How much can dwayne johnson bench press

Unbreakable - Deleted Bench Press Scene

Unbreakable - Deleted Bench Press Scene25 Oct. 2008
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Cool deleted scene from

Cool deleted scene from the brilliant movie "Unbreakable" starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

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ejf fierro

I love Bench Press, but i wouldn't workout without my thumb as a hook. It's risk AF

Amine Ghezali

i AM The Real David Dunn:Of The Real Life, i Can Lift All This in The Future.

Serge Garabiles

This is a movie a superhero movie about an Unbreakable man and a breakable man you should watch the movie is great and there's split the second film of this then the third glass

Thorfinn Vinland Saga

How much did He lift in Kg?

Theyn Smith

Damn, he's stronger than you dawg.

Ellis Abraham

Why the weights so loud lmao

Time Tellers Union

Jesus bless you.

Son of the bar

a normal man would have been injured, I think this scene was made on purpose to show that the man was really unbreakable ... but maybe it seemed to them that people instead of seeing him in that way would begin to criticize based on his long career as fitness experts ?

Hunter Herr

Didn't rack the weights. Jerk.


I struggle just like that opening a new jar of olives.

Lou Slack

Everyone commenting on proper bench press form is gay.


when larry wheels enters: unbreakable ;)


This is the real life version of David Dunn:

Ethan Ellis

I'm pretty sure that was 450 lbs

Olof Persson

YOLO grip

Mr Blanc

In the Italian version, this scene still remain in the movie. I don't know why, but in the version for italian market have a lot scene more than the american version.


Lmao no one can bench like that

Russell Sherwood

All with the suicide grip, so his grip is monstrous

andrew paul

The world record bench is double what a superhero can do ?

craig mccauley

That suicide grip gives me anxiety lol. We would definitely find out if he’s unbreakable if he dropped that weight on his chest, that’s for sure.

Jeremy Paluck

This is how I felt being the dad bod guy beating everybody at work at an arm wrestle....
Except that guy who had a "sore" arm.

Joe Whitehead

I think that last part, where everyone can see what he did there, mighta been the reason this was deleted

M Howard

This scene should have been in the movie instead of the basement scene.


Would've made more sense if he did it after hours when the place was empty.

Jav3001 Chapman

Thumbs are on the wrong side of the bar, just saying.

Joe T

the funny thing is that he doesn't need a spotter or safety bars because even if he fails the lift, he's indestructible, that shit will just bounce off his chest and hit the floor


I watched this scene before knowing what the movie is about. The title had me thinking it was about a guy with glass bones, so this scene was really hard to watch ?

Richard Raven

It's not the spoon that bends. It is only yourself.


In the words of master Yoda Coleman, 'Lightweight Baby' !

Cheryl Wiewel

Than almost two decades later he is somehow stronger even though he is a old man,can throw a man to a van and move said van,punch dents into van,and even bend a steel pole

I correctly

Imagine pushing that much weight without being centered on the bench...

Pedro da Boléia

495lbs, is that correct?



Johan Jönsson

Why did they delete this?

Jeff castell

Should have left this in the film.


hit high intensity training. mike mentzer used to do the same routine for real.

Ignacio Andres Duran Manbran

that part of the movie appears that scene?


No arch in back
No leg drive
Suicide Grip
Bar not at eye level

Poor form. 2/10

Jacob Caudle

It was very dangerous doing that without a spotter

On yo feet maggot

Anyone know if the song is on the soundtrack since it’s a deleted scene?


1:25 and that's why you don't skip leg day

UglyHans 2020

If David Dunn truely believed in himself he would be able to move mountains.

Maxwell Lakritz

Anyone who can lift 495 like that is going to be significantly more jacked and have a much bigger build.

Ashraf Khan

Back when this was impressive. Literally has guys all over the interest lifting that and more nowadays. How times have change in humans ability to be tough.


This is proof that bench pressing does not build the chest.

Tim O'Brien

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.


After seeing Split this would have been incongruous with Kevins bar bending scene.

Aleksander Silva

Alguien sabe cuanto a alzado ahi

David Rodríguez

That grip frightened me


450 pounds, that's arround 205 kg, if a man his size actually lifted that, it would be pretty damn impresive

Jake Ewing

Alrighty...seems like some of you need an explanation about David Dunn.

Yes, he is superhuman...BUT NOT AT FIRST. He is just a normal human with normal strength and an unbreakable body until he mentally pushes/wills himself past his limits. Think of him as a white Luke Cage. He can literally lift/press whatever amount of weight he wants to but he has to will himself to be able to do it first. After he does it once he will remain AT LEAST that strong forever...or until he dies. It will ALWAYS be as difficult as humanly possible for him to overcome his limits the FIRST TIME...but after that it's almost like he doesn't have to try because his powerset allowed him to retain that strength.

In this scene, he pushed himself to be able to bench press 500+lbs while never having done it before. Seeing as how he pressed it twice (notice he had to push himself to do it the first time) his base level strength is now 500+lbs (or however much he lifted here). And it will never go down. But it can ALWAYS go up.

Don Van

Fake weight 100 percent

Charzan Boo

500 lbs bench press (with the metal barbell clamps). He says it too at 4:03.

Electronics For Fun

that was 450 pounds.

Hmng Vaj

Who breathes like that when lifting heavy? I know it’s a movie but still WTF.


The realistic part was that his left arm was falling behind his right at 3:20. Mine does that too on max lift.

Mark Palcko

I've done this a few times myself in the gym. No big deal.

Benjamin Compson

Come on Bruce. Re-rack your weights, you dick.

Swole MF

I knew how it would end and yet it was still funny.

Sarah Cloer

Aye you forgot to rerack your weights

No Lives Matter

People acting like he is just a normal guy and isn't strong enough to bend steel and shatter reinforced concrete, would you say shit to supes while he is benching the fucking world because he has an improper breathing technique ?

888 888

Such a cool movie

Andika Putra Suryawardhana

he did that with a suicide grip too. he's got some balls

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

Overseer is super strong ?? has fuck

Stephen Neill

Fake weights haha


How is this much different than the one in the movie?


If this had been real life in a real gym some idiot would have offered the guy who just benched 500 lbs some unwanted, unasked for, and unintelligent advice

Have you seen me?

Pre-workout fuel.

Mr. Writer man 1

My hero academia story. The one who rebelled against all for one.

Miles Beck

I think this should have been at the end where right when he is about to lift the weights it cuts to credits.


Who comes here 2019 cause the son memory scene in 2018 Glass movie made the gym reference. And only insiders knew this scene exists.

Darth Vader

those are some skinny wrists


Suicide grip and locks on the end. Now that's confidence.

ejf fierro

10 plates x 45lbs = 450lbs + the bar(45lbs) = 495lbs x 0,453= 224kg + 2 grips (5kg) = 229kg for 2 Reps

Aaron habig

Bruce be lucky to hit 225 for his build let alone 495????

Corey Feenstra

Best part of this clip is all the fitness experts commenting and critiquing his form.. Its a MOVIE, quit being an anus and just enjoy the scene.


Like it how everyone was silent till he finished the reps. 500 lbs that would of broken a man.

Living Dead Fitness

Suicide grip is flirting with danger lol.

Causes Effects

John McClane is the type of guy to put up 495 and not rerack the weights.


why was he benching in the curl rack?


Listen to the background it's the same guy talking over and over...but yeah that wasn't me doubling for bruce w. He wanted me to spot for him but my nutsack kept getting in the way...

Francis The Predator Ngannou

Just imagine being on a collegiate football surrounded with dozens of other high level athletes for months on end, you have every reason to believe that you and your teammates are some of the strongest, most fit individuals in society, then out of nowhere comes this skinny old white guy to your gym who looks like he’s never touched a weight in his life. He racks 5 plates on each bar (515) and proceeds to bench as if he was warming up with some nickels thus proving that you and your team are nothing more than weak BITCHES. This Giga Chad then just leisurely walks out of the gym without cleaning up or removing a single plate.
David obviously lives by the slogan “lift weights, fuck bitches.” because he made everyone in that gym look like a soyboy.

juju juiop

love it , they should have put it in the final cut !!


"45.. With anotherr 45.. What did I just bench, it was-.. I must've imagined that..."

Wind Helm

it's more impressive that he's doing a lot of things wrong and still benches the damn thing.

Steven Coates

I love the stunned silence...HILARIOUS!!!

Ritwik Maji

That is so ridiculous.. 5 plate bench with a form and breathing like that.. atleast they could make it believeable...

abel carreon

He's lifting 495lbs to be exact.


We've already seen in the film that Bruce's character 'tested' himself in the basement scene where he loads all his home weights plus paint cans.
It was removed because M Night didnt want to leave the impression that 'he thought the audience was slow.'
For Reals.

Unfortunately, this concept of constant, steady repetition throughout some form of entertainment is the most common content we see today. Especially in Rap music. Because most who prefer only rap are generally 'slow' and it appeals easiest to those.

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

“Whatever he got I need some of it.”

Malo Perverso

How Much
was that!?


John Haack basically



Big Rich

Who else thot of Brad Castleberry?



Thorfax x


B. Baker

Suicide crip

And no spotters


Just Sam

too bad he dies


Yeah, everyone's a comedian picking at the lowest hanging fruit to make a joke. I don't think anyone is truly seeing what the scene means for David or would have for the movie.

Turbo Pokey

When it said "deleted scene", I thought he would've added several more weights to the bar then did a rep with that or something, but this was the same as the movie release so I don't know what's deleted about it.

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Epic Gamer

3.04 three days grace animal I have become in the background ?

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diet of bodybuilding

Hello sir

James Manganiello

Anyone know what pre workout he uses?

dina omrah

Hay dear your Vokal is sweet

Alan Alan

Dwayne Johnson you one ugly Son Of a Bitch why you had a Stupid name The Rock you thinks that Funny name you piece of shit

vj Vj

Want to be just like the rock

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A Whole New World by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle


A Whole New World by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

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I have a rock collection as well

Jerry Bradley


Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Campion la Culturism


You training harder

Pruthvi PrO

ho its robbie weird dick

Gonzalo Gutierrez

3:19 I hate it so much when this happens in the middle of my set, it throws me off all the time.

Aine Lawler

I would so love to work out be side him ?

Giber Szabi


Mamawia Lianhna

But the people cant afford any of your collectionx

Smacky Pappelroy

Steroids are bad mmmkay

Ashraf Khateeb

Wtf ...

bryan lisenby

Hello jaborne

Mohanaraj Balakrishnan

Rock always shares his wake up time.....but what time does he go to sleep?

Jackson green 88

Anyone 2018


what time do you go to bed at night? I work till 11pm and dont lay in bed till about 11:45 or 12. So only 4 hours of sleep or even 5 in a half feels like shit in the morning with that little sleep. It's hard to do that every day. So I a just curious if you are getting a good amount of sleep to productively do that every day or do you just suck it the fuck up?

Harsh Chauhan



World hunger ends the day this man dies

edgar batister

he earned all that money

Coolshayma 123

My dream is tow meet you

San Fran

Man i sure hope peeps dont work out tryin to look perfect like adam and eve when life evolved. It wasnt my motivating factor my old mans hidden self hatred was but just remember its what would your prehistoric ancestors do in a certain situation.

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Respect fetele Baetii la Sală

Nehal Ekbote

Light weight baby??

Matthew Cahal

i need someone near me to show me the ropes an really work with me. Never been to a gym or really worked out before.

hari fender

Great!!!.....sub my channel

sergio de zu

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bryan lisenby

The rock?

Mantraprenuer Network

Get it!

Nishal Pawar

The rock took WWE to a new level in 99 - 02 ??

Lemon Treat

how can he hear music 2:54

Armani Rivera

Like the watermark dude

Armani Rivera

Idk how good you are at responding to comments, maybe someone else would- but my question is, does hand powder work similar to how workout gloves?

Marialex isabella

Hello i am fan number one

vj Vj

I want a body just like the rock

fupa trash


Alan Alan

I know about Dwayne Johnson he’s understand about that stuff but let me guess what the fuck which he do about his Stupid movies that Wasn’t awesome Dwayne Johnson was not an awesome Dwayne Johnson he’s an asshole

Rosa Fernandez


mahir laskar

your are my inspiration sir

Two Step

Sweats everywhere but his pits?!

Levi Dee

Hey rock how much can you bench press and leg press

bryan lisenby

The rock is going to kick the new days ass

Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason


Deep Fried Bucket

3:18 when your training so hard that you need to give your headphones some rest time

kenia Sousa

posso ser sua secretaria na academia o que acha? aceita?

Justin Smith


Kapalli Murali


cammy chose

i feel flat now

Mohib Khan

I got so damn inspired by this video that I gave on dumbells and started lifting rocks lmaoo

Kazi Md Abdul Aowal


Bhutta Ansar

I love you Rock ...
Greatest arms ever ...??

Ori Talmor

Why do you train with long shorts and shirts?

Benjamin Van Vechten

Lol that cringe moment when he shakes off $300 headphones??

Veeru sharma

Love you rock

Janet Wood

Wow! Baby! You're so strong! MUAH! ??

natalie brown

The Rock I love your videos keep making more under your your reason why I exercise everyday I wake up

GetOutoFHere Mate!

My spine is broken just watching this?

Iris Bolivar Gomez

Love you rock my name is iris ai from costa rica?❤❤❤❤?

John Chan Chan Qiyang

rock i like you and you are beter than vin dissel ths what i like about you

Vibhu Shukla

Ohhh man .. this guy can beat beasts

use use use

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Pretty weak how 250 Ibs man like him has difficulty shoulder pressing 95 Ibs.

Nituraj Changmai

Love from India ???????????

boy of India

The rock ?️

Sukumaran Kolangod

Very hansome

aku bocahmu

Roid rage

Sorabh Singh

Bro I like it

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Rok America

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

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Simone Gadelha

the rock you hand white?
i am brazilian , thanks


Does anyone know how much weight the rock can lift?

Amir SS

Make to my chanel her name is Amir ss

Marvin Moise

Kill it.

Hailey Dobron

I feel like a stick figure


Sub to my channel i was standing next to the rock look at my profile picture

John Chan Chan Qiyang

and beter than john cena to ?


I would comment on a specific thing right now but all the top comments are mentioning it already... ;-;

Salvin Thomas Sajan

The worst product placement I've ever seen in my life

Saroj Raja

Song at 4.40??

Zilaid Awwab

No body like rock
Love it

Michael Carpenter

Love the 'Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard' playing in the background

Tonto Epstein


Emanuelito85 Violatour

Hi Big Rock ?

Andrea Hines

You used to be friends with my dad David Hines that worked in the wwe caffee

Jesse Wells Productions

Gotta do those shrugs!!!

Alexis White xd

Who's here exactly 3 years later?

chicken nugget

Um gray isn’t a good workout colour lol

Degmar Santos


Fernando shit

My fucking motivation <3

BeatSmith X

he makes it look so damn easy.

Robert Tyler

I didn't research on your weight lifting ability until after the Biden comment. I always assumed you could lift heavy. Now I know your truly just an actor. You couldn't powerlift if you tried.

Nick jerry

Chalk goes on hand not directly on the equipment ?


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How much does The Rock

How much does The Rock Bench press?

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The question needs to specify several things.

First off you would see people get to see what he benches but the question is "For how many reps?' You see colemena benches 200, but it is pointless to say that HE CAN BENCH 200 LBS! because he can do so for several reps and 200 might be heavy for us but not heavy for him.

because HEAVY is a Relative Term

Comments (6)

He prob tore his pec early on

Robert Tyler

Why did you make this video? I was about to go to the gym.


Your mouth looks digital

Ty Jones

I've never seen him flat bench press.. At..... all... Wonder why?

Lofi 10,000

Why does this guy look cgi

Hunting Wolf

I guarantee that The Rock can bench at least 400 pounds, now. His PR could probably have been near 500. Doing 90 pounds on dumbells equates to a lot more weight on a bar. 300 would not be much at all for a man the size of The Rock.