I loved the work a lot. I've been trying to look for vid like yours that breaks down the stuff in this YouTube video. ?Your video reminds me of the vids from this insightful health enthusiast Dr. Ethan! Ethan's videos are educational and I really learned a lot for diet. He is a helpful Doctor in Europe.

I recommend you watch his channel out and give the health enthusiast a subscribe over here! ? #DoctorEthanWellness


Good br0




In the mid 80s I trained in Olympic lifting and went through 2 pair of Addidas lifting shoes that looked pretty much like these. They were blue leather with a wooden heel. I loved them but after my second pair I stopped buying lifting shoes until a few weeks ago. Had I known about these I would've bought these instead.

Do you still have these? Are they holding up?

4 weeks out from a meet? Perfect time to drop out of it and not mention anything about it to your subscribers!!!

Lookin' at you rn Nick Wright

personally, I don't think anything over 0.75" really make any difference if we're just gonna use it for squatting..(from my personal experience trying 0.6" innov8 to 2016 Adidas Leistung). perhaps yoi'll feel the difference if you try to do overhead squat/ front squat wearing this shoe.. thanks for the review Brandon

Had these for a while now and I love them. They are my first pair of weightlifting shoes so I don't have anything to compare them to. I was talking to a lot of people and they say for the most part all of them are the same. They add heel height and to not worry too much about all the other stuff.


Aah meu deus vou tenta giselle kkk

O meu não foi com data já fiz isso tudo é nada tô triste meu perfil só Caio por conta disso

A explicação começa em 3:22 curti pra mais gente ver


Oi gente eu estava enfrentando o mesmo problema já faz um mês tentei de tudo e o único jeito foi contratar um especialista no caso ele desbloqueou minha conta e cobrou pouco pelo serviço valeu a pena pelas informações e fotos que eu tinha ... ( ‪+55 47 9727‑1244‬ ) pode chamar ele vai ajudar e explicar certinho


What’s the sizing like? I wear a w9 in the Turbo2.

I use them to run on treadmills and casual wear, I wish they were more durable but it is what it is

Hey Rob, love the great videos! When can we expect a Peg Turbo 2 review?

Of course, depending on persons gate, weight and life style... what is the weight limit on running shoes...

There is some rubber on the heel side of the bottom sole

12 049 views | 11 months ago days ago

Bro the knock offs work really well too.

Can you leave the resistance bands on there or do you need to take them off after a workout?

I'm 6'1 at 19 but have 6'7 wingspan so I feel like doing squats is kind of hard when u load alot of weight on

When you use all of them together do you add the weight together or is the weight only equivalent to the highest band

Can the heavier bands break if you stretch them too much during exercises that require a lot of vertical movement like squats? Im not using then much because it feels like they are going to break


This is a really good mod, I wish Tommy would give it another try and maybe play one of the intended nations like Equestria or the Grifonian Empire (which is a small nation which slowly becomes larger). Some of these campaigns are really difficult so it would also challenge him.

Idk if it's happened or not, but Tommykay vs Bokoen would be kinda cool

Human isekai drifter reaction when he or she hears the city's name in Equestria 19:35


WTF is this

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Hogen best no.1


@GTN hi mark, have you ever used on the polar v800 the orthostatick test for the hartrate in the morning??
Is it use full


Kona looks way too nice compared to this cold Idaho weather.

Thanks for the tips. Still I hope to see you guys here in the island. #selfie

Hi guys, I recently tried OWS for the 1st time and it made me really dizzy /disoriented, like motion sickness, Any tips /suggestions to stop this? I'm an average pool swimmer.


Been a JYM Army Since the launch in 2013 or 14, since Legacy JYM. Been fighting everyone who says this is overpriced. Been loyal to JYM products for 5yrs now. And guess what? The sucker blocked me because I said something about JYM BCAA he didn't like. I regret every penny i wasted on your line. going to NutraBio or Kaged cause they appreciate their costumers and has better quality than you. There's a video online for anyone who want to see Jim got roasted by NutraBio

Sir iam from india i love to watch ur vedios and i wish ur channel grow more millions
Iam really feeling bad by this channels is its cannot grow ,why lots of information is here but people subscribe those channel which showing bullshit


Because, Jym system works.

Somebody is getting paid off. Protein of the year? What a joke!!!!


Thank you for posting!


man watching olympic Judo is so boring why do i think this???

"no leg grabs"

"no newaza"

"no leg grabs"

"no leg grabs"

"no leg grabs"

"no leg grabs"

"no leg grabs"

This is so boring lmao

Glad i read the comment section

Sooooooo..... what's the purpose of Judo? Like how do you score and win? I thought it was more like karate but I guess not

and the French man is now a champion in judo. right


grazie sean ????

Perfect, thank you for this! Definitely not one of those “people who don’t do shit”!
Hope to improve the speed of my kicks and switch kick!
Check back in 4 weeks ????

What shitheads would dislike a video within a minute of it being released

It's been over 3 days now and I still haven't received my download??

1:42 suree godbi

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How long do we leave the ice on the area?


Today is 9/11. Yesterday I walked into my local Marine recruiter station. I signed my papers. I’m 29 years old so I need to get my age waiver before MEPS

Do you drink coffee?

Not boot camp, but using this to prepare for plc. Wish me luck


bro the fact that you said HEB made me so happy right now lmao

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Cris Cyborg Kill Her

That left high kick is almost like a big man with a baseball bat

Dammit she has incredible looking legs.

If Holly gets to use a baseball bat and Cybrog is not aloud to hit her in the face Holly will win

that kick thou


Your kinda out there lol but I dig it man keep up the uploads

How do I fix my power clean form?

375lb power cleans holy. I can't even deadlift that.

Merry Gainzmas bro

Dropping gems brotha!

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Great explanation! Well done!

Thanks a lot waiting for part 2

Do you need to be able to do muscle ups? If so how many

I think I was able to do my first flag about 4 years ago, but I never really trained - it was always just kind of there thanks to my gymnastics/rock climbing strength. Recently I've been doing it more, and I'm definitely in my "flag-prime" I hope to be able to hold it even longer!



You don't get to choose where or when or how. All you get is to decide is if it's with eyes open or eyes closed.

I am curious to know how Tony Robbins would view this situation and how the people could change their mindset to have a more positive attitude....

This motivates me every time I hear it.

i cant believe how this epic scene has so few views.

this movie should be in English classes for the scrawny skinny jeans wearers to learn from


RUSTAGE make same covers but your beat and lyrics are 100 time better

“Sometimes you must HURT in order to KNOW, FALL in order to GROW, LOSE in order to GAIN, because life's greatest lessons are learned through PAIN.”-pain

all mighty push :me watching me say all mighty push press likes botton

Put it on 1.5 x and its drill

No FAIr he had rennigan


Personally i really like this type of workout, coming from a weight training background its in my confort zone, but i like to up the % a bit. Thanks for the great content

Reps of burpees;

I just did legs yesterday so I'm a bit sore but in a couple of days I will definitely try this?

Yeah, a great one!
Now make a coronavirus edition!

Do live courses (IG Live etc.), my affiliate does this and as far as I know, basically nobody canceled their subscription :)


well done, but sunlam gaan bajna chere bhul bhal cinema r sunday suspense korche. Pity how some talented people get lost .....

Ei gig taar lineup ki chilo?


Least stong and intense hands down phill heath

Most intense 1 branch 2 Larry 3 ronnie 4 levrone 5 kai

Branch Warren = bad form

Fuck that Smith machine trash

Overall delt size top 5 ... 1 levrone 2 ronnie 3 heath 4 Yates 5 lee prist


Why Body Positivity is a Scam: https://youtu.be/sg0qb0tikzQ

I got a couple questions, is there anyway I can reach you, like an email or anything

Nicki never lied about her ass she always said her wasn’t real .

Well done

Based on your videos I’m guessing your a republican. Did you support trump though. Just curious

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Love this song ——— ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️——


Love this song...one of the best love songs of all time.....the top 2 for sho...


This song was featured on KXCI 91.3 in Tucson

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Do you support a football team?


everybody gangsta when the kid enters tailbeast mode

2nd to last place


Love your video, great music

Why isn’t Will’s lower body big though?

Nice workout. What would you recommend for vertical leap training?

John you look more athletic than he does. Was not expecting that. Amazing content as always.

You are still pretty explosive John!


does anyone tried this and had results? please

can i apply colgate please tell me dear

What's the blue thing that you put on the onion please reply

You have beautiful skin. Your skin doesn't look dry at all. I'm definitely trying this!

Wow am gonna try this... am still little curious of how the onion went well with the skin... I thought onion acts like an irritant

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haha i go to school there


Is there a way to mimic altitude training if I live someone like Missouri which is pretty low altitude?

I have a question: I am not a total beginner, but I’m slow. I have a moderate pace of 10min/mile (when I run a 5k) . I run 4x a week.
BUT I still struggle with pain under my ribs. Not because of the breathing but because of the up and down movement. Will that ever go away?

how to run at altitude: step 1: travel away from the Netherlands.. :P

edit: did i ruin it, by not writing "first"?

I think my genetics allow me to be out of oxygen at any level ?

I live in Johannesburg South Africa which is about 6200 feet above sea level, which helps
me when i go to Cape town or Durban, to cycle or run i don"t notice it too much while swimming...
Johannesburg has plenty of places to run and cycle with lots of hilly places..


thankyou for explaining the obvious lmao