Man calves

Stunningly Beautiful Women Knocked A Man With Her Powerful Calves Choke

Stunningly Beautiful Women Knocked A Man With Her Powerful Calves Choke7 Nov. 2020
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Drama/TV Series: Agent X

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Donny Janssen

Whats is the name of the movie ???

Joe Stranger

This is from the Agent X series, episode 2. The actress is Olga Fonda.

Andre Padro

Nice scene! What's the name of the movie?

enda JC

Movie name

Dairy Farm Burns Calves' Heads Without Painkillers; Man Calls It 'Fun'

Dairy Farm Burns Calves' Heads Without Painkillers; Man Calls It 'Fun'16 Jan. 2019
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Calves kicked and cried

Calves kicked and cried out in pain as a worker pressed a hot iron to their heads. He said that burning calves without pain relief "makes it more exciting."

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PETA's mission statement is that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way:


The website the meat industry doesn't want you to see: http://meat.org

How to go vegan: http://features.peta.org/how-to-go-vegan/

PETA Saves: http://features.peta.org/petasaves/

PETA: http://PETA.org

FAQs: http://www.peta.org/about-peta/faq/

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Whispering willows Stables

He needs to leave the horns! The poor cows!!!! And why did he ThIs Is FuN!!!!!!!!! ?????

Baddie Gameplay

I hope animal abuses go to Hell forever

Bri Poth

I feel no sympathy thinking people are like are going to hell, God gave us these animals to eat yes but, it's our job to respect the things he's made. When I tell someone about what they are eating, I'm not doing it so shame them, I'm doing it to help protect animals like these poor cows, who can't protect themselves from humans who have been corrupted into thinking that this is ok.

Colorado County Fair

you put baby powder when your done and it doesn't hurt any more.its to get rid of their horns.

Enrique Hernandez

Yoo just sad

Nisha Jutt


the lucky Lucy Lilly show


Sam Hershey

You do realize that that’s so they can’t grow there horns out cause it’s killed cows


Animal rights group slanders an innocent man for "harassing a sting ray" without any evidence, calls it justice for animals


work at a farm we are required to give them Anastasia and then burn the horns because if we don't we get fired and investigated for animal abuse the only time its accepted is that if you forget

Gina Ferrara


Nandikolla Anilkumar

i dont know you if i find the person doing this i would do same thing to you


Well why the hell do they blur out the dudes face

teacher Farah


Caleb Price

I love my milk. 3rd degree burns are less painful than second degree burns as the nerve endings are destroyed. They also don't have the mental capacity to remember that event into adulthood. They also don't experience pain for weeks, not sure how you ask a calf how much pain it is in, its subjective. But behaviorally, they resume their normal function not even a day after the event, and are just as excited to see you bring them milk as they were before. Do some research

Ashok Peter

This fucking ass hole man... he should be killed alive then only he will get to know what fun is like...

Jadel Labradoodle251

fun? you will burn in hell , stupid creature

cowboykinz x

I hope his house burns down with him in it smh

Watch City

Sadists! This is dairy. Ditch the fucking milk! These "people" are insane. These poor fucking things. They are just babies! Babies! It is barbaric and sadistic, may they all get their heads burned into. I'm on my journey to become vegan. I can't stand what they do to "farm" animals. Did that calf live? Male calves are tied up in boxes and fed an anemic diet so the meat is pale and are killed within weeks. Why the fuck do they need to remove the horns?! If they are female to be milked to death and then become hamburgers cuz she can't produce milk anymore is not the circle of life, again why remover the horns. Milk is baby food from their mothers. Milk is unhealthy for humans to consume and responsible for many ailments. Fucking disgrace.

Nikki Nick

Wth kind of weirdos get off on this...


It's done to make it safer to handle them. Do not go Vegan, Vegans kill more Animals & Insects due to the fact the Vegetables & Crops need protecting.

meadow Gulleford

I almost threw up seeing this???

Ka Ni

I should kill him i hate him si much???????????

Kaotic Kitten

So vegans don’t drink milk or eat stuff like ice cream?

• mønst3r•

This is horrible!

Thirdy Chua III

HOW IS THIS FUN!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?


sicko mode

Eduardo silva

Iam vegan for life ❤️ i from Brazil .


Haircut extreme

Chubby Bunny

This is what I have to say to people like this if you can hurt an animal you can hurt a human if you can hurt a human you can hurt an animal either a puppy / child adult dog / an adult

Alexis Mayer

Just to give some clarity on this situation: yeah, this guy is sick and this is horrible. But most milk companies do have standard operating procedures that they make dairy farmers sign before they will accept their milk, including humane treatment. Any dairy farmer in their right mind will use painkillers before any procedure, otherwise the animals will produce less milk and be less lucrative overall. Standard procedure is to use a numbing agent beforehand and do pain therapy after dehorning. Dehorning is necessary to protect the animals from each other and themselves, and to protect the handler. A sane dairy farmer would fire this worker in a second.

Tall jay Is rich

THIS IS ANIMAL ABUSE!!! if this were dogs people would be all over animal abuse but this is to. People say it’s part of the food chain. Like umm hurting them like this isn’t. This makes me so mad this world is like shit. With shitty people and shitty minds. I hope everyone sees this so we can stop this (I’m aware some ppl are smart enough that this burning the cow is bad)

joana darc

O mundo que vivemos é muito mau.

C.R creepypast Girl


Scrap Dog

Stop $upporting factory farms. If you won't go vegan, go to your local farmers market or whole foods. Spend a lil more $, waste less! Consume less. Almond milk. Coconut milk. Its delicious.

Nikola Kuzmanovic


Angel Face

????*I hate & despise them. Jail every last one of these sadistic demons* crush them*

Rosie Huang

If you love animals and dont support cruelty, please visit change.org and search 'animal cruelty' in the search bar. Plenty of petitions will show up which you can sign to stop animal cruelty. It actually works and I have signed many successful petitions that ended up making a change eg. Shutting down an abandoned zoo with starving animals in Thailand. Please TAKE ACTION commenting 'I feel sorry for the animals' on a youtube video wont change anything! PLEASE.....????

Edit: to find the search bar
1. Click on the link on my comment
2. Click the three horizontal lines on the top right corner
3. Select 'search'
4. Type in 'animal cruelty'
5. Sign as many petitions as you wish!


That sick bastard needs to die


Imagine if someone burned the tips of you finger until you don’t have nails anymore
Yeah it’s basically how the calves feel like in that process

Tadd Spencer

Only ignorant uneducated fools work at places such as this and get off on torturing animals and think it's fun, people like this won't be trusted by me.

evs #

Red flags. Not okay. Wake up and open your eyes people!

Wes Xs

This piece of shit is going to hell

Angel Face

Crush those Demons

teacher Farah


Brenda Robinson

Why is this not considered animal cruelty? It certainly is! This should be illegal.

Gypsy Plays

Fun fun feel the pain of the cow ????????????????

Nahomi Beaubien

Where I work we give calves painkillers while doing this. I dont understand people who dont.

pefsg k

it's fun..

shfaa Ooo

???Why this terriost


Why do u say it’s harsh to burn the heads of calves without pain medication, like humans get circumcised with no pain as babies what is the problem with calves

Calculator Tortilla

Sounds fun to burn his ears off without any painkillers ?

Denise Pickering

Would love to burn his balls off with no pain relief.

Lasting Fiber

Omg no??


Thanks for putting this out there peta. But why film for so long instead of stopping them hm? If you’re so against this why don’t you take action?

Jean-Claude Roberts

Cruelty cannot be condoned! However I have seen this process done both ways and the calves in the video definitely had some sort of local anesthetic... they will move with the pressure regardless....and maybe that asshole didn’t wait for it to kick in as it should but without it ....face chained to the pole or not ...he couldn’t restrain even a 2 day old calf by himself without it. He also had a vest full of syringes.....
I think for the effect you want let people hear him say that he doesn’t administer the drug. I’m not vegan but any one who handles animals cruelly should face harsher punishments than what laws today permit. Just the fact that this guy is having fun is a red flag....

Theresa Mackay

I love animals why do they do this

they broke there streaks so i broke there legs

I even respect my millipedes but im not vegan I'd still be killing animals if i was because of owning snakes

Arash Ghods

... you

Jadel Labradoodle251

without any painkillers ???

Luis Sorto

How is it fun animals feel pain

Galaxy _mooncat77

Why do pets show videos of animals in pain don’t do anything to stop it

DiamondMC Gaming

Dey r tasti

Nasha the lynx


Nikki Matthews

That’s it I’m getting my nanas shotgun and shooting and killing the humans and put hot stuff on their faces too :) See how u like it humans ?


Can u buy free range milk?

teacher Farah


Lil Miss Cookie Cat

Even tho not everyone will stop eating meat and having milk we should have better laws to protect and respect animals.

Maggy Douceur


Erica Ladehoff

I have horses and cows they are in AMAZING care but this is messed up and he said it was fun? A easy way is to use rubber bands

Ava Shark

You all need to chill out

You say you’ll do something but really you’ll just watch more videos while sitting in your bed doing nothing if you wanna help DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Oscar Gold

Is PETA against Halal butchers in islam?

Pratik Jay

So sad
This is happening to millions of voiceless animals daily
Please do something about it fellow humans

Luis Aquino

This is sad poor cows

Maryam Malik

Why they burn their heads?? Any special reason


Says the people who do in humane things to animals

Melissa Warfield

This is heinous and horrible!!! Must stop this! Not watching video. Should be reported

Moldy Trash

Is he arrested yet?


Scandaleuses pratiques immondes et cruelles ! Pauvres veaux...


Dont support factory farming. You can still eat a balanced diet, and not buy anything from factory farms...

Cj N

I get your trying to get rid of animal abuse, but what’s the point if animals don’t have souls. They won’t go to heaven(if you believe in Jesus)


Oh boo who, I'll still never be vegan

Whitney A.

How old is this video? What company does this milk get sold to?


The National FARM program explicitly requires the use of painkillers for dehorning on any farm under contract with this program. Do the right thing and report this to the higher ups instead of using it as propaganda to paint dairy farmers as sickos who like to see animals in pain.

Mystk Majicc

Okay, yeah. It is fucked up that he does that "for fun" maybe someone should shave his knees with a hot iron and when he begs for it to stop, say "now where's the fun in that". Also, stop telling people to go vegan. There are other ways of dealing with this. You guys can start petitions, fundraisers and other things to reach out to higher ups in that company and require pain killers or something.

teacher Farah


Outgreygous Cob

My mums friend has cattle and sheep as a business but they are so kind and gentle to the animals as I have done work experience there. All the animals are free roam having large fields and it’s so nice to see them being free (I can literally see the fields from my house). The sheep that are sheered literally just stand there and the shearers are so gentle I even had a go myself and the sheep started licking my hand like a dog. The cattle also have their hornes cut off but with extremely high painkillers and qualified vets, the point is to stop them fighting when they breed (which by the way they do with putting 3-4 bulls and 3-4 cows together and let them breed naturally) it’s still not right, taking advantage of these poor animals and no matter how humane it is no one should be doing it, so by saying this I’m not justifying it rather saying that they could have a far better life if people weren’t so money driven..


This is horrible. Luckily I already started drinking alpro soya instead. Most land used for agriculture is animal farms. I am planning to go vegan again. Being vegan can save plants because lots of plants are used in animal farms more than you eat.

Lauryn Hollands


Jesse the useless furry

1 like
1.8k stabs in the neck for this guy

Lachy Davies

How the f*ck can these people be so cruel to animals ??????????

Angie Chaney

Sick people have No god Damon Since for Animals

S Cherry

Let's not forget, people who use the animals are just as responsible

Jazmin Camarena

this man is psycho

heatstrike productions 2


2011 honda car finance

I am not a vegan but at least give them painkillers

Chris Pedone

I'm with you Gacha Tacoz! Next step is burning his testicles for fun fun fun!! They shouldn't have blocked out his face so we all have a chance to get a good look at this piece of shit!

pb cattle company

Hope y'all know that dehorning calf's horns is actually good for them. If they were to get bigger they could hurt or possibly kill other cows or humans it is the same docing puppies tails and declawing them.

Ranjeet Singh


teacher Farah


Kye Young

They’re screwed up in the head ??‍♂️

Male Lions Kill Buffalo Mother & Calf - Latest Wildlife Sightings

Male Lions Kill Buffalo Mother & Calf - Latest Wildlife Sightings21 Jan. 2015
2 071 203
Kruger SightingsSubscribe 438 721

Incredible video of 2 male

Incredible video of 2 male lions eyeing out an injured buffalo mother with her calf, then utilizing an opening to make the kill.

Kruger accommodation specials here:


Taken on the S41 near Satara in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Video sent in by: Fiona

To get to see sightings like this on your own, BOOK A SAFARI:


Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: http://www.latestsightings.com/partnership

Snapchat: LatestSightings

Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger

For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: http://www.latestsightings.com/

And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: https://www.facebook.com/latestsightingskruger

Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Animatedcams

Comments (100)
London Wolf

The calf actually did nothing to help his mum! He was watching like a stranger

hanzel geronimo

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, God was good all the time?

The Crimson Ghost

“Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.”

Ron Burgandy

Great camera work no earthquake.

Нина Полиевтова

Всё понимаю ! Но смотреть больно!блядь кормите вы уже иностранцы животных! Или не показывайте такие ролики!!!

HipHop Legends

I don't know how they manage to get to the throat so fast

Taliyah Jackson

She protecting her baby ???

sweet potato

I feel so bad for an injured mother buffalo and calf. Nature kicks in male lions need to eat to survive.


Mistake...... He went after the calf first. Got rammed from the side by a pissed off and slightly wounded mom, she was limping. He quickly realized what he did wrong and went after the bigger more powerful foe first. Interestingly, he still considered the calf the easier prey even though the mother had a limp. Well, she was still bigger and with horns. Nature can always teach.

Max Works

Le lion il est arrivé comme ça oklm, je trouve que les lions chassent mieux que les lionnes


thats the lebron james of lions


Buffalo be like ..wait let me urinate for some minute

Phelo Waka

funny how everyone here is giving props to the lion.(rightfully so) BUT.. I'm paying my respect to this buffalo.. she didn't hesitate and step back to protect her calf.. she literally laid down her life for her calf to live. She didn't make any noises of distress cause that would've stressed her calf!!
With a painful limp, she still managed to fight and protect her calf regardless of her demize.. RESPECT TO THIS BUFFALO. she protected that small thing till her last breath!!!!! wow.

Ajay fitness products reviews

Lion: I came to kill you
Buffalo: I cannot hold my urine

mahendra singh

Then people ask who would win between a lion and a grizzly


i thought all lion just sitting back and let the females work..

Carlos Reyes

The mother Buffalo was injured. That's why she couldn't do much to defend herself.

JAB Initials

I don't think a human, even with a large caliber rifle, would stand a chance being out there in the bush, against one of these beasts. You would have to fire and hit the lion in a vital part of its body, before it reaches you and swats you with those huge paws and deadly claws, then bites your neck. Scary stuff.


He’s like I can make my own sandwich

Bicky Singh

Tigers can killed a buffalo in 15 seconds

justin Kamonyi

It's the first time for me to see a male lion killing himself a buffalo.

areli nevan

That's actually Khabib out in nature, free from the constrictions of cage.

NinJazz Rhythm

That technique is beyond what I expected. I have never seen lions doing jujitsu moves before

Nicolai Gaidai

Львы просто хотят кушать


Лев красиво в одиночку одолел!!!

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل


L Naf

This is one well experienced lion.

John Morris

It would of lived it it had ditched it's calf. Big mistake taking on a lion and very few buffalo do it and live.

laurie carter

That's was brilliant what skills alittle dicey with mama but overcome her meanly!!!!!chomp.......

Dmitry Polozov

Лёва красавец.

mikeyb byekim

1:30 amazing they prey are cognitive enough to try to use vegetation and trees or shrubbery as a wedge to put in between them

44 $tyle

Buy one or get one of equal or lesser value

Son Of Rabat

Are there still those imbeciles that still think lionesses do the hunting....?! idiots, they do shitty hunting.....the male is one efficient killing machine

Apple User

Calf : it’s just a play blw my mother and lion uncle

Dave Bartosh

The mother limping was just like ringing the dinner bell. Felt so sorry for the poor calf, just watching.

Mirage drone


Christopher Bako

Imagine waking up to a Beautiful day...No idea what's to come.

brown buter

@ 1:24 mom to child : u can at least pretend to give a dam
child: um, yeah ..that's your fight, not mind..gotta go, love ya !
mom: i gave birth to.......................
child : what was that? eeeeeeew ma, your guts are all over the place......


Dude that lion scared the piss out of her lol

nishob porsche

woah man what a attack . this move was so aggressive

Maksut Abi

Yavru noldu niye göstermiyorsunuz yarım çekiyorsunuz

mohammad khan

This is mother I Love mom


A lions place is on the wall.

Matilde de Fátima Soares de Oliveira Lanche

Quantos minutos o leão leva sufocando o bufalo no pecoço.?

paul gibson

Skilled lion

Riley Freeman #JP

Male lions are killing machines

Thinker ,

Stupid fool tried to bury the cow

Robert Wegner

Disgusting behaviour. What that lion did is sickening and apalling.

jesus christ

I hate lions

Seminole Gamer

Probably not a good idea to wander off on your own while you are noticeably limping behind your kid. Maybe they couldn't keep up with the herd.


Simba Hunt's a Full Grown buffalo by himself and with ease.

Mufasa from Hellven : Well Done My Kid !!

Stout Shako

Why are people saying the lion was spectacular in this? The mother was wounded, which is probably why her and her baby fell behind the herd in the first place. These are easy pickings.


that buffalo looked sick and tired.

Short Vids

“I’m shaking..” ..You’re shaking?! How the f you think the Buffalo feels??

dallars kebantshitse otukile

Foolish Tiger fans says male Lions can't hunt it depends on the kill made by lioness.

keyboard freedomfighter

Bruh, that lion had some fkn moves. He juked the horns and then swung around the neck like he practiced parkour.

Virendra Singh Parmar

Even male lions don't go for capes alone. But whoa!! That was some formidable move. Lucky for lion. Even bison or any giant eland couldn't have done much in that position


I wonder if the lion would have won if the Buffalo had a neck pad on? ?

Hassaan Ahmad

And they say capes cannot be taken by necks. Or may be they say that for bulls whatever.


Even though this is nature, the violence bothers me.

Matilde de Fátima Soares de Oliveira Lanche

Como um leão consegue matar um bufulo tão grande sozinho?


TOO much coincidence two Buffalo along???????? Maybe it was planned.


Wonder why Buffalo with calf was hanging out away from the herd


The mom sacrificed herself for the calf

Arthur Fleck

You've got to love these conservationists who fly around the world, to sit in vehicles with the engine running the whole time, to watch wild life. Great for the planet.

harry fare

The lion graduated from the Kenya School of physical anatomy and physiology

Sener S

Sad to see lions kill other animals for fun.

Giga_ Noob

1:25 alright that got me


Fair play to the mum for trying to defend her calf. Nature is savage.

Mr. Animalover

The Calf is like... "Oh well"

Wakandaforever90 Mcdowell

The baby was so chill like ain’t nothing happening


thanks for running your car engine so they can't hear him, dumb asses


It may be the way of nature but it’s still sad.


It looks like the lion was going for the young calf, but was forced to switch to the mother when she retaliated.

Sandip Lamichhane

Actually lion was aiming for calf at first,but switched the target after mother collided with the ?

Andrej O

Romans 8:22
"For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now."

Kalun Myers

what bigggggg cat agorey is that hunting technequie in?

obayd fox

1:10 the buffalo was pissing of pain


A time immemorial scene of predator vs. prey.

Dominic Peterson

Scared the piss out the buffalo, literally



Temuul Munkhtur

poor calf have no idea what is going on

Omar the Atheist Aziz

poor calf didn't know any better, & stuck around till its mother will kick the lions ass & come back to it to feed its milk

George Hav

1:07 The buffalo was peeing itself


that calf deserved to die

Rene van der Schuur

Come on boys , dinner's ready :-)


Baby shud of RAN while it could of!


Man the lion literally had that buffalo pissing its self

Riz P

You're shaking and the buffalo is peeing. Male dark maned lions do that to females.

Scarlett McSorley

I feel bad for both of them

Mike G

These people pay huge amounts of money to see this


Guess the brothers started with the veal this time...

Crimson Skies

What a hard life to have to live. Predator and prey every second of the day.

tranquil Nice

my kinda lions. eating their dessert first

Mister Blowws29

Triste loi de la nature


I don't understand why the Creator created such a violent ecosystem.

brown buter

1:24 mom to child : u can at least pretend to give a dam
child: um, yeah ..that's your fight, not mind..gotta go, love ya !
mom: i gave birth to.......................
child : what was that? eeeeeeew ma, your guts are all over the place......

Mohamad Wattar

The kid like: should i start sprinting or?! How this works

Jimenez Exotics

Why wasn't this buffalo and her calf with a herd