NubAbility Athletics Summer Camp 2015

NubAbility Athletics Summer Camp 201513 Jan. 2016
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Uploaded on Jan 12,

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2016

Amputee youth athletes, congenital and traumatic learn they are #unstoppABLE at the 2015 NubAbility Athletics Foundation's All Sport Summer Camp. Want to know what NubAbility All Sport Summer Camp for Limb-different kids in DuQuoin IL is all about? WATCH this beautiful produced video of our 2015 camp set to our #dontneed2 theme song written by Chazzy B, Chaz Bland, a high school team mate and friend of NubAbility founder Sam Kuhnert. PLEASE SHARE, Like & comment on this video to help us find more kids to serve! The 2015 camp had over 40 accomplished athletes with limb-differences who coached and mentored 136 kids with limb-loss and their siblings from nearly every state in the nation. We even had a grappling coach travel from the U.K.! We hold smaller events at other locations across the nation, but this is our BIG HITTER. To inquire more about our camps & events check out NubAbility.org. To donate or become a sponsor, you can donate online or email us at [email protected]

"I will not let your perception of my limits, limit my determination to crush your pity and replace it with your respect for my ability to compete."~Sam Kuhnert, Head Coach & Founder of NubAbility Athletics Foundation who #dontneed2 to be #unstoppABLE-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.­-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit, NubAbility (Nub: what many call their limb-difference; Ability: being able to;) Getting kids with limb-differences "OUT of the STANDS, OFF the BENCH, and INTO the GAME of Mainstreamed organized athletics!" We BELIEVE ALL KIDS should have the opportunity to LEARN LIFE THROUGH SPORT! Donate today @ NubAbility.Org Follow, Like & Share on Facebook,

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Titan Productions

And came to this amp

Titan Productions

My little brother has a little hand

NubAbility Athletics Foundation

NubAbility Media Volunteer Rachel Gartner and Cameraman Jon Beeby knocked this out of the PARK!! Nice work NubFriends!

Jayda McKinney

This organization is a blessing to limb different children and their families. May God continue to bless your endeavors.

Luzi Fer

Very cool!

NubAbility Softball | Coach Hayden

NubAbility Softball | Coach Hayden16 Jan. 2018
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In this video Coach

In this video Coach Hayden and Jenna show us how they hit.

The NubAbility® Athletics Foundation exists to encourage, inspire and instruct limb- different children who are congenital or traumatic amputees by getting them out of the stands, off the bench and into the game! We believe all kids should have the opportunity to learn life through sport, regardless of how many limbs they might have. NubAbility has developed an all-volunteer team of over 80+ accomplished adult limb-different-athletes, hailing from across the U.S. and other countries.

These athletes coach and mentor the limb-different youth at our camps, clinics, online and beyond. Our cornerstone and most life-changing events are our sports camps and clinics, held across the nation. These camps provide one-on-one and small group training for the limb-different-youth-athlete, by our coaches who have already walked in their shoes or “blades.”

Our coaches instruct in adaptive skills & techniques in over 20 sports to prepare limb-different youth to COMPETE in MAINSTREAMED school sports. Throughout the year, our organization serves over 1000 limb- different athletes and their families, who travel from around the country and world! to attend our adaptive sports camps and seek mentor and coaching connections through our media and email. It is a fantastic experience for everyone involved!

Email [email protected] or visit www.nubability.org to learn more and become a Game Changer!

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Cole's Dad Tells His NubAbility Story

Cole's Dad Tells His NubAbility Story18 Dec. 2020

Every NubAbility camper

Every NubAbility camper has their own unique story about discovering their inner strength and confidence. In this video, Bryan talks about his unstoppable son Cole.



The NubAbility® Athletics Foundation exists to encourage, inspire and instruct limb-different youth (congenital or traumatic amputees) by getting them out of the stands, off the bench and into mainstream sports. Imagine the power of having a mentor who looks like you.

Visit nubability.org and our social media platforms to learn more.

Email [email protected] for information.

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