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Tyje' Kelton 2020 - Long Arm Sled March at Reach Your Potential Training #iGotRYPT, October 9, 2018

Tyje' Kelton 2020 - Long Arm Sled March at Reach Your Potential Training #iGotRYPT, October 9, 201813 Oct. 2018
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Yep. I got caught

Yep. I got caught slippin' on #Basketball #Mom duty, LOL! ? *Giggles* What had happened was... My Apple iPhone was charging in a wall outlet and all I had access to was my old Android smart phone which is maxed out on memory and barely keeps a signal anymore. The picture quality is no longer good either.

However, as I'm watching my son Tyje' Kelton, Age 15, Junior, 6ft. 4.5in, 200lbs, #Dunellen HS, c/o 2020, #GetRYPT on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 during week 6 of his Reach Your Potential Training - 12 Week Program, I noticed the trainers setting up a Sled apparatus for their first drill of the evening. I did my best to catch some footage of my son #TyjeKelton doing the Long Arm Sled March.

Per Coach Bobby Smith, it's "A progression of our marching drill done on Linear Speed day. By keeping the arms long it helps to keep the athlete's shoulders back, and chest up. Emphasizing knee up and toe up help to allow the athlete to #CrackTheConcrete and produce force! Just one progression for our athletes during Acceleration Day at #iGotRYPT."

Well, I know the photos are grainy and low quality but I did my best and created a slideshow video using PhotoGrid and downloaded FREE music ? "1.26 beat1" By BOPD with Author Credit - freemusicarchive.org/music/BOPD.

We #KeepGrinding because we've got #Goals! ❤?? Positivity, Love, and Light! ? Stay blessed! - Shalonda L. Tanner ? #BasketballMom

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How to Reach Your Greatest Potential

How to Reach Your Greatest Potential28 Sep. 2019
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Ping Sanguanshua

If you don't know if you care enough to not give up should you keep going?

Martin Lichtblau

We are born with innate desires? C'mon, please stay rational.

Vj Francisco

Me after watching the gifted! HAHAHHAHAHA


"By climbing highest place on earth ?"

Nascent Naomie

Feeling inspired

Paulo Endoh

I've just reread the manga "Kokou no Hito" (The Climber), and this video is basically it. A guy climbing montains alone and fighting society's shame for that is all he thinks about.

Shoto Todoroki

"it's not how deep you are barried that matters, how how far you've risen"

BlueBot Livingston

I don't often find videos that I'd rewatch daily for the rest of my life, today I found one. Thank you.

Barmi Mandal


aseem shrivastava

Animation is good , content not that good

FreedoMint Motivation

Very helpful keep it you. You are doing awesome

Isaiah _

"We're born with innate desires"
That is wrong

Yash sharma

Thankyou so much ,for showing me the path ???

Melissa Beckham

Did you all copy the School of Life format, or was it the other way around?

ZedLight media

even if we ignore to meet our destiny, it will come and find us, it will be painful tho.

GV Singh

Don't Fool yourself, also you yourself are the easiest person to fool.
~ Dr. Richard Feynman

Rest Relax

Something this video and comments fail to tell anyone is that sometimes you fail and then you die. Your life has a good chance of being a tragedy :)

Aditya Kumar

Keep on going at the process..

You will surely win Someday..

For all reading this ?

mayank verma

I try so hard but I can't reach to the potential I have, things what I used to do in 2-3 hours takes more than weak..
I am pushing but nothing is working any suggestions ???
Thanks in advance

Cristal K

Ur voice ?

Arabic boi


Red Blanket

Thank you

Mayank Khanna

"Hazaron khwahishen aesi ki har khwahish pe dum nikle,
Bohot nikle mere armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle" - Ghalib

"A thousand desires, each worth dying for,
Yet, I desire more, and yet, it's not enough"

Loli Panda

I suppressed my desires so much. My father won't let us do anything except studying. And soon I began to believe I can't. The voices began to stop. For years. Now I am picking up myself again , the mountain looks high. And people are calling me names. So I guess I am 20% on the process. Don't give up.

Super Krypton Club

Thank you for great inspiration. May I use your video as learning material in my English class? I gonna give you full credit.

Michael Shaleen

Learning is pain ?

Music Simply

Big ups, Stay Determined

Riza Faisal Rahman

enjoy my slow act damn

jie yan

Everyone has a moment of awakenin,It's just a matter of time.The only one who can really grow up is yourself.


A lot of assumptions in this video, huh?

Sirius Rider

This desire has made me quit my job last week, i have the skills of a locksmith, but try to believe in a better, more independant future. i'm a bit scared, cause i do have to make money to keep my house. I would love to keep making motorcycle video's, but i have to sell my bike to do something new.

Nitish Kumar

Sorry I didn't understand the concept can you please tell me in short sentence

Lili days

This made me tear up??

Ronnel Altising

I find all your contents interesting~
Thank you for sharing your talent sir!
Sending loves all the way from the Philippines

Yogesh Adoni

do you have a channel on spotify? it's easy for me to listen your podcast frequently...

Aulia Zulfa

"There's nothing more beautifull than the view "- thanks, this video make me exited

Mike Ll.

In the end nothing really matters to the universe, therefore do that which only matters to you.

gunjan jhawar

When I was bounding myself in a box of averages. This video helped me to know that the only person you should be striving to be is your higher self. Love it, thanks for making this video.

Louie Salumbre

Always remember that there is one scientist that failed 1000x experiment. But the next 1001 experiment is succes and that 1001 experiment is what we called light bulb today. No one known that this scientis failed 1000x the only we know is that the succesful expeiment of that scientist. Failed forward.

ZedLight media

i dont know you but when i ever try to think about goals and motivation and desire and happiness of world, all the suffering people, i see their faces, crying kids under bombers, 17 year old soldier that wants to be a shoemaker, so i keep my self calm by believing in faith and destiny and i try to forget how disgusting the world is. how disgusting we are.

Jesse Owurani


prachi bakshi

your videos make me think about the dogmas and critically analyze it, thank you for all the amazing content

Fallen Angel

I want to know what people are thinking...so umm maybe psychology


1:47 that is some atrocious posture

uttam tamboli

Plz answer if anyone has it
My unanswered question from so long !!!!

What if you have multiple inner voices to hear and follow ????

How should i drift myself in the right way ?

Like if you agree with the feeling

Comment if you have the answer!


My dad said "When you dissapoint me, I feel like you will never reach your capabilities" Bruh that woke me so much I felt like someone told me how weak I was and I just wanted to punch them in the face ??

Buddha moktan

This was recommended at such a time when I needed it the most.

Ayush Kawale

How do you make (edit) such videos.... Teach me I will pay

nishant kumar

Fantastic ?


Or just go to elder kai

Daniel Enron

Thank you

SUN OF ????


Olga Viktorivna

Sounds like Mgtow guys to me

Mateo Ceballos Querol

the problem is that voice fades over time

Noodle Tribunal

such cute characters ^_^

Shubhanshu Singh

Once you practice hard ?
Then success is only like riding a bike downhill. ?

Sakiba Zaman

what a refresher!

Angelic Noise

https://youtu.be/RJz_DGBKEJY let me know if our vibes work together. Im interested in a collaboration. Happy Thursday! :)

Daniel Parrado

This was beautiful... thank you for posting ??

Professor Leandro Vilela

ADOREI esse vídeo super motivador


This video has made angry- I am not mad at you, I am angry at somebody else.

André luiz

And call to us, and call to us. I'll watch it thousand of times, once everyday, just to remember what really matters. Thanks for the message.


I just love that video, i always be so afraid of driving, cause i was thought it was dangerous and that i don't had the hability to driving, instead of tryng and learn with my wrongs i just runing away and made so many excuses to not driving when i could, but about 5 days by now i'll do my exame to get my license driver, i'm not afraid anymore, i'll do that and climb that mountain cuz i really love drive also my dream is buy a car, thanks for that video and for make me realize that i'm was so afraid to do what i wanted do, but now i'm not afraid anymore, btw i'm brazilian and i'vee learn english for 5 months i know that i make a lot of mistake when i wrintig/speak but i dont care anymore, cuz my dream is to became a missionary so i have to learn as much languages as possible, i'll do all the things that i thought it was impossible to me and when i get there i'd remeber of this video, this little video just change my life, thank you God bless ya'


But how do we find out that desire? How do we figure out our passions?


"You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want. "

-Ging Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)


Your videos are just amazing but it can be even better if you are more energetic.just letting you know. Regards

Neville Davis

“By becoming strong ourselves, we become the type of person who can make others strong”.. this is what it’s about

Jack is Wack


himanshu singh

Best channel I have ever found:)

just a regular guy

I missed this kind of videos. So deep and well structured, every idea with its reason. Thank you for giving words to this process of development.


You’ve gotten so good at writing... Your video almost made my cry haha

Koketso Baholo

You were created in the image of God*, therefore since He*is limitless you are limitless*, not only that but * Jesus is also with you always. You are Loved fam

Himika Negi

When I clicked on the link, I was expecting some practical tips but this really hit me. Tbh it sums it up so beautiful that it made me cry a little.

Mary Kambo

So motivating


I wanted to be an artist, my father does not approve because he said that artists cannot earn a steady income, what a shame.

Wajdy Hraiz

huge love for this content from my country ; Syria

uday kadam

There is no reward at the end of the life, like Jack said "make each day count".

Masud Zamani

What an amazing video ????

Just Saying

To have desires when we are born means we must have been here before

Michal Kučera

This video is just


Naman Makhija

yeah, the new thumbnail is better

FullMetal Gamer

This comment will get likes for no reason!!

Quantum Diaming

I'm just wondering, where are the "Engineering Worth" videos? They all gone?

AstroVision Media

This is it. These final thoughts right here.

Cat Black

Follow the voice from the deepest of heart


what do you do if that voice doesn't have any desires? if i dont have that i cannot start the climb, i have no desires that i really want to do, i have never had a long term dream. i cant get that joy from climbing that mountain because i cannot even find the mountain.


Stupid parents NEVER let me learn to drive. ?

Renee Kk3

I truly appreciated this,been pondering over feeling inadequate and not pushing myself to do better.this video really inspired me not to give up at times and try to exert much more effort into whatever I face.

Lilu Dalas

I am a little bit disappointed. I expected some techniques that I can use to not give up, but instead it is some kind of "inspiration" video.

CallMe Andy

how to reach your potentiel; climb a mountain?

Kartik Chawla

What to do when we have come so far from the mountain when climbing the mountain is extremely difficult and reaching the peak has been written off as an option ?

Miro Pincho

Thank you for inspiring so many people

Giovanni Paulo

I really don't understand why this channel doesn't have more subscribers and more support, they deserve this for literally saving lives, they put so much effort into their videos and helping other people improve as a person into their most highest self and I know this channel deserves way more than what they have now because the amount of determination they have and inspiration they give to me people like me is honorable, so I hope you guys get even more bigger as a channel and keep helping more people like me, Thank you


... unless we are oppressed by an external source and then our success is damned.


i love your thought


This video just made me cry in a good way. ??

Jaivardhan Deshwal

what if you just cant see the mountain at all, while everyone is running towards it, do you follow others?

Bad Player

This is pretty but useless tbh

Budstar Beats

This is most amazing video I have ever heard


Very sharp animation!

Stefan Aarnio — Reaching Your Potential As a Man | Full Speech Free to the World

Stefan Aarnio — Reaching Your Potential As a Man | Full Speech Free to the World3 Apr. 2020
37 599
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Comments (100)
Mark Henry

thank you for uploading, what a MAN. RIP Stefan

Gabo González

Oh my... I'm a slave that desires whores


You guys seem to invite these wanna be “alpha” men,just seems so forced listening to him speak.Having a beard,cursing and deepening your voice doesnt make you a man.


16:25 he said we are going to face bad times pretty soon. Here we are facing COVID shit for almost a year now

Alicia Williams

Well, the speech was good until you said... Every man has to theoretically kill his father and marry his mother.. ??? The F#@k? That's the most ridiculous sh!t I ever heard! I want my father around to bounce ideas off of him as long as his mind is still sharp. A man need successful men as friends so you can pick their brains for your next venture. Another thing you said that was right on the money... A woman can't never ever teach a man to be a man.


RIP brother. Miss you!

Joshua Chavez

Without having found stefan on youtube I don't think I would've found the path to become a man. RIP King


I regret not finding him sooner. His talks are amazing to listen to. RIP, sir

Agent Chubble_o_7

If only this man was here today to see what has happened god have mercy on are soul


One of the best 21 convention speeches


Were the russian, the communists, the ones that took Berlin and made Hitler kill himself; we usually forget that too... by the way... But yes, hard times make strong men, that's a fact! ¬¬


A profet

Nicholas Barba

Though he didn't live a long life he sure as hell lived a meaningful one. He squeezed every last drop out of those 33 years. May he rest in peace.

Sean C

The light that's brighter lasts half as long.

trav v

Wow this is awesome stuff.

Bruce Wayne

RIP Stefan . I just discovered you.

Chris Anderson

This should be a required video for young men

Lorenzo Cardenas

Money people deal is a kickass book.


Invest in yourself and in your skills


RIP brother ?? thanks for this speech!!

Markymark Mark

The left have created a race war during the pandemic and right before the election =2020 ???‍♂️

Pheonix Collector

excellent and interesting speaker, rip, quality guy


Very powerful. RIP

Onowakpor Randy

RIP ? mentor


Don’t worry, 2020 was a terrible year. 19:35

Matt Eckhardt

RIP Stefan. I am going to miss listening to you. But you left so much great material to read and learn from in the short time you were with us. God bless you Brother.

Justin Russell

Really gonna miss Stefan being around.


I honestly loved this talk. I found out about Stefan when he randomly followed me on twitter. I followed him back and began to listen to his words. crazy to see he passed....RIP

Filip Vanous

Best speech of 21 Convention perhaps. RIP.
I loved the way he introduced money to the conversation.

Johusep A Lopez

F in the Chat....

Jordan Policicchio


Arnell Wyatt


Esmerino Neto

He was accurate with the timeline, hard times right now

Federico Egli

That really was something else

Hugo garcia-jimenez

Mainstream media propaganda are weakening men...

Chris Penman

Thank you

Jesus Cortes



RIP man!


Your potential is 16x what you currently make. @32:57

Harry Potter

I don't even know this guy and I love em. Rip dude. Hopefully there is lots of pussy and nice real estate in heaven


:/ RIP


One of my regrets is not attending Stefan’s conference in Winnipeg in March 2020. I got a personal call from his advisor who encouraged me to attend. I did not realize Stefan’s health was deteriorating at the time. I have always been Stefan’s loyal supporter, however, I was working on my vocation with the government at the time. Every attendee here has been blessed to hear from a real man who took his life’s purpose to heart. Bless his soul.


Im Canadian and about 14 years ago when I went to the US I could buy a pack of smokes, bag of chips, and a pop for $5usd, now that stuff costs over $10usd. I see signs in the US for a large pizza for $12usd, thats about $16cdn, even in Canada thats crazy expensive. Large pizza in Canada is around $12cdn.

Sobat Cerdas

One of the coolest guy I've ever Seen. Rest In Peace Brother


What was the book in the offer that he mentioned the 80-year cycles in

globaloffensive221 1

May he rest in peace. We can take a lesson from here. I'm gonna hurry the f up.

Hello Future

RIP ??

Isaac Kersey



RIP stefan??

Peter Stewart

Amazing presentation, both confronting and inspiring to listen to. What a loss, it’s so unfair when you look at all the all the deadshits out there who meander through life with no integrity, no morals, no intention of helping anyone. RIP. ?

Lorenzo Cardenas


J Upham


Ernie Llerena

So much for Trump's 2nd term. Lol

Semi Woke

Was he not spot on about hard times coming? RIP

Majed Alharbi

I hate arrogant and f* shit talkers.

Bailey Contreras

r i p

Pacho Gaspacho

In general, it was a good speech. The part where he uses shaming tactics to sell us the idea that weak men are the ones who don't like the nagging and complaining was very much very bitchy. I will rather be called a weak man than listen to any bitch that uses shaming tactics.

Edward Cook


Erik Johnson

80 year bad times= Biden


Thank you

Eric Ellis

He was on point with many things. Finances, modes of thinking as far as your career goals, achieving potential etc. But he was way off on others. A woman will increase your potential, in some instances they can be a huge drain. Life is way more nuanced than his world view will allow.

P.S. Alpha males aren't a fucking thing in the wild. Its a term the scientist who coined it himself attempted to pull out of the public square but was unable to do so.

Ahmed Althaf

R.I.P. Dude ?

Movies and Games

It's sad to hear him pass away at the age of 30. But his philosophy sucks. Men aren't weak, we are being brought down by governments that can't stick to a budget, weak economic ideologies, nobody is saving money, everybody is in debt, women love debt, it doesn't matter what industry you enter today, almost all are struggling. He was just a big mouth because he was in the right industry, the industry that's a bubble. Real estate. Next he's entered motivational speaking. He trashes his father. I have a father like that, an infant that sat 24 hours a day in front of a television 7 days a week. At one time he even slept on a mattress permanently in front of the television. I once took the television and lifted it up and smashed it down out of frustration because my father did nothing else for 25 years. But I inspired my father to do far more with his life, to clear the $70k+ in debt he had. And he did. My father is my father. He lifted me up at other times when I was down.... people do what they can, they play the cards they are dealt in life, as best they can. You don't have to be a beast to be a man.

Franco Baldassarri

Amazing speech

Kimberly Elizabeth

The world has lost a great millennial generation mind. Rip dear. Your legacy is real and forever.

tuki thedb

there's a war every 20 years?
balkanians: lel honey we can't wait that long

tristu 05

16 times 0 is 0 sooo what now

Bruno Rocha

This guy was actually a prophet, I think this speech is from 2019, he speaks about feminine democracies, the tensions between left and right that could lead to civil war, it makes so much sense today, look at where we are now and what is happening today, don't know about you but it's definetely intriguing

David Griego

R.I.P to one of the best

mauritius urdich

RIP, what a loss.

Regan Martin

Stefan is a great male role model.
Rest in peace mate..

Nissan Nate


The seventh son

Discovered this guy.lately.smth about him.so I bought in.

Big Joe

Just finished the book. Changed my life for the better, for the first time in my life I have confidently quit my addictions for the desire to be strong not for myself but for the world. RIP Stefan and thank you brother

Daniel Kientzle

he was a prophet

That's Unique

Crazy that 2020 is the 80 year now lool



John Belvin

This is one of the best speeches I've ever heard

Joe M

Of all the 21 event speeches I’ve seen this is the one that stood out the most to me. The information is so valuable and I’ve watched it several times now.

Nils Janssens


Elijah X. Media

Great speech. Keep it up, thanks.

Hector Garza


Joel Cabrera

Thank you for giving your energy to this world.

Casey Heller

this, was incredible, ive been absorbing this kind of content for four years, and this right here was phenomenal..hats off too you sir, rip


Rest In Peace.

Sebastian Spencer

1940 .... 2020 Pandemic!!!! 80 years

Kay J

Maybe y’all shouldn’t be listening to a guy that looks like he does heroin for breakfast (look at his black under eyes)


Rest In Peace King?

Salim Riley

In hard times men pull together. These are hard times. Either give up now or pull through and become strong.

christopher & the lost binocular

Life changing stuff. He was a alfa role model. His teachings will not be forgotten. He keeps helping us through his work! Thanks Arnio!

Aron Rosas

ironic that he dies from cancer because he claims he was cured of it.

Ab sharma

Thanks you much for this lecture . RIP sir huge respect for you .

Filip Bernard

he looked like Ryan Goslings brother.

Reach the divine

i just wanna say i am a self made oracle

Andrea Trofino

I think to be only italian living in Italy to have read his books in English and to know him. His book "Hard Times Create Strong Man" is the most actual book to read. Now the war is epidemic. I really would like to translate his book in Italian. These are really hard times... and I am a weak man. Very weak right now. Thank you man.

Marko Carapic

rest in peace legend

Ross Alex

RIP brother.

Alex Fonseca

Thank you Stefan. I will never forget you.



Markymark Mark

“The fed is gonna print your into oblivion” wow he’s not wrong ?