Lance armstrong's resting heart rate

Lance Armstrong Interview on David Letterman (2008)

Lance Armstrong Interview on David Letterman (2008)12 Jun. 2017
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Lance Armstrong Interview

Lance Armstrong Interview on David Letterman For my favourite David Letterman Segments please visit my playlist here

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That guy on the left sound's really Dope lol ;)

The Psychology of Lance Armstrong

The Psychology of Lance Armstrong29 Jul. 2019
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Why did Lance Armstrong

Why did Lance Armstrong throw it all away? Dr. Kirk Honda and Humberto analyze his personality and his cultural context.

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Cyclists' hearts: can you be so fit that you die?

Cyclists' hearts: can you be so fit that you die?12 Jan. 2018
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Why have dozens of

Why have dozens of endurance athletes died in their sleep over the last few decades? How can a cyclist's heart rate be slower than an elephant's?

Elite cyclists have such extreme physiology and such abnormal cardiovascular systems that their hearts beat less than 30 times a minute. Combined with performance-enhancing drugs that makes their blood thick and gloopy with red blood cells, this spells a recipe for disaster.

The legendary 'Il Pirata', Marco Pantani, had to wake up in the night and cycle on a stationary bike to make sure his heart rate didn't drop too low and cause a heart attack. During the day, he lived to ride...but at night, he rode to stay alive.

This is my 2nd video so all comments (good or bad) are welcome! If you do like it, please subscribe and like yadda yadda. Let me know any ideas you would like for future videos.


Further reading:

The Death of Marco Pantani by Matt Rendell https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009S8AV2M/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

Ross Tucker's blog http://scienceofsport.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/cyclist-dies-in-sleep.html

(current website http://sportsscientists.com/)



Tango de Manzana by Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons licence, downloaded from http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?collection=15



Cycling footage (CC) - John Simpson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYqma2kHYbA

Mo Farah footage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-pYRozSHn4&t=48s

Guardian - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDG7k8wGYCU

Le Tour de France - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EJUjd4WV-A

Fitbit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k3DNT54NkA

VO2 max - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7kn3mkO7Ec

Elite athletes - http://heart.bmj.com/content/98/12/947

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Arnav Konduru

is it just me or is every body else worried about 4:27

I know You know

Cyclists that were on steroids, not you mate ?


this video makes my chest hurt

Stevo Maginn



I knew there was I reason I’m not fit !



Vickie Sanders

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Tom Rock

Why did you say you CAN'T be so fit you die? Didn't you said cyclists died in their sleep while not being on drug but being in rest? That's literally being so fit you die.


OKAY YOUTUBE! I'll watch it... ?

Edit: It was good, thank you YouTube.

Uncle Star Wars Satchmo98

It's not the fitness, it's the ignoring red lights which kills...

Matthew D'Aoust

Plot twist: Lance Armstrong has been taking Shrew DNA injections.

R2 R

I dont know about the enhancing drugs in this particular sport...but It wouldnt surprise me to find theybuse shit far beyond than an...lets say hormones fornmuscle growth. These boys also play with heavy more even "psichyatric" doping. Even in high speed running they used shit for Parkinson's desease to react faster to the shot.
Shits insane at those levels. No wellebeing. Just winning.

Tristan Andersen

Your dry sense of humor in weighty and complicated subjects like these is perfect!


Hells Angels: Live to ride, ride to live!
Marco Pantani: and I took that personally


Loved your humor :D


You can overdose anything even water.


Can you be so fit you die

DJ Khaled - Sufferring from Success

Marothi Kalushi

Steroids duh!

Saara Orav

My sleeping heart rate is 32bpm and resting is around 38-40bpm.


Video: "During the day he lived to ride but at night, he rode to..."
Me: "Live?"
Video: "Stay alive"


1 Drink more Water!
2 No Alcohol anymore, best thing never!
3 No Smoke
4 No Caffe,
5 Train ur Heart muscle, just steps high up at stages!
6 Drink Water!
7 Run
8 Win any Ride!

Kimberly Cullen

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Finally a problem that doesn't plague me.


Please guys don't by lycra


This is like the opposite of the Hulk! ;) (watch heart beat alarm)

Manuel Liriano

What about blood doping-?

Charlie Collings

My mans got that 20W - 60 blood

Kameron Hammond

MAMIL: M-iddle A-ged M-an I-n L-ycra. I couldn't chance it, I had to put in the hyphens ;- )

Pottenger's Human

Black hole cardio is bad for you, film at 11. You should either be going all out for short periods, or going at a speed you can easily breath. Or combine them as in HIIT. If you are out of breath long periods you are killing yourself not making yourself better.

Maia Cindy

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Ben Newton

Well I better have some more cake then


Got this in the suggestions after watching a few videos on road biking (after looking at my old road bike in the cellar for about a second).

Clearly shows AI isn't actually that clever, as it is very clear to anybody who knows me the slightest that the content of this video will never be relevant for my life.


rule 1: avoid steroids.


At 4:26 i stopped


If you have not heard EPO has a great advantage of making your blood cell more efficient meaning they can absorb and transport more oxygen the downside however is that since your blood is very rich in oxygen the brain slow down your heart rate to balance the overflow of oxygen in your body... a too slow heart rate is not a good. Pretty much old pro cyclist have used EPO or another not detectable molecule that bring the same effects and consequences... here we go now you know why they heart stop while sleeping.


Well, of course. Endurance athletes suffer muscle loss in training and during the event, and with the heart also being a muscle...

Alexander Thompson

Watching this in Seattle, got a chuckle from the "beautiful London sunny day" line at 0:20, very relatable

Produced by Nael

What is the log supposed to be?

John Cosmas

It is all related to the health of your endothelium (the lining of your arteries). If you eat a high fat (western) diet then your blood becomes very sticky and your endothelium becomes lined with cholesterol growth. Thick blood flowing fast through arteries during exercise dislodges these cholesterol growths and triggers a heart attack with a 30% chance of death. The solution is to change to a low fat, oil free vegan diet: no meat, no dairy, no oils, no nuts and no avocado. The a year or so, your endothelium heals itself and these cholesterol grows get dissipated.

Abhishek VP

"I have won, but at what cost" - Wario


If fitness means ability to perform repeated action efficiently.
Then being 'so fit you die' , must be classed as 'unfit'

Ashwani Dwivedi

Misleading title 99999


This is so interesting. Glad I found it.


I am worried now.


What a truly fascinating subject and beautifully informative and concise video!

Joshua Gall

"During the day he lived to ride, but at night he rode to stay alive"

Dude, "at night he rode to LIVE". The one wrote itself

ImtheONE Hero

Yes. Look at what happened to the legend, the dragon, Bruce Lee.


me: starts watching mma and eddie hall but overweight and unfit
youtube: dont get any ideas bud

Pepe Jones

A lot of athletes get blood clots too.


Their hearts are bigger than normal because they take steriods cyclists are still taking juice.


they did because EPO thickens the bloos

Charles loko

Never ever subscribed to a video before .. After seeing your second video I have subscribed. :-)

Bernardo Santos

I heard about this in a RussianBadger video. I went to the video he saw, and there was a comment saying “now that’s what I call ride or die”

michał czajkowski

There are not so fit that they die they just drugged himself to death.
dont call people who artificially enhance himself fit it's like calling person riding a motorcycle fast, he isn t its motorcycle that is fast.


The thumbnail?
The video ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

Emilio Arroyo

Pantani and Indurain dont belong on the same category. The first died in a very obscure way physically burned up. Indurain is very happy and still strong as a horse at 56 years of age today


I had a test with a doctor when I was 30 years old and my heartrate was 35bpm. He asked me about my diet and what exercise I did, told him I was a vegetarian and my only exercise was work as a boiler operator and I used to run up the steps to the top of the boiler in 100 degree heat lol. Asked if I had any problems.the only things I suffered occasionally was seeing black spots when I got up from sitting and pins and needles in my fingers. I am 50 now and I bet my heartrate is 100 lol. Thanks for the video


I would love to know what the heck is going on in the heart @ 6:37, can someone explain?


Dunno if this is dumb or not.
But this guy who had to wake up to speed his heart up... couldn't he just take some caffeine or something before bed? Or maybe it wouldn't be enough in his case?
Coffee seems to speed my pulse up a fair bit.

Also gel like blood? Blood thinners?

ben .walker

Does this in any way link in to Atrial Fibrilation? My dad has always been fit and healthy, cycling most days, resting pulse in the high 30’s/low 40’s but an onset of AF has become an issue. Numerous A+E trips only for it to self re-align and the cardiologists to say “no issue”. 65 years old and the AF will raise his HR to 170bpm for 3-4 hours per episode, almost exclusively at night.
Been researching AF for a few months now and it seems to be an issue for people with sedentary lifestyles but also seems to impact endurance athletes. If you have any videos about AF, particularly in athletes, I’d love to see.

Jim Weights

Maybe they all take steroids?

jason dads

oof, my resting heart rate is double yours


4:25 ew ew ew ew ew ew ew eeeeeeeewwwww

Agge bagge

Fit as in getting you bodyfat to 4%? yes.

Noki Chou

You can easily achieve this if you take drugs like these professional athletes do.

Kameron Hammond

Some people think I'm condescending . . . , do you even know what that word means ;- )

Erik Herne

Interesting video!
Just want to clarify that the 7 swedish orienteers that died between 89 and 92 (in fact 15 in total if you go back as long as 79) didn't do so in their sleep. The test afterwards suggest that the bartonella bacteria, normally quite harmless, in combination with hard physical training caused myocarditis. So probably nothing related to drugs!
Maybe a suggestion for a video though, bacteria/virus infections in combination with training and the effects on the heart ;)

Claudio Trajtemberg

I will never know.


Can't they just drink coffee / take amphetamine before bed?


Short Answer: *no, you can't be so fit that you die.*

Long Answer: *watch the video*

kajetus 06

i know that you can die when you are on The Oldest Anarchy Server in Minecraft and see Fit

Dave Kelly

Marco Pantani had such a low resting heart rate and had to wake up in the middle of the night to exercise because he was taking that much EPO that his blood was like treacle!

Rodrigo Marreiro Alves

loved the conclusion!


I'm an Etruscan Shrew and I find this offensive.


You forgot steroids ? More test = bigger heart = lower BPM.

Jose Calbet

No way the VO2max of Indurain was 100 ml/kg/min. Neither was his maximal cardiac output 50 L/min.

Jeanice Smothers

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Patricia Walters

If someone overtrains to the point that they risk heart failure, how can that legitimately called fitness? I assert that this is not fitness, it is exercise abuse.


they arent freaks...they are just not natural xD



Jonathan Moore

Needlessly overworking your heart and joints...what could go wrong?

Lang Jan

is that not how Bruce lee died, from being too fit?


no but if you do EPO all the time and cycle your ass off then take a break, ya that could fuck you up

Zidan Mozumder

0:36 "I have wake up in the middle of the night and cycle to avoid my heart rate dropping too low" Lol get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Many of these athletes take performance enhancing drugs and partake in blood doping. The practice of waking up in the middle of the night to cycle for the sake of keeping oneself alive is common among those who blood dope and/or use EPO, to avoid developing a blood clot and subsequently get a stroke or pulmonary embolism. There are plenty of MMA fighters who have heart rates in the mid thirties, such as Michael Bisping and Paul Felder, who never had to do that. Why? Because they're clean athletes.

2:28 "Figures like this tell you immediately that these athletes are freaks" No. Figures like these tell me that these athletes are enhanced. They're taking EPO and/or Cardarine and/or SR9009 and/or MK677 and/or Ostarine and/or blood doping etc.

Tony Ngomana

damn y'all have fucked up weather.

Drew D

Good to hear that you can't be so fit that you die (without drugs or other underlying conditions). A couple of my friends are actually worried that they could train themselves into a higher risk of heart problems.

Reportedly, pro cyclists used to be put on saline drips with aspirin in them to help cope with the night problems of EPO usage.
Apparently, this would also help get around hematocrit tests (early morning tests conducted on 'health' grounds in the times before an EPO test was developed). They also discovered that hematocrit levels went up if the rider stood around for 30 minutes waiting for the test, so they used to only get the rider up as close to the test as possible.

It is probably a bit spurious to mention the 2017 'death in sleep of cyclist' when it was heart attack of a 15yo kid. The kid and his brother had been sent to hospital in 2015 for cardiac testing after his father was found to have a congenital heart condition. They tested his brother, but they didn't test him and deferred his test to a later date.


resting heart rate at 48??? wtf, i got resting heart rate at 90, sometimes even 110

Kirolos Makram

im a commuter and sometimes i go to rides with my friends like 30km distance and i noticed from my fitness band that my resting heart rate were low before i bought my bike in october, october was 57 resting, now is 41,dude you are scaring the shit out of me

It doesn't really matter

Suffering from success


Video title : Cyclists' hearts: can you be so fit that you die?
David Goggins : stone cold face

Vicky Alberts

Now I’m worried. My heart rate regularly drops to 30bpm at night ?. I’m not even fit!

Aaditya Kalwani

im 14 years old, athlete and i love fitness a lottttt. one day my apple watch (series 3) recorded a peak (lowest point, opposite of a peak ig) of 39bpm and that was really cool for me. my resting rate usually hovers around 42-48 so that was quite nice. anyone know the accuracy of an apple watch's heart rate monitor?

Edison Phua

This is my excuse for not exercising. Then again I'm not a world class potatoes

Toxic Senpaii

wtf is 50L/ minute in bpm

Sam Porter



Sleep is for the weak

Moldy Potato

1:48 L og

Daniel Ryu

I saw "Can you be so FAT you die" I immediately clicked, and I was like oh ??

Knight-Sgt. Reyes

Lol just ask Special ops. The most physically fit people on the planet. You can overwork yourself in the moment but it’s about gradually building your cardio vascular respiratory endurance before that happens so you can handle it better. That’s why running and cardio are so important. Any physical activity is good!

MDG, Steeplejack

It is also possible to die due to a convulsion in the heart muscles. That causes the same symptoms of a regular heart attack, and it is easily fixed with medication if done quickly, but it can lead to death if no help is around and the worst of it: It can occur even to very fit and young people.