Leg flexion machine

Using the new Selection MED Leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension by Technogym

Using the new Selection MED Leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension by Technogym29 Aug. 2013
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Technogym Master Trainer

Technogym Master Trainer Jon Wood demonstrates at St George's Park how to use Technogym's range of Selection MED leg machines.

Find out more: www.technogym.com

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DIY Leg Curl for Power Rack

DIY Leg Curl for Power Rack26 Oct. 2016
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Better than I ever

Better than I ever expected. Works better for me than any leg curl I've ever tried.

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Thanks for Inspiration! Great post!

Phil Richmond

i like it kurt. really cool.



Mahfouz Ahmadi



Thanks for all the work you put into this. You're going to save me a ton of money. Do you have blueprints or plans published anywhere?

Beyond the sea

I am really impressed with the change. I listened to your video, and I drew a plan to build one precisely. Thank you.

Arturo Ventura

This guy straight up reminds me of my pops! My dad welds literally everything from outdoor furniture to fence doors to workout equipment. I took after him but welding machines are pricey so I build all of my equipment out of wood and black pipe tubing ????


Any idea where this original design came from?

Hell Fire



2:00 The pool noodles are "to keep the fat kids floating in the pool" lol???

Kurt Heitman

Update: I have done two recent workouts with this leg curl and it is one of, if not the, best leg curl I have ever used. No BS.

thiz'zird honeyboy

DoU have a leg press?
I'd love to build one 4my home gym


Very clever build!

Kurt Heitman

I added the third hole because it sits better on your ankle when doing leg curls. I didn't move it in this video for time sake.

Kurt Heitman

Thanks to Jaybomb007 for giving me the idea to do this.

Marquiz Litsuie

What kind of wood stain did u use?


This man is a true genius!

Sound Mind

a thumbs up for fat noodles for the fat kids! lol


That's great Kurt!

Azmo Moaz

diy is good

Mr. Max


GHD Hamstring Curl and Partner Demo

GHD Hamstring Curl and Partner Demo24 Nov. 2014
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GHD Hamstring Curl and

GHD Hamstring Curl and Partner Demo with Jet Appling

at Studiomix.

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Daniel Ben

When I do it, my calves hurt why?

Ricardo Gonzalez

I tried this exercise and everything you say happens for sure. I realize when I am descending on the machine i tent to take out my butt instead of pushing forward like you explained. I will try pushing forward the next time and experimenting with my range of motion even though i already feel my calves like burning a lot! Thank you for this video!

Charles Mantaghi

Will keeping your back straight and going down work more of your lower back.? That's why people get that pain in their back because they're working out their back. I always felt like bending forward eliminates the back and no matter what that forward motion you're automatically going to be contracting the hamstrings andgkute