Semimembranosus exercises

Best Hamstring Exercise Ever to Protect from Pulls - Never Injure Legs/Hips Again (Part 4/5)

Best Hamstring Exercise Ever to Protect from Pulls - Never Injure Legs/Hips Again (Part 4/5)15 May. 2020
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This Video (Part 5/5)

This Video (Part 5/5) shows you the concepts and exercises to Fix Hamstring Pulls.

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Comments (10)
Michael D

My ham is sore when done, but feels more supported after the excercise.

stipe vukic

Very educational videos. Best on tu YT.
I have clicking hip syndrome ,tight iliopsoas, externaly rotated leg, weak glutes and inhibited semimembranosis. Also my low back is killing me and adductors are always tight. Pelvic floor and deep hip rotators too. Everything is on the right side. I am fit and in a good shape but this keeping me away from sport. Stretching helps only for a short period. Is it possible that my right semimebranosis causing all this problems?

Fabian Cifuentes

Thank you!

Amin Mneimneh

So the content is free now !


Oh man you r the greatest.... i am a stroke survivor with excellent recovery. From paralysis to jumping n little bit running n with your superb videos i will hopefully recover like 100% i can't tell u how much i am learning from ur videos

Roger Melling

If I play tennis for about 2 hrs I have glute medius pain hip flexor pain tight hamstrings and calves down to achilies
Painful immobility in hip area and discomfort for 4-5 days

Karen Sepulveda

Excellent video, thank you!!!!

Jeff S


Mickey Merzon

How many reps/sets?

Franz Misch

Great content. Love the attention to detail and the focus on foot position. Cal Dietz also spends a lot of time on the feet. Makes sense.

Muscle Functions: Semimembranosus

Muscle Functions: Semimembranosus27 Aug. 2016
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Becky FidlerSubscribe 438 721

Origin, origin, insertion,

Origin, origin, insertion, functions, and exercises of the Semimembranosus

Comments (3)
Winter Northener

I also like the background... for some strange reason I love small home GYM's ... I hate noisy gym's with that crappy music.. aggressive people and fake people..

Winter Northener

nice T-shirt.. I used to go to the GYM when I was very young and I had this mindset of just lift as many f.. weights as I can and I will get fit... I never did any sort of exercises for the small muscles... moving on 9 years right now I am building a home gym with sand and plastic bottles (I am not very rich at this moment)... and I have worked my small muscles due to your videos and other videos and I feel like a new person... I luv your vids and I am sure that if there is any professional bodybuilder out there he must of seen your videos

Team Groves

Hi this video really helped me. About 3 months ago I believe i tore this tendon in my hamstring in a high impact fall when skiing. I've been going to physio and he explained it's one of the tendons behind me knee. initially I thought it was my knee because I barely had any flexion in my leg. I now have basically full ROM and am building strength back in the hamstring. I've been doing a lot of lying ham curls to build back strength slowly. My main concern at the moment is when going to tense my quad in a leg quad extension (straight leg) I still feel a slight blocking feeling on the inside of the knee where the tendon is. This has improved as my ROM has improved but will the increase of hamstring extensions and stiff leg deads help improve the strength and ROM so I can fully contract my quad? thanks

Semimembranosus | Muscle Anatomy | Joetherapy

Semimembranosus | Muscle Anatomy | Joetherapy13 Dec. 2018
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joetherapySubscribe 438 721

All images and information

All images and information are property of 3D4medical. This is the anatomy app that I use. 50% off all of their products using the link below.



ORIGIN: Outer Surface of the ischial tuberosity.

INSERTION: Medial tibial condyle; the oblique popliteal ligament; the popliteal fascia.

ACTION: Extension of the hip joint; stabilization of the pelvis; flexion and internal rotation of the knee joint.

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Comments (4)
Robert Neal

Can you do A split?

Dr. Suman

Great sir.......??

Ravi Kumar

So informational .....dude

Sunrise Eternity

@joetherapy , Mine catches. Especially when I am doing sit ups. It sends an odd twitch down into my lower leg and inner ankle. I use to get horrible leg cramps in the same area. I had ligament reconstruction of the ankle 2 years ago and I've put a lot of work into rebuilding/rebalancing the leg. The leg cramps have stopped. This one area is still not right. Do you think really extreme cramping many times over years in this area can cause a long term injury(if not treated correctly). I am looking for ways to fix this. Thank you for the video.