How much can an average man lift

How Much Weight a Human can lift? - इंसान कितना वजन उठा सकता है? - 20 random facts - EP1

How Much Weight a Human can lift? - इंसान कितना वजन उठा सकता है? - 20 random facts - EP127 Jun. 2020
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How much weight a human

How much weight a human can lift? How old is the universe? in this video you will know some amazing facts. In this video i have also added some facts about human brain and body, mr.bean and charlie chaplin. thanks for watching my video.

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I hope you will enjoy the first video of Factoimmortal.

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One Men Gamer


always smile

Well done bro

charmmy lalwani

Well done mann..❤️

Hemant Mistry


Vishwesh Darji

#6 & #2 Gajab topic mind blowing ??

Aayushi Vyas

Learned much??keep it up

Vision Lifts Thors Hammer - Creating Vision - Avengers Age of Ultron 2015 Movie Clip (4K HD)

Vision Lifts Thors Hammer - Creating Vision - Avengers Age of Ultron 2015 Movie Clip (4K HD)18 Mar. 2018
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Vision Lifts Thors Hammer

Vision Lifts Thors Hammer - Creating Vision - Avengers Age of Ultron 2015 Movie Clip (4K HD).

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a 2015 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to 2012's The Avengers and the eleventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon and features an ensemble cast that includes , Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett ,Robert Downey Jr.Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Anthony Mackie, Hayley Atwell, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgård, James Spader, and Samuel L. Jackson. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers fight Ultron, an artificial intelligence obsessed with causing human extinction.

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I don’t know why people think vision was “nerfed” in infinity war. He’s strong, but I think they’re confusing the Avengers fear of him at the start as some measurement of his power level. The avengers are not afraid of him because they think they can’t beat him, they’re afraid of being responsible for creating another Ultron, and they don’t need to deal with two Ultrons. Like vision said, none of them can beat Ultron alone. Is your measurement for his strength one of Thanos’ children? Iron man could barely handle the big one, and the one that fought Vision stabbed him with a weapon that fucked him up pretty bad.


Me: Walked in wrong classroom

Everyone in class: 3:40

The Creepiest Sonic

I think that this was the only time that vision was ever usefull

in civil war he was OK because he didnt do something

and in infiity war he was really bad

at least his relationship with Wanda was Great


Thor stress level 99 3:35

Brendon Newcast

Can we acknowledge how Bruce goes after Thor agrees with Tony
“Oh it’s definitely the end time”

Bim Bims

Vision is just a trash character, died easily ?

Eve Bennets

I love how no one addressed like you can carry thors hammer! Or any thing they are all just shocked and move along

Cousins Gaming

I can't stand the fact that Thor actually smashing things more than Hulk do

hammodi your bud

Man in infinity war hes just dumb

Yun Hsuan Huang

Vision in Age of Ultron: the boss when you fight him
Vision in Infinity War: the boss when you unlock him as a playable character

Lars JJ

I've always wondered, does he does this because he has "no way to make [them] trust [him]", and proves it by picking up the hammer? Or because he's oblivious that he's worthy? Or because he is "artificial"?


Vision grab Mjölnir.

Everyone: ???

Adam Shirriel

I wish there was a directors cut for Age of Ultron and The Dark World

David McAllister

You know what I love? And I apologise beforehand, but I love taking my children to try and pick up mjolnir ..... I was showing off to my children Haha, this particular one was either cemented in or Haha I don't know but every other time.ive.picked it up, this time i couldn't pick it up they think I'm not worthy and believe it's because I banned them from Wii switch and tablet time after school ???. If only Donald Trump could have been asked to pick the hammer up to see who was elected ....... he would have had Odin, Loki, and ....... fake news I hear, from Donald jr, Donald used to be the president but not anymore Trump, there are only 3 people able to pick Mjolnir up , Thor, Cap, Vision , and I now accept MY children's disappointment lol

Z Media

Who’s the popsicle?


Easiest way to trust someone

Gelinas Studios

Yeah, Vision got nerfed in recent installments.

Dead By Daylight Mobile

Mind stone>all infinity stones


After wandavision I see he’s so pure and soft❤️

Korindo Seng

It was mephisto all along?

Xylix Diamond

im guessing vision thought everyone could lift it

Channel Dad Bryon Lape

Wanda is much better when her accent.

This Is My Story

"There's no way i can make you trust me"
Grabs Thor's hammer that only worthy people can lift

Sammy Lee

literally could’ve ended thanos but no they wanted vision to be weak ? (stones can destroy other stones)

My Mind


Sai Mugunthu Baskaran

This scene hits very differently now after WandaVision. The way Wanda is just staring at Vision in bewilderment.

l Thug life

Stark is right ya thor said it Tony is always right♥️


Well if a coat hanger can hold the hammer than The robot can as well

Alysa Gustafson

the only reason Vision can pick it up is because he isn’t technically a person he is a machine

Dimitri Mansour

He’s worthy

Jeremiah Cherry

I liked this scene

Emmanuel Safari

Oh it’s definitely the end times?


If you think about thors the one who activated him so it kind of makes sense that he can lift his hammer

Alternate Infinite

Visions innocence still melt my soul. Him copying Thor's Cape just... man he's so chill

Francis Balfour

Alright... well done.

Wolves mlp

I want to watch this now

kunel gupta

I love how Hawkeye wants to say something reassuring to Thor but cant think of anything to say ?

Aarya Haque

Vision is just ✨built different✨


I still remember seeing this in the theater on opening night. The entire theater erupted into one massive "OOOOOOHHHH SHIT!" when he picked up the hammer. It was amazing.

Tomoson King

they doubt their human inteligenc judgment, but bielive a hammer...
oh, sorry, it's us, not they.


“So there may be no way to make you trust me.” HAHA THINK AGAIN

Elizabeth Tsiporkin

When thor says alright at 3:50 he sounds like Loki

Vincent Martin

And the Academy Award goes to Hawkeye...for Best Screen Reaction.

MegaShinyGuardian Gallade5

Wanda and pietro would be like uhh why is everyone shaken up it’s just a hammer

sehaj mahajan

When cap picks up mjolnir, he can conjure up lightning ⚡. Vision can't. I think the reason vision was able to pick it up was because he's not a living being merely a machine. Like the logic cap and Tony use at the end of the movie about the elevator.

A bunny that will chew on your cables

Me spending hours rewatching different scenes that have Vision and Wanda to look for clues as to what's happening in WandaVision


Did he thank thor for fucking him at a window

Edo Uarudo

Just a question
Did Vision lift Thor’s hammer in the comics?

Hunkydory Prophet

hE gOt nErFeD iN iNfInItY wAr -

Yeah he got stabbed by an op sword because he was to op for infinity war. At least they made up a valid plot reason and didn’t just nerf him for the sake of it. (Cough cough hulk)


So does Vision rule Asgard now?

Shaima Rukaiya

1:10 look how vision looks at thor cape, and he immediately makes a cape for himself.


Vision: “There may be no way to make you trust me” picks up hammer
Thor: “well I mean, that works for me”

Walin Turner

Age of up ultron vision: gets bodied

Captain Eri

Imagine he started an evil laugh after lifting mjolnir.

FearKratos4442 PS4

I think it's the mind stone that allows vision to lift up the hammer

John James Edwards

So Vision is literally an OP GOD Stronger than Thor and Captain Marvel.

Johnny Chen

avengers: yea we will forget that what just happend

Chitra Ayampara

Imange Thor's son is worth for the hammer early because Thor was worthy
After he was a teenager

Nicks Tabz

Damn remember when odin took thors powers away and he told the hammer to who ever proves worthy shall posess the power of thor, now look every worthy can carry it. But if odin did not say it only thor can carry it cuz odin did a ritual to thor before getting his hammer. My point is the hammer used to be PRIVATE now its PUBLIC lmao

Deivon Bowman

It better get real simple real soon

Darren Khosasi 2021

The Russo Brothers loves to nerf a character but they're better than Joss Whedon

Kenny Rucker

Vision pick up Thor hammer and waik way lol

Alejandro Olvera

For being Quick silver, he moves pretty slow. 0:53


This movie was underrated


"3 minutes. Get what you need."

That was pronounced with such leadership, even I am packing my stuff now.


"There may be no way to make you trust me"

casually hands thor his hammer

Cpt. Horn Swoggle

I dont think you can trust me...
lifts thing only trustworthy people can lift


Thor looks like he’s already obsessed with Vision


"Right, well done" you just know thor was like fuck you stark didn't have to make him that powerful ?

San Tan

Follow the tracks. Nothin man

beda kharel

It’s vision

Tian Yu Hu

Thor be like: ???? MY WORTHINESS ToT

Cyrille James

Vision be like: First time?

Shaima Rukaiya

Everyone who for the time watched the movie in the cinemas would have been shocked, vision is the first person who lifts the hammer, i mean i got shocked as well when captain America lifted the hammer in endgame.

Nicks Tabz

Thor: Had to fight and almost die just to summon the hammer and become worthy
Vision: just chity chaty bla bla bla becomes worthy

doodoo head

wanda: wow, thats hot

Hardik Gupta

"Who's that Popsicle?"
- X-Men Quicksilver


Vision is an inanimate object he can sustain the hammer like the floor or the table.

Jeremiah Alexander

1:28 Little did Bruce know it was the beginning


Everyone when they see vision lift the hammer: ???

Zamray Kiefer

Mind stone is the most powerful stone, right?

Tsunamic Clock

Me, many years ago on Super Power Island in Poptropica when I saw someone with a cooler cape while awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact: 1:05

DJ clasher

He was born new so he has no badness in her

Peter Street

Look on the avengers face?


When I saw this in theatres with my friends, the entire audience laughed at Vision handing the hammer to Thor.

Violet Trom

God, Vision is great! He's wise, kind, loving, and he wants life.

Shadow Bhans

Thor be like bruh wtf lol lmao

Jeremiah Alexander

They nerfed him in infinity war

Naved Riyaz

Tony couldn't lift the hammer but created someone who could

Vlad M09

Imagine what happened if Vision got Mjolnir and Thor got Stormbreaker before Thor: Ragnarok.


Everyone was shock when they see vision easily lifts thors hammer

Neria Zabari

3:37 I’m so jealous!

Lucas Gonçalves

Wanda: i see in your mind a annihilation

Vision: look again ?


Well, If they ever doubted vision...


In the comics, I remember he had the ability to manipulate weight, phase through things; I wonder if this was what the MCU used to confuse the audience or did they really want to prove he is worthy, not just of lifting the hammer but worthy of their trust.


I think scarlet witch made him weak
Because love is the weaknesses , it's make you blind from what is coming nigga!

Nicks Tabz

Vision: Here you might forgot it


Thor uncle really looks like my uncle ?


that was a pretty good speech from an elevator.

Zach Falbe

Vision wasn’t worthy. That’s just how powerful a single infinity stone is.