Freeze chamber for athletes

We tried cryotherapy — the super-cold treatment LeBron James swears by

We tried cryotherapy — the super-cold treatment LeBron James swears by15 Jun. 2015
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World-class athletes

World-class athletes including LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo use cryotherapy to help their muscles recover and to heighten their alertness. Self-help guru Tony Robbins also told us he used the treatment on a daily basis. We decided to try it for ourselves.

We went to KryoLife, the only cryotherapy treatment center in New York City that is available to the public. Each three-minute treatment costs $90, and it exposes the subject's entire body to temperatures as low as minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit.


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gregthepilot Henderson

Does the extreme cold create a time lapse in the brain?

Steven Miller

Or be eco friendly and take a dip in a river.

Leg Gedg

This guy looks like mcguggernuggets when 40 years old

LaTrice McDaniel


fx Gamer

The manager died inside the chamber!! Back in 2015

Knathan Knathan

If this was around when Jordan played look out

dashardon investments

Yeah it was brutal on my shins. Longest 45 initial seconds of shin pain but the rest was easy

Victor Borges


multi io

I bet it was like one inch cold.

Sock Owe

Move to Minot ND.

Abdul Iftar Darpi

Can this therapy be recovering cancer?

Jeff Smith

It's not even that cold


1:53 when your running your mouth, you lose track of time.

Rome Loco

I'm coming soon

Jessica Remy

2:09 nice boxers??


This is good for people who are in a physical taxing job...

Bill Baran

Wonder if the cold slowed down your neurons effectively speeding up time for you?


He oddly looks younger.

Tina Tova

can this be a therapy for post op microdiscectomy back surgery?
Nerve pain ??

Muhd Hussainee Kamarul Azaha

I did ice therapy for my kids after heavy workout.... does it ok to do on daily basis?

moto G4

If you gotta ware boots & gloves what about ones privates?


I had to try this. If LeBron and Steph Curry and Tony Robbins do this what the heck. They're elite performers like myself ?. My experience? I felt psychologically intimidated by the temp. It felt like maybe being in a walk in freezer. The net result was ZERO soreness from DOMS and amazingly zero arthritic discomfort.

Rather expensive for some of us mere mortals but I would look into it for those who do marathons and extreme training. BTW I really didn't check my shrinkage but my favorite organ seems to be back to normal.

Thumbs up experience.

awa es

Wait he didn't felt cold ?

Sumting Wong

Back in the day us non GOAT athletes soaked in a ice bath.

Andres Villalobos

I’m doing this tomorrow, wish me luck?

Matthew McCall

whose here post ab

Wallo Godly

I like cold places because i live in the south

Kelly Mcneal

I was in the pool..???

Cooper Hernick

The blonde guy in the video, looks like Roy Hobbs from the natural.

Victor Hardy

why would he take his robe off during this?


Worst review in history.

Slim Macc

Who here cuz of AB

Autumn Oceans

this is fucking nits!!!!!!!!
dont you understand the beginning processes of freezing to death!!
first stage you lose your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is why he lost time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty Ivy

I think about the people who freeze there body's after they die of cancer in the hopes they will find a cure in the future but after these people get their money for this they fail to till them first you have to get around brain damage from a lack of oxygen sad, JUST BELIEVE IN THE LORD


This type of stuff works
Cause when your body is basically freezing , your body has to burn fat to bring up your body heat

Your body produces natural brown fat which helps to burn fat


Now that I saw it, I'm equally curious about and scared of doing this myself

Gary Berry

What were the three songs in the background called?

Jeany Rios

How nice it most be to have that kind of money.

er b

5 years ago... I couldn't imagine spending $90 on just 1 session. I get it for $300 unlimited in CT and $200 unlimited in CA.

Paul Christopher Little

so are you saying its a time travel device?

Sophia Jacob

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chanses armstrong

Ice bath does same thing and cheaper hahaha or even lay in snow in bathing suit. Sounds stupid but helps with doms


The shrinkage, though...


can't believe 3 minutes ............... thumb down. next time tell us what you believe ... ok?


I want to do this but why is it so expensive!!!!!???? I truly feel it would benefit me. O

RyzenKurt Ritchie


Past Timer

In sold!


Meh, I live in Canada. We can do this for free in the winter. ??

Elite athletes using cryotherapy

Elite athletes using cryotherapy16 Sep. 2016
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Elite athletes using

Elite athletes using cryotherapy

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Hugo Acosta

she is my karate teacher

Freezing my body: Cryotherapy Test

Freezing my body: Cryotherapy Test18 Jul. 2018
Sean & SandySubscribe 438 721

In this video we will

In this video we will introduce you to Cryotherapy, which we tested in the Athletic Room in Houston, Texas! Whole body Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a short sharp temperature shock. Usually, you stand in a chamber at sub zero temperatures, which is in my case -120 degrees (i.e. -85 Celsius) for like 3 minutes. This treatment is very popular for professional athletes because it’s supposed to help with quicker injury recovery and overall better athletic performance! Please let us know your feedback and questions in the comment section below. We will make sure to answer all of your comments! ►SUBSCRIBE for 3 new videos per week: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJxNRBw3b5Uhe9rkOnOXUg?sub_confirmation=1 Location we visited in the video: The Athletic Room: https://www.theathleticroom.com Instagram: ► Sandy’s Profile: https://www.instagram.com/sandylpal/ ► Sean’s Profile: https://www.instagram.com/sean_dev_/ Music: Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

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Fred Rich III

Nice. She couldn’t wait to get out that damn machine ?

America Cryo

Cryotherapy is indeed a blessing!