Screaming in pain


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SCREAMING IN PAIN and then PASSING OUT prank! She freaks out!

For today's prank, I decided to scare Mel by screaming in pain and then passing out! She completely freaked out! I got her SO good. Let us know down below if you're Team Matt or Team Mel!

Love you guys!

Matt & Mel

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Priscilla Delacruz

I love y’all video so much I wut to meet y’all so bad you’ll mack me smile win I have bad day love you’ll ❤️❤️

THE Devil

I swear the whole video I was just looking at the baby and laughing , the reactions that she or he is doing are so funny ????????

Angela Lemasson

#TeamMel is still rocking it on the pranks! I look forward to all of your prank videos ! Hope you and your beautiful little family had a great Thanksgiving! ???

Ashakai Ashley

Omg. This is definitely team Matt, I loved it... Love you guys ✌

Rachelle Senat

no one

me when i had appendicitis and didn't say anything until i got home from the basketball game:

it didn't start hurting until after the game when the team was at mcdonald's and i was ordering plus it was like a 30 minute drive if we didn't stop to get food and when i tell u i've never tried to hide that i was hurting so hard in my life like it wasn't until we were like 10 minutes away i finally started crying

karis edwards

I love you guys so so much, you’re videos are amazing. Btw I’m from the UK so sending love from there!! xxxxx

Britney Thomas


Jackson Smith


Safiyyah jamroz

Hope you guys had an amazing thanksgiving I get so happy whenever I see your videos love you guys

Bubbly Goodness

This deserves a sub and like.

*shakeu shakeu*

His scream at like 5:18 scared the life out of me-


awh ?❤️ your baby sooo cute !! anyway im your new subscriber ?❤️

Kenny G

My sister had to get her’s out to because her already irrupt and was spreading they said if we would of waited any longer she would of died.


this is so good!!! i cant stop watching!!!!

Britney S

5:44 I got a fright and a half

Ella Edwards

She’s so pretty! This was also such a good prank Matt!

ria gupta

she was so cute. Her reaction was so amazing. You are so lucky to have an amazing wife. #cutestcouple.

kattie thomas

They are definitely going to blow up one day, who agrees with me

Holly Syrett

And your baby is so cute two

Selah Albee


Tiffany Drayton

See that's why we Team Leila round here...she looking so unbothered. We know honey they silly....but they love u.

Anahi Arroyo

Hey guys I just subscribed ??

Yusairah Kajee

Well done Matt?all of Matt and Mel's videos always make me smile and I love watching them❤️❤️fav you tubers ever and Leila is always so cuteee?

Holly Syrett

Omg your girlfriend is so kind

Kaitlyn Murney

? poor mel?
that was a good one matt?
layla was like you good bro??

Ranita Ariyibi

#teammel ❤️❤️


OMG at 5:38 I jumped in the air

milkshake 101

Omg, I was actually scared... and when he fell I almost started to cry! AHHH! Iol

Michelle Wood

that acting was seriously one of the best things i’ve ever seen.

dallas yap

Lol, this one is really really a good one. It got Mel so good that she even say he is a monster ??. Leila being swinged left and right and looking around, lol ???. She just wants daddy mommy time ❤️❤️.

Penny Beach

the big scream scared me

Emma TV

Your acting is AMAZING ?

Emily Lamb

Sooo good!!! I loved this one. I mean I love them all but the acting was perfection.

Brooke Thompson

Yesssssss team Matt for life hope you guys had a great thanksgiving you guys deserve it ❤️?!!!

Claire Lumb

Team matt and this video was good and I love you guys stay safe and sound hope you had a great thanksgiving x

Marisa Belchior

#Team Matt ! You have outdone Mel's acting skills...That was brilliant ..worthy of an Oscar ? the best screaming prank I've seen ! Love watching your videos guys❤️

Diana Loves makeup

This time I got to give it to Matt lol Aww Mel you are a good wife ??? so sweet ?

Karanvir Das

Great prank, but that kid actually looked shocked and scared..... ??


My YouTube notifications have a problem i didnt get one when you guys posted anyways that fall was like PERFECT and matts screams are the best he should really get an award for that btw how do u spell ur daughters name is it Layla/Leila/Laila.

Kiara Bonnie

Always team Mel sorry Matt

Ashton Erby

Matt looks like he's both giving birth and going into labor

alyssa feng


ria gupta

When Mel was like come on we gotta go to the hospital. Matt is just like I cant go with makeup on. LOL..


poor mel!!! mat your acting skills are truly o point!!


This was the best prank i ever saw in my LIFE! Great acting matt

Mukesh Kamble

This is symptoms of kedny stone ??

Mary Leann Muncey

#teammatt it just seemed too real!

Glen Waldner

The screaming, cheating couple. LOL?‍?‍? When Matt't pain switched from his head to his stomach, I was like oh no that's a dead giveaway. Somehow Mel didn't notice that..


The baby was like : what the heck is happening right there ?

Shiloh AS

Your lil baby in the corner chillin like ?

Cece’s Fancy

Lowkey forgot about the passing out part?

Britney S

Yay a hole video with Leila

Aashi Dhawan

You guys are literally so cute❤️❤️
#team mel?

Alexandra Callahan


Malia Carp

I love how much he committed to the fall?

Dani steffens

You sound like your having a baby lmaoo

Evelyn Gilbert

Mel: “You have foundation all over your hands!”
Half a second later: “That’s like the first makeup NO NO.”
That was and AMAZING prank. Great job.


I am so grateful you made this video, I didn’t even know about the appendix stuff and I was actually experiencing this earlier (not fainting but extreme pain to the point I felt nauseous) so now I know I can go get help :) love u guys ?

Elena Ezquerra

That was great ?


matt youve got to do crying prank on mel


mat youve got to do throwup prank!!!!


Lol Leila is just being an unbothered queen watching this go down!

Hannah Polosky

This is my first video of y’all’s I’ve seen and you just gained a subscriber!

Unicornlover Girls rule

I I’m first

Why Don’t We Fan

Omgggg scared the life outta me ???

Hailey pink

your acting is soo good UwU

Britney S

Melanie can you please do the ignoring my husband for 24 hrs or being a clingy wife please

Olivia BTS

Wow really good acting and hilarious ?

Monia Currie

Love video and hi.

sarah wood

he couldnt do it for long coz he felt his face start to smile lloooll, hide your face dude so you can secretly smile

Shipjunky Todobakudeku

Me:ohhh shit! He GoN DiE!
My roommate:he gon die!
The baby:he gon die??
Me and my roommate:???


Lmao Matt def likes those screaming pranks #teammatt&mel ❤️

Грязный моррисон mp3

hahaah, it was really fun! You got a like from me, thanks for the good mood

Guys, my goal is to get 50 subscribers. Can you help? Everyone will be glad !!!

DannyTheMan Cha

Baby was like dude wtf

Ollie Gibson


meghan christ

this is sooooooooo good love it good job matt!


Side note but Laila ( I hope is spelled that right!) is literally the most frickin adorable baby I've ever seen ?

Vloggn' With The Rosses

Hey this is great content. Loving your videos so far. We are new to YouTube and would love if you could subscribe and we’d gladly do the same!

Connie Waddell

Team Matt
U got her good

Screaming in PAIN Then "PASSING OUT" Prank on Boyfriend AND Friends *CUTE REACTION*

Screaming in PAIN Then "PASSING OUT" Prank on Boyfriend AND Friends *CUTE REACTION*20 Jan. 2021
236 474
Gabrielle MosesSubscribe 438 721

It was so hard not to

It was so hard not to laugh when I screamed in Pain then Passed out in front of my boyfriend and Bill and Mariah! If you see this comment comment "ouchie" for a surprise!!

Check out Bill and Mariah https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0ulUd4BZY4k_vHqLFWTuw



2) FOLLOW ME ON IG @gabrielle_moses

3) FOLLOW ME ON TIKTOK: @gabrielle_moses

4) ADD ME ON SNAP @Gabrielle_moses

If you wanna go stalk Luke I don’t blame you;) here’s his insta @lukehollingshead3

Send Me MAIL!!

Gabrielle Moses

PO Box 66

Springfield Mo 65801

BUSINESS - [email protected]

Comments (100)
Elizabeth O'Niel


Camryn Shelton

Is anyone gonna talk about mariahs pants ???

Jamie Lee Ashton

This was hilarious ? I was laughing so hard!!!

Rose Walker

are we not gonna see the fact that maraih is wearing those pants and she dont have one lol



Kanca Kay

I love how Mariah and Gab are matching colors ❤️??

Kaira Rosenberry

when mariah was talking about the ER her face was priceless!

Iqra Sajid

For those wondering , the prank starts at 3:44 your welcome :)

Hotdog Bun

I can imagine myself doing this and me trying so hard not to laugh but failing miserably Lol


I can’t believe Luke was having a hard time picking you up, especially for someone who has muscles and can lift so much weights at the gym, he can THAT but he can’t lift someone up who’s lighter ??

Ellie Adams



This seems like a accurate reaction of what my friends would do if i did this. ?????☺☺☺

Alli Speight


Lilah McDonald

I am watching thes to do a prank. On my mom and dad.

Aubrey Borecki

bill- shake her or slap her face. i cant lol

Emma Joker

In the beginning it looks like Luke do not care

Dakota Wilson

Love you guys so much

Kathyn Dubois

i had a hernia when i was 5, you get popsicles after

Ellie Martin

awwwwww!!!❤?? it was so cute the way luke said "gabrielle. GABRIELLE. GABRIELLE!!!"

Sweet Punky

I’m new to this channel but I love how he just sits there not picking her up once she fell ???

ava james

ouchie :)



Rebekah Kiwi

I'm new here, and I'm definitely subscribing, ahhh she's so pretty "but first if you're new here hiii I'm gab" ???❤❤!!

Victoria Mentil


Makayla Stommel

The way she flops on the floor!!!!! Lol

Anotha Ndimande

This made me laugh so hard omg??????????

Julia Creely


Marie Masters

Gabs voice is SUPER PRETTY I love her voice

Doppelschuh Brown

Gab wanting Mariah to make it more believable
Mariah: Yeah, no she's dead serious,
No like this is serious.
No hate, just found it funny?
Have a good day??

Lyla Renea

Who else is laughing at Maria‘s pants lol so funny

Alyvia Rolando

When Bill said, "Slap her in the face or something" like dang hahahahah

Irene Delev

he deadass left her on the floor lmao best boyfriend

iiblossomsii x

Not the pants saying what its saying-

Katelyn Smith

Did nobody notice the party in Luke’s pants when he first stood up??

cooking with suzie

I w

mīđ c:


Sara Manole


Gabrielle Moses

I hope you all are having a fantastic day!!! ❤️❤️

natalie ramirez

I heard sombody say slap her in the face or somthing when she "fainted" lol

denise barb

I love you gab❤️?

Chrissie Duffy

Bill:like try slap her or something

josh watson

hey I love you vids they are so cool xxx

melinda phillips

5:44 Gab watch the way Luke moves his right foot to position overtop of you.. I cracked up LMAO


why did her fall scare me and i know its a prank

Sanjay Kumar

Gabrielle you are drop dead gorgeous tbh????

Situ Chintakunta

When did you shadow a doctor because I am pursuing pre med and would like to hear about your journey so far.


It’s all fun and games until sometime actually happens.

Shahifa Izma_

pls do 'getting sick in the middle of the night' prank on luke???

Rowan Radaszewski

I could not keep a straight face ?idk how she did. ???

Alanny Nolasco

Bill always says should I call someone

Madison M

??? PSA ? ??

If someone passes out like this and is not responding you call 911!!!!!!


Bill: Pick up your girlfriend


Emily Campbell

oof also not trying to be mean or rude or anything but doesn't she kinda look like mickey mouse a little bit
sorry if that seems mean

Marie Masters

I love how Mariah and Gab are matching clothes their so pretty and cute

Fatimah heh



Luke is so sweet to Gab I love them both!

Naya Polanco


Jayli Ruiz

Team mabriella all the way or team mab but I like mabriella better

Marie Masters

She’s really good at acting almost dead LOL

Megan Wojcik

funny prank

It’s Mariana


stacy wilson

okay but like when i say i screamed, i-..???

kawaii Gaming!

Oh! Hey gab!

Maggie Cooper


Arianna Lopez

I have an idea for your next video you can like try to flirt wiht bill to see mariah reaction and his the tittle will be Flirting with my Best friend boyfriend

Piper Allewell

Her friend is like this isnt fake! This is dead serious!!!! , girl no one was saying it wasnt??

Ellis Jourdan

when gab fell off the couch i died

Lamar Madison

They are ?❤

Stormy Rogers


Arizona Dunham

Lol bill: “shake her we need to wake her up,like slap her in the face or something!”?????

Cosmic Wonderhoof

Lesson: If your going to pass out, do it in front of people who you know won't let you die.

XxZodiKatxX YT

I just found your channel! And I’m in love with it! I’m sad I haven’t seen it before!

Angelica Bedolla

I died when she fell of the couch ??

Ava Palmer

My aunt had a hernia and the doctor told her they could do the surgery because she was pregnant with her four child

Luminous Authenticity

If someone faints your not supposed to touch them. You can cause permanent damage. Lol I was dying that they did everyyyything wrong

Adyanna Flores


Lisa Henley


Eve Cooper

Ouchie ??

Mary Thomas

“I am afraid, like she is going to die.” BHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA THAT GOT ME



Melly Kawai

no one even checked her pulse

Jherm's Life

Team Gariah is the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!!!

Emma Wells

Its top secret

Stacy Kline

I passed out today



Irisol Ramos

Hey! I love Mariah and bill! To

Ellie Mai

In the Thumbnail, why did the girl with black hair look like that actress from Dhar Manns videos..?

Jalip Alej

I wonder if the exes will ever do a couple retreat together

Avey Basham


damaris carrillo

I love how Gab and Mariah are matching shirts

Camdyn’s Family

Not the cops. 911 Emergency services

Notusingmyname bcpplrdumb

when bill and Mariah 100% know its a prank but play along for the views anyway

April Sours

Interesting video good night ????✋

yami Dinero

Can we talk about that fake fall...marvelous

Little Sister - Ivy O

I have a sis Mariah

Serenity Pwayz


The BrokenShadow

Ouchieeeeeeeee skrrrttt

Kelly Thompson

ok Gab is lying there "passed out" while Luke kneels over her, looking down @ her not doing anything for her but he takes the time to adjust himself, lmao

Leah Lit

8:06 idk why I find this so funny Gabrielle litterally looks dead and he goes “LET ME THINK”

Family of boy screaming in pain outside hospital told to call for an ambulance ITV News

Family of boy screaming in pain outside hospital told to call for an ambulance ITV News4 Sep. 2018
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The family of an

The family of an 11-year-old boy left screaming in pain outside a hospital's accident and emergency department were told they must ring an ambulance if they wanted help getting him inside.

Harry Shore was taken to Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop by his mum and dad after becoming unwell overnight after breaking his leg on Bank Holiday Monday.

They decided to take him to the hospital themselves and despite parking outside the A and E department they were told they must call an ambulance.

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