Tai chi fighting

Tai Chi Fighting Tournament - 1988

Tai Chi Fighting Tournament - 198815 Oct. 2008
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We were fortunate to

We were fortunate to witness an unusual Tai Chi Chuan tournament in Florida in 1988 during a Wu Shu tournament. Beside the usual form competition, there was an open fighting division. We haven't seen much like this since.

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Emperor Beef

WOAH! Non choreographed tai chi sparring! I've been looking for this stuff everywhere!

Adriano Ragazzi

BJJ+Muay Thai win!


Could be any style of modern martial art tournament 'fighting' it's not taiji


@Blugrazz you should post a video, I believe you but its nice to see.


Ugh, painful to watch...


No this is serious bro,even it may be slow or sluggish but the moves they use are REAL techniques from tai chi and its applications. As u can see tai chi mostly uses moves like take downs and throws,simliar to aikido,after all MA developed form one another. GOGO TAI CHI !

XIT Taijiquan

Tai Chi Chuan has external fighting aspects. The more the internal you are or that you apply Yin, the more you achieve what the Tai Chi Masters did. Just because you punch, kick, throw, or anything else that uses more muscular force or strength doesn't turn it into just plain Kung Fu. It's just more Yang than Yin, true. But when a person finds more Yin than Yang, and can still balance those two as one, that's when they ARE Tai Chi Chuan, and not just doing Tai Chi Chuan.

Yang Jian Hou Taiji

I miss you guys. I'd trade your programming for "the Learning Channel" any day.


@MartialArchiveTv I've personally done those in fights, they're not the fight stoppers they're made out to be, they help you get to something better. Traditionalist never stepped up, and so now can hide behing the 'our art is too deadly for sport' argument. The sport of MMA is fighting in 3 ranges; stand up, clinch and ground. If you think it is only about jiu jitsu shows you've never watch Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua, or Lyoto Machida fight.

Martial Art World TV

Now if only the Learning Channel would trade us some money.........

Davidson Harly

Cool takedown


the only one thing which i cann tell "fighting", was my condition to sit through the whole video. im sry for you "tai chi" men out there, but if u want to fight, learn a martial art and if u want to to chill, relax or something head up for tai chi. tai chi evolved from martial arts to something else but MARTIAL ARTS!


The first fighter interviewed is a gifted practitioner and fighter who has both rootedness and flow. If you watch the lady, who is quite graceful, you will notice she tends to look at her hands which is a mistake. The black gentleman is a good defender but i did not see him do much good striking. This is a great video thank you for posting it.

Alex Romanov

takedown at 1:37 is badass.


i cant find real tai chi fights in youtube -_-


lol... this is not tai-chi fighting. in tai-chi u don't practice such things.


A lot of wisdom here.

Martial Art World TV

@akashs27 Post something of yourself not "insulting" tai chi then.

Legendary Living Arts

@Clown7916 If I am not mistaken ... Taijiquan originated from the techniques that kept the Chen Taiji founder alive on the battle field for something like 40 yrs. 40 yrs on the battlefield ... :)) Any combination of techniques that keeps you alive for 40 yrs has to have something to it ... just saying. ;))

Mi Horrorshow

I remember owning this VHS it had a kickboxing match of Peter Manfredo (my old kickboxing teacher) student Won for a illegal strike from the other opponent..


there is no age to be a master it doesn't matter what age you are it depends on your movement and flow age is not a factor understanding is the factor only thos who practise constantly will achieve

Waste place

Not to downplay what they’re doing, but it’s very interesting to see sparring when both opponents have a raw untrained kind of style. It’s interesting seeing how people deal with kicks when they’re not trained to catch or block them from an orthodox kickboxing or karate stance. And the takedowns were solid for not having extensive grappling training. Really good stuff!


Im currently taking a class on tai chi in my college. All I can say is that its really hard and it takes a lot of effort and practice. There is a lot of balance, concentration and the understanding of your center. I give these guys props XD They're my heroes T-T...XD

Sam Robertson

Tai chi people say they can speed up. I ve never seen a sprinter train by jogging

Taijiquan SG

Nice documentary. Check out my Channel for some serious Taiji vdeos.?
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Han Park



I agree if you follow the classics these guys arent using taiji. People always focus on the moving meditation and "how slow it is" and nobody takes taiji that seriously as a martial art unless you study internal arts. Believe me taiji is the most violent and explosive art in my opinion but of coarse i am biased. but having said that i respect all arts equally and good job to these fellows for promoting the art:)

Carlo Sicanica

@cikicrocus They would probably kick yout ass...


I thought the black guy who was fighting was pretty good , he never lost form or rushed in


I hope this prospers. To my (limited) knowledge, Tai Chi was meant to be for combat. It should be more than just "exercise" to keep away infirmity.


Finally Real Sparring From Tai Chi Loved Video Thanks @MartialArchiveTv

ChiStriker N

@cikicrocus You do realise that all of these tai chi practitioners have never tried to apply their techniques to fighting, and this is their first time and they did very good


@Lerdivitz NO, then they fight in groups and use knifes and other weapons, mma is a sport!!!!

Edward Koo

Do they still do tai chi tournaments like this???


@cikicrocus Yeah, I can see why it would be hard to master, because whats makes a good fighter, is how he applies the techniques that he learned, and hopefully mastered. Some people just practice katas (forms) and believe they are good just by either flashy or strong movement. But on how you apply it with your natural movements, the person himself makes that art effective by his own understanding and his own use.


Actually the argument about MMA vs Traditional Martial Arts is one of the hot topics on the web, and sadly there are tons who don't know about how competent is karate alone... I do a mixed style of karate and jiujitsu and I have to say that a great karate fighter can manage without ground or throw techniques, but.. They have to be experienced against em and much more.. There isn't a best martial arts and mixed martial arts isn't the best either.. How good the fighters are is what matters, -.-

Ken Oath

A problem with alot of martial arts is you do forms and for a long time you don't get shown the application.


@cikicrocus Not quite !


@cikicrocus Yeah, competing with yourself is so far ABOVE silly UFC, PRIDE...See the champs of those UFC, PRIDE, etc. lately? Arthritic, brain concussions, out of shape and fat. Tai Chi wins hands down.


Beautiful takedown at 1:35. I don't much personal experience with Tai Chi but I always had a hunch a lot of its principles could be applied to MMA. I'm going to have to look more into this.

James Brown

@cikicrocus Yeah, because all it takes to be a professional armchair fighter is to sit on your ass watching plenty of UFC all day long, and then go trolling...for goodness sake!


Tai Chi seems to be more effective as a defensive art.

SlowandSteadyFastandFurious hu

not gonna lie gloves make a TON of difference.

Derrick Forsberg

@lucidmist I know this is pretty late. but if you look at others who do tai chi for exercise, just record it and speed it up. Apply a body to the movements in the spaces of hands. They used to train in tai chi because someone would arrest the chinese (like americans) during wars early on in history. It is just slow movements of how to kill a man, just not to the naked eye.

Martial Art World TV

@cikicrocus There are aspects of Tai Chi that really require the user to understand movement in a non-forceful way that for many people is easier to realize when the body is past the height of physical power. One advanced student of kung-fu once said, half-jokingly, that it's when the body gets tired of using force that one can finally understand some of the movements in these systems.


wow.... that one black guy actually tried to do a CARTWHEEL KICK?

Dennis Lee

cool, i didn't know jamie foxx knew kung fu

Legendary Living Arts

@Xytos I completely agree!!


@MartialArchiveTv Why not?


@ryanWeap So Tai Chi is good for stand up and ground fighting?

Agustinus Adipranata

Taichi is pure martial art. It's practising with very slow movement because the secret of taichi is train to 100% focusing your whole body weight in very small spot in only one foot. And always only in one foot during the movement. Thus must be using very slowly movement.
After month / year of this training, the body will adapt to absorp punch power and move or shift very fast. The body ( leg ) will became powerful spring.


@neilmak Martial Arts origins from copying other styles. you should keep that in mind. a shining example of this is command sambo, which is a mix of the strongest techniques of different close combat styles. saying that if tai chi have a kick taekwondo also have, means nothing.

Martial Art World TV

@LuqmanNaq We have watched and appreciated all the fighters you mention. Many martial arts train to avoid the ground because it's highly unsafe except in tournaments. A blinded opponent is not a fight stopper? What sort of fight are you talking about? Since this is becoming a religious argument instead of a scientific one it will stop here.


Fights don't use Tai Chi concepts at all, it is completely stupid. Students shouldn't "fight with Tai Chi" with a so poor level, without even understanding what is Tai Chi.


@MechPhantom No disrespect but the moves seem awkward!! Have them fight a real combat and they wouldn't even stand a chance.


do you really not see the date in the title? 1988. peace



Hadi Prasetyo

2:45 i see wing chun chain punches over there!

Anna Molly

The problem with many Martial Artist is that they do not train their martial arts properly to stay in the fight and not flee in combat. They are not being trained how to deal with attacks at short range.


they should have studied wing chun first before proceeding tai chi....


@Deathrune456 i wouldn't label judo as a soft martial art with out labeling jiu jitsu and greco roman too in chinese soft martial arts tend to be inner strenght and more mind oriented while hard is more about power and aggresiveness while its true that "ju" means soft/gentle in japanese jujitsu and judo are named that way because its a softer art compared to striking but its just as aggressive

Michael Webber

Holy Kathmandu Batman! That was UFC before the UFC.

kevin s.

@MartialArchiveTv on the other hand, this kind of fighting is more complete than the karate rules, it seems it has some sort of sanda rules or something like that. You dont see that 1:37 kind of takedown everywhere. To be a soft martial art we got to give it credit.


Nice. You can see at 1:58 that the tai chi guy didn't waste any movements


@jamiesan7A that exist in youtube you have to search it..but y'll disappoint ^^

Muhammad Khan

It seems that everytime we see a well skilled martial artist pple hve to aks y they havent joined UFC.
Well leg me tell u smthing the reason y they dnt join such un honorable competitions its becos thea way better than that. UFC is a cock fight and not real martial arts. Its only for fame and money blooding each other for that and that is y the can never be equal with a true martial artist.


The lot of those who commented that this isn't Taiji don't know how to read a book beyond it's cover..


In Tai Chi Quan's fighting system is it point sparring or do they follow karate's rules?


thats an awesome takedown at 1:39

Eric Talbot

WOAH ?????????


your body has to be super flexible for this


@cikicrocus martial arts, and fitness in general, has gone up in caliber since 1988. just sayin.

Martial Art World TV

@LuqmanNaq Believe us, we are not making excuses. The UFC went to show that a lot of styles suffer from too much "civillization". But that said the early UFC was controlled in ways that negate any claims that the stylists that participated in any way represented the best of their art. UFC is jiu-jitsu extended. To expect someone to come in and really gouge eyes, rip nostrils, break fingers is asking a lot. If the UFC let that happen it wouldn't be here now.

Michael Ellis

In response to the comment on soft martial arts such as wing-chun and tai chi many people do not understand that the soft movements are a cover-up for some real bone snapping self-defense real life applications. One reason for the Tai Chi soft style is to improve ones inner chi and or dicipline of flow-movement. For instance parting the horses mane. This one movement when applied in a real life situation will break the opponents rib cage upon impact. Bro. Michael L Ellis

Jakk Lyman

Tai chi was originally a delivery system for a very lethal art, most people who study Tai Chi have no idea--including the so called masters.Theres only a few Ive heard of that know the truth. Its design was a deliberate method for concealing the true purpose.Remember this was created in a very violent era,why would everyone be studying an art that just pushes people over..so they can get back up and kill you?Naw, Tai Chi delivered various death touches.


Always nice to see a video of Sam. Very decent person. That said, he's not using taijiquan during the sparring session, and I'm pretty sure if you asked Sam he would tell you it was some kick boxing combined with Shuaijiao.

Normon Greene

One of my tai chi teachers many years ago..Mr. Kristoff Clark...His teachings convinced me to make tai chi a part of my life...it was a great choice for me.


There we can see Taichi taolu ; but in the fights, I don't see taichi at all, none of the taichi fighting strategies ! These people actually had learned the form, but no application and no application in fighting situation... That's what I conclude after watching the vid.

Kirk Lane

these guys are incredibly slow even for amateurs.


i think the thing is back in the day people would train kung fu all day everday thats why they could be so proficient in what they did. i think kung fu needs that time to be effective.

Akash Nair

funny.... what is this??? Insult to tai chi,,,,,


I concur Sir!


haha this is 1988, and this guy is doing perfectly timed takedowns, strikes and kicks, even a so-called "ground and pound", albeit watered down...its obvious that taiji can be used for fighting by a skilled practitioner, which this person Sam Masich obviously is. quite intense, if you remember, again, that this is 1988. i imagine he has gotten much better since.

Manuel Labour

there is no better combatsport than pure boxing. learn to use your hands and strike first.


very nice thanks

Zane Carmichael

1:36 looks like taekwondo to me :S

Martial Art World TV

@LuqmanNaq No neck techniques, no spine techniques, no back of the head techniques. There are a number of styles that don't worked in a regulated UFC match. UFC is not the end all of self-defense, it' s a sport. Just like you wouldn't expect a basketball champ to do great in football, many styles don't work in the UFC. Whether Tai Chi would defeat MMA in a real fight is up to the combatants.


Great takedown

Damon Williams

Their good at form but I don't think they can really spar....

Marshall Wilson

Very nice. Decent explanations on the theory of Taiji I saw some good applications of Tai Chi basics during the sparring.


@MartialArchiveTv You are aware that in the early days of the UFC and Vale Tudo all those things were allowed yet the traditionalists never prevailed? It was the guys who had a style suprising similar to the fighters of today who were the consistent victors? If you don't beleive me watch some early Vale Tudo.


Tai Chi = Dim Mak

Devin Turk

@l2q um no..several martial arts have take down techniques..


I'm sorry but your lack of understanding about Kung Fu and Tai Chi is not good for K1. Understand that K1, UFC and all these pride fighting are over rated. They use boxing gloves and have rules. Tai Chi is very powerful. I would advise you to watch Wang ZhuJun on here and see a real Tai Chi full contact match. He has used real chi gung and it is rare to see it because masters don't want to reveal how dangerous Chen style Tai Chi is. I advise you to read more history books and please learn.

Alexander Maung

but they do... I mean granted they do both sprinting and jogging, but the slow aspect is never removed. but besides, those two are less comparable, Tai chi (or any martial art) has a much higher level of dexterity than running. more dexterity mean you need to take it slower.

toi lai

wow horrible... disgrace

Baby Chicken

Chinese martial arts is more than just self defence it is a way of life. You can see from this tube that it most definetly would suffer unnecessarily if it were introduced to competitions such as UFC MMA which is the ultimate choreography of all time where fighters are matched and then train to defeat that particular individual by exploiting known weaknesses in a well known environment. I can see the delineation of self defence and sport even though anyone training MMA will still have an edge in a real life situation.


@freemason72 Thats funny. He certainly seems to know about rooting and using his mind in Tai Chi. Yes he may have mixed but he seemed very in tune with his surroundings when he was sparring. He seems good. Tai Chi is mosly defensive anyways so its not the greatest for sparring unless your locking breaking or throwing.

Martial Art World TV

@cikicrocus And who said that they were? This was an amateur tournament.

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Comments (100)
Mr. C

Very well said.

You Can't Make Me change My PfP b

Why so many dislikes Xu is out there giving it his all he deserves more credit

Dilmon Kb

Sir fighting best martial art mma or thaichi

Muhammad Raffeyraja

Master Wong are u chinies....

Alaj Xandro

MMA is a body Tempering Technique, according to xianxia novel.


Go home chinnese

Mohammad Khamiseh

The person who bully me ... uses a different method of fighting .. Most of the time he hits the opponent with the bottom of the leg until he drops him to the ground, then kicks him, and often spits or squeezes the penis with his hand. Although I am able to predict his movements, I do not know how to protect myself from them because he is huge in size and strong in structure .. and I am as thin as a reed stick .. I feel that he will kill me one day

Unknown Music

Yes we must live healthy and wealthy.
Tai chi is a good martial art.

Dear diary,

This dude clearly learned english from british people

iron palm

Tai Chi Quan Forever ????


I used that sound fx and it worked


Tai chi is a joke

Victor Oliva

Master the mind and master emotions and every challenge becomes a pillar of strength.

David Shimamoto

The moves master wong was doing doesn't really seem to be that effective when done against an uncooperative opponent and some of his rear naked choke escape and other stuff doesn't seem legit he does have a lot of potencial and I am sure he can bash most people with the right training

If the moves at the start of the video isn't meant for combative purposes I am sorry for misinterperating and bad spelling

Struggle and Hardship

0:30 Would you care to show us Master how it's done? Against that brute. Who beat that Tai Chai practitioner. Do you think you can defeat that unconventional fighter?

Monroe C. Hatcher Jr.

You right.

Beach Preachr

Amen. Beautifully said Master Wong.

renante puton

master wong i proud to your channel
i believe that


Tai Chi vs Ballet Dancer is a good match too.

tony thiam

The taichi master was knock down by mma fighter dosn't mean taichi is not good in fighting use. It is depend on the one using taichi who know how to use taichi or not, and also how much he knows about taichi to use in fighting n his experience in fighting. There is "NO" the best fighting art in this world !practising kungfu is to defend n to stop fighting !but is Not to look for fighting !!!??????

I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

To be good at MMA or a martial art, you must train for many years. It's not a case of Tia Chi is weak and MMA is strong, it's all down to the individual in question!!! I know a martial arts master who battered a boxer amd absolutely slapped him up, because he was boasting and the master took him down BIG time! I think the toughest people on the planet are the Shaolin, they train like MAD and most of them would probably win against most boxers.

Rod Meyers

what i don't understand is that whenever a real MMA fighter and a Kung Fu artist gets in a ring the MMA fighter wins easily or am i mistaken?

Becky Saphira

Mal schön auf den Punkt gebracht, beide Stile verfolgen andere Ziele! In den meisten Bereichen des MMA geht es darum den Gegner im Combat möglichst schnell auszunocken, die fließenden Bewegungen des Tai Chi zielen eher auf Choreographien und Körperbeherrschung ab.
Ganz extrem ist sowas bei Capuera. Schaut man sich hier Kämpfe an, sieht das eher nach Show aus, denn das ist es eigentlich. Es ist ein Tanz und eher eine improvisierte Darstellung als ein Kampf. Ganz extrem ist das auch bei Karate oder Judo, weil esKampfSPORTarten sind. Also zb auf Wettkämpfe und damit auf Darstellung vor Publikum ausgelegt sind.

Finde ich echt gut, dass du das so auf den Punkt bringt mit den unterschiedlichen Zielsetzung der beiden Stile?

sanji rei do gado 3


Khairuddin Tajuddin

Talking you much

Jeff Palmer

This was embarrassing, basically he’s saying Tai Chi is fine - unless you have to defend yourself, in which case it’s s**t. ?

Mirek Soja

The greatest and toughest opponent is our own ego. So it’s easier to challenge someone else in order to avoid the real challenge and fight with own weaknesses.


Repeat again

Wrung Naime


min H

Sooo basically he won't fight

Nilton CR

Tai chi as combat is useless, it is just another technique for respiratory development and relaxation, nothing else, MMA is for hand-to-hand combat and very complete

Skuat Sport9

tai chi tai tai


Chen style for combat. Saw a demonstration by Sensei Viv Nash years ago. Devastating.

Kawan Kekawan

2:08 i started liking this guy more... this is a very good mindset

Yuksel Oden

I wish all my enemies were like your opponents.

iron palm

Master Wong Forever ????

howard halterman

Tai chi works great on non-fighters, but not with real fighters.

Banjo Potato

The Tai Chi master was obviously at a disadvantage. Not enough sun to absorb to power up

Phyo Kyi

Tai Chi is just for show. not useful in combat. May be somehow useful for Health. That's it.


Whenever I play badminton I take your name for JOSH??.
By taking your name I feel very strong.??
And my friend too takes your name his name his TUSHANT

My Fitness Hub


fready irawan

Taichi is for health? so why this guy accept the challange and allow himself to be humiliated? I dont understand.. confused... die... being a ghost ....

Martin Silva

Hello Master Wong. Finally I found someone with my own beliefs. I practice karate since young. Never has to use it at street. I did participate in some competitions some times, but not super fun of it. Too many rules. If times really comes when to use it, maybe it will be real defense. To help with your point, lets make a competition between MMA and Taichi who can heal first some decease. You can build or destroy with your martial art. It is much much easier to destroy, to brake a bone, on the other hand, how long does it take to build or repair a bone? How much power do you need to heal or repair a broken bone or decease? That is where true power reside. Thanks Master for sharing your point of view.

AlexKoul Gamer

I really wanna see master won beat mma guy's ass

ace castillo

Too much talk bla bla bla just fight Xu.


Tai Chi Master vs Street Fighter player

summer spring

Stupid Tai ChiShittt????????

Sipoel BakGrabak

Bhenta taeh ben

Mix blogs

Taichi is for combat and exercise. Some are practicjng for combat some are for exercise. Your right why does the taichi man take the challenge ever since he wasn't in combat.

Vtube Lover

That man ia not tai chi or kungfu master, but if you want to fight taichi master , fight with Yi long

Jessey Marchlewski


Marcos Suel

Obrigado aniversário é uma coisa agora em combate real


LOLLLLL.. Even an MMA hobbyist can just easily beat any KungFu or TaiChi master. Put that in your Stupid Brain. It's designed for movies not for real life. LOLLLL.

Viestcorp F-G

Please stop . You watch too much kungfu movie.. taichi wing chu. Or something is movie.only they are zero no good in fighting...stopped believe in your self that's you possess something special.. just kids stuff...

Steve Breen

I did Taiji to recuperate from neck surgery and repair nerve damage. Once I healed up, I slowly reincorporated my fighting program of combatives and boxing. Off days are spent on conditioning. Taiji is an every day morning routine after waking up just to get blood flowing.

I.A. D.

I give you one Ottoman Slap, you flight amk ??

cameback cat

This is CCP propaganda. MMA clarifies things. Chinese martial arts are bullshit, it's official.


MMA being a mix of practical applications of various martials arts makes it definitely superior. I can't tell if you think tai chi can compete with it or not. This video has definitely lost the plot a bit.


You're just a loser

นพดล ชากลาง

the fight off 8 year old mauy thai !?

abhijit banerjee

The utility of Tai Chi, is used in specific tasks,and,environments,as many have found out,like, staying alive...

นพดล ชากลาง

ha ha yhe fight kid !?

Jason Holloway

I love master wong he’s very humble and very good at what he does God bless you master Wong

Braian MC

Like si vienes por Jordi wild

W. B.


Abdu Asheer

What happened there is the tai chi guy let the MMA guy to drive him to his game, to his style ... The tai chi guy tried to adapt his style in order to fight like a modern fighter ...even his stance wasn't in the tai chi way !!

Delicious Potato

Even bruce lee believes that chinese martial arts aren't good in combat

Phong Nguyen

A martial art never design for health. All of them for taking down opponent.
They're just bad example of Trainee in wrong way of Fighting


I don't agree with you that there are good Tai Chi masters in China. Most of them are quark and only a few of them are real. Why Xu Xiaodung was able to defeat every Chinese traditional martial artist is because he knew who is quark or not. He would never challenge the good ones.


I'd say if you don't train to fight in real full-contact hand-to-hand combat on a regular bases for years, while you strenghen your body to the absolute maximum, then you have no chance against a professional mma fighter. No matter which martial art you mastered. Because that's exactly what they're doing.

Coconut Boy

The only two famous Kung Fu and Taichi fighters are Bruce Lee and his master Ip Man, who beat up a navy sergeant in the US

Master Wong

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Mike Dunning

If they come near the butthole - defend.

Khajiit Artist

The day will come when I won't see another obvious farce where an unskilled 'martial artist' gets his ass kicked by a newbie, covering hundreds of years of martial arts knowledge in ridicule with his complete lack of ability.
There was zero T'ai Chi on that ring.


He could have watched MMA fights on Youtube.
Ooops...Youtube is blocked in China. My bad.

Ahmed tariq

Master wong ??????

ไม่ชอบ ยิ้ม


Carlos Camilla

Wong's TDA is very slow and weak (lacks power) compared to the one I fought in the bar...

Mad Maxx

this guy knows his stuff

Laga Ya Estetika

all china goverment and china people, please open mind for mma bro hahaha


Hmm however Taichi is control your enemies strenght agaisnt himself. It can work in combat if you focus your entire training routine for combat with Taichi.
But then you would be transforming your style into a fist of kung fu

Surendra Dubey

Master wong answered it in a Simplified manner..
god bless you

Dem Sans

This is very wise master...there will always be someone better than you "Chinese quote"

blah blah man


Michael Wang

I understand he's trying to be neutral but no form of tai chi is equally as good in combat as MMA. Wuts a Tai Chi master gonna do if he gets taken down?

Laknidu Weerasekara

MMA is nothing front of angampora and kungfu


"I don't go around starting fights, I don't go around saying hey, your martial art is no good. If someone's martial art is no good it has nothing to do with me"

Try Ramadani

Banyak BACOT

Sulaiman Sulaiman

Banyak bacot d adu kalah


ah ah ah the stupid person here is you, the stupid beliefs are put back in their place in reality, and yes little guru, life is not a scenario.

People who do not seek to confront the veracity of their assertions fall into dogma.

Martial beliefs do not escape from them, as they do from other pseudo-sciences.

Mad Maxx

what about a Yoga master VS. Crossfit

osvaldo Agui

where video he really fight?!

abhijit banerjee

Actually it's difficult to build power if my movement is slow and graceful, that is why it takes years to take Tai Chi, from a Yoga type art,to,a , Chinese Boxing sport,Chi the word explains... actually further explaining,it requires us to build a thinking mind body complex, along with jit kun du, compressive power

Robert Merrick


simon nguyen

cause all Chinese master think they are untouchable cause they are watch to much movies ** get real man

Dana Joyce


Struggle and Hardship

Nice show of demonstration Master. Keep up the martial arts work.

Tarot Mentor

Very wise man ?

World Aquarium Singapore

Master Wong VS Xu Xiaodong will be an EPIC fight

john cunningham

this man is good at his skill, and thinking.

Tai Chi Combat - Applications Fight

Tai Chi Combat - Applications Fight8 Jul. 2011
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Learn the moves from tai

Learn the moves from tai chi zero and become a real Tai Chi master. Master Wong answers your questions about how to use tai chi combat for real fighting, beginners and advanced. Available in Ipswich, Suffolk and online. Click here http://www.taichicombat.com/

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muay thai is better than kung fu

Mascãdá Del Pántiòn

Okay I understand now........ So he's always been a badass

Glenn Farac

I prefer Master Wongs tai chi to his wing Chun. He's an exceptional exponent


better than win chun

Chris Ruvola

@GuitarDestroyer77777 okay yea, i watched it again, i see what your saying


Is this the Chen style? Waiting for an answer :)

Jack Daniel Vithal

The only Taichi that convinced me. He knows how to show application and strong stance use. Excellent. Great skill. Can I sign up today?


Impressive. Cannot stop watching it helps figure out the combat applications of the 24 Tai Chi poses. I have never seen anybody use Tai Chi as effectively in a fight.


Great stuff and entertaining stuff from this guy Wong. It is a mistake to ever think that some styles i.e Yang style is for health only. All Taiji is combat as all traditional martial arts has a health element to them. I practice the Wu Style and practice as a martial art. All Taiji is Kung fu as there are internal and external styles of Kung fu. Taiji, bagua and xingyi are some of the internal styles.

Mehrab Golshani

What is the musicname on the video

ilo .sionisti

If this guy would be Bond's enemy, that will be end of 007 -fairytale

Modern Kung fu Training

I AM a SIFU and yet I would love to be at his level. Love for tai chi combat and Master Wong.


Legit Movements!!!! wow!!!!

Francelino Calahan

what is the name of this song? please


GREAT MASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Campbell

Fantastic-shows that tai chi chaun is a fighting art-not just a dance


thank you very much Master Wong!!!

Jonathan Chen

thanks master wong


Sorry, I only meant that of the five most popular styles of Taijiquan practiced today -- Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu Hao, and Sun -- Chen is the oldest and most combat oriented. I'm not familiar with the Zhao Bao style, so please forgive me.


This style of Tai Chi is from the Chen lineage, which is the oldest and most combat-oriented style of Taijiquan. Most westerners are more familiar with the Yang style of Tai Chi, which is more well-known for its exercise and health benefits than its fighting applications.


so awesome colour me impressed


Lol. Anyone criticizing him should challenge him to a duel ;).


Little weapon

Aquanime Music

Fake martial art

rayo undead

you should be the bad guy in the bond movie:) keep up ur good work.

Chris Ruvola

@GuitarDestroyer77777 tai chi chuan should be slightly more tensed during combat, but he simply overdoes it here, but don't get me wrong, he is amazing at it, but he is far to tense even when he is going over forms or what ever it is called in that art.


Two People got there asses kicked by Tai Chi =]

josr marefo

genial master wong..jose de paraguay

Jack Daniel Vithal

I've heard of wooden dummy but that's a human dummy reminds me old gong fu movies students get beaten up by master. ? Your Tai Chi is unorthodox but effective. We are are all born ready to win but it's defeat we must prepare for. How so. Suddenly I'd like to leave your Island Mr Wong. Let me get my metal hand and give u some licks bro. ?

Manuel del Moral Ortega

Problems!no tomorrow solutionated???

Lord Blackheim

A machine gun is better than muay thai

Tristan L



This is what taichi was originally created for. Combat purpose has been disguised by its fitness purpose.

adadaweae weaweaweawe

He Serves Yin...i think...

Chris Ruvola

@GuitarDestroyer77777 couldnt have said it better

Christian Boykin

nice grass!