Tylenol before running

Keep Moving® Program Calf Stretches | TYLENOL® 8HR Arthritis Pain

Keep Moving® Program Calf Stretches | TYLENOL® 8HR Arthritis Pain27 Oct. 2015
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Battle arthritis pain in

Battle arthritis pain in your legs by strengthening your calf muscles and improving mobility. Watch as the makers of TYLENOL® 8HR Arthritis Pain explain how to properly stretch your calf muscles with these easy to learn stretches.

For additional information on arthritis pain and how to treat it visit www.tylenol.com/symptoms/arthritis

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HealthWatch: Tylenol Use In Pregnancy Associated With Autism; MIT Engineers Create New Surgical Tape

HealthWatch: Tylenol Use In Pregnancy Associated With Autism; MIT Engineers Create New Surgical Tape31 Oct. 2019
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A new study finds taking

A new study finds taking acetaminophen late in pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of having a child with autism or ADHD and researchers at MIT have developed a super strong surgical tape. WBZ-TV's Dr. Mallika Marshall reports.

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Things to know before getting a tattoo | NHS

Things to know before getting a tattoo | NHS7 Jul. 2017
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Watch this video to learn

Watch this video to learn what to look out for when getting a tattoo and how you can care for your tattoo once it is complete.

For more information on tattoo removal please visit http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/cosmetic-treatments-guide/Pages/tattoo-removal.aspx

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mega lodon

ink slingers are not artist.you will be cursed read the Quran

J Jarvh

I'd prefer to get a tattoo with an OC tattoo artist.


the studio is Rennaisance in Rickmansworth if anybody was wondering! although the studio has moved location slightly now so it doesn't look anything like it does in the video

Peter Webb

Seems like good advice to me. Thank you!

soledad ramirez

I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow and I piercings and my nipples pierced, I was wonder would I tolerate the pain of a tattoo?

Daniel Mackenzie

Surprised not more artists recommend wet healing? I wet heal all my tattoos and for me personally it helps them to look so much better after the healing process

Hollows GonGetchu

What about getting first tatto on ur neck like a sniper aim or smt like that

Dean Huston

Step 1 getting steaming drunk
Step 2 point at a picture
Step 3 make sure it's big enough


I got mine from my cousin,for free. ?he a artist.

bunny rae

Is it ok to get ur first tattoo on ur finger?

Ashley Brown

Wear gloves while setting, no gloves while he's filling the Ink cups up ?


1:56 Hand of the King

Timothy Hubener

I would ask them if they would throw the dirty needles away in front of me too!

Gene Ramos

National honor society

Al Haynes

They changed the bepanthem formula..

Josue G

Great video my man. ?

Larissa Star Wars

Getting my first tattoo in two days.. I'm honestly so nerveus about the pain, because I just don't know what to expect. But I'm a very anxious person so do you think I should use a numbing cream?

Di Ane

Why does no one mention that the ink is toxic and damages your lymphatic system, impairing your immune system? Surely that's the best reason?
The body cannot clear this toxic ink so it sits in your lymph nodes for decades.
If you wish to stop people harming themselves in this way, then it would pay to tell them what stupidity it is to inflict such a long - term injury onto themselves.
When lymph nodes are removed to treat cancer, doctors find ink present, even in cases where the patient had a very small tattoo, 40/50 years previous.
Knowing these facts, many would change their mind totally about having any tattoos.
Hope that helps someone.

Expert Self Care

Great video. Informative and well-produced. We're sure it will be useful for anyone wanting a tattoo for the first time.


Can i exercise normally? And sweat?

Tharindu Sudaraka

On point ?


For a NHS video you'd think they would make sure not to recommend something as bad as bepamthem ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
Use cocoa butter for God sake, dont rub petroleum into your skin let alone chemicals that make your skin unable to breathe

DIV Brandon

Looking to get my first tattoo on my back! Going all out with the mcgregor helux


do you have to choose the artist's work? no offense. i am getting my first tattoo soon and need all advice/help i can get! i have found the tattoo i want to get already but it's not created by any artist, i have the photo of it that a friend had recently sent me for what i want. is that okay?