Rack deadlifts

Don't do deadlifts in the squat rack ! ! !

Don't do deadlifts in the squat rack ! ! !15 May. 2018
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The #OldManRevolution is

The #OldManRevolution is for those of us who are 40+ years old, were never in really good shape and REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT WE "MISSED OUR CHANCE" TO GET IN SUPERHUMAN SHAPE

[email protected]@ck society's expectations, we're not dead yet!




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vince bell

Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest!

Ryan Doubrava

Love your videos and the no b.s. information you put out. Any chance you could do a video going over setting up the diet you used for your bulking series? How do you figure out proper bulking calories? How do you know when to adjust up or down? Do you typically adjust via adding to your heavy cream and egg shakes?

Pedro Oliveira

Lol, I had a guy the other day doing military presses in the squat rack, the only thing is that he was not putting the bar at chest hight, just putting it back down on the safety stands of the squat rack, and it was with the empty bar!

Brandon Price

You do realize some people could have a limited range of motion starting out and could need the lift the rack provides in the beginning.

Adam J. Howard

Can I sit on the lat machine and use my phone for like 10 minutes between sets?


What If the plates are to small and the gym doesnt have any boxes to raise the bar up? That means you put your lower back at risk? I actually got this problem and was thinking of using the squat rack. I just wish my gym had olympic plates


I've always inherently known never to deadlift in the rack but sometimes I have to because people clog up the little space there is in front of the mirror and my gym only has two racks. I always feel like an asshole but I feel your pain


We had a guy at our gym doing military presses on the outside of a new squat rack addition. Normally that's fine but this guy was grinding the bar up the outside. Finally one of the trainers went up to him and told to use a Smith machine because he was scratching the paint right off of it.

Gaining Strength

I got my own power rack in my home because I just don't want to deal with issues like this.

Zeon Daat

Don't get the downvotes. Surely whoever is deadlifting in the squat rack is being super inconsiderate of others, when they can easily deadlift in another area of the gym.

Maylai Chamreun

I have a serious question. I have never deadlifted before, but want to get into it. I normally do use the squat rack for most of my glute/leg workout. I go to a smaller gym in my town so we only have 2 squat racks and then we have only one bar for deadlifting (which is usually preoccupied). I definitely don’t want to be that person who hogs the squat rack to deadlift. And before your video, I had no idea that people don’t like it. Now I’m kind of lost on what to do.

Louis Grieves

you have a very bad persona.

Edwin Labja

Sounds like a male Karen


Don’t have sex in the champagne room, keep it goin...

Slacker Engi 2

And this is why i'd rather just buy a squat rack for my home gym


As wrong the guy may be dealifting there, it is NOT your squat rack, it is is a PUBLIC gym. If you don’t want other people using YOUR rack, just go buy your own.


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