Powerlifting meets for beginners

My First Powerlifting Meet | USAPL State Championships

My First Powerlifting Meet | USAPL State Championships7 Feb. 2018
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INSTAGRAM: @k_duggfit





52 kg/ 114 lb lifter

Squat: 204 | 220 | 232 lbs

Bench: 105 | 116 | 21 lbs (failed 3rd attempt)

Deadlift: 248 | 264 | 275 lbs

Total: 623 lbs

Wilkes Score: 352.38


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52 kg lifter


powerlifting meet

first time


meet day

Comments (41)
Amanda Fritz

What singlet did you use?

Tu N

That platform honestly does not look as stable and firm as it should be. On another note, great job!

Derek Deadlifts

nice video just subscribed.All the wa up north USAPl competitor here. Nice work!

Rachel Labit

Awesome and Congrats!!!

Lexes O'Hara

Congrats!!! My first meet is tomorrow!

Shemee 2

Did you meant "deadlift"....lol

Nina Simone

I scared my kids cheering and clapping for you on the third squat! Haha they were laughing at my excitement. bomb.com girl! So awesome.

Sergio Waters

? ?️

Busy Wife and Working Mom

I love how supportive he is of you, he learned to fish braid, that is awesome! You did such a good job, working your ass off pays off :)

Kole Carter

You do realize that competing is addictive. I just started lifting 4 years ago and started powerlifting a little over 3 years ago. Now I have done over 20 meets and am a member of 7 federations.. LOL!!! Keep killing it. I am a bench specialist though. Most of my youtube videos are benching and competitions.

Monica Louise Orosa

I’m nervous because my first meet is Saturday. But I feel weak compared to other weight classes because I feel like people would assume me being in the 84kg I should be lifting way more


You're awesome girl! Very inspiring!!!!

Sarah Sousa

Kelsey, you were amazing! It was inspiring and informative to watch. Thanks for your videos :)

Domenique Timmons

I got my second powerlifting meet is in April 10 2021 at raw iron gym Tyler TX at 10 am I am doing 220 weigh class

Jessica Schilter

Did u cut weight?

Lindsay Allison

You did amazing Kelsey!

Kay Hogan

Omg!!! Cody braiding was the cutest thing ever!!


Are you know bengali language? You are excellent female weightlifter. Please answer me. I am waiting for your answer

Kellie D

Love this! So happy for you! It kinda got me teary eyed. Being a girl of short stature and only weighing 102lbs I get tons of weird looks when doing deadlifts and such. You are truly an inspiration. If I lived closer and want you to be my coach. ?

Thana Dickens

The Snickerdoodle cookies are the best. Congrats on your first meet!

chris marquez

What shoes are you wearing for your meet, for squat and bench?

Kyle Ramirez

You brought to much food to the meet?

Ac 260

Bag full of diabeeeetus

Pretty Healthy And Thick

Great work!! Thanks for posting


Way to go!

Mrs. JJW

So freaking proud, girl!!!!

Jeremy Leff

Awesome job, congrats!


Congratulations on a super successful first meet! Can't wait to see where you go with the sport!


congrats, kels! you did awesome!

This Is The Whey

If you're still reading comments from this video, do you practice switching hands on your under over for deads so that your shoulders are equal in strength? There aren't many videos on this. Great job btw!!!!!

Desiree Evelyn

Congrats Chicka

Mrs. JJW

Did they look at you crazy when you bought all this sugar??? ?

Bvss Goddess

I just came to say hi from your Instagram fam =)

Michelle Ramirez

OMG you’re so modest!!!


Ever try comp bench without the blocks? Looks like you could almost stand up and still have your glutes on the bench. Which is ideal for maximum leg drive.


Wow..your lifting alot of weight to be so little. My bestie is having her first meet in a couple of weeks so I wanted to get an idea what it looks like. Thanks for sharing.


I feel that bench press pain. It's my worst lift too. It's gotten better recently but only in my third year of lifting

Anabolic Amaranth

They were playing Nirvana "Smells like Teen Spirit" during my very first squat at a USAPL meet as well.

John H

Hey! Good work, I’m in Alabama too! You gonna do Battle of the Beasts in October??




I’m a 52 kg as well!! Lol it’s lonely out there for us, if I compete this winter I’ll take 4 state records easily just bc there’s not many girls in my class


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Watch as Bart Kwan

Watch as Bart Kwan competes in his first USAPL Powerlifting Competition! A whole year of dieting and preparing to be the strongest and leanest version of himself has led up to this competition here!

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Bart Kwan



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Comments (100)
woo hoo

why is bart shushing everyone its so loud in the arena already, it doesnt need to be that quiet

Bevyn Prasad

Subbed for Bart

bad guy

who that spotter chick?

Cheng Khang

that release at 12:56 ...lol


Deadlift should have counted, even with the hitch. The bar did not dip back down on the way up.

Billy Yang

Look at this pathetic “competition”, no one cares but themselves. Oh is that a lot of weight? Good for you, it seems very heavy.

Jacky Siu

Anyone know which weight belt he is using?

Kory Allen Garaganza

Come to the 93s with me :)

Zane Dastoor

what u place?

Preston Wynn

The girl spotter was looking at barts penis

k a s p er

Bart’s USA powerlifting powerlifting competition

merriam web

Bart looks like a absolute monster!!!

Louie Lapat


Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

Is that laura harrier


You’re weak bart...

Alex Nohra

16:15 for the human helicopter in the background


Never seen such a try hard lmfao that shit is embarrassing in person lmfao why in the fuck is everyones back bent when benching smh

Jewleein Fletchur

Thicc Bart


16:12 they having so much fun in the back lol

Bike Trip

so cool


That's interesting that you squat better with a low bar placement but totally neutral head position/looking straight forward

I guess we're all unique snowflakes so I should try not to generalize

mark till

Shhhhhsssssss and tssssssssss

Eliezer Lopez

That beat is from xxxtentacion ?


Can’t understand how someone has almost a year of training footage not hitting depth, adjusts nothing, and meet day doesn’t hit depth ??‍♂️

The Red Republic

Hold up. BART had a kid?????

Cameron Eischen

chinito gomez!!!!

Michael Van

16:00 no one see the kids in the background guys .........

Cade Logan

I like the gnarly bastard beat long live X


You used gnarly bastard nice

Pranav Varun

How tall is bart kwan?

Anthony Marrietta

This video is Crispy AF ??

Creatine Papi

@11:54 “oooooo.... WWWOOOOO CHAMPION!” ?


intro song?

Rich Washington

Don’t get FAT again buddy. I was 220 but cut down to 175 and still strong. I’d rather be under 200 and lean and strong. You look great and still strong as fuck man.


Bart benching more than I can squat:(((


Squatting to TV on the Radio is the secret to strength.

Hala Kar

@barbell Brigade

Can someone answer me a quick question. So I have been doing squats for a few months now and my form is pretty solid but as of about two days ago randomly my right forearm starts to hurt after I rack. A friend suggested to widen my grip on the bar and I did that but it didn't help. I also make sure I'm not gripping the bar too tight but still I get this pain in my right upper forearm and I am so confused as to why it hurts when I am only doing squats.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Everything is appreciated.

Mason Lee

Song at 10:20?


song @2:10 ? thank you :)


Fuck yeah Bart. Great job!

Kenny Agne

how tf does he look so much bigger than me im 180 less than 15% fat and i look small compared to him


Congrats bro! Whatever the outcome, good job!

Jocelyn Ramirez

BART I love you, you did great!

Tom Kindley

What the fuck was that lol


Nice work! By far the most likeable and mature member of kizen.


This is proof enough that man should eat what he wants.

Fire Water

anyone know the beat at 2:10?

Jonathon Wong

Yo, release Barbell Brigade powerlifting suit/gear, por favor!

Keith S

Yo, this guy keeps saying "as a responsible powerlifter..." CLEARLY if you were actually a responsible powerlifter you would have practiced squatting to USAPL depth and kept your butt on the bench throughout your training cycle to avoid this. Good luck getting 1500 bro.

Cody Li

new to this type of competition. Could any one explain why he got 1 green out of the 3 for the deadlift at 13:05


What belt is that he's using for the deadlift?


There’s always next year keep pushing Bart, big fan

Austin Mayfield

Completely disagree with taking the same weight after a meet. I feel like I always do something dumb on a second attempt and have such confidence rebounding for a bigger jump. Maybe just me.




What's the name of that beat playing at around the 10:20 mark?

thu htat

bart tits sagging? lol

Vince a

bart you need to make a program for ur fans that want to loose fat and look like you , i lift but cant seem to loose my gut. need help!

solomon jung

idk what he’s saying it sounds like usa pee on me

pineapple abbas

Bart still got like 10 more lbs to lose to lean out his face and arms

Wasabe 562




Kevin Welch

Tough call on that third deadlift attempt. A call is a call, but from the video it doesn't look like the bar stopped on your thighs at all during the lift. Congrats on the first meet, though.

Hunky Bananas

Amazing dude! Congrats on your lifts! I'm looking to train and compete one day amd I'm super excited and inspired by your journey!

The Vaccine

What’s the instrumental playing at 10:26? I feel like I’ve heard it before with lyrics over it maybe xxxtentacion

Gabriel Guerrero

Bart's personality reminds me of fat majin buu from dragon ball z


what I don't like about these comps is that everything is left to the judges. You hitch and you fail, but in worlds strongest man, you hitch like a bitch, it qualifies as a rep. So when you go pro they count it and in these amateur comps, they don't. They just want to appear strict and professional. You would never mess with a guy deadlifting 800lbs in THE GYM who has everyone cheering for him and you come along and say, "sorry folks it didn't count, stop your clapping because he hitched!".


Or just do more hip thrusts


whats the beat at 10:19


7:38 I got a boner

ELHadfi Reda

Chain Fitness Dumbbells Pendant Steel ?????

big shlong


Jamie Su

Yo his outfit kinda dope

billy vang

17:28 that girl was checking out bawrt.. lol!!

Sheldin Venus

Nice hair


the multi millionaire with the "shitty " bathroom scale hahahha who else thinks its not accurate?

Matt skeletor

You look small at 182 for some reason I wonder if you lost muscle also while dieting down.

Javier Lopez

barts got a pretty nice ass physique now


Good job dough

Bryan Villanueva

Fucking laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasianeeeeeeeeeee


8:42 She's peeping that package!


I can't contain myself at 2 in the morning cheering for you Bart. BEAST

Matthew Lee

Ayyy I was the to compete at the american open for usaw (Olympic weightlifting)!! Same venue. You can actually hear the plates drop in the background from the warm up area/ training hall

Kevin Rubianes

10:21 ay xxxtentqcion gnarly bastard

Andres Sandoval

damn, this guy is lighter than me by about 8 lbs and he's way stronger than I am. I need to get a little more serious about my weight lifting..... damn jealous

Nick Guarino

What would you guys say is a good/respectable total for a 165 natural lifter?


Bart’s gotta be 32-33 years old now I believe. Not bad for the crap he balances in his life.

David Nguyen

bart is like a robot when he goes SHHHHHHHHHHHH

Abdullah Habib

fuck usapl. Ipf is best

WasteOfNut Cx

They used Xxxtentacion's Gnarly Bastards instrumental. Thats awesome!


Y u so skinny now bro

Adam Long

Can anyone tell me what belt Bart is using?


Chinito gomez!! 11 years later and you look 11 years younger

Won Jang

anyone know the song at 10:18?

Matthew Burciaga

Like the Gnarly Bastard Beat???

Al P

You slimmed all the way down bro

Christopher Lu

love bart and barbell but all these excuses bug me

Artie Monaco

if im not mistaken, on your last deadlift attempt, you didn't get it because you dropped the weight right before it hit the ground. I'm pretty sure you have to keep your hands gripped on the barbell as it hits the ground

Anthony Gonzalez

ayyyyy see you with the X instrumental to gnarly bastard

Eli Atkinson

Yo what headphones are those


Hey Bart, Why are most of your squat being recorded top half? @4:30 .Is your cameraman just checking out your hair or jawline? lol I want to see your legs. Also, in my opinion only, first attempt felt like you are parallel, meaning it can be both a pass and a red depending on the judge personally I've seen people judge way higher like record breakers powerlift.

Late comment, but your videos are inspiring so it's never late to watch it! Keep it up.

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My first powerlifting meet man! Things went pretty well for the first one, came out with some pretty strong lifts, but definitely a lot to improve on for next time! Best lifts were 573 squat, 353 bench, and 655 deadlift.


♦Last Video: https://youtu.be/3xQkCDgZu90

♦INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ryan_dengler/ ryan_dengler

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Comments (100)

tragic lol


Who’s the bum that was playing the music???

stijn swerts

Great video man. I am new here , subscribed

Seth Ham

Boi got the A2G going crazy ??

Jayden Alejandre

He said he weighed himself and he weighed 103.9?

I m

you weight 103 pounds?!

Gaming with Alcatraz

Bruh u could’ve taken a nap with how long those pauses were on ur bench ?

The Judge

WOW thats extremely strict.. can someone explain how that second squat was a no lift? im so confused

Elijah Smith

Where you at Reynoldsburg

Ethan Bates

Judges for squat were a joke. No lift on the second and a red light on the third,...

Aidan Kamp

What is song at 0:02

Light Weight

This guy deserves more subscribers

Joshua Quinn

Keep it up bro

Chladek Martin

The commentator was fucking trash.

Seamus Lindberg

How are you 102 pounds

Michael Clark


Matthew Shen

coach seems like such a chad tho lmao

Amo kaka

11:55 listen to the music they are playing and what they are doing...

Logan Yates

I’m not an experienced lifter but is that healthy for your back on those benches? Just looking for clarification cuz that looked like that hurts.


I was reading my book and my volume was up at 15:17 which made me jump so bad lol


how was that squat a no lift? fucking stupid ass judges..show them the fucking footage shit was well below parallel

Hashtag JoR


Joseph Grove

your voice sounds like Dylan Makenna

Ethan S

Great shit brother .



Jesse Dumont

8:31 paused at the right time, you can obviously see he went parallel, in fact I believe he went below parallel 100% ? That's a huge yikes from me

David Despas

How in the hell was 8:34 a bad lift I’ve watched it 6 times and I’m more shocked every time

Dan Richter

Jesus.. the ones that give the red light to perfect lifts are the same freaks that sit here in people's comment sections bitching about horrible form

Luke Bopp

The bar was not motionless on your second bench attempt, no lift




Those were the longest pauses ever on bench

Julian Bonnell

Greetings from LSU Powerlifting man. I am a freshman here and I am qualifying for Collegiate Nats next weekend! Here we go!!

Daniel Pavlovski

ayyy reynoldsburg my highschool, me and my buddy wouldve come watch

zeus #

Premium Genetics but not natural.


Imagine powerlifting to that dogshit music lol

Maddox Underwood

What music do u listen to

Ben Moore

Absolutely robbed you on those squats, that was absurd. I rewound that second squat like three times looking for ANYTHING they could’ve red lighted you for and there was nothing?


Those Miami frat bros make me laugh so much

Alex H


Grizzlyman Verneteil

Jesus christ, who the fuck picked the music for this meet? This is the shit the emo kids that wouldn't come within 100 yards of a gym listened to when I was in highschool lol


ok but why does he wear the powerbeats the wrong way

Tyler Gallerick

No dis but kinda weak

Skip Schauer

Strong kid

Hugo Chavarria

Smh he broke parallel

Tyler DeLuca

Bench pressing has turned into who can arch their back more. They also spread their hands so far apart, some people only have to go down 3 inches and it is a good lift

Reese Broussard

I could’ve done without the music

Zeke peevyhouse

Did he say 103.9

Chris Gens

You should’ve made a sick edit of you eating pizza.


Those bench pauses at the chest were way too long, literally pause reps.

Hugo Chavarria

You know you good at lifting if you do low bar instead of regular bar squating

Reed Bouchard

Hi my name is reed and I can’t wait until I get old enough to go to hang Ohio state and play football and weight lift right now I am 13 and I am squatting 325 lbs and I am 200 lbs


I hate powerlifting bench form sm plus it ain't even a full rep

Casey Wright

What kinda belt you use?


In competition can you not have your belt on bench?

Latash Choco

We got gear available for more information mail me at [email protected]gmail.com or whatsapp me via +1(914)236-0391


how long have you been lifting

Samla Pale54

Keep fucking going big body??

Hashem Elsherbeny

Is that guy still his coach?

Amo kaka

He really makes his opponents look tiny

Jake Benedix

First powerlifting competition video came out pretty dope. Congrats man.

mohsin raza

What was the name of the song that was used at the beginning of the intro ?

Magali Martinez

Awesome job! Thanks for sharing

5.7 hemi

You literally deadlift twice as much as I do

NbLa Spiky

you’re insane?

Justin Vo

Ryan looks like PashaBiceps

Julius Minor


l Lucifer l

Only steroids can help

drew cook

This is at my high school lol

Miles Durvasula


Your routine to get ready looks very funny but great job


How in the hell was your second squat not to depth??? ?...great job.


Are you allowed to use smelling salts?

Liam Bambery

that music isn’t hype to lift too

Payton Chalstrom

Lmao they played sexy back during the bench

Chris Aranda


402ACM 06

The white justin fields...

Trevor Dostal

I wonder what he was listening to? ?


I can feel the excitement all throughout this video! You did awesome and you should be very proud of yourself! Keep it up!

Dan Richter

After that squat, I was expecting at least a 4 plate bench. Especially after seeing the deadlift. What's up with the massive gap, some kind of upper body injury in the past?


Congratulations on the win

Ben Zluticky

How tf is he 102 pounds

Uhh Cool story

9:30 yea the judges were blind

Max Paladino


Ben Artz

Do you have a Ridge Wallet?


Hb Penn state

Jesse Dumont

18:44 Wait, is that little guy in the same weight class as you and got second? In your weight class?! Does he have huge minotaur legs or what lol.

Max Greenwalt

Is their a difference between arching ur back and laying down on ur back

Jesse Kridler

103 geez


Been here since the few subs you had back in high school. Keep up the grind brother

Rick Brosky

YOUR passion is awesome

Ivan Galvis

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the second squat attempt. That was bs man but well done on recovering on the third attempt.



Isaiah Arredondo

Good job

Mark Walters

Keep up the good work mate! I’m in Australia and love ur channel

Daniel Curry

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Tristan Miller

I way more omg

Camden Smith

Dude you need to play football now

Robin Buxton

Awesome stuff bro. What's the name of the intro song?

yo boy Mystic gamer

103.9 no one else


Leave my school alone :(

Oh yeah yeah !

Hey whats the Brand of your belt