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Onnit Invitational 7 | Grace Gundrum vs Charlene Gellner

Onnit Invitational 7 | Grace Gundrum vs Charlene Gellner25 Mar. 2018
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Roxanne Del Carmen

I like Grace but why does she act so socially awkward and the way she walks is cringe worthy. She reminds me of those emo kids in high school who cut themselves.


The walk-on was longer than the match haha? Was so short I had to replay


she looks like a teenager who has been forced by her parents to do something she has no love for

johnny lee

not cool for white adoption family in middle of nowhere to let asian girl get into this. she need to grow up among asian peers





Alejandro Marquinez

WTF ....that guy is 32yo and weights 103lbs

Lucas FB



I would let her win to


so belts mean nothing?

Josh Mogo

She looks like that bodybuilder Trystan Lee


That's a fooking dude

Ron S

amazing young athlete

Joseph Bowditch

shark boy

Neville Allen II

Not taking anything away from Grace and her win as she is a highly technical grappler, but as a brown belt, that dude should’ve known better to not circle away from his trapped arm because it makes the choke tighter. He practically triangle choked himself. That escape only works if the triangle is loose and the person on the bottom hasn’t angled themselves out yet. If it’s tight, you need to posture up and try other escapes.


Grace has skills, but she wouldn't stand a chance if striking(like a real fight) was involved.


man she prolly thinkin... i want to end this early so i can play minecraft.

Wandering Android

come on... that's a full grown dude fighting a chick in high school.

Tony Rodriguez

That had to hurt him inside..in the chest area..????..wow crazy..stuff.

404 Not Found

Geez what an ambiguous and androgynous society we have become. ?


Has anyone seriously looked into how her home life is..I’ve seen her in person many times. She acts like someone abused or something. Zero reactions or expressions ?‍♂️


That guy should be ashamed for letting a 15 year old young woman beat him

OscubaSteve g13

Imagine Grace and Nicky had a kid!


Grace is amazing. I would like to fight her.

Diego Molinatattoo

Gracieeeeeee Gundruuuummmmmmm!!!!!☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️



Horrible Slave

Somebody retired after that


damn, I am so sorry, thought Grace fought a guy :S Sorry Charlene!!!

Michael Cass

She is a savage... I actually thought she rolled with a dude. Lol i was like hell yeah, she got him. But, its a girl.

Frank Ledford

Grace just bad to the bone ,,,, I can't wait to see her in 3 to 5 year's, she gonna be one of the best if not the best....

Phil D'Asaro

Who edited the sound for this? The bald guy is like 10 times as loud as everyone else.

Jim Garrett

Did Grace fight Charlene or Charlie? I couldn’t tell. In any case, way to go Grace!!!! Love it!!!!

Ernesto Hendrix

She walks like a high school wrestler


"She"?? Are you sure??



Michael Strong

Grace always looks disappointed. LOL. She’s a killer.


This is the least exciting sport ever

Rusty Ellis

It’s amazing how Grace always seems so stoic before, during, and after each win.

rick durro


John Doe

Teach an old dog new tricks....well done

JayMetal 1

I thought there was gonna be a match? She made an experienced fighter look like it was her first time trying BJJ ever..lol Unreal.

Terrance Gerber

Yes the anaconda squeeze into the milk bubbles a very powerful move the milk puts him to sleepy sleeps

Orlando Sanchez


Mike Wolfe

Ouch. She made that look easy....


I dunno why it's so satisfying seeing some butch manlet on roids getting completely destroyed by a 15 year old.

I guess it's nice to see a cheater with a massive strength, age, weight, and experience advantage get embarrassed. Too bad PEDs can't give you a higher IQ.

Nate Ace

I thought Grace fought mexican Bieber.



Neo the Riot

Incredible control, I really want to see her happy, the future will be bright for her for sure!


Idk how I feel about this. Theres no punching?

Christo Lupo

Onnit, getting you healthy with every penny you have. +tax. They should be ashamed of their prices lol

Jim D

If she is so tough why do you post some videos of her beating guys....???

Kop wan

What a brown belt? Who's give that belt?

Money Maker Bandit Sports

I Don't think it is Fair Grace is Fighting this Guy!

Joseph Mercel

She is so calm and patient...

Meister Uli

Why can girl fight with boy???

Carmelo Jones Jr.

Really enjoy watching a Grace Gundrum Match! Her cool, calm, technical execution! A Genius! She's fok'n AMAZING! and I love her little face and ponytail! So ORIGINAL! So BRAVE! SUCH A WARRIOR!


It’s awesome to see her setting up the triangle in the middle of the sweep. I wonder if that’s what she was going for the whole time


Looks like Grace is thinking about her school homework while putting someone to sleep.

Lark Varhees

youre telling me that wasnt a dude?

hung tran

That girl look like michelld waterston

jorge duron

Wtf another sheman in sports .


Glad Grace took it to her; Charlene w/ the headbutts in another match @https://youtu.be/lK018RgWT6k?t=332.


No way that little guy is 32 years old :O he looks like he's 14 or something

Lou R

Grace is amazing.

Christian Thames

The assassin!


I love Grace...she showed that dude that cheaters never win....she it's either TG GUY'or taking test

Fred Frond

Is that the lovely ? Michelle Waterson commentating?


As if dad vs daughter

Andrew dang

Wow she’s so good

Robert Meyer

Grace always has that look of, "Sorry I have to beat you, I just have to"


Charlene Gellner looks likes Caster Semeya sister


grace....every move with a purpose

J Silao

Super slick with the triangle set up, smooth transition into it. Very masterful.

Cash Cash

The Grudge Gundrum.


A 32 yrs old brown belt got submitted by a 15 yrs old blue belt. Time for that brown belt to find a new school to learn at.

Scott Anderson

Definitely a multiple time world champion in the making she a killer




must be humiliating to be that committed to the lifestyle, as Gellner looks like, and be twice the child's age, and be used a triangle dummy. I know the kid is good but wow.


excuse me,but boy vs girl?

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Armbar to mounted kimura ??
Great Great match


Nice good stuff PJ

Shaka Garami

@4:41 haha this kid in the crowd is super psyched to be at a grappling tournament

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