Nautilus adjustable bench


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Comments (100)
Alex Alexandrakis

The problem is that with he COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, these have double or triple in price!! Are they still worth it??

Andrew P

I bought these but I want the 95lb one now. Those are fucking like 500$


1:12 "Free pickup" gonna have to do some Farmers Walks form the store to your home:D


Good sharing bro...but...Smart dumbells make u dumb,like Smart phones.

Supreme Liberal Being

I dont know who the hell considers 24kgs light weight! You do not need to explain anything man. Your credibility is a lot more than thode juiced athletes out there claiming to be natural.

Shadow Blade

Why aren't you uploading. I'm getting bored of life. My mum keeps screaming at me when I don't do anything. You are the only one that relieves my stress and sadness


Bruh I just saw an ad when this costed £15 ?. I’m not sure how much that is for the US but I’m pretty sure that £15 is slightly cheaper than €800 but I haven’t bothered to convert it so I really don’t know... ?‍♀️

E B29

I’ve just bought the ones that go up to 41kg.. can’t wait for them to come . Something to do in isolation!

Hector Huezo

But right now, the price is so crazy $ 1,600

uria chen

I’m actually also using those dumbbells

Pranav Awasarmol

here after watching cheapest dumbells of browney


There’s these things called power blocks they are smaller

kom is kijken

hahah ge zijt nederland das nog chill


Do they break if I throw them to the ground after each set? Like the weight changing mechanism gets broken?

Matthew .T

Why are you bending to fit the camera ? It looks weird. Just step back or put the camera little bit back

Greg FN

Jow man ik ben 15 en train met gemiddeld 8 kilo per dumbbell omdat mn broer zegt dat techniek belangrijker is dan gewicht. Kijk nu al pittig lang naar je vids en blijf dit volhouden, echt goede videos


Jesus you talk a lot of bullshit. This video could have been less than a minute long.

Marin Maric

People got mad and show how passive agressive they are for literaly no reason


There might have been maybe 2 minutes of actual review, the rest filler talk hoping to reach that 10 minute mark. Waste of time.

I am Mr. Song

From Malaysia, just watched your video because I also thinking to buy 1 set of the dumbbell.


Haters gonna hate bro. This is the type of world we live in, no one likes to see others succeed. Keep it up man.


bowflex is for soyboys, get the powerblocks

D. M.

Powerblocks or Ironmaster way better. Expandable, smaller width and attachable to curl bar.


It's 2020 and still insanely overpriced

David Bourke

Calisthenics is a waste of time

Anglo Browza

You ever thought about staying in topic? Like reviewing the bloody dumbbells

Garvit Ghai

You are a dumbo if u are buying such expensive dumbbells.
Purchase a pair of dumbbell rods.
And get yourself 4 steel plates of each of the following categories-
1 kg
2 kg
3 kg
And trust me you are done.
Don't forget to buy the grippers.
With this you can make dumbbells
Of following weights.
4 kg
6 kg
8 kg
10 kg
12 kg
14 kg
And guess what
It will cost you just 70 dollars.

40kg twink

No they are super expensive

Random Beast

This is my favorite video just how u talk lol ?

Mathijs Andries

Echt waar ik houd van u video's man! ;)

jay Aych are

eh? these a nowhere near the most expensive

Jarrad Hurley

I don't want to be an asshole... but in what world would someone actually need to do 2 kilogram dumbbell curls?


Smash that liek button!!

Gology Gaming

I got mine on a discount from walmart and I am very happy with my purchase bow flex is top of the line product

Erboyyy Means



Where's you get the red shirt you were wearing?

Troll Extrize

to everyone saying that 24kg is more than enough. You don’t only curl with dumbbells if you know what you are talking about. You do chest presses and dumbbell deadlifts, which in this case 24kg might not be enough.

David Bourke

Your curling form is shit

James Palmer

Hey, I paid like $650 10 years ago. Don’t feel bad

Beck Bodson

Yeah of course “ 48 pounds is definitely nothing”


I just love your content

Çağrı Eti

I am coming from 2020 and you bought them again


basically paying all this amount of money for arms and shoulders, because 24 kg in each hand is nothing for chest, back, squats, deadlifts and the heavy things.

Secret agent Randy Beans

A pair of the 24 kg in the U.S.A. is around 300 dollars and the 40 kg pair is 600 dollars

Cringe Scope

If you disliked this video, explain to me why...

Bryan Rogoff

About a year ago, I got two dumbells with a maximum weight of 52.5 pounds each that’s like 24 kg each, and also you could adjust the weight manually since the weight were just rounded plates of 2.5,5 and 10 pounds, and I got them from ebay for only 99 dollars hahah xD do you guys think it was worth it?

Mr. Hill

they're selling for $950 USD now in the USA


I just buy dumbbell sets but when the weight gets to low I just buy more weight plates


Other option buy a gym membership which has a lot more equipment


Alright guys, I'm a noob, and I'm not claiming to be some kind of strongman.. But, why is 24kg enough? For example i do Shoulder raises with dumbells at 30kg. I am not trying to brag, please let me know what this is about?

Aiden mcmahon

Talk too much shit

Nathan Bean

9:30 Ah, the negotiator


Theyr ugly as hell and theyr so uncomfortable


I'm from Germany and I love your accent I would love to speak like you, pretty good video ?❤️


ofc 24kg is enough for most exercise, for most ppl. Except if you ofc go to Db Chest press or floor press...I see ppl that are gonna compete, in my center that is not go above 22kg for like everything. And just do the more reps and sets. So srsly ppl STFU. Try to go 100% correct form instead of just pound some heavy dumbells... And think about it, he bought it for HIM, not for you. Just be happy that some ppl pay the money and make the review!!!!!


Aparte man ben jij

Pratham Chaturvedi

Great respect for you sir ??

Flakey 12

25kg plastic weight for 499€ :000 you can actually get real gym dumbbells up to 25kg for this price

Panda Games

Heyy Stan I see ur a Dutch person. I live in Naaldwijk 2! Might wanna meet up sometime?

The LegendaryAlex

I bought these for $89

Maged Helmy

2.5 years later it is still the same price €799 in Europe @Browney! :D

Zarrin Vuckovic

So I’m sure someone pointed out the cheap Walmart price was for one dumbbell? It says it in the ad... 1 qty... 1



Gabriel Moncada

Browney has made a video = a great video has been made

Hari Prasad

Chill bro ignore negativity.. just like that

Mak K

Taking gym advice from a twig


If you have a woman. you are going to want every dumbell.

Liutauras Gečys

Where is new vids??

Luqe Max

You follow Alex Costa on Instagram

Manoj gupta Gupta

Video start from 4.01

Doug Watters

Lay off the steroids, I think their messing with your head.


always smash dat liek.
(make sure to check out my latest vid to see why im not on social media anymore)


the dumbbell was in the movie "The Green Hornet"

Chris Commenda

Do u speak german too?


Jesus man get to the point already.

Daniel Leal

For 50 € you get 30 kgs dumbs with all metal discs

S 117

Actually, your video is but worth watching. I left the video the moment I finished typing this lmao.

Nick S

These dumbbells were good at a point, but after years they broke on me and I never have slammed them or anything. Just very weak, metal dumbbells are better,

Elliott Ave

He got that 10 mins ?


Wtf is with all the talking and cutting clip mid sentence. Can't watch this trash review.

Itzhak Vaknin

How much time do you suggest me to eat before workout????

Manoj gupta Gupta

20:20 yet

Solas Paradox

Jesus i remember when you followed me on twitter to promote your youtube channel

Damian Seals

What did he say when he bleeped it out in the beginning around 1:30? I know the first word was the f word, but I can't figure out the second one.

karam deb


Bas Van Lysebeth



Olympic dumbell or bowflex adjustable? Plz help

Philipp Börö

I'd build the stand on my own because I mean that piece of metal isn't worth another 200€

paul quaresimo

I canceled my gym membership a few years ago after I saw this vid and bought the 55.5 adjustable at Walmart for 250


THE MOST EXPENSIVE DUMBBELLS IN THE WORLD bullshit, disliked. Try Powerblock commercials.

Ankush Bhattacharya

Hey brother, you are really doing a great job and i really like your videos,always with you. Take love from INDIA ❤️

Mr Dacorum

You used heavy dumbells? Do you ?


Veel nederlanders hebben als ze engels praten heel erg accent maar jij niet


These cost from $180 Australian dollars a pair for 24kg each. Do the conversion they’re cheap...


I literally had 2 ligament surgery on my left shoulder and broke my right shoulder and reconstruction on my right ligament. So, yes I been to a lot of professional physio, personal training sessions, hospital and many more. And they all agreed that even 24kg is more than enough (like way more enough)

Rufman Playz


Official Spider-Man Youtube Channel - Spiderman

I enjoyed this video


can u send 2 dumbells to me cuz where i live delivery is like 400$ from amazon ill pay u

R 2


Halata Meckarov

You've touched your head to many times half half video went in complaining you shmuck

FEIERDUN Adjustable Weight Bench

FEIERDUN Adjustable Weight Bench6 Jan. 2019
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Amazon Link:

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2NYvKGi

?【HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION】 1000LBS FEIERDUN super weight bench made of Heavy-duty Commercial Quality Steel to last long with and ensure the weight bench won’t shake and collapse under high weight!

?【ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH】 Adjustable weight bench offers 10 back pad positions and 6 seat positions to fit full body workout.Our workout bench can be arranged 24 different incline,decline and flat positions.

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?【TRANSPORT WHEELS】 The sturdy transport wheels and handle allow you to move the adjustable weight bench from room to room and conveniently store it anywhere at home.

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Body Solid GFI21 Adjustable Weight Bench - Assembly and Unboxing

Body Solid GFI21 Adjustable Weight Bench - Assembly and Unboxing13 May. 2018
4 689
think41cSubscribe 438 721


13mm and


13mm and 19mm Wrench and vice grips (or any wrench that can hold the head of the bolt while you tighten the nut)


Easy / Solo

Video Map:

0:00 to 1:35 - Unboxing (or repackaging info)

1:35 to 2:02 - ID your parts and get ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

2:02 to 4:35 - Easy stuff and base of the bench

4:35 to 6:31 - Seat pads and finish base of bench

6:31 to 7:14 - Back pad / bracing

7:14 to 8:10 - Wheels

8:10 to 8:54 - Finish the back pad

8:54 to End - Wrap up, Gap in the seat pad, Demo of adjustable seat.

Comments (7)
Mark Fitzpatrick

Hey man, this was a big help. Instructions were very basic. Just a quick line to say I appreciated the video! Thanks bro

Jen D

Thank you very much for this man


Thanks a million for this walk-through think41c. Couldn't have done it without you.

So sad that the manufacturers couldn't be bothered to make a video themselves. Or a decent construction manual for that matter. Oh well...

Impunity to dream

You saved a lot of people ridiculous amount of time.

Thanks alot.

El Guapo

Am I right in thinking that this bench slides back to incline?? So the head position will always be the same in relation to the back of the bench/bar? I ask because this would be great as I have a Smith Machine that could benefit from this. On most benches the back pad tilts forward and so I have to move the bench backwards to end up in the same place in relation to the bar.

Shrey Gupta

Thanks a lot! This was great.

al ex

Thank you from germany ????