Open 20.4

Cole Sager: Open 20.4 Full Workout [CompTrain]

Cole Sager: Open 20.4 Full Workout [CompTrain]4 Nov. 2019
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Watch Games athlete Cole

Watch Games athlete Cole Sager complete Open workout 20.4 in 18:36.

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shabblabbat wababbalat

Thanks for sharing! I love your focus while in the zone.

Kelie Morgan

That jerk form is ?!! Great job Cole!

Daniel Winters85

so snappy under that bar!

Allen Crossfit - Minha Jornada

Atleta favorito! Deus abençõe!


This is amazing man. I am motivated from you. And that was a hard high five ?

David Perea

He's cycling through 185lbs like me with 115 :)

Aijalon Perez

truly amazing


Nice job Cole!!!

Alicia Salazar

LOVED THIS! Amazing job, especially without missing a single heavy bar rep.

Cole eesy Breezy

I love how clean coles form is!

Fiona H

that was awesome as thanks for sharing

Matteo Gagliano

one of my favorite athletes

Fawad F

That was so awesome!

CK Kevin

Get it Cole!

De Luna Denny

Lmao that was a hard high five ?

Love the no reps. Showed character from judge and you

My Full Crossfit Open 20.4!!!

My Full Crossfit Open 20.4!!!4 Nov. 2019
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Workout Description:

Workout Description:

20:00 Time Cap:

30x Box Jumps

15x C&J 95#

30x Box Jumps

15x C&J 135#

30x Box Jumps

10x C&J 185#

30x Pistols

10x C&J 225#

30x Pistols

5x C&J 275#

30x Pistols

5x C&J 315#

#Heppner #Crossfit #CrossfitGames

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Gerard Liddy

Love the 'Babe' reference. It's an Australian movie people check it out.

Peter Jones

I love it. Yes. Yes. Yes. Step ups and singles to save for those big jerks. You are a CrossFit hero.


Nice lifting trousers, as my boyfriend calls them :D

Jordan Chaffin

Just one more comment about the pants.

chad hamel

Okay but WHY the pants?

chad hamel

Those plate changes though- NASCAR pit crew speed baby!

Benjamin Brown

Your weight changer was on point!!!

Claude Demers Nyvoll

Step up jump down. Now I feel dumb.


why did you put pants on lol?

William Dawkins

I was looking forward to the Christmas music!!! Sad day!

Lukáš Herman

This video made me confused :D I didn't know step-ups count as box jumps. Did the standard change or was it always like this?

Steve Herman

In my mind's eye, 20.4 went exactly like this for me. Step ups from the beginning. Singles starting from rep 1 on the barbell. Followed the bar down on each rep to pick it right back up. Finished the 135s around 6:40. Already 2.5 minutes behind you before it even got hard. I must not have been following the barbell back to the ground as well as I thought I was.

Jonathan Schmitt

Jacob, would you do it all the same again (singles and step ups)???

C. Jackson

Number 5 is alive!!

Barb Keith

You are awesome love watching these!

Rich Cruz

Yeah... Awesome work Jacob! Love the effort! Great inspiration! Keep working it brother! ??


Feel like you might have a bit more speed in the transitions in the later stage? Took quite a while to put on pants..... ? ?

Jacob Heppner

No I didn't put in Audio for this haha....I'll help you out...open up spotify, put on a banger song for repeat .... like "Weak" by AJR...and proceed to watch.

joe mcshane

Machine, strong as f***k

Andrew Smith

Changing weights in record time. The last weight change he comes into the screen at 12:50 and back out of the screen at 13:15. 25 seconds, just in case you went warp speed on the last set of pistols. So awesome!

Buddha Bunny

I think that 20.4 might be the first open workout I've ever seen top tier athletes take drinks.

CK Kevin

Lot's of odd things going on in this one. No sound, pig talk, pants, step ups. LOL

Gee P

Was about to say damn. But this vid was way too quiet. So um..

luisa bundy

I really like hos consistant you are in your techniques regardless the weights om the bar! And awesome pistols!!!!?️‍♀️?️‍♀️?️‍♀️?????? I also liked that you didnt jump up on the box!

Kieran Le marquand

is it just me or did he only have 176lbs (80kgs) for the 3rd round

Candace Rose-Taylor



You did box step ups, not box jumps

Diego Martines

Portugal wins

luisa bundy

Also omg you are sooo strong!!!


I had to paus this video just to give Jacob some rest before the last lift.


Shot piglet!....does the pants give you physiological powers?.....

Rin F

I was in the middle of shoveling a chicken finger into my mouth when he looked into the camera and said "that'll do pig" and now I'm like, ok then.

Richard Astacio

I played the song Supernatural from Tribal Blood in the background!


4th c&j @ 315 was on point! Nice

Diego Martines


Kelie Morgan

With your glasses on to top things off. Full on beast mode! Why did you decide to stop jumping off after R1? I did all step up/downs but others at my box thought stepping up/jumping off was better. I’d love to hear your thoughts. ??


Why put on the pants?


nice job. Loved the chalking up before the pistols lol

Duane Barnes

Hey Jake. Why did you step up instead of jump onto the box? Different strategy?

shabblabbat wababbalat

Jared “piggie” Heppner back at it.

Pierce Bourgeois

Note to self for 20.4 bring a second pair of pants

Crossfit Games Open 20.4

Crossfit Games Open 20.41 Nov. 2019
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Chiquinho CFSubscribe 438 721

Comments (18)
Sarah magalhaes almeida

Chicooo parabéns querido você é incrível... ?

Matheus Victor Oliveira Vieira

Você é demais!

Carlos Schwartz

O que significa quando eles levantam a mão?

Brunno Marttins

Chiquinho e mestre. Tem as palavras sábias. Admiro muito vc. Um super hiper humilde.

Rodrigo Silva de Souza

Claro que vive sim coach Chiquinho só falou verdades ????????

Rodrigo bujão

Parabéns irmão! Mostrou pro menino o que é humildade e ter os pés no chão ? parabéns por sua atitude e humildade

Thiago Godoy

Você é demais mano !!! Pqp que vibe

Michelle Ollyver81

Sou sua fã Chiquinho... Mestre.??

tulio kaio

Qual o tamanho da caixa?? Masculina e feminina tbm

Manoel Pereira

Valeu pelo WOD parabéns! Valeu pelas palavras Chiquinho!

Liandro Belizario

Mostro ????

Flávio Ferraz de Campos Júnior

Virei seu fã, Chiquinho!!!! Parabéns pelas palavras e pela humildade.

MJS Lourenço

Vitor quê??? Qual o canal dele do Instagram???

Chiquinho CF


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Use o cupom ? CHIQUINHO ? e tenha desconto

Thiago Hipólito

Bom dia Chiquinho. Primeiramente parabéns, sempre trazendo informações importantes para nós. Agora a pergunta. Vejo o Vi Caetano fazendo clean e push press na primeira serie, é válido já que o workout pede clean and jerk? Obrigado. Forte abraço monstro.

Daniel Azevedo

você é incrivel mestre !!!! <3 <3 <3

Ronaldo Braga

Demais Chico!!!!

Diego marques Reis

Simplesmente formidável sua humildade e poder de liderança. O exemplo sempre arrasta! Parabéns aos dois.