Indoor cycling drills

Quick HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 22 Minute Strength Intervals

Quick HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 22 Minute Strength Intervals13 Feb. 2019
153 882

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This indoor cycling workout will help you to improve your overall muscular strength and your cycling FTP. We rode the tough but picturesque Passo Campolongo in Alta Badia in the Dolomites.

In association with Wahoo & Alta Badia.

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This workout is quick but tough, incorporating 1 minute on and off low/high cadence drills, with recovery in between. The low cadence will help to increase your neuromuscular strength and work on your torque. The 110rpm high cadence drills will work on your pedalling technique and will feel very high after riding at 60rpm for 1 minute.

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Comments (84)

If "Effort Level" equals to "Perceived Exertion Scale", then 9 and 10 corresponds to 95% to 100% of HRmax isn't it? There is no way i can sustain that effort for 60+60 seconds. Am i missing something?

Megan Staropoli

I love these guys. Working together and not competing to teach/instruct. My faves along with Simon and Manon. Haven’t seen recent videos with you guys...where are you????

Bong G1974

Love this short one, thanks guys ? keep up the good work

Andrew H

My leggggssss ...

Gemma McClelland

Wow that was a sweaty one! Set me up for my day, thank you

Kevin Fox

Loving this session, trying to get back into cycling after a trying year off the bike and this fits in great around very busy times at work

Wacka Payne

Why don't you add %FTP for the intervals as well as the effort scale?

Sarah Downs

Fantastic 20 mins always enjoy your sessions?

Garth Garthly

I cannot figure out how to actually do these. I have a direto. Its app (my etraining) has two basic training modes, power and level. How do i use it to set up these effort levels?

Rinon Hoxha

...here's one excellent video about knowing the starting point of the self before implementing intervals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZUSIAdflq8

Bridget G

Great program as always! Could you crank up your recording. Volume? On my iPad Mimi, can barely hear audio at full volume. Thanks!

Brian Tynan

The cadence meter never changes. Don't know if it's supposed to, but it's great for those of us with more rudementary trainers at home. Also, in some videos when you guys say 'follow the beat...' there is not really a beat.

mark dixon

Thanks lads, great session, didn’t really feel like doing anything today, but 20 odd mins, feeling pumped ?

Mark Brim

Effort lads

Pedro J Santos

You are my hero!

Rich Crompton

Now that was a tough one! 22 mins and my legs are burning! Awesome!

Mad YT

my road bike is cheap ... mind if i can get 1 your bike. like trek,

massimo vimercati

It is possible to download the workout and load it on wahoo fitness app o similar?
thank a lot


GCN making winter great again! MWGA

Jonas Hyltén

Great. Thank you!


Great workout. Well shot and edited. Please Please Please unclick the box that says you want commercials in the middle of your video. In this 20 minute workout there were 5 interruptions. Two were within 2 minutes of each other. Ok with ads in beginning and end. I know you have bills to pay.

Chris Fawcett

Ok that was pretty hard for a lunchtime HIT! I'm approaching 60 and struggling with hitting the "high" cadence sections. Any suggestions to overcome this or will it just come on it's own? Note to all you youngsters ... adaptations take significantly longer as you get older. ;-\

Mitra Malaekeh

Loved this session , quick and powerful ?

Jason Jaroszewski

I recently retired from the Army and decided that I am going to be replacing y runs with biking as a means of cardio. I've done a few workouts with GCN and I'm a believer!!!

Kellie Wilmes RN, BSN

LOVE these quick HARD sessions. I do these on my lunch break if I have meetings all day. Thank you!!!


This is a very productive training session. Make more 20-30 minute videos please. A video for a recovery day ride would be fun. Another specifically aimed at big climbs would also be great. Cheers to you GCN!

Mitra Malaekeh

Thank you

John Milliken

Thanks James and Chris. The session was good for first day of recovery from a week long cold/fever/nausea bout. I'm just over 70 using GCN work outs to keep me fit and on the road. Cheers

j a

Amazing workout guys thank you!

Critical Mile

Takk! James and Chris for great training video, my appreciation you both??

Steve Long

Brilliant session as always GCN. You guys rock!!

Emiliano Isaza Villamizar

Excellent workout!!

Kevin Kerns

These short rides can be intense; and just back up in four minute intervals if you want to add more time.

The Sufferfest

This workout (and 5 other GCN Real Time Training Sessions) is available now in The Sufferfest app. Connect your devices and train to personalised 4DP power targets, cadence, and heart rate. Check out the details at thesuf.com/SUFGCN and start your 14-day free trial.


BANGIN’ workout. Thanks!! ???????

H Mar

You guys are talking through this whole thing, and I'm panting!

Mark InPDX

Fantastic! Love these 20 minute rides to wake up in the morning. Thank you!

boho bulk

Thank you


WTF? You're wearing no helmets!

Anna Cain

i got off work and took a nap before this and it woke me up within 3 minutes ahah

Vanessa Towning

One of my favorites. Gorgeous views!!!

Aaron burke

Intense !!! But great ride cheers guys.

Mustang Man

110 rpm is hard to reach but 100 rpm is doable.

m3 e92335i

Percent of FTP pls or something similar....

Global Cycling Network

NEW! Ride this workout in The Sufferfest app. Connect your trainer and hit specific targets as you ride with GCN! Start your 14-day free trial now: https://thesuf.com/SUFGCN

Salvador Estrella

Great workout guys! Make one 40+ min Random HIIT workout next time

Armah The Trainer

I love this one. Just 5 intervals. The boys chat like I'm rolling with my homies. Such a friendly ride. Haha. ?????

Addison Babcock

I was feeling pretty crappy and depressed today. Then I did this training session. Amazing how a little bit of exercise can make a person feel so much better!

James Mercier

Killer session. Perfect for those strapped for time.

lyraD A

Thanks for continuing to make these. I used this after a 40 minute easy ride to add some intensity. I have one suggestion; I don't have a cadence sensor and focus a lot on the meter on the bottom left. Could you guys make one line blue and keep the other green? I try to focus my leg timing when they hit the 12 o'clock position, but its easy to lose track with both the same color. Thanks!


I LOVE these videos! One suggestion. And I know it is this way at SOME points. But really, really helpful when the beat of the music is right on the the same tempo as the cadence at that point of the workout. It just makes it so much easier to keep your pace, and especially helpful for those without a cadence sensor.

Edward Shaw

Love this session

Ann Mahaney

Always great. Thanks!

Davide Romanelli

Hi everybody, as far as i've understood this video is S1 P2 of a complete GCN training program.
How many of there workouts have to be completed per week? Thanks!

marcos pintom cordeiro

Parabens ao canal por video de treinamento indoor....verão pro.ete ser chuvoso e a spinning vai entrar em ação com os treinos de vocês....daqui do Brasil, circuito das aguas paulista, meu grande abraco pra voces do GCN canal....FELIZ NATAL!!!

Armah The Trainer

I must be a glutton for punishment. I keep coming back.

This one was perfect between my personal training clients. I had an hour to kill, so these 20-minute workouts are great to get on and off the bike with enough time to cool down all the sweat that's pouring from my body.

Thanks, GCN for the good workout.

Maira Galletas

Thank you for the training. Greetings from Texas ?


What does strength even mean in terms of cycling? It just seems a word thrown around.


Love these videos. I suggest preparing comments ahead, so you do not become too repetitive. Also, do a mic chech to ensure your breathing does not overwhelm the soundtrack. Thanks!

One Big Bike

Hey everyone we're bikers from the Philippines. We just did our first vlog. Maybe you can check it out. And if you like, give it a thumbs up, comment and subscribe. English subs are available! Thanks everyone!


Hugo Vicuña

Great boost, specially on covid lockdown


Good session

Patrick Cheves

Great video! Thanks for the class/workout!

chris fairfax

are these workouts usable with zwift if yes how do i use them with zwift . or are they in the workouts under gcn

Peter Tsim

Great workout, made all the more painful by the adverts that all seemed to come during the high intensity intervals... ?

Alan Braaa

when they're doing 110 rpm "high cadence" workouts but 100-110 RPM is my normal cadence, guess I'll be doing 130 rpm workouts then.

Dave Young

@GCN will you please read the majority of the comments below about producing a file/workout that will work with a smart trainer. If you can't for some reason please explain or say no, I've been banging on about this for ages. You even replied and said you were looking into it. It exists, you're using it on the trainer so make it available. Or, are you planning on releasing a get fit for Spring series and charging for it?

j h

+1 for giving % of ftp or zones for ppl using zwift etc,if too much for the video maybe in the description?

Hugh Smith

Time for a post ride Espresso!!

Michael W

Since I don't space for a ZWIFT set-up in my flat I am training in the gym on a stationary bike. Your videos help me a lot to follow through and keep working in the cold periods of the year! Are you planning to do more of those? Would really love that!

Nancy Pico


Karine Davis

Do not like all the ads!!!!!

Zunorain Dodhy

I'm using this session for training during the month of fasting here in the Middle East. Fasting from 3:30 am to 6: 15 pm for 30 days, no food or water allowed. I used this session 2.5 hours after breaking fast

Matthew Weeks

Could you place a few more ads into this video? I don’t think there were enough...

Just Me

Hello and thank you for these training videos! Would you please consider making a video doing Peak8? I believe they are 30 seconds all out followed by 90 seconds rest for 8 reps. Dr Mercola advocates this method.


Please, please, DO ADD %FTP or zones in these sessions!!!!!

Sameer Premji

This was brutal in an awesome way!

Katrina Chau

More videos, please!!!!!


I don't have a power meter, or the ability to monitor cadence, so much of this is irrelevant to me if I wanted precision. What I did find useful was noting the overall periods of intensity followed by recovery. Even more useful was visually noting the gearing used during those different periods of time. I related well to the big ring and third big cluster gear for the 60 rpm segments. I know that gear well, which I often use on what I call standing power climbs up 5 to 6% gradient. On a regular (25 mile with 2200 feet of elevation) route, I use that gearing at various locations specifically for the "burn," holding it as long as I can, then easing back to a normal effort.


I'm sweating so much! ;-p

pam clark

I like it but please no bad words that ruins it for some of us.

Joe Snyder

This hurts soo much in that way that makes me just want to do it again. This is one of pre-works, pre-dawn sessions.

Scott Ziesman

% of FTP would be helpful.

Graham Hobson

I don't understand these - are GCN using a piece of software like Rouvy etc. Or are they simply making a videos that we play, watch and copy?
Sorry for being simple!

Cycling class #24 | 45 Minute Favorite Music Indoor Cycling Workout

Cycling class #24 | 45 Minute Favorite Music Indoor Cycling Workout12 Mar. 2020
32 348

This 45 minute cycling

This 45 minute cycling class is full of all of my favorite songs we have included in our previous indoor cycling workouts!

This indoor cycling workout has it all! Sprints, climbs, jumps, jogs, tick tocks, and freeze and holds. This is a great option if you are cycling for weight loss, looking to add cardio into your strength sessions, or you just want a fun indoor cycling class at home! Grab your water bottle, grab your towel, get on your bike and let's do this! Don't forget you can finish this workout with the plank challenge, you can find the link below. - Kaleigh Cohen Fitness

?New to my indoor cycling class workouts? START HERE! ?- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBJ0TIYiwZzjLnd3RU_J2y-dm9a34Ggw3

?‍♀‍If you are using this indoor cycling class workout for a stationary bike or exercise bike workout and cannot go into the standing positions, 2nd and 3rd, but would like an added challenge during these, TRY THIS:

2nd position: increase your speed! Try anywhere between 5-15 RPMs.

3rd position: increase your resistance here but try and keep the same cadence.

?Indoor cycling music can be found at my Spotify ?- https://open.spotify.com/user/7nc336145b90ijgxxg8o3wett?si=y-lIPGvzSDCjgZcshEDCDg

??‍♀‍Get to know me here ?https://youtu.be/la6BwPsvo9k

?Let's connect!

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kaleighacohen/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kaleighcohenfitness

?Subscribe for more free indoor cycling class workouts: https://www.youtube.com/kaleighcohenfitness

?Share this indoor cycling workout with a friend:


?Next indoor cycling class! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkOy1t4kxJI&t=1s

??‍♀‍ Hello! I'm Kaleigh! I attended my first Spinning class when I was 15. Since then I've been addicted to indoor cycling workouts. Now, as a certified Spin class Instructor and fitness trainer, my goal is to provide you with fun, motivating, and energizing indoor cycling workouts that motivate you to be YOUR BEST YOU! This is cycling motivation! Thanks for cycling with me!

? DISCLAIMER ? When beginning any fitness workout or regimen, it is important to consult your physician to ensure this program is right for you. Do not start this program if your health care provider advises otherwise. Any exercises or information on this channel, through videos or comments, is to be used at your own risk. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness will not be responsible or liable for harm, damage, or injury as a result of any information provided.

#cyclingclass #cyclingworkout #indoorcycling

Comments (96)
Samantha Anderson

Recently tried cycling for the first time and loved it but had to find a way to do it at home since it so much more affordable. Your videos are so good. I know exactly where I’m supposed to be during the workout and I always feel like I’ve worked hard. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Great workout!

ricardo lilo

tks for the class ! from Brazil

Glenda Bobroff

You are awwesome! ?doing your class!!!

joanne robinson

Loved this, went by so quickly. Sweating buckets . Thank you

Kandice Howland

This was a tough one mentally! I def like the upgrades to the newer videos with music choice and visual effects! Also new mic? Sounds clearer in recent videos! So much better when listening with headphones so I'm letting you know the upgrades were worth it! ?

Linda Grove

Oh my gosh another great workout. I wanted to give up half way, but I kept going. Thank you

Mae Cash

This is my first online class with Kaleigh. Since the stay at home struggle I’ve been trying to find a good YouTube class for weeks. I quit my gym and bought a bike because I work full time from home even before this month so it just made sense for me in the long run. I liked going to the gym for class for motivation and accountability but what’s happened lately pushed me to get together a home gym. The first several vids I found from other YouTuber’s were just ok because I wasn’t burning as many calories or getting as much distance as my gym classes. Today w Kaleigh honestly...firstly, to put it nicely, I was NOT clicking with her vibe or her music. I especially didn’t like this music and found it too low in comparison to her voice....I had it on full blast from an external speaker and still hear it. I like the kind of music like EDM or something that really gets you going and the ratio of voice to music at least a bit more equal if not more...Take some of that with a grain of salt though Kaleigh because I’m brutally honest and an introvert so I don’t vibe with many people anyway so it’s not you, it’s me. Hah. And the music is a personal preference because I truly do better in classes with that type of music. Two, She’s motivational in her words and that really matters. She’s got the body type I’m striving for, so that helps too. You see your ‘coach’ out there having the results and that’s subliminally motivating as well. And three and most importantly, this video got me the most calories burned and the most distance since gym classes. So all and all, it was a great experience and you get a thumbs up and a new subscriber mainly because of point number 3. Thanks for making these videos. I hope you have some with harder beats and more electronica or rock mix. If not, please consider adding some because that type of musician especially necessary for the days I am struggling to want to cycle. Thanks again and I hope you keep up making these videos

Steven Gordon

Excellent, brilliant, great class and proper workout ! Thanks

Mary Joseph

I enjoy the energy your motivation and the music ofc. Thank you.

Dennis Poitras

Hey Kaleigh!Just want to say thank you for all you do!I found you a few weeks ago as I am a stay at home spin biker who has only done YouTube spin videos.I love the energy,direction,intensity,and intelligent progression that you bring to your videos.I love your sense of humor while I’m suffering during the workout!Lol!Have a nice day!

María Victoria Villegas

Love it ??❤❤

Pamela Hanson Burch

That was AWESOME ....YOU are AWESOME!!!

Kartikeya Raj Gupta

One of the best!

Peacock Maiden

I like your enthusiasm


Hi Kaleigh . Now is 6.39 am???? on Monday and I finished ur class, amazing. I ready to get down to business. See u

Elizabeth Whitaker

Thank you so very much. Great workout. Do you have any meal plans? That's my biggest struggle, food!!

Jennifer Lee Wathen

Hi Kaleigh! Thanks for these great workouts! I just bought an indoor bike and have used for videos. I’ve been consistent with riding my bike at least 3-4 x a week and your videos have helped motivate me and made me smile during really tough parts!

I went to your Spotify account but #24 isn’t listed on Kaleigh Cohen Fitness! Is there another channel to look for on Spotify? I was hoping to add a few of these songs to my power yoga playlists! Have a good day!

Eva Lau

Came back after months to do this ride again! Still a goodie... I forgot about those saxophone sprints! Thanks Kaleigh!!

Lauren Byrd

This was awesome! Thank you so much!!!

لافندر lavender

Rhank you so much for this wonderful amasing cycling workout????

Beth Boone

Such a motivating, challenging and intense workout! Really really loved it. Thank you ??????????❣️

Kevin Leander

Great workout. I love when spinning instructors treat the bike like a bike.


One more workout complete ????

Patrick Laherty

Awesome workout-

Eva Lau

I would pay $9.95 for a Kung Fu intro.. ??? Thank you Kaleigh! Love the sprint songs..... #teamsprintteamclimb ???‍♀️

Petra Bredemeyer

Again great class .Joined 2 weeks ago and did 5 classes so far .Love the energy and Fun !!!You were asking for song suggestions ?? Pretender for the Foo fighters , fighter from Christina Aguilera, scooter ( rebel yell ) .Keep up with your great work .

Richard Hinz

Killer workout☠

John Willis

Well done. Counting the cadence intermittently really helps. Thanks.

Julie Fry

I really enjoy your work outs. I like your energy, I feel pushed harder than cycling on my own. Question for you though. I have a stationary bike that doesn’t allow for standing, jogs, jumps. What would you recommend I do during those parts? Speed up, lean forward, add resistance and slow down? I’ve just been adlibbing, but would like to hear your recommendations. Thanks for all your work!

Andrea Wiesner

You are the best!!!!


Love this and you! ?

Lisa Clarke


Summer Verhines

The workout was great, but the music was a little too quiet in the background. Could hardly hear it over your instructions.

Joanna Winter

Just finished this great ride,loved it even if my iPad switched off half way through ??really loving your classes !

Deborah Rothman

Started by going thru the motions, ended up full butt kicking!! ??

Fred Green

Thank you,

Julie Tsolakis

BTW music is great! You took the time for US! Awesome ?


Yo Kal! That was an awesome session! Music was on point, energy was hype! the variations were great! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Christopher Manno



My shirt was utterly soaked. Okay, time for water and hit the showers. ? amazing workout and music selection. I was cursing at the cieling during the last song.?

Barbara Griffin


Shea-lyn Smith

Omg that workout was wonderful. Hated the jumps thou lol. Towel soaked, and I'm soaked to my socks lol.

لافندر lavender

J'aime trop ton cycling workout merci kaleigh?????.

Morgan Tidwell

Thanks for the awesome workout. Love your energy, it’s very motivating! ??


Good music


You talk too much :/ its annoying

Jeff Hatcher

My cycle number 22 of my 50 cycle target is actually # 21 (30 minute) and # 24 (45 minute) combined with 35 minute run in between. Total of 2 hours including stretching and over 1300 calories burnt. Saved #23 for the week as 20 minute sessions are ideal for before work. Really enjoyed the #24 / 45 minute session. Great combo of sprints, hills, holding... it’s hard but helping me get stronger after my injury in May. Thanks again for your awesome workouts. X

Lori Mazzeo

This was good. The 1-2 really helps to equate the speed. ?

David Joaquin

Had to retake this class on my Keiser!! So nice that I can control my heart rate and rpm!! thank you!!

Moe B

6/29/20.....Holycrapola chica yes yes yes. Awesome peasome ride. Thank you. Now searching for part 2 miss Kung fu master spinner ?????????

Ryan Severson

Thanks for another awesome workout! It's nice to have this as an option now that all the gyms closed in my area.


thanks for sharing just got a new indoor bike?

Eva Lau

Great ride for a weekend session! I love it when give the counts 1/2, 1/2, it really helps with the cadence! Thank you Kaleigh, you're awesome!

Emma Waddingham

Awesome spin!! Second time for me this week ??? thanks so much for sharing ?

Montserrat Salume


Andy Douglas

Hi again Kaleigh well only managed 30 mins ,there is two things 1st my bike is to small even though i read up on it so i can't do position 2 so i have to use three all the time,and your cadence is a lot faster than what my cadence sensors say if i try to spin my legs at your speed i will take off,do you use a cadence sensor ?.Andy

Tuppien Tuppi

Thank you ????

Lisa Schenkel

More rock music PLEASE!

Cristina Mura

Thanks for this wonderful spinning class! you helped me to fulfill my daily workout during my virus-quarantine :)

Lee Hunter

Great class. 45 mins really getting the heart rate up. Did it in work as a firefighter - great to get that fitness up.

David Joaquin

I was up and at em' with Kaleigh this morning!! I love this class, perfect! Pretty happy going to pick up my Keiser spin bike today. After all these years going to retire my Schwinn Johnny Spinner!! Thank you!!!

Christine Hill

In the morning I love two things: coffee and spin with you!!!

Michelle Filmore

Enjoyed the workout!

Sue Norris

Yet another great class. Thanks Kaleigh. Xxx

Ariel Chan

Hi Kaleigh, i am new here.
Still v confused how the resistance works.
Is it the higher the resistance, the harder the body needs to work against it?

Scott & Seana Brewer

Just finished this one. Another great one! Thanks for the motivation and for bringing on the sweat! Hope you have a great day???

Ged Ginty

Thanks for new workout, was tough after legs day this morning but ya know what they say, no pain no gain lol, really enjoy your classes and keeps me upto speed for mountain biking on the weekends, thanks again really appreciate your time. ?

Richard Pavelka

For me toughest workout so far! Loved it...thaaaanks

Patricia Monska

Thank you Kaleigh. Great workout and not boring.

Penny Dunaway

You are an awesome teacher! Great workout. I don’t love the music.

Patrick Figueroa

wow so tough Thank You


Dear Kaleigh, my legs and lungs said that they are rather angry at me after this one, but it’s okay because my heart and head said that they are 100% overjoyed that I decided to get on the bike today. This is probably a super weird comment but I blame the workout for my endorphins flowing. ??

Isabelle Simard

Merci pour ce bel entraînement! Ton énergie est génial!

Barbara Sharp

How about some 1970’s Motown, rock and disco music....?! ?


Love the 45 minute sessions! I look forward to yours

L.N. McDonald

I totally kicked that butt’s workout again?? I think I blacked out a little on those 7 sprints but was finally able to keep a higher pace on my freeze and holds ? ?

Timberlake Yoga

Back for more! This was a sensational spin class! I loved the music and the entire vibe. Thank you x a million ❤️❤️❤️ I appreciate all the effort you put into planning, filming, and editing these videos for us to enjoy!

Paola Lemos

You did my day.. I Love your humor ???

Lisa Johnston

Thanks I just did this workout - it was great! do you have a 45 mins endurance one atall? Really love your classes!

Angie Podesta

Loveeeeeee itttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Love your energy!!!!! #staysafe #teamKaleighColeh?

David Joaquin

Kaleigh!! Double High Five to you!!! I love your 45 min. classes!! Thank you!!

Mayra Cantú Garza

Thanks!!! great workout :))

Veronica Sanderson

as you would say yourself Kaleigh.... "AWESOME"!


Double thumbs up! Like you, my towel was doing nothing for me in the end.

Aarin Kenaga

Excellent Work out Thank you!!!

Sue Wise

Another superb workout!!!  I LOVE the really heavy standing climbs!!

Philip Hobbs

Phew.. feeling quite sweaty after that one.. almost at 245 cals / 16.3 kms

Curious about rest days. I try to do three spins a week - can you do them on back to back days? I had some crazy days this work week

Philip Musyoka

Hey Kaleigh, I’ve been watching your cycle workout videos for a few weeks now, love them, keeps me going the whole right, Thank you sooo Much ??

Tammy Rickard

I just found your channel. Love it. So motivating. Thank you. Love the feeling of not riding alone.

Renee Miron

Ammazing, as always! I’ve been sharing your videos with all my friends! I tried freeze and hold without touching my handle bars, it was.....hard and short lived lol. Definitely accomplishes the goal with hitting the quads though. I also like mimicking a sprint by engaging my upper body (controlled motions with my arms) when you do sprint portions in your videos, I feel like I can engage my abs more. Thanks again for all your hard work putting these together, they’re great quality all around!

Julie Tsolakis

THANK YOU! For all your hard work and inspiration!

John Willis

What a great class! Your best one...so far!

Nancy Sawaya

Great class! Professionally filmed and audio very clear.... I felt like I was in the room with you. Great queuing and instruction as well. Truly enjoyed it! Thanks. ❤️?‍♀️

L.N. McDonald

Thanks for posting a second video this week! I was worried we wouldn’t see a new cycling video this week and you delivered?? Loved this one.

Amanda T.

I love your workouts! They’re perfect to do while at home during this quarantine. Do you ever consider incorporating tap backs, crunches, and push ups to future classes? Those are my fav!

TriJake Cycling - Endurance

TriJake Cycling - Endurance6 Nov. 2014
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Jake MaulinSubscribe 438 721

Jake Maulin takes you for

Jake Maulin takes you for a 30 minute endurance ride designed to make you sweat and burn through calories.

Comments (12)
Lou Roy

definetly getting the hang of it great video, love the ride, i did it 30 min was a challenge will keep that rate for a couple more days ...aiming for 45-1h one thank you

V'Rod Diva

Lol..I'm 58 & love u Jake! 4-5 x week & have aahMaaazing results, dude you're awesome in instructing!! #OwnYourOwn Ride #58isNew28 cause I'm #FitAt58Never2Late. THANK U JAKE!

Joe L


Otto Rozing

How's here after rolling hills? Let's go

Cathy Dowling

Jake, I think you are going to get me to The Prouty this year. I'm 66 yrs old, female and I'm aiming for the 50 miler. Thanks so much. Love your YouTube viideos.

Tim Mackey

Came across by accident, so glad I did! Forget graphics, it's about the WORK! Thank you!

Mindy Nelson

Jake, please make more cycle videos!  I love your rides!

Edith Millán

Love your videos and thanks to you now I love indoor cycling ;)

Eric Sweeney

Jake your the man! I like your coaching style..your the best spinning class on YouTube. Keep it up.

monica corpus

thank you Jake love your spinning classes!


LOL @11:53 "Cadel Padence "


Thanks Jake. I am following you.