Lifting 6 days a week

Training Muscles 6 Days a Week?

Training Muscles 6 Days a Week?9 May. 2019
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Robert Demarais

No it makes no sense at all. If it takes 24-48 hours for your muscles to recover then how would they ever recover training  them 6 days a week?


Great advice as always ????


I wonder if there is some confusion with disciplines. Perhaps weight trainees confuse the work ethic involved in, lets just say playing a piano (which can be done daily) to weight training. One gives great results as the musician practices daily while the other moves into over training as the practitioner attempts to apply to weight training the same approach. Thoughts?

Tim Laubensheimer

Good post as always BHUD. Qustion how would you structure a workout to increase athleticism?? Mixing strength, size, speed, agility etc....

subzero shang tsung

I thought you did fullbody 5 days a week at one point and said you got gains

chris green

Totally agree BHUD!!!! Same muscle group 6 days a week especially at 48 is total and utter nonsense. I'm in my recovery of mind and body. LOL..in this case more is less. I almost gualify for Blaha's strength standards, just missing overhead press with #190. Meaning more training equals less results.

Nigel Helmer

But, but, but, everyday is arm day isn't it? ?

Frank Zach

Great content

USO _187

Hey Steve all the barbells at my gym seem to spin and aren’t stable for benching at all, is there a specific barbell I can buy for my home gym that’s stiffand doesn’t spin the wrists ?

Junior Slice

What do you think about doing push, pull, legs, rest, upper, lower, rest ?

Terry Pappas


andrew dixon

Hey dude I'm new to your channel subscribed because I believe you talk sense where everyone else in the fitness scene seems to either bullshit or beat around the Bush I just have one question if you dont mind I've been training almost 2 years seeing results starting to slow now I like about 6 or 7 pints of beers on a Saturday night are my results slowing because of the beer I have them the whole time I've been traing I do 5 days gym splits cheers pay love the videos ?

Miroslav Svraka

Menno Henselman would disagree..


Good shit man ?

Road Hammer

You can work out 6 days a week but not same body part. That’s just stupid

Ariah Zach

If I want to emphasis on a specific body part I train it 6 days a week with my PPL split. For example, I have chest on my push day. On my pull and lower days, I'll add 1 chest exercise of 4-5 sets at the end of my workout.

Jay W

Could you do a video on recommended training plan to prepare soldiers for the new Army Combat Fitness Test? It would be appreciated!

Lance Paddock

Steve could you do a video about training after an illness or recovering from surgery? I’m sure you’ve seen a right way and a wrong way to deal with these situations. Thanks. Your info on rep goals and rest pause training has helped me restore lost gains after 3 surgeries.

Ivan Djorovic


Ryan Caputo

You could, but the workouts would be so dramatically different from normal most people (99%) shouldn't

Adam Smith

Any advice on how to prevent/heal shin splints without losing running progression?

Robert Pilimon

Steve my arms are 17 inches and I have averaged 1 gym session over a year. Lee preist says it genetics the advice you give don't take that into account nearly enough. If it ain't genetics you must tell people the truth that it riods


Great advice

[WV 13] Lifting 6 DAYS A Week?! // Upper BodyBuilding

[WV 13] Lifting 6 DAYS A Week?! // Upper BodyBuilding6 Jun. 2016
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Underhanded Lat Pulldowns 5x8-10

Rear Delt Flyes 4x10-12

Face-Pulls Superset w/ Curls 4x10-12

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Isaac Marley

damn man you are friken repping out those DBs on the incline bench. keep it up bro love the channel

Kevin Hu

I'm only starting to lift 4 days a week now because of a new program ?

Jason Huang

good workout footage man!!

Qui Nguyen

Really good content. Keep it up bro!


Awesome content bro ! keep it up subbed

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The people training 6 days a week natty are the same people doing kipping pull-ups in the squat rack.

Jakob Weiner

why do you have only the flat bench press in your novice program for chest growth? Why not the decline + incline which numerous of times have shown to be efficient for chest growth, is it just because of the minimalistic approach or what?

Joe Milligan

Yeah people just enjoy it. In high school I worked out 6-7 days a wk for 2 sometimes 3 hr sessions. Made gains and enjoyed myself. Def wouldn't be as beneficial now since I'm a bit older.


Well show us some studies proving your statement. 

Zaherul Huda

.... What happened to training frequently and with less volume, and what about the whole squatting every day?

Remy B

Usually agree with home boy on most things but on this specific subject I will disagree. Been training 6 days a week on a push/pull/legs split for an entire year and made great progress. High frequency and high volume will work wonders for most people. You even said it yourself "Hypertrophy only occurs for 48 hours after training a muscle and after that zero hypertrophy will occur" so why sit there and waste time lol. I would rather go and train again and induce hypertrophy hence the more days in the gym. As long as you're giving each muscle group 48-72 hrs of rest it shouldn't be a problem.


Blaha, you look like if someone made a wax statue of the pillsbury dough man out of wax and left it in the sun. Limit your advice to baking.


By the way the drugs don't help shoulder cuff injuries or tendinitis, anabolics dont grow ligaments and cartlidge

Dominic Mutzhas

his stance in this has changed correct?


I'm currently doing 7 days a week on very light to light weights to get my motor skills perfected while I'm fixing my shoulders(both left and right) problem.


What would your recommendation for an enhanced lifter be? May be a silly question.. but basically I'm assuming take advantage and do a lot more frequency? Or does it matter? Thanks

Andrea Bono

I used to train 4x week in the evening, but since i opened a shop a couple months ago, I know rather split my training 6 days a week 7am to 8am (abs,stretching and shower included) before opening shop at 9:30 am cause it kick starts my day really well.

I had a look right now at your novice program and i pretty much do the same volume but split on 6 days instead of five:

bench + barbell curl/tricep extension 3 times a week
squat + chins/rows.2 times a week
deadl + barbell press/shrugs once a week

3-5 seta for compounds, 2-3 sets for others
rep ranges 3-5 for compound and 8-12 for the others

Since i don't have one rest day in between workouts, do you think that would screw up all program?


Gotta agree with Jason here. When I first started training I was done the gym 5-6 days a week doing bodybuilding style training. But for a few weeks I only managed 2-3 days because of other commitments and saw better gains. Currently going 4-5 times a week, bit focusing on lower volume strength based training


What the hell? I could have sworn, Jason, I've heard you say many times that a muscle group can be trained twice a week for maximum hypertrophy. That it only needs 48 - 72 hours of recovery then is ready for training again (drug-free). Doesn't this video directly contradict that? How am I suppose to train all my muscle groups twice a week if I'm only in the gym three or four days? What, am I suppose to do only full-body workouts every time I'm in the gym, and take every other day off? What other kind of programming allows you to hit all your muscle groups twice/week, yet only has you in the gym three to four days? I'm so confused now.

Tyler Legare

Actually has a degree in biomechanics

Sean Seech

CT Fletcher curls every day. And he's natural.


I don't see anything wrong with doing 6 days/week, like push/pull/legs/rest/repeat. You're simply breaking up the volume over 3 days instead of 2 (if doing a 2 on 2 off, for example).

This kind of routine helps when you can only do about an hour long workout but still wanna get more than total body workout.

darion patrick

I believe training daily and full body is a test of might and intellect. There are high intensity days and low intensity days. You do more weight with adequate reps on some days for strength, and then you do light weight with adequate reps for blood flow. I don't have the physique of a bodybuilder but I can say doing full body everyday sometimes seven days a week does reap its benefits. Especially if your frame is perfectly suited to build muscle. Typically this is the leaner population or the mesomorphic population. The more you lift the stronger you get. Calories are the weight gain aspect, carbs are the energy aspect, your workout quality will reap noticeable results if they're all in tune to fit your body. And I'm not mentally ill, I just get a drive out of a hard days work.

Frazer Matheson

jason has forged his channels success from being straight talking and brutally honest so I don't know why some of you guys expect him to sugar coat the fuck out something like this. perhaps he was a little over the top in this instance but lets be honest, the typical body-building mentality of smashing your muscles into oblivion 5+ days each week is pretty fucking stupid for a typical natty guy.

Ken Muck

Jason I was one of those guys who got a shoulder impingement injury. any tips on how to work those out? 

Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness

Response A Lot Of People Missed The Point Of this Video http://youtu.be/BQXyoJwtugc

legolas amarelo

well.. i need to get something to do with my life wich is not going to the gym... i have no idea of what i need to do.


jason is fucking right for all of u bitches who got miss lead by fucken greedy trainers/YouTube BS channels , YOU BETTER LISTEN TO LEROY ALSO . so stfu and start train correctly !


I don't understand you. In one video you say you should squat and deadlift 2-3 times a week and then you say we should train 3-4 times a week. So when am I supposed to do shoulders, arms, chest...? I am now currently hitting each muscle once a week and go to gym 5 times a week... 

paul kenville

im 37 all natural train everyday just cause i love to lift if your realy motivated you can find a muscle that isnt sore to workout


completely agree, also maybe do a vid on why exactly working out 3-4 times a week is just as good as 5-6 to help some people understand it

Johnross Wong

The gym is my therapist

Domino R

bottom line: Is there any other way to train 7 days a week without steroids?
It's what I like to do for fun :(

Alex Beast

you can even train every single day if you enjoy it and have the mental power to do it


Im training 15 times in one day, drugfree


Blaha you realize that protein synthesis is elevated for only 36hrs and not lifting muscle groups twice a week literally lets your muscle sit stagnant for 4 days a week

Yanis Hall

I went twice to the gym today. I don't train for size anymore. I'm happy with my weight, of course I want to improve here and there, but overall, I don't wanna get any bigger. So going as many times as possible to burn calories is good for me because I wanna stay shredded. I can't disagree with Jason, because you can make great gains going 3 to 4 times a week.


I love this guy, so real


everyone always says as a natural frequency is everything, now apparently frequency is bad? das not it mane

Łukasz Wybrańczyk

Ian wont like that one as well :)

John Flower

I train 6 days a week. Between 9 and 12 sessions depending on time. I squat, pick stuff off the floor and put it above my head, and I carry stuff. All my movements are compound, some with a ballistic component. Is it optimal? Don't know. I do enjoy it though.

The programme started off as an intermediate bodybuilding programme from Arnie's BB Encyclopedia. I can say that swapping our the isolation exercises for compounds, ballistics, and carries has helped me to make progress. The other change is to reduce the bench variations to one and to increase the various overhead presses. Isolation exercises don't work, not for a me (I'm natty).

What I do know is:-
Squats and pulling from the floor build lats
Carries, breathing Squats, and Cleans build traps, not shrugs
Pressing overhead is easy to recover from, pressing build delts
Cleans are harder to recover from.
Calf raises don't build calves, but Farmers Walks do.
Tricep extensions don't build triceps, pressing does.
Strength built from carries transfers well to lifting in the real world.
As long as you don't pick up the bar too many times Farmer Walks are quick to recover from. Carry on a heavy day and make multiple stops because sweaty hands can't hold the bar... well that's a whole load of deadlifts.

You can see what I do at http://johnflower.org/blog/mass-building-programme
I wouldn't recommend this for everyone. I'm reducing the volume of cleans and carries as I'm getting a little fatigued. The gym is in my garage so I don't have to waste time travelling, but a little less volume will give me more time for other interests.


I used to train 4-5 days a week but then I switched to a vegan diet and now I'm training 7 days a week. I do a body part split but I squat and dead lift 2-3 times a week and I bench twice a week plus I do an hour to an hour and half of cardio every day. Vegan diets are better than drugs when it comes to workout recovery since you get all the benefits and none of the bad side effects. 

Sean Seech

CT Fletcher curls every day. And he's natural.

Swole Monkey

If I want to train 5-6 days a week, I'll do it because I like this shit.
If it don't ads up to my muscle gains, I don't give a fuck because I just love training


I think people need to realise that this is strictly about hypertrophy, and not about any of the other useful benefits of working out.

Dustin Mitchell

I've trained natty 5-6 days per week. My total weekly volume was a bit less than the Novice 5x5.
My results were slightly slower, but it was fun :)

Ali Samir

I can do WHATEVER the fuuuuuck i wanna doooooo! 


i like hitting chest and legs/squats twice a week and usually means im in there 5-6 days and i feel stronger than just doin 1 body part a week

David Forster

Why do you always mention powerlifting and never weightlifting? I like it much better than powerlifting! :)


I only have about 30mins a day to train due to school and whatnot. I would like to train 5-6 days a week. What kind of program would you recommend?

Andrew W

Usually I love Jason's videos and his advice, but I'm going to have to disagree somewhat here. I train 5/6 days a week simply because I enjoy it. It's not 'my life' but it is a big part of it. I'm a bit of a social pariah, and the gym is a place I feel more comfortable, and less judged. I agree it certainly increases risk, and may not be any more productive, but I feel that I know what my body can handle. If I feel I need it, I take an extra day or two off, or adjust my routine. I'm a young dude, I eat pretty well, sleep like a baby, and I avoid machines and focus on barbells and dumbbells. I enjoy it a lot, and I'm seeing pretty good results. So I'll carry on this way, until I feel, I should adjust it. 


I agree completely with Jason and in fact, I think he was a bit too conservative with what he said. 

Garrett Buffington

do you think that training different body parts 5 -6 days a week is beneficial for drug free individuals that are training for hypertrophy and aesthetics?  like bench press 2x days  squating 2x days arms 2x days,, a split where you hit major lifts 2x times a week with isolation movements    being secondary ?


But Jason, if someone was training 5 days out of the week but the overall volume was the same they'd still build the same amount right? Which would be preferable for people looking to spend less time in the gym on certain days.


I workout 4-5 days a week because its fun. And god, its only what...1-1.5 hours max that I'm in there. That's just one small part of my day lol. Heaven forbid I can't do something that I enjoy.

Though I see what Jason is saying.


I train 5 days/week, 3-day split coz it's EASIER - less volume, faster training duration. I cant imagine doing full body or even push and pull in 1 day anymore. Then again, it's real convenient for me coz my gym's 2 minutes from the office and I workout right after work.


this viedo is all about layzness
so plz dont make any more on this subject. You can train 7 times a week just not hole body ea workout.


So here we have a guy that admits crying when being told he can train again calls people who enjoy training frequently crazy. New PR Jason.

#aliengenez. #Amazingenetics

I work out even 7 days a week if could. but I like to rest one day. I weigth 250 lbs 5.7 chunky mothatfoo i am.this is ridiculous I work my muscles every other day. Monday let's say biceps back and legs and dead lift. Tuesday delts.trap chest and tricepz and wedsday what I did on monday. by the way I lay ceramic tile for a living. dont lay around home all day. don't get ur point brother. I feel and see changes in my physique. do I need psiquiatric help. really


What's wrong with a PPL routine? 3x6 on compounds, 3x8-12 on iso.

Zaherul Huda

.... What happened to training frequently and with less volume, and what about the whole squatting every day?

Alex Drăghici

Oh no someone on the internet insulted my bro split. Lemme dislike his video, that'll hurt him.

Tyler Legare

No offense Jason but other experts like Vince Delmont and chad Waterbury completely disagree with you and they look much better than you


Training PPL myself 6 times a week but I ROFL'd when you said to get psychiatric help, can't even be mad. You're probably spot on but for my sanity to be preserved, I can't train any less.

Perhaps I should go see that psychiatrist after all.

Great video as always!


You need a therapist if you go to the gym 5-6 days a week but not 3 - 4?  So if you go to the gym an extra 2-3 hours a week you need a therapist?  This kind of stupid shit is why I unsubscribed a while ago.  I dont even know why I clicked this video.  There is nothing wrong with training 6 days a week as a natural.  Jason doesn't even mention anything about volume or frequency in his simplistic, stupid video.  Instead of 3 full body workouts you could break it up into 3 upper and 3 lower workouts with the same volume and time spent in the gym.  Jason is a fucking idiot.

Latin J

Your getting leaner! Are you still doing intermittent fasting?


I started lifting again a year ago during a shitty time in my life but I only trained 3-4x week with a 5x5. I made tons of noob strength gains (basically regained in 1 year what took me 3 years of bro-splits to acheive, after a 3 year hiatus). Now my life is a lot better, career is taking off, but I actually WANT to train 6 days a week to learn the olympic lifting for fun and improve my squat and overheads, no desire to compete, am I crazy? With my schedule I probably won't be able to, nor realistic to move any real weight without coaching, but I am still push/pulling 4 times a week and adding in a half-hour of light oly lift partials for practice because I want to learn the lifts really badly. I see it as wanting to perfect a craft like an art skill or playing musical instrument as a serious hobby and not to make money. Recovery aside, why would lifting so often be any different if one thinks of it as an art form?

Carlos EDC

Damm it gunna have to start shooting gear


Yeah football players workout 5+ days a week and they're small as shit...inb4 every single football player is on gear


I don't know man, I do push/pull/legs-repeat so it's two days between everytime I squat, I feel that is the longest I can withstain without losing my mind. My concern is not adding the maximum amount of muscle though, so your point might still be valid. I just need to do something active every day, so yeah, I might need that shrink after all :-) 




You honestly don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I found more results as a natural from HIGHER VOLUME. I feel sorry for anyone that listens to this degenerate nerd.


100% agree. I said this two years ago on bodybuilding forum (bro haven) and got negged to hell. Obviously the enhanced lifters or 'gurus' trying to make a quick buck, didn't like me calling out their bullshit. It's ok now because said gurus are now on the next bro site, gsf, recommending drug dosages

Serge N

Push Pull Legs can be done 6 days a week... You did not even mention weekly volume, age, calories, sleeping hours... Instead of training 3 days one hour and a half as you said it is more optimal to do 6 days 45 minutes each workout...


hahahahahaaa well done Jason!!

JD Training

Great advice!

oh aleh

And Powerlifting? or Aesthetics (srs)?

Reggie Dunlop

I'm doing Lyle's generic bulking routine, but there's virtually nothing for shoulders and I  don't have enough time to throw in extra work at the end of my upper days. So, what I'm currently doing is the following:

upper, lower, upper, lower, delt work (high rep ohp, facepull, side lateral - 3 sets each), off, repeat.

in that case, is that ok?


What about P90X? Their results look pretty decent for a lot of people and they work out 6 days a week.


So does that mean us natty powerlifters that train this often can kiss our joints goodbye?

The Genetic Machine

The truth hurts. Look at all these crybabies in the comment section. Lol


Hey Jason, i would like yo have your opinion on my routine. I go to the gym 3 to 5 days each week, i try to spend less than an hour there to optimise my time throughout the day and have an intense workout, which im used to by now. My question is, is it nonsense to train 5 days a week, for lets say an hour, targeting a unique muscle group per day ? Is it really gonna reduce my gains in terms of volume ? Thanks


gives advice on gains, makes no gains 

Michael Michael

Because of my workout partner, I workout 4 times a week, where it's legs tuesday, upper body wednesday, full body friday and sunday :)

If I was working out alone, I would do full body every monday, wednesday and fridag. :)


Well said jason!! One of your best vids, time for people to take a reality check and drop the egos, you know what they say ignorance is bliss and while the majority are hostile about this, most of them would come to realise by giving what you recomended a shot your statements are mostly true

Good stuff

insert abusive troll comments here please


I've been training 5 to 6 time a week since November. Bench is up over 70 pounds and body weight is up 35 pounds. Hmm...

Carlos C

jason i do a upper day and then a lower day both strength parameters 3-5 sets, day off, chest/arms, then legs, lastly back/shoulders hypertrophy 9-12 sets, day off.   Do you think it will cause issues with my joints. its basically Laynes PHAT?

Latin J

Your getting leaner! Are you still doing intermittent fasting?


ok, let me share my story. As a begginer. I lift 8 months now 6 days per week cca 1h. I train hard and heavy 6-12 reps, I eat alot, sort of dirty bulk, 17% bf. Consuming whey when no time for eat, taking vitamn C and B complex (Leroy Colbert advice). In that 8 months i gained more muscle then some of my frends that train 4 years, girls teling me to stop its too much etc. My chest shoulders and back grew so much. Legs were always big. Only downside hurted elbow for 3months now with overhead tricep extension, will never do that exercise again.    my 2 cents.

Justin Saelee



my gains have increased a lot since I started to train 5 days a week instead of 3. how many days per week you train is not all that matters...


When doing pull-ups do you recommend thumbed grip or suicide grip?

Justin Brosnan

Good Video Jason


I agree 100% with Jason. If you are a regular natural gym goer just only there to get gains to look good aka 70% of people in the gym, there is no NEED to go beyond 4 days a week WEIGHTLIFTING. It will not get you MORE or EXTRA results or gains. If you are going more than 4 days for whatever reasons(love the gym, no life, or just want to be bad ass) you either bullshitting or doing more harm than good. You PROFESSIONAL bodybuilders and ATHLETES are a different story.

Spencer Erickson

Jason if I only have an hour and 15 minutes to train is there anything wrong with doing everything but bench press m w f, and do bench/ohp only on tue thu sat. I would prefer to do complete full body but i don't have time as of right now. My only goal is maximal strength, is there anything wrong with this

Tim Hanselbach

if fullbody 3x a week is recommended, why cant I just split it and train upper/lower 6* a week?
fullbody is destroying me, I'd like to split it, but i keep each workout at 30-45 min.

Scotty Ellwood

How have you got a sports direct mug? They peddle that shit across the Atlantic?

Bobby G

I like how you are focused on long-term health over short-term aesthetics and performance

jeroen jansen

you actually gave viable options for ppl that want to lift 6 days a week. :)


Ok, so u squat mon, deadlift, pullups tues, bench wed, squat thur, deadlift, pullups fri, n bench sat, thats 6days and Im not going to make good gains from that?

Anton Mies

Life ?!


Man after reading some of these comment, i can see that Jason rustled a lot of jimmies.


I workout 6 days a week with a 4000+ diet for 3 months and I've made gains. but I am 6'3 and broad shouldered. it has to do with genetics and the workout you do. I don't do chest or core isolated workouts but I've had growth in those areas. also the body can adapt to working out a lot same as it can if you take in a lot of calories. try high volume single plate workouts instead of dumbbells or barbells.