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20 Min Jump Rope HIIT Workout

20 Min Jump Rope HIIT Workout26 Oct. 2020
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20 seconds - jump rope regular bounce fast & slow1/4lb rope

20 seconds - jump rope run in place moving front to back 1/4lb rope

20 seconds - jump rope double side swipe 1/4lb rope

20 seconds - push-ups

20 seconds - jump rope diagonal straddle 1/4lb rope

20 seconds - jump rope feet X’s 1/4lb rope

20 seconds - jump rope sprint 1/4lb rope

20 seconds - ab crunchers

*Rest 10 seconds after each exercise

** Rest 1 minute after each set

** End of the workout Burner: 60 seconds - jump rope sprint + double unders 1/4lb rope


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Comments (100)
Carl frost

Plus just picked up for jogging on the spot with the skipping rope for my car still doing it tomorrow

Hi Made

Quick question: different variations jump rope meaning different calories burn? Or just the same?

G D W Law

We’re on our second lockdown here in France. My Tennis club is closed and were not allowed to travel more than 1KM out of our neighborhood. I can’t even ride my Gravel bike anywhere. Second day of Jump rope. Love it and will be a great addition to my existing sports. Just ordered two ropes with my GF joining in too. Well done Guys! Thank you.

Bob Kruse

#didthething nice one! Whipped myself hard on the last dub under ouch:)


I can’t seem to get that crossover. It drives me CRAZY‼️‼️????


I'm guessing like 3 rounds total for the circuit? I'd figure 3 or 4 gets the 20 minutes down

Sakuntala Singh

Look at Dan physique it is improving day by day.He is like Benjamin Button.Actually his muscle density improving.

Austin Connor

One of the best workouts I have done. I am 1 week in to jump rope so can only really do basic jump atm but it still worked great. Thanks for the awesome workout.

Mihir Patel

549 calorie burn ( 2 sessions/total time 44 min).

My favorite one so far! The workout variety, timed sessions, video quality, the corner timer, the music track, the instruction/dialogue were all great!

Thx gents!

khady gassama

thank you

khady gassama

sorry I have not ban talking to you for a well but I still watch your videos

Leticia Cuevas

Good ❤️?️

Blitzkrieg A

JUMPROPE (with the help of JumpRopeDudes) made a huge impact to my lifestyle during the pandemic

Brian G

Ordered the Get Strong set yesterday :) so excited to get this new experience into my routine. Now I have the whole complete familia of the best ropes on the market!

Thanks for getting me into jump rope, keeping me motivated, and teaching me skills. Having so much fun and improving my life with jumprope. #dothething !!!!!!!


day 2 of jump rope fitness journey. gonna be following your guys training vids! See you tomorrow

Tech Go 2

Jump like king bro........ Thanks a lot

Junaid Ansari

As a beginner,I have lot of pain under my knees ,is it normal?

Suzanne Campbell

Another great workout!


I finally finished my 7 Day 1,000 jumps jump rope challenge but I used a ropeless jump rope??
love your videos it really inspires me to jump rope more

Ismael Manwa

I just love this is great will put into practice men congrats ??

Riten Parab

I am writing this comment from India bcoz i know that THE JUMP ROPE DUDES always reply on comments. Here are the questions :- 1) Does jump rope lowers your running speed and stamina?. 2) Do jump ropes really increase your height at age13 years?
Please answer


Been jumping with Jump Rope Dudes for two years now. Never in my life been in such shape as now. (almost 40 years old) ? Thank you so much JRD! ?

uDeen Drogba

serious question, will jump rope reduce my man boob


Yo Playaaaaazzzz

I've completed 1 month on 1st Nov. and I really shed some weight.. I even learnt some new techniques.
Thank you guys! ❤
(Just I feel tired all the day is something I'm trying to overcome)

Richard James

Wonderful and very helpful video sir....

Jesus Christ is Lord

Awesome! Thanks

bhai rankarr

Did the routine at once but had to do the alternative jumps. Thanks ?

Stefka Obbova

Another great workout! I feel full with energy! Thank you!

Reymart Tuague

Pls do more of 30 minutes workout and 45 minutes because i really follow your full workout

Gautam Raghunath

One of the best HIITs out there. Thanks man, you're a legend!

Shake it up with Shante Cooking

omg I cant breath.. lol

Elijah Cruz

Wait dude ima come back I need to pee

Kween keELa Kamarudin

You talk too much

Craig Johnson

Great routine there! I burnt about 250 cals with this!

Rajasree Ankatha

Nice workoutt?

Edmundo Baca


Elpida M.

what about knees etc. without mate I get some pain issues

Cazamus Simmer

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for being on here motivating us and helping us live a better lifestyle. Jump roping has urged me to get back into fitness and fight the lockdown belly! Great work guys! ?

Hermann Gomes

Mozambique thanks you for the training??????????????

Jenn T

I loved all the variations of jumps in this workout! Kept me engaged and fun the whole time

Steven McKee

So fun. So hard. Thanks


Getting a new mind set, ready to jump rope full 1 hour, going to lose weight

Me after doing 3 jumps:
Starts suffocating

Idham Razi

Never boring jumprope till today??

Aadil Jismy

Approximately how many calories does the average person burn doing this? Does anyone have any idea?

Muhammad Aziz

Had a monotonous jump rope routine n was getting bored
Just saw ur hiit jump rope routine n i like the diversity ?? done the whole workout n love the energetic feels

Chito Boston

2 minutes warm up .
5m jump rope 1 minutes rest
5m jump rope 1 minutes rest
5m jump rope 1 minutes rest
5m jump 4ope 1 minutes rest
total of 20 minutes ..and i can't feel my legs ?

Rocío Negrón Kuschel

OMG the last minute i felt like i was almost diying, but giving my all . Love you guys ???

Safe Tex

Live dangerously and skip in the middle of the road (even if it is a small one)

Shreyosi Banerjee

This has gotten sooo easy now

Carl frost

I did my fat pictures yesterday planning a 8 week plan to get my six pack god willing

Karla O

Never knew I'd love jump roping this much!

Jake John

You guys are the best thing that ever happened to me, when it comes to working lur of course haha

Piyush Kumar Gupta

Can I please get a teenager workout specially for weight loss?

Jonathan Kukuruku

When I did the workout I wasn’t expecting it to be that tough but after doing it I gotta say you SUPERHUMAN FR?

Grozda Milanovic

How many calories burn in this workout?Thanks guys,you are awesome!?

paradoxical complexes

Ex male model travis bryant says that the secret of his body is jump rope. Jump rope guys.. Please do a collab with him. ?


Never thought I would appreciate ads as I do during these workouts

Cavil Krish

New here new subscribers, and lately I'm just starting to do exercise like jumping rope and thank you for this channel who motivated me to do everyday exercise, it's not easy specially for the beginners like me, I believe that I can do this! Thanks again! ?

Hamed Alsaedi

So if I did this exercise everyday, I will burn calories and lose weight and get fit ?


Shame on me but what's killing me in this video are the abs and push-ups ??‍♂️

Chris R

f yea!


does jumping with weighted handles and weighted balls on the end instead of an actual rope have the same effect? because my coordination is so bad with the rope that i want to practice the form first before i try to introduce it again, but i wonder if i can still get the same results even without a rope?

Norita Mamita

I love jumping rope man

AJMER Gaming

i have Repeated this two times


I’m so glad I found them. Over summer break I hit my heaviest weight of 225 at only 14 and because of them I am now 185 and happy as ever.

Oscar Parada

This was an awesome way to burn over 200 calories!

Dan Belzer

These workouts are great. Long time runner have run many road races and several marathons Currently injured but can jump rope and do these. Excellent. Wish I had been incorporating these into my training long ago. Thanks!

Free Huggss

Chest was burning during that burn out set!! Appreciate the workouts jump rope dudes!


where's the 7 day challenge?

Casidy Cunningham

Thanks for a great workout! By the last set i could do all the moves nearly without any mess ups. Progress!


Dude, pls make videos jump rope on the beach. I love those. Follow along all the time.

kueen sarah

I love the last burner 1min... it’s really burning ? I want u to do more advanced one like this with abs workout ?

Ali Gullu

I never ever even thought of this as one of my exercise but due to pandemic lockdown, i give it a shot. Started off with only about 500 skip in 10 mins 2 weeks ago, I now in for 3k skips in 20mins!

Rise J

I used to add 10min jump rope to my workout so starting off w this workout from today. I'll update my results.

Jennilyn Enriquez

I'm doing jump rope for a while. Today, was the first time I stepped on the scale and the weight is still the same. But, it's not the weight, I can see my gains and how my body physique changed. Thanks, JRD! ❤️
Love from the PH.

Rene Medina


Ariana Renteria

Awesome workout! Thanks jump rope dude’s!???

Suraj Venkataraman


AieN AziZ

For my own reference 1:08

Bryan Herrera

Killer workout! Had me huffing and puffing, but I pushed threw! Definitely subscribing???

Raman Sohal

So good!! This one was awesome cardio!!!


Amazing workout ?


My abs are burning after this!

Gwendolyn Blanton

Awesome 20 minute workout definitely got my heart rate up happy I stumbled upon your page

teferi eromo

can I work jump rope if get pain in my knee?

Imane m

After this workout
I'm feeling happy
Thank u from ??

Jason Zeni

I did this whole exercise with the one pound rope and normal jump roping.

Jawad Benmhaya

Watching from France! Thanks so much for this workout! ?

Chocolate Melanin

I need to up my game with jump rope rope. I jump 500-600, alternating styles. I need to get to 1000 alternating jumps ?

Moon Love

Hi I’d like to lose weight. Around 30 lbs. I’m working on my diet but is 25 min of jump roping 6x a week good to lose weight?I used to jump rope regularly & stopped.

Haylie R. Wilson

woo! Hit 192 BPM and hit 180 BPM 4 times! more fun doing it this way than on a treadmill

Jas Alvasanz

I’m really impressed with your body results, people telling me jumping rope is paying off. You guys motivate me a lot. THANKS A MILLION.


Thanks bro just did the set

Simon Milicevic

Jumping rope is great. I am 15 and my whole life i was really fat. I decided to change it all. I had 65 killograms and i was 163 cm and went to 50 kg in 6-7 months. I gained 3 kg because they told me i was a little underweight. I went back to excercising again to waste some more body fat and go get that six pack.

Jack O'Callaghan

How many jumps


Ohh its been a long road, now I'm seeing the changes jumpin rope is doing for my body. Great vid❤


This video kicked my @ss. I will do this again tomorrow


How many calories does this burn

Dance of the Dragon

You guys said stay in touch so, I'm starting my 2nd month of 6 times a week in a few days and today I decided to do this one. I only have 1 pvc rope so I took out the rest periods and can't do all the variations at this point so it's just boxer and run in place. I added another set of pushups and a minute v-sit at the end. I'm 71 and there has been a marked increase in my vitality, so I've gone back to a more kung fu style of training (not kung fu, I'm too old) to prepare for my qigong practice which is really less and less physical all of the time. I try to keep with the same principles of non forcing in all of it. I don't get on a scale much or measure calories, but the excess is slowly diminishing, without me having to exercise more than a bit of portion control on my diet, and my wife has pointed out that the belly is smaller. I got time. 
Living in Bali, shipping cross ropes would be more expensive than the ropes themselves so any change in equipment will wait until my next trip home to LA sometime next year. Sometimes I set these things up on a timer, but I really seem to find you guys endearing and inspiring.

Kecia Latifah

roughly how many calories does this workout burn?

Full Body HIIT Workout Plan - No Equipment at Home

Full Body HIIT Workout Plan - No Equipment at Home7 Apr. 2020
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Exercise 1: Mountain Climbers

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Exercise 5: Jumping Squats

Exercise 6: Dips .

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Sai Lesh

Hello sir