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UFC 191 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

UFC 191 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 22 Sep. 2015
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On Episode 2 of UFC 191

On Episode 2 of UFC 191 Embedded, the stars of the card put the finishing touches on their fight camps before heading to Las Vegas: Strawweight Paige VanZant shops for fun, heavyweight Andrei Arlovski visits the chiropractor, flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson invests in a professional beard trim and his opponent John Dodson takes family photos with his pregnant girlfriend. Strawweight Alex Chambers and local heavyweight Frank Mir continue their physical preparation in Sin City. Dodson arrives and takes part in a training session with the Detroit Pistons before receiving a life-changing phone call. UFC Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the flyweight championship rematch at UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2, Saturday, September 5 on Pay-Per-View.

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Bro Broing

I hope someone loves me as much as arlovski loves his dog

Practice Repeat

just clicked to see paige vanzant


parents who kiss their kids on the lips are sick


Paige VanZant is in the wrong business. Terrible looking fighter.

theking ofjdm

how do you work with pvz and not get a boner seriously she is unreal i cant wait to bone her

Dave A

6:05 censors "f***king", shows "shit" haha. nice job.

BeastMode FIAZCO

OMG Paige vanzant is an incredible broad


Would be happy to never see a flyweight fight again. Seems like they put small officials in the ring as well, so people don't realize two 12 year olds are fighting. DJ can bitch all he wants, no one gives a shit when they are that small, right or wrong, it's just a natural response people seem to have.

Conor McFag likes BIG BLACK DICKS

Why are striking coaches always fat? Like Ray Longo, Frank Mir's coach and Richard Perez (Diaz' striking coach)

Augden Fischer

That's hilarious there's a liquor store in the airport.

Kobe mac

i love Paige

Yo Adrian

I would of liked to see Paige make a bunch of money in her UFC career bc i think shes a sweet all around person and would deserve to prosper in what she does.


That was the coolest blackest "hes a bad muthafucka" thanks Kevin Lee

oopopp x

6:11 PROOF that Andrei is actually made of Wood.

Telvin Kipapa

? 4:38

Tobias Bass

Chamber did n´t look focused againts Paige


van ants

Nick Loiodice

Currently/always in love with PVZ


Is she white or Hispanic thats a big difference...

I swear parents are raising fools that know nothing of their bloodines or legacies.


van zant has no ass = typical white girl

Road To Silver

that asss paigeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Paige reminds me of a Turtle

Walter White

ima go deliver this baby real quick. lmao!!


Lol Dodson with his little back to school backpack on ?

edwin pepito

Grooming is no been previewed, awesome!!

Bj. Whalley

Arlovski's dog is gorgeous as fuck.

Stuff Stuff

"I'm gonna go deliver this baby real quick." Lmao


Paige loves getting her gash out


I wish i was Maximus :(


I guess everybody has their own taste in women but I dont find PVZ "hot". I find her "ok" looking but not like other mma fans make her out to be. I dont find Ronda that atractive either. Michelle Waterson however... she's hot in my eyes. Her nickname "karate hottie definitely suits her. Alexa Grasso is quite attractive as well.
Of course all 4 of the WMMA fighters I mentioned are great fighters but that's not what I'm talking about here. Just wanna make that clear before some butthurt fanboys bash me lol

Mr. Kooj

I'd watch a 30 minute interview with Conor over this main event.

eng reen

Dodson's missus is bigger than him ??

Kyle Salisbury

Dodson has the same ringtone as me! Still rooting for Mighty Mouse though.


PVZ just doesn't do it for me, in fact the whole strawweight womens division is a waste of time.


john dodson has a cute little man


Forrest Griffin looks the same ... like he hasn't aged at all.


wow didn't Paige sound a loyal team mate don't suppose she could give TJ a few pointers could she

gary gomez

Dodsons' the shit.
Mighty Mouse is AWESOME.
But love cheering for the under dog.......


Todo vlog tem os caras indo no barbeiro.

Vittorio Fabregas

As a fighter and a dancer for over a decade Paige has instantly become my dream woman. And now I can't do anything with this brand new information.


I feel like I'm watching Willow.

Симон Сергеев

He so little freak )))

Ali Faisal Jamali

Hitting mitts with a snapback on ? Pfffft....


paige is so hot


I just came here to see Paige


Page VanZant is a nightmare. she is the ultimate "be careful what you wish for." People complained that female fighters were too "manly," well here you go- a sorority girl who shops to distract herself from a tough weight cut and fights like someone taped 28 Days Later over a VHS of Clueless.


tecia beat the craps out of poor paige

Eric Douglas

jhons baby is soo cute and he is already better than jason durlo

George Thomas

Thunni ilathu angu nadakua kalli madama

Don Cal 209

Come on everybody lets be precise here, if it was not for her physical characteristic's and particular gym affiliation there would not be this much hype surrounding paige. Yeah sure she's up and coming but take at LOOK AT THE DIVISION SHE IS IN, THERE ARE FIGHTERS WITH SIMILAR AND FAR BETTER MMA RECORDS then paige but none of them are ranked? Why is that? Go ahead take a guess. Yup the only answer to this is a perfect example of discrimination.


Mir looks like hes going to be in awful shape. Looks sluggish and overweight


screw you ralf lauren


wheres king conor?

T.L. Wiseman

4:53 Thought Bieber was done with the money team -__-

Gr illa

First shit Paige said sounded kind of conceited but her personality is just so bubbly and likable you let it go. She looks like she has little killer in her too.


6:23 Andrei's dog ate the guy right after this scene


KIA? Damn... Dodson needs a raise.

miguel madrigal

Dude idk why they got Paige throwing overhand rights and those wide ass hooks they look weak as fuck

[티알티] TRT UFC Reaction

5:26 not happening


Why does embedded like barbers so much.

Y.A Sabarico

Arlovski is terminator, so the doctor start to fixed the broken before fight


i know that john was showing off to andre drummond with that back flip..gotta admit though, if someone is asking for a fight and then run up a wall and land a perfect backflip with a camera crew behind them doing a show with over 10000 views on the internet....i would also back the ** up.

Elijah Holt

I'm a fan of Alex chambers but I'm not gonna sit here and lie she might lose cause pagie vanzant is good like really Fucking Good I'm totally gonna practice that over hand left combo she was doing in the video

RIP SpeakerKnockerz

She looks like jessa rhodes alot ..

Preston Chandler

Team alpha male has the best music playing in their gym.


Dodson's young son singing was so cute, bless him.


Jesus Christ Paige

Josiah D


John Fiskin

Met Dodson years ago, he is truly a nice person.

Dan TheMexi-Khan

"Just gota Deliver this Baby real quick" Said in the same tone and cadence as one would say say "Im goin to get bread & eggs! - John Dodson!

Lawrence K

lmao i remember aaron gray when he played for the raptors he was like 7 ft but could barely catch a basketball and do a lay up

isaac rosas


Alejandro Montoyadelarose

how he gonna lowkey run up the cage like that at 7:42 and everyone walking past like its casual lol


Is that dobson biological kid or stepson?

Vlad Dracula

Conor McGregor

Derrick Bird

Man if Johnson had the fro look he would look like a miniature Sho Nuff from The Last Dragon.


boring as shit

Bossatronio awy

Imagine Struve and Dodson standing next to each other

A Lee

paige sucks


Dodson at the end was shiting a brick haha

Golden Memes

the last guy reminds me of ben shapiro


Arlovski is a scary ass dude

The King

My dream is to have Paige sit on my face while Ronda "Ground and Pound" me while High-fiving Lord McGregor


How to successfully sabotage a multi-billion dollar fight promotion:

1. Sanction your sport under an athletic commission in a state that specializes in gambling and fraud
2. Over- Saturate the market with promotions by purchasing every major-competing brand and establishing a monopoly stranglehold on the industry, providing quantity over quality business model
3. Sign a contract with a major Footwear company, making you money but your assets (fighters) make 1/10 per fight of what they did with their own sponsors
4. After all of your star athletes either a)retire or b)get punished into career assassination via the athletic commission you decided to sign under, or c) retire due to bankruptcy via not enough annual income from their employer (you), you force your remaining assets (fighters) to under-go the same testing that busted Lance Armstrong, conducted by the same guy who actually busted Lance Armstrong
5. Expect the fans to still give a fuck going into the next 5 years of your business' operational strategy.

*Changes channel to Bellator and Glory

Pedro Rivera

Maximus is a perfect Pitbull?

James Watson

Muslim Mighty Mouse?


Who would win? Dodson Vs Aaron Gray?

Mikulas Riecky

Page doesn't like to on the bottom, well we seen that with Michelle :)


Paige is your textbook Cali girl



Paul Velasco

Fuckin Connor in every embedded,hahahha! 6:28

The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube

I just love Paige... ??? dream girl


Paige VanZant just love her...can't wait for her next fight.


DJ's barber looks like post malone

Destroying humans is my primary function



gee i wonder why this video has 100,000 more views than any other recent video


imma go deliver this baby real quick, lol
It will probably be the best week of his life if he wins. I gotta go with Mighty Mouse though

Alan Martínez Rodríguez

love PVZ!!! so sweet, so educated, so nice. Great fighter already and improving everyday.

Bullshot Darts

i like paige and all, but she was talking about women with masculine physiques are not natural and all, well ever since she got signed to the UFC shes gotten way more "masculine".....

FCBrock 101

7:12 midget lmfao

UFC 191: Cara a cara Paige VanZant vs Alex Cahmbers

UFC 191: Cara a cara Paige VanZant vs Alex Cahmbers4 Sep. 2015
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ufcespanolSubscribe 438 721

Comments (3)

0:11 A Dana se le va la mano pinshe viejo verde

Euryale Music

Le ponen peleas fáciles a VanZant para hacerla sucesora de Ronda Rousey en cuanto a Mercadotecnia, sólo que Ronda SI es una peleadora de VERDAD y se ha ganado su Trono a pulso, pero como Ronda ha dicho que ya no quiere pelear en sus 30´s, Dana White necesita a alguien con Carisma, Juventud y Belleza que le reditúe tanto cash como Rousey y la encontró en VanZant, sólo que tiene un pequeño obstáculo para vencer que se llama Joanna Jeinpronunciableczyk

Jose Luis Lopez Cerecero

Esto se Pondrá bueno

UFC 191: The Exchange - Paige VanZant

UFC 191: The Exchange - Paige VanZant4 Sep. 2015
84 644

Paige VanZant sits down

Paige VanZant sits down with Megan Olivi for an in-depth interview where she discusses her passion for being in front of the camera, training with Team Alpha Male and much more.

Comments (96)

This chick is so hot lol

Dixie Normous

I sometimes jerkoff imagining JJ making her bleed worse than Penne.


Imagine these two locked in a 69.

THE TRUTH MACHINE Reking bullshitters everywhere!

shave your head bitch

olivi has no top lip

Destroying humans is my primary function

I would drag my balls over 10 miles of salt-covered broken glass, syringes used by HIV patients, and worm-infested dog feces to stick my head into the toilet Conor took a shit on 5 years ago

Andrew Flood


Shaun Maguire

id wear her like a glove on a snowy day


She got ahead bc shes hot


Ditch the division.


I heard she's a beeeyotch...from what I have read. Plus she leaves camps all the time and isn't loyal...a bit of a diva.

Marco Reusinho

Average fighter, that gets the superstar treatment and big fighter sponsors because of her looks. Hope chambers beats her, and derails her hype train.

Stannis Baratheon

The reason she is so popular is because americans like the little high school girl look, maybe you should start seeking a doctor.

Metal Otaku Banzai

Stupid bitch.... hope she loses


She seems cool, but her voice annoys me......


War Hot Cheerleaders fighting in the UFC.  LMAO at all the pathetic males dissing PVZ.

Ruben Toder

Miesha is better :)

Matthew Willis

COMPLETELY skipped over TJ


Only in WMMA is a purple belt in BJJ taken so seriously on the ground.


I am so sick to death of advertisements on official UFC promotional videos. Promotional videos are an advertisement in themselves but the UFC really need that 200 bucks they get by forcing viewers to watch so YouTube ad before this video. It is stingy in the extreme. They make millions off every fight night but if they are not squeezing every last cent out of their fans they feel like they are giving us stuff for free and Dana hates fans getting anything for free apparently


Get in my fucking bed.


I truly hope Paige gets destroyed, so the UFC and all the clown fans out there can stop acting like she's the greatest thing in the world. She's a mediocre fighter in a god awful division with two total fights in the UFC. If she wasn't as "cute" as she is, she would not be getting 99.9% of the attention she's gotten. I remember a time when your fame was based on your skill, not based on how cute your face was. But I guess that's the modern MMA fan, quite simply dumb as bricks.

booga bets

linda hamilton look-a-like



Colin Welling

Why is she asked about being an inspiration to girls? This kind of stuff is always asked towards women and it puts the onus of a girls success on society rather than the girl herself. Stop trying to take care of girls and holding their hands. We don't coddle boys in this way.

Humberto Rodriguez




Unkn0wn Albertan

Welcome to Bonerville.

The Hound

One of the sexiest interviews Eva!!!

One Tw0

FanZants... Fan fucking Zants.. really bitch?

Von Bond

I don't see why Paige gets so much hate for being attractive

I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct.

Just dislike and leave

Cary Chilton

Man, is it me or does Paige look like a reptile !


Please kick steroid Rousey's ass


conversation seconds before going on the air -
megan - " i hear your quite the hot topic around the water cooler at the gym"
page - " hot topic? i dont know what you mean megan"
megan - "listen you fucking unbelievably hot and sexy girl next door with your bend me over and fuck me positivity, i have a gun, and i WILL use it"
page - "megan i dont know what you're talking about, maybe we should pray together then eat smores while we play barbie hair salon"
megan - " i smell pussy on my tyrannosaurus joe when he comes home from the gym, its yours"
page - " megan, the guys have a room beside the sauna where they do naked hugging (or so they tell me) with girls who hang around out front of the gym. they all smell like girls private parts especially before they shower. they told me all gyms do naked hugging with barely legal looking girls to manage their T levels"
megan - " does joe ever go with them in the room?"
page - " he does but its just to make sure they have enough water if they get thirsty but i get confused when they call for him by saying where's luber, then he brings the special massage oil, and stays in there and gets great massages because he looks so exhausted when he comes out"
megan - " that little fucker! where's rockhold, i wanna gargle me some sack and send the image to my darling fiance"
page - what is gargle some sack? i hear them chanting that from inside the secret room"
megan - "do you have might mouse' cell number? things are gonna get messy my dear joe"



John Smith


Persch lkl

I don't get the dislikes


Get in my fucking bed.

olo BurgeR olo

she's a actually too much ??

Adam Sharkey

A lot of jealous ugly female and male fans disliking this video lmfao.


Paige is cute... But make no mistake Jedrzejczyk would slaughter her so fucking bad

Liel Or Glazberg

You are always inspiring with your fights and inerviews... making so many pepole smile keep being so Great !

Matthew Lahman

Megan with the cutie cheeks :)

Jondrix Romano

Why so much hate for Paige???

Cherry Pauper

Call me crazy, but I don't think Paige can beat Conor. I think he'd beat her in the first round.


I can guarantee they are both bald as a babies heads



Broski MaKorski

hateful mma fans are the reason why ufc will never go mainstream.


lol, is this the one who lied to children with cancer about shaving her hair then deleted her posts... HAHA, cant wait till someone breaks that jaw/nose/orbital bone


I can't respect this dumbass bitch as a fighter. Women fighting is a JOKE. The only woman that is respectable is Ronda Rousey.


wont be so smiley when jj is standing over top of you disfiguring your face

Conor McGoat

Megan is there, at least sb with normal looks. Conor would bang her and KO that freak Paige with terrible voice.

Honda Housey

Hope Paige gets her nose smashed

Ziomek Ziom


Black Sun

What were all you keyboard warriors doing when you were 21? I'm proud for her success.

Liu Kang's Dad

I'll let her fart in my left eye :)


I hope she has a good chin, because she'll never finish anyone with those pussy punches.


Paige is dope, but if she gets the chance to fight JJ... night night!

lock heart

how long does she train a day

Jose Luis Mojica

fuck!! This Conor cock suckers are everywhere

Daniel Levy

Megan Olivi was not happy interviewing a more attractice and succesful woman than her self


I'd well give Paige some brutal ground and pound

Nika Obolashvili

I think the most beautiful girl in the division is Rose Namajunas. She is just way too lovely and gorgeous

Richard Teav

i dont get how she gained popularity so fast. she isnt a talker like conor and shes not knocking people out left n right


If you cheer for a team Alpha Male fighter you are whats wrong with MMA in 2015


Paige VanZant needs to put me in the rubber guard position tightly.

Payyy Attention Tho

is it just me or is bitch dumb. she said for this fight she made changes in her camp then the reporter asked her well what were some changes you made this Vanzant bitch goes "Well i haven't made any changes to be honest bc CONSISTENCY IS IMPORTANT!!!" WHAT A DUMB BITCH. I BET HER ASSHOLE WAS STINKING DURING THIS INTERVIEW.

Art Vandelay

really pretty eyes

andrew hill

hmm uriah teaching that ground and pound all day long.

Aussie Roberts

she's really cute but she's obviously a publicity stunt, she's not a great fighter nor will she be a champion, she's just there to look good.

Brwn Suga8

Jesse Rhodes fights mma?



Chris Sou

Chris wants that P!!


The person she is fighting next is a weak opponent. Her fights after this should be Rose Namajunas, Tecia Torres, Michelle Waterson, Joanne Calderwood, Randa Markos. After she beats 1 or 2 of these listed fighters she should fight for the title!


should've stayed modeling,wtf is UFC turning into


wow she is so gorgeous wow


Her voice is fucking hideous.

Jay Patel

whose hotter?

Sedat Cifteoglu

fucking bitch go to bed save some money

kevin s.

So much hate for this girl, Im not a big fan but why hate her cuz shes pretty? Its not her fault they give her so much attention, shes fought well. Fucking haters

One Tw0

Wow first comment lol

Conor McGoat

Megan seems to be strict this time, she wants to be the dominant lady here. Probably smells a bitch near her. Conor would take her head clean off and raise it here on youtube - Ireland number 3 I like to call it.

josh wilson

Haven't opened the comments yet, can guarantee one of the top ones will be about a threesome with Megan and Paige

Billy Bob

Lol why do you have fans? 1. Hot 2. Energetic 3.Feminine.....hard to like the chicks that look/act like boys

Livin' Rob

If she wasn't so hot, nobody would know who she is.

Terrance Mooselips

Hers look kinda lik serena williams


fanzants are mostly guys who are 10 to 20 years older than her lol creeps

Don Cal 209

Come on everybody lets be precise here, if it was not for her physical characteristic's and particular gym affiliation there would not be this much hype surrounding paige. Yeah sure she's up and coming but take at LOOK AT THE DIVISION SHE IS IN, THERE ARE FIGHTERS WITH SIMILAR AND FAR BETTER MMA RECORDS then paige but none of them are ranked? Why is that? Go ahead take a guess. Yup the only answer to this is a perfect example of discrimination.

Jake Harrington

Every now and again when I’m late on my WiFi bills and I’m on mobile internet with adult restricted sites I find my self back here for some reason

Ask Anything

uriah is a juice head like the rest of team alpha male and the ufc. he look so soft and skinny now

Mark Ukkerd

7:41  12-gauge Paige "FanZant" VanZant has RELENTLESS determination to win!!  6:15


Inb4 "Conor would dismantle Paige - Jizzlemonk"
Do they get off of having Conor as a sugar daddy

Creep For Pres

When the UFC fighter is hotter than the reporter.

Eamonn Keenan

someone pointed out shes always shaking her head "yes" and now i cant stop noticing it


In sparring with Her I would tap...dat ass

Emotional Contagion

Paige Man Zant


Meeting her in person I can tell you now
She was jaw dropping
Couldn't take my eyes off her
Incredibly beautiful