Has teller ever spoken

How to be a good story teller and overcome fear

How to be a good story teller and overcome fear14 Feb. 2021
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How to be a good story

How to be a good story teller

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Today I have a special breakdown on storytelling.

We are going to talk about:

- how to make your stories more fun

- how to make your stories more charismatic

- how of to hook the listener

- how to use humor in your stories

- how to get out of your comfort zone

This will also help you make new friends, become more confident and more charismatic in your story telling.

And I am breaking down Will Smith's story telling about his sky diving experiences and what he learned about fear.

Will Smith is telling his story in a very excting, fun and charismatic way and uses a lot of humor and jokes and at the same time he is telling a story you can relate and resonate with.

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Talk soon!

Jacob Mullis

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Ivan Votipka

Good video!

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good (Live Spoken Word Version)

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good (Live Spoken Word Version)10 May. 2012
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Joe Walsh performs "Life's

Joe Walsh performs "Life's Been Good" spoken word version live at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA.

Joe Walsh's new album, Analog Man will be available June 5th. Pre-order now on Amazon - http://amzn.to/IVSWPb

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Joe Danka

I relate alot 2 Joe Walsh ..its all good ..i dont feel bad ..hes a little older.

Tony Girratono

What a cool guy.

Woody Moose


Gem girl

??This man is absolutely a hilarious genius! I love the story of how he wrote this song! Bless him! He's better than EVER! He IS BETTER! Thank God! Joe, I hope you live happily another 30 plus years! LOL, he's the rockinest coolest old Dude! ????????

Jacob Flores

Dude is legendary

Randall Smith

Nowadays this song reflects my life. Come on Louie check your comments. Cajedaddy7 @gmail.com

Marcus Hicks

rains of castamere


He still owes me for pizza from Montoni's in Kent, Ohio at the Towne House.

Rita P

Love this guy! A friend brought him up the other day and this came to mind. Even though we talked about Joe’s amateur radio license.

LCDR Hobie Saunders

I want Joe Walsh to read my eulogy


I am in love with you.

Pale Dude

My hero .


A true guitar Jedi

Kristine Sanservino

LMFAO He's Hilarious!

Charles Newcomb

He's on free radio Mister Joe Walsh Memphis Tennessee California free radio thank you help the college

Arlen Margolin

When I moved to Aspen back in 82 I met some unsavory types well they seem savory at the time and they used to hang out at the eagles club and the people that I met hanging there and other places with other people and in other places you get to hear some stories of the locals one being Joe Walsh and if half the stories are true well after seeing this I would have a good inkling they probably were

David King

"Stay up till the tour was over..." Hear his sentiments on life lost at such a cost.

Mary Fizer

?I liked his till he used 2 profane words on 2nd song while talking first so getting rid of it. I love my Lord Jesus &HE SURE DOESN'T LIKE PROFANITY


So that’s how he wrote one of the best rock songs in the history of the world. ✅?

Kimbo Bing

Joe ??

Bill Hart

Joe is the most enjoyable, unique, and enduring rocker of all time.

Ian Mitchell

I'm a recovering addict myself and I can honestly say that some of the best stories I have were times when I was either drunk or high. Sure I was fucked up at the time, but it made for great storylines.


God had a bunch of pieces left over threw them on the table and made Joe Walsh

Marlene Sullivan


Peter Taylor

Funny story, especially the Keith Moon bit. Joe spent a bit of time Australia in the 80s when he was living in a haze of alcohol and God knows what else. Glad to know that he lives a healthier lifestyle nowadays. I doubt he'd still be alive if he hadn't turned things around thanks to the Eagles who made that a requirement for him to re-join the band after hell had frozen over.

Tom McConville

A whole lot of people; who are you listening to?

Ronald McFarland

Joe Walsh and the other members of the Eagles were really screwed over by Don Henley and Glenn Fry. They were forced to take a slight portion of the bands take while Don and Glenn took a huge portion. Their reasoning was that no body else had a solo career so somehow they didn't deserve larger cuts. Joe Walsh was every bit as famous as Don and Glenn in his solo career and his guitar writing made ever song that was written after he came in what it was. The other guys also contributed equally to the overall sound of their music and the writing. That's what was so cool about the Eagles was the contribution everyone made to everything. Don and Glenn are just greedy pricks and if I were Joe Walsh I would have told them to stick it up their a$$es. Before Joe the music was good, but after Joe came in the music became great. The simple fact is that without any of them it would not have been the same.


“One of the most terrifying things that ever happened to me, Keith moon decided he liked me”

Lucy Foster

Funniest thing I ever heard was Joe Walsh interviewing himself on late night radio.

Katy Petree

“It worked.....it was in a different key but it worked.” Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh really would have been the rock couple if they could have figured their shit out.

Larry Sorenson

Back in the day at the University if Illinois in Champaign, Irving Azoff used to hang out at the Chances “R” a lot, free booze you know. I was one of the naively happy bartenders and got to sort of know him over a span of a couple of years before he and Bob Nutt (real name) took off for LA in the Mercedes. They made it; the Mercedes was not so lucky. Irv was a unique and immensely self confident personality. In short (no slam on his diminutive stature) he had no rules even then. There was no right or wrong, only what worked. I listened in as he would negotiate outrageous deals for the local bands and simply overwhelm the venue owners like Bub Bartholow with his forceful presentation and rapid fire caustic negotiation technique until skill and fluent skills with profanity got him what he wanted. When REO would play Irv was the little nome sitting on top of the giant speaker box, stage left. He would watch the crowd intently as the speaker horns rotated just below him and I would pour 50 cent beers in 16 ounce mugs as fast as I possibly could. It was not unusual to turn over the register (sell over $1,000.00) during a single performance. That’s a lot of beer. Even a game of slide the shot glass down the bar between him and Bill Rasner, the manager, became a test of loyalty. Could he intimidate the bartender into declaring that his slide was closer to the end of the rail or would you remain loyal to Bill under enormous pressure, and money, for declaring Irv the winner. Everything was a test. A popular local band, the All Star Frogs, crossed Irv on one gig deal and were excluded from the LA relocation. Mess with me once, you’re out! Period. What a great time! What a great music scene. It will never be repeated. Larry Sorenson

Eddy G's Music World

humble brilliance

aaah tex

My Favorite Guitarist


Fucking Love Joe!! One of my guitar inspirations.


Everybody for 40 years: “ Haha he lost his liscence for speeding”

Joe: No no guys, like, I physically can’t find it...

Phoenix Prime

I wish he explained the wawas. LOL


Like George Thorogood said... "Rock & Roll never sleeps, it just passes out"
Love ya Joe!!

Sue Taylor

OMG! He is a GENIUS! Been listening to Joe

Guy Harris

Thanks Joe, you always Rock.

Linda Flowers

August 17, 2020. Still listening to Joe Walsh!!!

Wade Nelson

"Keith Moon decided he liked me" ROFL!!!

lilly bloom

Musicians are like actors, in that they need this said to them at least 7 times a day: Shut the hell up—and sing!

Ray Pullen

This man is a genious


Joe Walsh is a natural performer...no one can match

John Wick

all i wanna know is if 5g can supoprt online gameplay in remote areas, thats all i want tro know

Lota Dimaculangan

Love u joe walsh

Bucky Flywoodie

Who knew Joe was so funny, I know he's talented, but I didn't know what he was so funny. Really enjoyable. Thank you.

John Gable

i was hear to ,,,,you what f ..u..

Kristin Hayley

BadAss.. the good ole days.

Brett Weary

Absolutely Awesome Joe


“I didn’t think everybody was going to come!… Now what?!“

That’s what she said

A Large Wooden Badger

Alternate lyrics, "I go to party's sometimes until 5, I can't believe that I'm still alive."

Joe Danka


atty garland

Great musician, but does this man have brain damage or something? Something's just not right in his head .. :-D


This is rock and roll history


I gotta ask.. No offense meant. Has he had a medical issue, or just kinda wasted maybe? He sounds like he’s really struggling to speak..


Here's the explanation


Joe Walsh came to our High school and played guitar and spoke about his bad experience with drugs . He was so high lol . 1983.

Doug Howes

Absolutely love Joe, awesome music.

Susan Chrisman

I am so Blessed to have seen the Eagles ????♥️, All together . In Knoxville, Tn . February 2010 . For My Birthday.

Matt Zhou

Do you steal my software design? What a coincidence at JB H5

Mary Larson

I love him!

Charles Newcomb

And we tried to tear it down

Richard Hall

How you doing?
Love you !

Brian Baxter

Got to love Joe very cool guy and love his music. This is one of my favorites

john niceforo


Timothy McNair

Yawn,wake me up,when he starts jamming!


Another musical genius

Michael Bray

A natural entertainer! (God, the giver of gifts, is amazing.) www.michaelbray.org


hes just great....!!


What year was this anyone?


Condoms, fertilizer and a chainsaw, not much money, so a lot of bang for your buck.

Bush Pilot

Joe sounds like an older version of Family Guy’s Chris.

Cousin Figel


Diane Branning

5-22-2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown playlist
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY~ Jersey in the house!


He looks pretty coked out

Cap'n Tim

Hey Joe i am a huge fan of yours, what do u think of this man?

Rick Timmons

write a better one!!!

Darlene Lavelle

He is a trip. So funny.

Marty J Wind

Someone tell Hollywood to cast Sean Penn as Walsh in a biopic. Have that hotel madness scenes in their of course. Would be Awesome!


I hate this song.

Alien SexGod

1:00 that's one awful sounding guitar! 1:28 2:04 I love Joe but he always sounds like the son in breaking bad with cerebral palsy. Is that the effect of all the drink and drugs? He's been hammered for so many decades that he sounds hammered even when he's straight! @[email protected]

Denise Hedden


Mike LeBlanc

priceless stuff ffs

Brandon Tormaschy

✌️ Joe WALSH ✌️

Jamie Robertson

Haha I'm listening December 2020 lol


The best string bender ever (yeah I know Eddie VH and Steve Vai and Billy Gibbons could bend strings too [and the two Jimmys weren't so much about that] and all the other great guitar masters). But I consider him the best string bender ever. Not that there aren't many great famous string benders. You can find videos of him explaining intonation with great passion. He's brilliant.

Gem girl

Utube should really get a LOVE button ?

Debbie Ghostley

I would love to have a day and night with Joe. The stories he could tell. But I have always loved him for his honesty, talent, humor and just a great person!

Michael Lechner

God bless you Joe.

Kevin Spratt

i wonder if Joe Walsh and Steven Adler can understand each other...

Sight Eternal

Love yah Joe, as funny as great as you play! You and Keith Moon together? Oh man, God Bless!

Jimmy Dillon Guitar Lessons

Life's been good indeed. ❤️

Therese Kirkpatrick

Didn’t know you were a yank I grew up in the north east

DB Cooper

I Love Joe Walsh!

Dr. Larry Mitchell

I've got two words for Don Henley:

Michael Paige

Hey kid this is what music was like in the seventies Eagles Joe washed Aerosmith kicking ass

Justin Estes

My favorite line, I still use time to time, "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do."

Fred Coppola

Truer words never spoken.

“Meri Dastaan sunana” Zakir Khan at Spoken 2017

“Meri Dastaan sunana” Zakir Khan at Spoken 201714 Feb. 2018
9 419 846
Zakir KhanSubscribe 438 721

Watch Zakir Khan at the

Watch Zakir Khan at the Spoken 2017 by Kommune, A festival of words, voices and stories

Long before he became the household 'Sakht Launda' of the country, Zakir Khan, started writing poetry. The magic with his words extends beyond hilarious one-liners. His pieces reflect his early life, relationship and career struggles. Zakir still writes poetry and storytelling pieces which are rarely displayed due to his over shadowing comedy career. 

Spoken word was first-of-its-kind festival, SPOKEN celebrates the magic of words, giving stage to some of the most vibrant voices in live storytelling, poetry, spoken word and song from across India and around the globe.

Check out more videos of Kommune India : https://goo.gl/Ns8FTX

Stay Connected:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zakirkhan_208/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuchhtobhizakir/


Comments (100)

Ki kuch to teri bato me aisi bhi bat thi (2)
Hum kuch bol na paye aur aap kuch sun na paye
Ek aisi bhi rat thi
#justtry ❤️

Aakash Arya

I'm watching this video 5th time

Kakarot FF


Mariam Khan

The aura which he has no one carry. He is a legend!

Abhishek Mishra

7:55 ❤️❤️

pradeep yadv

kasam se itni ladkiyan

Rahul Ghosh

25:00 has touched my heart❤

Ishu Jain

Legend ❤❤❤

Shubham Thadani

Thumbnail mai sandeep Maheshwari dikh rha tha.. saala popat ho gaya

Prasun Kumar

Marne par v mat aa jaana mere
Mera dub bura v khehna aur acha v batana.
Inteekam saare pure kiye par ishq adhure kiye.


Hota h bhi ye hota aur hua v h ya sab

Adarsh kumar maurya

Tum bulaoge to main aunga ,
Har Jare me samaunga,
Ha, aaj ghamnd hai mujhme,
Per her gam me gale lagaunga


recommended by vipul goyal

Ben Jordan

Yeh ipl wala cameraman hai na?

Sakshi Agrawal


Hitesh Baria

12:44. Bhai tumhara warrior hain...!!!

Maaz Ali

Love from Pakistan

Sanchit Sahu


Nabeel Amir

Zakir bhai ki zindgi ki observation hi alag level hai...
Khuda apko duniya jahan ki neymatain ata farmay...

De Van

Iya ya Allah.

Rajesh Sharma

Guru ji..great ho..aap...mulk ki hope ho..

Sonali Kumari

I love this guy infinite times ❤❤❤❤❤

Amanpreet Suman

Bhai aap best ho. Aap jab shayari sunate ho to bhut feel hota hai.

Manoj Patel

Sir aapki aavaj heart touching hai.kitni bhi sad rhu mn sant ho jata hai bas.thank you sir

Nishan Nishan

Literally 8:28-8:39 ... Yha mai pigl gya.

Devansh Gadhvi

As a nobody, my darkest and toughest days (lots of them) I come to this video and this helps me get back on my feet. Thank you Zakir :)

Nomanahmed Momin

Poem Last me hai

kinza The hidden treasure

Jo kabhi mera mazak banate the...
Aaj unka mazak banane par taliyan bajate hain..... (zakirrrrrrr...?)

Sumit Singh Chaudhary

Bhai ❤️

Mahendra Majhi

Kaun Kaun Mahapurush Iss vdo k dislike liye ho.. Aap log mahan ho yar... Nice vdo zakir sir..

Tripti Sharma

Great sir

Naimur Rahaman

16:25 main berozgaar hu....

Dream11 Atom

Bhai mera warrior ?


Watching his video 2nd time, I think same as him. Jaha se suruwat kiya waha taak paucha nahi hai


watched 2 time
........................ हो पाएगा गा क्या ? ...................................................

Nikita Dolai


Abid Ali

Bombay ke bahar mausam hota

Yatharthkehtahun यथार्थ कहता हूँ


Ayush Anand


Naveen Jogi

Gjjjjjjb ????

Ashwani Singh

I love u bro

Ajay Gaikwad Music

Congratulations Bhai For 6 Million ??❤❤❤❤??????????????

Team ijjat bhai

Love u zakir Bhai ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sahil Birla

Feeling low these day’s and this video helping to recover hats off to you man ❤️

Mustakim Dhanse

Zakir Bhai, kitna inspiration session hai. Kitni saari taqlifo se ye achievement mili hai aapko. I Love every single line of your poetry.Dil Se #Respect for you .


I’m right now in berozagari period but apko sunke dil khush ho gya ?? sukoon milaaa♥️

Lalchand Kumawat nBTqLpYPPP

Competition for Kumar Vishwas

Mr. pôp

Zakir khan is boring cause I watch almost best motivational YouTubeers but this guy is not good so bad too poor in performance everything that he said it's fake

life tought me unknowingly

Literally yar i got immotional while watching this interview
Love you bhai??


11:30 is tough

Prasanta Bhushan

Zakir vai I love you my dear?

Anirudh Kohli

Whenever I don't feel good I just watch this video. Every person can relate their story with Zakir whether its from beginning, mid or even end.
This video will never get old❤️

Anamika Devi

You are masterpiece bro. Keep it up??

Love India

Fantastic I love you yaar

Koushik Paul

Jitna bar hara hua feel kiya hun... Baas iha hi aya hu... ❤❤❤


Whenever I'm here I'm gonna cry bt I can't do that , The line's Zakir bhai love you lot ❤️❤️❤️

Imran Khan

Nice story bro

Anil Sharma

Apna zakir bhai warrior hai?❤️?❤️

Yogesh Sharma

Sir bhoth jada respect ban gayi hai hamare dilo me aap k liye

nil sen

3k logoon ne dislike kiya?
Thank you zakir khan❤️❤️❤️

Safin Mahmud



??༒ FL◪₩:༒


When I feel low in my life, I just watch this video and feel relaxed

arvind paul

This guy must have some magical power. He can hypnotize anyone


Waqt bura chal rha hai pr fikr nhi abhi to main lamba chalunga thank you sir


Why same thought man? ¿??


Because Urdu is something that sounds aesthetic, in India everyone who knows a little Urdu becomes gigantic writer and a good public speaker. ?
In the name of poetry, what is he reciting. ?
Anyways, a captivating story. ❤️

Rakhi Kumari

Jo hm pr h guzri yaad h sb

Govind Singh

Nice ?

Rahul Malusare

ashar mein talkhiyan bani baat hi thi ,
Jo humpe hai guzri hume hai yaad Sab..

Koko mo

Love u bhai????

Apurv Srivastava

Kisko pta chala wo dost khud jakir hi h?

The Solo Raahi

Watching this video I felt like muje itni difficulties kyu ni mili life m..agr hoti to hum b kuch bda kr jate zindagi mein..mine is so smooth..isily normal zindagi jee rha hu..but Allah apko hmesha bnaye rkhe bhai ????❤❤



atish shinde

"Meri jamin tumse gehri haii..yaad rakhna asman bhi tumse ucha hoga" ??

Prasun Kumar

Jab rishte mein kaam hoote h yoh dhoke bohot hoote h.?.
Apan warrior ho.

Md Al Amin

23:33-24:21 best one ever.. ??


23:30 ❤️

Najar Designer

2021 mai kon kon dhek raha hai jisnai phelia b dheki hai

Sakshi Agrawal

Same here aap.hindu ho ya Muslim diwali diwali hain

Umesh Kumar

It was a really heart touching seems like he's narrating my own story everything every single shayri and gazal was fit on my situations that i had faced in last 2 years in delhi I'm crying like mad but hoping that tomorrow will be better.....

Nitish Sharma

Bhai ❤️❤️ point p

Rushabh Agrawal

Bhai apna WARRIOR hai


बहुत नाकामियों पर आप अपनी नाज़ करते हैं अभी देखी कहां है, आपने नाकामियां मेरी

Lalit saini


Mihir Sharma

You ‘Inspire’ so many of us..❤️



Md Shahid Ansari


Amiyo Roy

Jan2021 still watching than hit the like button and show love❤️

Nikku official

Bhai koi saari poem ki timestamps daal do

Fahad khan

today i have heard the best motivational story❤️❤️ luv u brother

Tasnim Akhtar

11:30 zidangi kitna dheere chala hun main......

Aditi singh

I can listen to you for the whole day...you are so mesmerizing...aur aapki baatein..bhai...what are you...man..what are you...i don't usually comment...but in your case i cannot control myself from commenting..you are best..zakir..bhai..❤️❤️

android gamer


Mannu verma

When ever I feel low I come here..

DRSG Dr Surajit Gorai

Loved it. Touch kar gaya yaar


ek to bc ye ladkiyan chutki kaahe baja rhi

Rajan Kumar

Pta nhi mene is video ko. Kitni baar dekh liya me jab said feel krta hu is video ko dekhta hu or motivate ho jata hu❤❤