How to run efficiently

Running Tips : How to Run Efficiently

Running Tips : How to Run Efficiently30 Sep. 2010
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Running efficiently will

Running efficiently will actually make running easier and improve your stamina. Start running more efficiently with help from a professional fitness trainer in this free video on running basics.

Expert: CarolAnn

Bio: CarolAnn has more than 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a Master's Degree in exercise science and health promotion.

Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Running is an excellent form of exercise and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Start running more with these tips from a professional fitness trainer in this free video series on running.

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You should land forefoot, and should lean a little forward

Zidane Steiner

Women look so odd when they run. I don't know why that is.

Chris van Hoof

I agree...efficiency is the key especially when tackling the hills. Develop efficiency, enjoyment...and then get out there and dominate!

Jake Does Life

WOW!!!!!! you dont know how to run YOU ARE SUPOST TO LEAN FORWORD

Travis Mize


rohan maini

dont lean forward, thats wrong....you should a little bit but yes wide ur arms...her arms goes wide while run and thats wrong again...

Chom Chom Earth

1:27 "Squatting down deeply" AHAHAHAHAHHAAH


i know dude it gets confusing

Bogdan-Mihai Ilie

I dunno about you but I seriously dislike her speech....

Sheeda Skateboarding Bihac

i wonder where is you head than

Enzo Gorlami

She skipped arm day again

Zachary Schiavo

is she smuggling some raisins??

The Libertarian

Your right that running a lot helps your resistance but you need interval training to achieve higher levels of fitness.

Claire Miller

This is a good video on Running helped me alot


hi,and thank you sooo much for your comment. thank you so much for sharing with me your experience I found it very valuable and informative. I promise I will see a sports quiropractor!!! cause I haven't run since 4 months ago:( thanks again and God bless you:)

Chris Francisco

your fucking stupid you obviously didnt watch the video

rakesh s

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Garrett Hannon

I'm stupid?! You're talking about leg strength in your arms you moron. Please re-read what you posted because now the whole world can see how dumb you really are.


Does she exercise only and not eat.

Joel Gasser

You don't have good form.

Colshy TheComedian

christ sake, where do you live mrs, it looks like the centre of the sun compared to where i am come from!


Isn't this lady, the little girl from the poltergeist movies???

Prof. YoutubeRambo

arms like 8 years old


Hi I've been running for almost 2 years but since month ago evry time I run I feel lower back pain what could be the reason for that no matter how long I run 1,2,or 3 miles . thanks :)

Margaret D'Emic

Thanks, Carol Ann. This is very helpful.


please dont do what she did with her arms. if your upper body is turning side to side u are wrong. arms pump forward and back not side to side

Sage Marshall

Okay this may be just be me but when you see the guy in the white riding his bike and he walks off screen than a guy in orange walks back in with a bike later and rides in the opposite direction all I could think was he got his bike stolen lol

Adam Volf

nice vid, Carol is little bit bones and skin tho

JJ Soledad

Your name is screaming dumb..try to LISTEN & watch the video.

Garrett Hannon

leg strength in your arms eh? can you teach me this?


Yeah I know, I was just kidding as i saw her name was CarolAnn and this is how she probably would have looked had she had grown up :) RIP Heather O'Rouke (Carol Ann he Poltergeist girl)

Chris Francisco

thanks carol, i was about to build leg strength in my arms

Garrett Hannon

your right, thumbs up means your right... or it means that many people laughed at you moron

Nortyrascal 13

Chi running says you should lean forward - experts schmexperts, it's all quackery


I was totally focused on the guy on the bike the entire time


These internet experts should have to show their diplomas at the start of the video. This one said to run upright, another said to lean forward. How are we supposed to know which one of them is right?

Horatka Bombel

It is painful to watch like your heels hit the pavement... shorter your stride

Freddie Bosslet

gotta agree with darin; what she does with her arms while running is terrible! :]

Brock Hemming

"develop leg strength in your legs".. lol


naruto,..nuff said


"Make sure your body is nice and loose" ....... as she does "The Robot"

Colshy TheComedian

"i just picked up a double cheesburger for £1.49"


This lady lands on her heels, and swings her arms widely....

Gregory Hillman

two tips for you: relax your wrists and do not bounce as much.

Bill Nye

Step number 1. Don't wear clothes that show your nipples.


they also say not to lean forward.


I was hoping to see that guy in the background riding his bike down the trail tackle that wicked looking hill, but the video cut out just before he got there. Shucks!

Darin Loertscher

You are supposed to have a slight lean forward, your elbows shouldn't pass in front of your body like hers do, and I had to laugh when she says deep squats because her thighs don't even go parallel to the ground let alone past parallel like a really deep squat. Whatever.

kenneth katz

This should be an SNL skit.


need to pass the mile at school....


I'm sorry, but if you're so sure of your self, then why did you come here to begin with?

Eric Hasenbroekx

nice presentation


did you change your shoes? a more expensive shoe doesnt mean they are better for you...

Cody .Ramer

Dont listen to the part about not leaning forward.._.

Lucas Kocisko

You wanna keep thumbs below waist=easier breathing

David Escamilla

who noticed the shirtless guy scaring the bike rider?

Elena Dahlke

her hands..

Arthur Mckinely

Nice one


That's usually a trick used for sprinters though


man hands @ 1:53

Will R

BAHAHAHAHA I actually pissed myself at the ending idek y

Pranish Shrestha

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Chris Francisco

thats why i got thumbs up. you're a fucking idiot

Dinu Desculţ

I can not run in shoes... barefoot only. Barefoot is the best ! :)

Laura Avila

OMG I have gone running were this lady is at in the video!!!

Pedro Flack

leaning forward can actually help you gain speed some times

melky jim

Nice trail.

Michael Stewart

Why don't horses race on Pavement? Because the injury rate would be 100 percent! I have run up more than 2400 Mountains and it is just my Expert opinion! Mountain Running Guru.

Nadeera Bandara

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Comments (71)
Sean McCabe

Love your videos. Thanks, Sage! Enjoy listening.

Daksh Pat

One thing I noticed when I got faster is my vertical jump got lower, so I guess you can use that as an indicator in terms of training?


Great content. Keep it coming

mnl W

I think I’m a Caddy


Carb loading a few hours before a race helped me out in the past.

Jack Kinseth

subaru forester gang! drive a ‘98 forest green model myself

Thomas Fleming

Thank you.

Le grand empereur cosmique

Stop justify for your intros, they’re perfect and I bet there are not that much so good runner who are taking time to play the guitar


“You got a fast car”.. love the relation to your Strava post ?. The car analogy is awesome. Makes a lot of sense. As always... thanks for the advice and great videos ??.


Can i have 2 tempo runs a week, with the other days easy zone 2 runs, strides and exercises during base building phase?

Nancy Reyna

Love your videos! This morning I went for a run after being indoors for a little over a month. I started Gung Ho, kicking my feet back, leading with my hips, good form, however within the first 2 min I landed wrong and went flying forward! lol. Got up, kept running... my goal was to do 2 miles then i fell a second time toward the end bc the sidewalk was uneven. Im ok btw :) Anyway my point is I’ve learned not only running economy is important but grit and resiliency. Urban running is rough! I’ll be back tomorrow, bc grit & resiliency comes from having goals and a reason. I’m motivated to live a fullfilling life and to run my first full marathon in November. ??‍♀️❤️? Keep up the good work! Your videos are super ??


“Shut up Siri “ lmao


May the 4th be with you Sage!

ted n ruth

That clarifies that then


He doesn't answer any question! What's the point of all videos?

Adelino Andrade

In Europe is liters/100km.

joe smith

Great informative videos dude! Hey which shoes are those two you showed @ 4:45 that I can try?
Thanks, I've training to run a marathon so I am gradually increasing my weekly mileage.

Fun Size Politics

4:00 howling for community bonding?! Howl yeah!

Nicolas Gambardella

I think there is something very deep in the way you measure efficiency in the US, and we do let's say in France. You try to convert miles per gallon into km per liters, etc. We do not use that. We use km per litre. I thought being an ultra-runner, it could resonate with you.


No need to apologise for your intros. They're lovely!

Nancy Reyna

Volkswagen here lol


Hi Sage, what do you think of the power measurement devices such as stryd that is used for calculating efficiency?


It's liters per 100 kilometres

Tony S

Hair looks cool a bit longer Sage!

Sandor Bako

I am a gokart.


Sage, please recommend a Hoka shoe for long runs for anything pass 8 miles?
I'm not looking to spend over $85 for a pair of good cushiony sneaks to help lessen the impact of my long runs.

mnl W

Any thoughts about using a running meter to measure efficiency?

Time Trial Running

I play the drums, love seeing anyone doing anything musical ...especially when their a runner!

Danny Montes

Thanks Sage. Great like always Man!

Cyprian Grzelka

Great video, I also wonder how to deal with lack of oxygen during hot temperature?

Rudolph Teperberry

Thanks for another great video Sage! One question, just to be clear - If I'm training for an ultra and I have very little concern with setting a fast time, but just want to finish the distance, is speed work in training still going to help? (I get the impression that yes it will!).


You’ve got a stiff Jaw


Appreciate all the training talk videos you’re making at the moment!

Tony Bowen

I hate having any kind of structured workout and I hate messing with form. Every time I mess with my form I start getting pain somewhere. I like just doing whatever doesn't hurt. I've only done one half marathon before at 1:40:30, but I want to break 1:30. What's one thing a stubborn runner like me could do that would have the biggest impact on a faster time?

black jack1171

Sorry for off beat....
Me: What's a beat?

Eshan Shah

This was a great video, love how you explained the running efficiently! I recently made a similar video as well on my new fitness channel, check it out if you get a chance! Thanks!

John Smith

Hey sage love your videos! Do you have any kind of avenue to give people personal advice about a running plan? I'm usually an MMA instructor, and did quite a bit of running last summer and fall, getting back into it and in light of the covid situation decided to train for a marathon. Had nike run club put together my training plan ending in October, seems good I'm just concerned that it seems like maybe I could handle more mileage. Let me know if theres any way you or anyone out there with more knowledge can get some personalized advice on the matter. Thanks!

Trey Damico

Great info but I can definitely tell you're from cu lol

Puran Darlami

Will it be ok if i use weight for 800m and 1600m run?


Im an attack helicopter

Peter Broberg

Are there certain workouts that you use the chest strap HR monitor for? I'm looking for my first watch and trying to decide what to get and what's worth it. It seems like everyone complains about the accuracy of the wrist monitors.

Real Strategy Gaming Classics

Can you just please stick to minutes per mile? At least let your audience try to convert to KM/ minute if thats what they want to use. Because at least then they will learn to be able to do it in their head rather than you talking to us like were a split audience or something. It throws me off whenever you say KM/minute or KM's whenever I am trying to focus on what you are saying.

Ezra Kleinbaum

how do you train in the winter when it's snowy?

Gabe Quinn


Justin Mosier

Thanks for the awesome content! Was in a bit of a rut, but these videos always inspire and help! You rock!


Are there plans for a paperback release?

ArtemisCash Reacts


You see what i did there

I feel that our body is like a car. The most fuel efficient is not at the lowest speed, but about close to mid speed. At least for me, i can run longer with slow-medium pace instead of slow


I’m gonna be a Cutlass Supreme... 442 baby!!!

Samir Mishra

Need longer totally unnecessary intros

Jason Schoeller

Can you link some of the studies you've seen that demonstrate the importance of mileage,
particularly optimal mileage for marathon training? Many have told me going over 100 mpw causes diminishing returns, but looking at the fastest runners in the world clearly one must run 100-120+ mpw to crack 2:10 in the Marathon.

Jeremy Buford

So would sprinting for 60 seconds, and then jogging for 2 mins increase my running economy?


Love this, thank you ??

Diane T

Really interesting and useful instruction there. Thanks so much Sage.

Robert Mechura

Great video! I make videos too! I’m working really hard and trying to gain some traction.


better than most intros...

Shuklal Das



I’m a Ford Crown Vic.

Apollo Creed

GREAT INTRO , only wish it was LONGER ?

Adelino Andrade

Just a question Sage, next week I gonna start to commute work/home here in Paris, 5miles morning 5miles end of the day, no races till the fall, should I include some speed weekly and what is the mileage of long run you advise me to do? My current mileage is 200~210 miles month.

Steve Ilg

keep the intro's coming! feeble ilg couldn't carry a tune even if it came with a handle on it! good talk, good talk... head bowed in Gratitude,


Sage when's this album dropping?


Keep on rocking in the free world!

Robert Mechura

Great video! I make videos too! I’m working really hard and trying to gain some traction.


Are you a Bekele(speed) or a Kipchoge(endurance)? Is a better analogy. I am fast naturally, just needed more longruns. Some have good endurance but are very slow.

Paul MacKinnon

Running economy and running efficiency are two different things. Intertwined, however separate.

Dj C

New too running. Can run 8 mile @ 9.20minute per mile( slow I know, but I'm small and fat)..that's with poor form, however when practicing proper form i can only run the length of me? So how do you recommend training around that?

Soren Brockdorf

Actually this was your best song yet

Ingi Johannessen

I'm from Faroe Islands, and my goal is to get to the Natwest Island Games. I'm thinking of qualifying for 5k. But i currently run 5 k in 18:30. The qualifying time is 16 min. What should i do to get to 16 min. Love your videos, really helpful


siri wants to run faster


Only watched two videos but man, you use way more words to say something than is necessary. So off-putting for me personally, even at 2x speed. Just an observation from a nobody, so take it for what's worth.

How to Run Efficiently

How to Run Efficiently21 Feb. 2018
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Want to learn how to

Want to learn how to become a more efficient runner? Colin Cook, head coach of WRT and owner of Peak Triathlon Coaching, can show you how! During this session, he will focus on cadence, gate and teach you drills to get stronger and faster. This is one you don't want to miss!

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