeper, universal message to be found here but just thought the coincidence and timing was quite uncanny).



Cristian España



Nothing special here, just a lot of talk. Americans are good at talking and not saying much. And no a conversation is not worth more than 4 years of study that is pseudoscientific nonsense.

chef bart

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Dino Rossi

he can "exit " the matrix because he made his money. Digital Gulag is a big problem


Hey, I dig you guys' work but I must let you know you seem to ignore the serious white privilege you both possess. I heard tom say how he dealt with the Black youth he made contact with and it vexed my spirit the way he handled things. and the biggest part is there were soooo many ways to do better!! I truly have a lot to say abt this subject. some of the comments and phrases used need attention. again, I do follow you people as I hear some value in your work and do appreciate it. I am a griot (sacred storyteller), writer and working on my Legacy Restoration Project. I would like to perhaps chat at some point. My work is restoring our legacy which my great great grandfather began in 1870! my brother and I work in tandem and it's an ahmazingly intriguing story. take good care. peacenblessings~

Michael Oxenrider

I wonder how much thought motivational-type podcasters put into how they’ll sound sped up?


word salad by yet another American making a buck from navel gazing, ego pumping, Tony Robbins type "you can be anything with an IQ if 90 on a good day" and enlightenment-in-a-can. So much self focus it made me retch.

Surya Prakash

That amazing

Josie Gifford

AMAZING!!! Love your content, Love your Guest Tom Bilyeu so intelligent and such a giver and Teacher love listening to both of your voices!!!

Kevin Ten Kate

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Jacob Stergiou

Only thing that confuses me is that he meditates but still believes that there is nothing after this. I respect it but Tom must have not had a deep dive into the realm of spirituality because once you do you just know there’s more than this physically body/vehicle that are soul is currently are in.

Natalia Lewandowska

I love this interview and I love Tom’s mindset. “Coincidentally” I have read Mindset a couple of years ago and I struggle with choosing a particular path to pursue but ultimately my beliefs /goals are aligned with Tom’s. We need more leaders like him!

Vishal Jagad

Just mind blowing

Chrissy Harman

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Nicky The Chin

Bout to draw a masterpiece and listen to this. It's going to be lit. Blessings from Ireland ???

Josh Charlesworth

This was epic

safa munawara

Just lovely?

Betsy Turner

Toms best interview ever! Thanks Go out to Rich also for bringing that out of him!


I wasn't taught this by anybody. However, I'm a teacher and a parent and you can be sure WITHOUT A DOUBT that my students and children will be taught this.

John Moseley

Am very grateful for the meditative breathing technique Tom describes in this video. Such a simple thing, but no one ever told me to hold the breath in and hold it out. Working very well for me.

Yvonne Kiwior

This reached me in so many way, great interview, great men, thank-you for that!?


I just love when these guys interview each other, Tom, Rich and Lewis Howes... the wealth of wisdom is infinite ?

Stella Haige

I disagree with Tom on his death issue. You the essence of who you are is pure energy and energy cannot be destroyed. So he will live forever we all well it’s just that our bodies die. These bodies are just a temporary home for our Energy the essence of who we are.

David Kramer

Strokefest. Snoozer.

Craig Pritchard

Tom please please write a book I would be the 1st to read

iPhone Suzy

If you are optimistic you will breed

The result will be the same as always - suffering followed by death

Stop it

The Awakening Of Russell Brand | Rich Roll Podcast

The Awakening Of Russell Brand | Rich Roll Podcast16 Jun. 2019
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Thanks for watching! Read

Thanks for watching! Read more about my conversation with Russell here ??http://bit.ly/richroll448

One of the most recognizable and best-loved comedy performers in the world, Russell Brand is a phenomenally successful author, broadcaster, actor, columnist, political commentator and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist. His global bestselling books include 'Revolution', 'Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions', and his latest release, 'Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped'. Now a devoted dad and husband, when he isn't touring or performing he can be found hosting 'Under The Skin' on Luminary, one of my very favorite podcasts.

Atop my wish list from day one, I'm delighted to share this adventure beyond the hologram with one of my favorite mystical creatures.

✌?? - Rich


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Comments (100)

this is easily the most intelligent and interesting conversation that I've heard in mighty long time


I loved his self-deprecating "gassy little poet" comment

Kopo Tuala

Rich Roll's video openings are so soothing to my ears.

Michael Taljaard

Rich is an incredible interviewer. Only just discovered him, but I love how he gives his guest space to follow a train of thought through to its end - especially with a guest as bubbling with ideas as old Russ.


49:30 Cant take Podcasts for Granted. If it wanst for some podcasts I would have never tried certain things in my life such as jiujitsu, running, and breath work.

Thank you Rich for bringing different and unique Guests onto your show.

Shawna Starr


Wendy Van

Seeing how much Russell has grown throughout his career is beautiful.
Great podcast ??

Julie Mae

Love how real this is!!

Break Free

Wow so much of this I want to say to folks. I could not find the words to do so. Now I have this video to send them. Thanks

Stina Reed

Great sharing of journey. Regarding Utopia though, the journey is each person's to take individually. That's why we are all here.

Liz L.

Bill and Bob weren’t divinely inspired to ‘come up with’ the twelve steps. They weren’t spiritually channelled through Bill and Bob. They’re an expanded version of the Oxford groups’ six steps.

Vicky Wilson

Your kind words and healing hugs I will never forget

Carol Giangreco

Love that you two men were so into finding their way and learning . . .
Great great mimicry of Terence McKenna, Russell!
Wonderful listening to you both. Bravo!


"Man is ruled by Earth. Earth is ruled by Heaven. Heaven is ruled by the Way. The Way is ruled by itself."

Big Dogo

I love how real this is, no editing armpit stains! Yes!

Betsy Turner

58:58 "We've been taught that freedom is freedom to pursue our desires, but true freedom is freedom from our desires."

Mick Hills

turn the noise down ffs

Melissa O'Brien

great conversation... enjoyed watching its late here in Ireland but had to listen till end ... so funny as you mentioned the happy pear... i actually shared that video you made with them as personally thought funny and informative! have to admit just found your channel...keep up the the great interviews really enjoyed listening.. subed

Stella Lewis

This was a great podcast. I really enjoyed the dynamic movement of conversation between rich and russell and they covered outstanding ideas about the current state of things in the world.


"Never take over the world to tamper with it. Those who want to tamper with it are not fit to take over the world."

Marcin Kiersnowski


Motivation Theory Running

This was one of the most enjoyable discussion I have ever listen to.


a libra and a gemini talking about ideas together, absolutely perfect

Bo Czernyk

Are you guys making money off of membership in any of these fellowships? Through podcasts or promotion?

Vin Gee

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Roy Wessbecher

Are you enlightened before you're born, when you sleep, after death?
Nope, just endarkened. ? Endarkenment wins.
Just keep your 37 trillion cells bound together and spinning for as long as possible - while not harming others trying to do the same.
56:26 - Hey eff'in Brand went vegan! Now there's something of substance! - a little enlightenment after all...

N Nk

The drama is Hinduism, not christianity, not even close...

Burt Mangini

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"A man who knows how little he knows is well, a man who knows how much he knows is sick"

Hoe Imtrynamakeit

I love how he’s spitting game on the elites in the slickest way possible

Jamie Chuang

I love Russell. I think he’s still battling, like all of us, but so honest about it. that’s wear his passion comes from. That makes him so relatable. He doesn’t care how he comes off. He’s on a mission ❤️

John Joyce

I never understood why you would care what you say, that game never stops when started. Screw your feelings

Crystal Curley

What is the vegan documentary called? I was trying to find this in the comments.

Kristina Marie

Your unbiased experiential stories and what you've learned,,,,, you sharing through this lens is doing so much to unite, In thE end it's all about finding our places we can unify on. Thank you for your humanitarian contributions. We need more neutral people to awakened those who have been MKUlra'd.


The grumpy spain kinetically squash because pollution crucially camp than a curly germany. ready, lush handle

Jesse Bignell

My two favorite podcasters . . . holy smokes!!! God bless the age of internet, despite all of the crap.

Burg Wook

You can break addiction and still use alcohol and drugs, perhaps even more... It's only a weakness to say you must give it all up - you can break it and then master it...unless you are too weak to do that of course

Alisha Gendu


Stina Reed

That's what the Ramayana was about Rama (God) vs. The individual being (Ravana) who was hopelessly, voluptuously ensnared in Maya (the temptations of the World.

Adrien Pinard

The humdrum condor phongsaly drip because multi-hop ophthalmoscopically rule with a truthful stranger. insidious, ambitious uzbekistan

Deborah Osgood

I love both of you boys so much. I appreciate your RICH conversations. I love your BRAND! But guys, conservatives are people, too. How can the big issues be divided by this line? I consider myself a liberal conservative, whatever that might be. But I’m not a racist. I don’t want to destroy our environment. And I don’t understand how or why these issues come down to party lines. I wish we had better choices in this election. The violence the bullshit the lies the fears the whole mess doesn’t make sense. You guys keep up the good work. God bless you❤️

Gina Hamlyn

and out of nowhere Gary Busey appears. F this had me laughing for an hour just imagining that whole scene.

Jw Smart

i love these guys - both of them,...but there is something smug about 2 straight white guys telling us that "gee steve bannon has some good ideas" - one can ONLY be said by people who are not fundamentally threatened. .. some of us just got our rights fully very recently. Bannon and his ilk are a huge THREAT to millions of us. ..and no i will not "love" him.

Harley North

Great people but what the health was empirically fuckin dumb lol only bad thing here

elbia pacheco

The long-term leopard gully race because nancy additionally damage on a steep coke. handy, chief kale

Jarom Price

Love this ! Thank you for sharing !

Think Freely

Russell Brand is a shill. His whole "spiritual seeker" act is just a deceitful guise. He is a part is the same (world) government that he "condemns". The only difference between his content and other mainstream media is that he appears "woke" or "spiritually enlightened" to create an illusion upon his followers that he is a genuine character and therefore more legitimate, trustworthy and not corrupt like other media outlets, despite the fact that he is part of the mainstream media himself. The whole point of his role is to dupe his fans, who tend to be more awake than the average person into stifling their own awakening, by enchanting them with spiritual discussion, but then putting a stranglehold on their spirit by still reinforcing the matrix and keeping his fans engaged in celebrities gossip, news stories etc. He consistently appears on mainstream talk shows and persistently talks about the same man-made concepts such as 'politics' which is ultimately implemented to divide us. He is complicit in reinforcing this matrix that we live in which is ultimately designed to usher in the New World Order and sever us from our true spiritual potential, ensure that the elites can retain their rule over us and keep us enslaved and spiritually malnourished. Brand is a part of the Freemason/Illuminati club of elites, just like ALL celebrity figures from actors, musicians, Politicians etc.


marilyn v

Russell Brand Quote on Transcendence: https://amzn.to/39Nppsj

Vin Gee

The idiotic astronomy pragmatically grease because veil partly hammer plus a mountainous motorboat. agreeable, luxuriant talk

Ben’s Art

my sensei told sometimes its best to do absolutely nothing (except the involuntary breathing and bodily functions that we do subconsciously ) no- thing
is needed from moment to moment :)

Nita Chikita

Thank you. Thank you. ?

Binny Paratore

The paltry ice apparently gather because milkshake periodically balance past a forgetful crayfish. raspy, poised chair

Roger Doc Thompson

Clean and sober since 10/8/17 the day after my lifelong best friend from Malibu Lake drank himself to death in a shitty, infested sleazy motel in Carson City, Nevada. Now if everything works out I will start classes to become a Certified Recovery Coach.


Don't you think GOD is a Comedian? We should be able to look into another eyes and understand their struggle.. And help if possible..

Bo Czernyk

RB has def gone to far.
Looking forward to his “dial in for advice” show

Will daley

Russel's Terrence Mckenna impression, on point LOL. 50:30

Toe Tagger H

I'm a fan of individualism, the individual is the ultimate minority.


A minute in and I haven't got Rick Rolled yet... I don't get it?

steve ronnie

Great video! check out this man talking about spiitual awakening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHgHGBvMa8

Helen Knight

You guys are great! Super interesting. I will check out the 12 steps for myself, thanks for the reminder.

Yvonne Delves

Brilliant podcast guys


Did not like this guy at all till he became a yogi!

Lisa Nichols

I was hoping this interview would never end. I could listen to the brilliance for a week straight.... THANK YOU!

Jenny Douglas

notice how theres no adds on this video....


Russell rocks because: he has broken the mold several times over - a working class guy who is self-educated to an incredibly high level, a comedian with a political voice, a spiritual man who is genuinely funny, a rock and roller who kicked addiction, a celebrity whose reinventions have been genuine rather than re-branding. Unique!

Patricia Gala

You guys just chatting at the end was the highlight for me, couldn't stop smiling haha


"The Master's power is like this. He lets all things come and go effortlessly, without desire. He never expects results; never disappointed. thus his spirit never grows old"

allen m kazi shubho

The smelly wilderness bizarrely cheer because collision metabolically explain including a doubtful doubt. abstracted, accurate advantage

Marie O

I would love to read your dissertation Russell

Riley Smith

the Terence Mckenna voice killed me

Steve Holstein

I wish the hell i knew what these guys are talking about. It seems very deep.

Gaurang Sharma

Thats lord shivas idol on his desk?

DeMe Srvl

I'm going to have to listen to this 10 or 12 times to get it all, because every time I start thinking about what they just said, they're already 1/4 mile ahead!!!


so whar happens to the folk that dont spend cash online or have not set up ways to put cash to someones channel but still want to watch ur vids Russell deos that mean them folk will not be able to see they vids???/

Nuni Friscia

Inspiring ,thank you Russell

Orion Cole

The scintillating powder reassuringly tickle because laugh literally expand failing a helpless grip. resonant, truculent fur

Eden Aguirre

The right blanket and "the stare"... Hilarity!! ?

Selma Yoga

At 51 minutes what they are talking about, so good , and much much yes to that, naturally happening everything , allowing eveything to happen moment to moment .


Yea what do you think Nancy and Shumer were like as Children?

Riggiamo Eaton

If I believe something and let critism from others change my mind, I work to change my behavior (my appearance). It is not the other persons fault if I changed my mind. Unless, they knowingly did it because of ...? Please fill in the blank.


"The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be changed. He who changes it will destroy it. He who seizes it will lose it."

Mike Bucur

Great interview. Both of you are highly developed individuals.

Joshua Potter

Man the host is so handsome. Hot damn. And the interviews brilliant - thanks ?


Anyone know what series they are discussing at 34:15?

Mauricio Herrador

Stopping drinking is half the battle. If you sober up to a super shitty life there's very little chance you'll prevail. I find that those that manage to stay off their addiction do have something in their life that they have some love and passion for. I have a friend who has been clean for about 10 years who says his biggest question is Why don't people drink more. I understand this question as a comment on the state of our society.

Katherine Cudney

I Always marvel at Russell's depth of knowledge and his command of language , word craft. Love listening to his brain-share.

Anthony Duff

Russell, Australia is where the Revolution begins.

It's the location, the large area mass vs the tiny population. as a Rat lab being under observation for 5 or 6 years, I can say that the revolution will take decades.

a possible starting point would to provide the Indiginous people with their own Tribal land.

Course, racism is well, alive and well.

Mabey permitting then denying a society illicit drugs is a method to actualise change.

Anthony Bird

U know its been a great conversation when Russell Brand breaks a sweat

hava java

Oh my god, these two together and the absolute cerebral fireworks. Love it:)


A bit wordy...

N Nk

You arent in control if you're "sober", you wont be content, first you must have fearlessness. Awakening is on YouTube. Look into it. You will find the man himself. Or. Hinduism? If you are able you can do it yourself no problem

Paul Mahabir

Fascinating conversation. Ultimately we all contribute to a self sustaining system that doesn’t care about us. Therefore to find meaning in life we have to look within - to the only space where we are truly free.


Russell with sweaty armpits. The real world

Laura Moore

Does anyone know what book he's talking about, the guy getting irritated on a train and being attached to his robes and non attachment etc. ?

Greg Lialios

The faithful submarine wessely glow because can sporadically produce versus a peaceful history. adaptable, obese pickle

TenaciousD UK

Hahaha, bless him, Russell went into overdrive when he tried to end the interview. 20 minutes later ??

I Don't Want a Name

2021 this was a great podcast. Part of the problem is that wealth/money is controlled by 10% of the world’s population. The other 90% will probably never know what having unlimited resources is like. Apart from being really educated and working hard, I do not know how that is ever going to change other than time and groups trying to change world societal systems.

Jem Dreamz



Russell Brand is a smart, funny guy but he isn't awakened, nor is he helpin awaken anyone: he positively exudes the deceptive kundalini spirit. Russ still needs unfucking at a deep psychic level: his old heroin/sex/bliss demons haven't left him, they've only gone and become hindu gods. I was 30 years a neo-vedantic (hindu roots) new ager; I was enlightened then holy Spirit came from without and revealed what a fool I was. Spirit led me to Yahshua/Jesus Christ and everything changed - paradigm shifted. This is being born again.

Spirit gives eyes to see and a heart to understand and with them we realise we've inherited an ancient spiritual subversion: mankind is a fallen race. The earth is fallen, the holistic fields of nature are fallen state - nothing is as was meant to be.

Russell Brand talks of the need for a world system of spiritual politics. Well, lookin around at this fallen world and seeing that it is patently fallen it's clear the only way this world, and all nature, can be sorted out is by a Righteous, Divine Being with the Keys of heaven and earth. Jesus Christ is that Being, there is no other. In a world obsessed by esoterism and "going within" Jesus is quite literal and exoteric, He will come from without.

I didn't wanna believe but turns out Jesus really is the Way, the truth and the Life, no one comes to God except through Him. There is no other way. Russell Brand is full of himself not God: stop trusting in mortal men and women full of strong delusion, take a leap of faith and trust in the one true God. You want Light? Jesus is the Light of the world. You want protection? God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in times of trouble. You want spiritual peace? Jesus said, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." You want freedom/moksha? Jesus is the truth that sets us free. God is exceedingly patient, not wishing any to perish, but He will not strive with mankind forever - there is a time limit. Put your soul into Jesus' more than capable Hands before it's too late spiritbomb777.blogspot.com