How to strengthen weak glutes

Glute Exercises for Back Health

Glute Exercises for Back Health9 Oct. 2018

Glutes play an important

Glutes play an important role in helping maintain good posture and a strong back. Weak glutes are often the cause of tight hips and lower back pain. Join Joshua Hancock, Physical Therapist Assistant as he shares a few simple exercises that can help strengthen the back.

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How to Strengthen Weak Glutes in just 4 minutes!

How to Strengthen Weak Glutes in just 4 minutes!29 Nov. 2020
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How to Strengthen Weak

How to Strengthen Weak Glutes

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If your glutes are weak, your posture and and movement will be off balance when you are trying to move like walking or running.


1.Soreness in butts.

2.Pain in hip.

3.Lower back pain.

4.Knee pain.

5.Tight hamstring.


1.Too much sitting

2.Overuse the hips.

3.Over exertion in exercising.


This video will stretch your tight hips and strengthen the muscles around the area.

Do this 2 times a day for 3 weeks.

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Weak Glutes=Back Pain! (AND How To Fix It)

Weak Glutes=Back Pain! (AND How To Fix It)28 Jan. 2020
12 070

Back pain can occur for

Back pain can occur for many reasons, but very often, weak glutes (butt) muscles are to blame. These muscles help support the spine and keep other hip muscles from tightening up.

So many people don't actually use the glute muscles during exercises and activities or don't actually get these muscles to fire.

This video goes over why weak butt muscles can cause back pain and exercises to fix it!

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Gaia Renna

Thanks for the video. How many reps/set would you suggest per excercise?

Rizwan Mahmud

Lovely as ever


Are those real!? ?

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Jeff Murray - Ambition Health and Performance

Exercise at 3.40 is also used extensively in martial arts to strengthen the hip for chambering kicks.

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I understand the benefits of exercising your glutes, but what is the purpose and benefit of "activating" the glutes as shown in the first part of the video?


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