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Pablo ven a Perú
Chile también te extraña

Oh no. He's talking about the t-shirt when he says I'll dream about you
baby, isn't he?

Perfect Song

pree good

Depression came. I thought I can talk with you very easy. I have to go back home. but I really love you....


Yeah it has to all go in one smooth motion. The kinetic chain i think they call it.
I do have a beard like that btw, but it's a little fuller and a tad longer.

My best advice is too advertise your YouTube channel more, this is great content as usual !


Please do full body muscle building workout with reps and sets

Oh my ??

Finally a serratus ant workout

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first :D

Nice videos Rob ! keep it up ! :)

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Your very bold figure


0.25x speed ??????


Dont do 0.25x

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How many times do you hike in a week ?

Thats pretty good wear for the price ,im a postie and walk 10 miles a day 5 days a week and my Royal Mail issue walking shoes lasts 3 to 4 months. I have all the quechua clothing but never tried the shoes ,great review time to buy myself a pair.

Wow, you only get a year and a half to two years out of those shoes before they break apart? You're a true outdoorsman. I've had a pair of North Face hiking boots for a good two years and they're still looking brand new. I don't wear them every day though.

I'm a Londoner but I live in the Netherlands and work in a decathlon. We pronounce it keshyouwah?

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Why is he sticking his tongue out?! Thanks for help tho

It helps alot! Thank you so much!!!

Great video thank you so much

sound terrible


Looking forward to an update video and watch your journey on making the visión come true!

Your eye lashes are beautiful! YOU are beautiful! I was looking for some inspiration for a vision board ( I'm a little late, but hey), and found your channel! I'm also on a weight loss journey here on YouTube :D I've subscribed to you, and I hope your weight loss is going well :)

I just made my vision board for 2021 today !! cant wait to smash our goals girl!!

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That belly tho ????
I love this vid lol



That first slow mo had me crying Devin Harris a beast ???

I don't think Devin Harris can ran out of ideas.

Y’all still shedding? How can I get in contact?

Who was the dude with the polo hat. he got on the kit dev was playing

My guy in da CTM shirt doe?.


u know there 's not much i have to brag about when i was a youngster accept i did have great calves ,but people talk about all fancey ways of doing calves but all i ever did and only ever did was calf raises ,,, that was it twice a week , people use to ask me how do you get your calves like that my answer can only be just do calf raises ...

Lee got muscles on top of muscles and didn't even have to train them.. Genetic freak that guy

I am new to these videos. I am learning a lot.

Surely he is on steroids.

Forget the tibia anterior- I think most guys these days go to the gym to train their labia minora. 

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If you want to build muscle, you should do a Google search "Smashing Ripped X". That might help you get the body you deserve.

"Rock the boat" works so well!

No printable? :(

i remember doing this workout during the summer :) It makes me miss it. I hardly ever have the time to workout because of school.

It' s a little bit too fast (changing the moves) when sb do it for the first time

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Love this video, full of info and filmed/edited very well?? subscribed to you bro?? I used a mix of plyometrics and powerlifting to dunk at 5'6, video is the most viewed on my channel

As a football player, should i do Olympic lifts? I jus started plyo training.

Intent to move comes from the basal ganglia i think..

Bouth bro they are bouth great way

They do 2 different things...

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I think I saw this vlog earlier but u looking so cute In that glass gorgeous great video thumbs up

Any link to show how you did it?

waste of a video wheres the how to?

OMG I have a yorkie named Bella she's 5 years old!!! Just found your video by the way lol.

whata dumbest move to put carpet in a bedroom in the first place. its looks way better now, :)


Hey Scott, note that some of your information regarding the triceps' heads and arm positions is inaccurate when compared to one of Jeremy Ethier's triceps' video (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmgfpdpQ5sk&t=132s). I hope that you explain and provide clarification regarding muscle heads or sections and their limb positions to avoid further confusion and lack of credibility throughout the fitness population, thanks!

Great info, thanks Scott. I see I've been over training my triceps.

No homo but looking good brother

The tricep also helps extending the hand behind the body

Underarm all day !


Gyms are opening here in my place on monday, gonna wear gloves and mask while training.

amazing arms

Gyms are not gonna open for a very very long time here where I live

yesterday i just found out that my gym reopened about 10 days ago. today i'm going. can't fucking believe it. BACK AND SHOULDERS BABYYYYYY!!!!!

He look like phill heath


Tyson for president

Did he just end with "with great power, comes great responsibility"?

Schools should not give you knowledge, they should give you knowledge on how to find or make knowledge yourself. Just like bacteria sized creatures, they have instructions written in their DNA on how to replicate themselves. And so should we be, we should have schools teach us how to learn yourself, because you know yourself the best, and you will teach yourself the best.

Motivation hub, my second most visited video hub

Woooooooww , what an interview mr n. Tyson gave so powerful and such a real humble man , not ambition but duty , words of a soldier !

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the screen doesnt seem to be inclinable, thus not adaptable to different sizes

I purchased the NordicTrack X22i in November - it arrived not functional: belt did not turn. Two hours-long calls with service, two separate parts replacement orders and a technician visit and the machine still does not function properly. At speed of 6 MPH or faster the belt slips side-to-side and the deck bounces 2" - 3" creating a very loud metal-on-metal clanking. Horrible machine. Terrible customer service. Complete waste of money!



Bot hard

raat ko chudti hogi bouncero se tabhi bouncer iske pichhe ghomte h

nice song

Choochi ka bounsing ????????

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A great variety of designs is on the Woodglut website.

2:47 “Air condouchener”

Wow this is awesome! With the pandemic comes remote learning for my 8 yr old—our desk chair doesn’t slide on carpet at all and I keep having to push her in and out of her desk chair?. I’m so happy I found this video because I’ve sent SO many desk chair mats back because they aren’t what we are looking for! Doing this ASAP!!

what a great idea! thank you.

Dig the new intro!


i have type 2 and 3 DS i would like to get corrective surgery if it possible

Is there anything that can be done with DS type 1?   I have it in my right eye, eye won't turn out.   My eye won't really go to center either.   Surgery, or is there any eye exercises I can do?  I think mine is caused by my Dr. that gave me birth used the forceps too aggressively.    I really want to find more information on this and see if I can at least get my eye to go to center. 

Excellent surgery

ماشاء الله الله يوفقك

Gross. Not cringe worthy just gross


Wow looks like popeye

Wow, what bodyweight?

beyond impressive

Good shit man

I think you could do more if you are not swinging on that long rope

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I can up with the exact same calculation for rep speed: a 3 second negative with a 2 second positive, which equals 5 seconds. A total of 12 reps equals 1 minute.

I think TUL and Reps share a similar problem that the person doing the exercise can tend to make the exercise easier by spending more time in the easy portion of the exercise using TUL and for reps people tend to get faster
TUL is best but I think it's useful to Also count the reps or atleast video yourself so you can see if you loitering in the easier range of motion parts of the exercise.

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Love it.. I work with collegiate over head throwing/ hitting athletes

How many reps and sets please. Thanks!

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Loving the variations, What's the song name ?

nice. I was coming to see only 1 way of doing skaters exercise. never saw so many variations

I love it!!!

Impressed and will incorporate



Race convo was weird but necessary! But you pulled Outlander person? You guys so smart and gorgeous!! Loved this Pod!

chris was sent in for damage control and then completely blew up the situation

You cannot trust anything Disney-ABC is a part of, or most media companies these days. It’s just about the money y’all.

I’m a black woman and let me tell y’all it is so refreshing to see white people that get it. Y’all get it and are just as upset as I am and I love y’all even more for it.

Watched the first MIK episode yesterday and Sam was absolutely hilarious. Loved that it wasn’t scripted so their characters shine through. He should be proud! Do we want to join you? The answer is yes. Excited to listen to your book, Sam!


There is you Ala for you. Either way he lost a lot more than a money and the fight. He showed once again muslims think our laws dont apply to them. Looks good on Ottman.

Shady guy and an embarrassment. Ottman team should be banned from UFC as well, breaching security in pandemic is no joke UAE probably will jail this Spiderman wannabe guy forever

Will Dana with the government getting by with being cheaters, it also makes others thinking they can to ! The government is really not good for our kids to watch anymore ! This is very sick shit to do to fu.k people over and get by with it ! And with the FBI doing this too ! They all need to be arrested and closed down ! They all are very very bad for our kids to see all the bad things they do and not NO ONE stoping them !

He was 2 nice a guy, he tried to help someone get in, for tht he was let go.To harsh a punishment.Maybe not have him fight in tht event,fine him but let him go completely seems way to harsh.I think his biggest sin is being to nice n trying to help someone get in watch the event.

Ottman prob had that guy smuggle him some of his not dirty piss he stored earlier

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Back when the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back World Series champions I miss back then

Great Song I love How Tim Mcgraw Sings This Song!!!!!


Back when... life was so less complicated!!

Lord ain't that the truth!