Gained 20 pounds in 4 months

I Gained 40 LBS In 4 Months (Not Recommended) || Physique Update

I Gained 40 LBS In 4 Months (Not Recommended) || Physique Update20 Jun. 2020
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This is how I gained 40

This is how I gained 40 Lbs in my first 4 months of working out. Do I recommend Bulking like this? Well, it really depends on your goals.

Skip to the end of the video if you're interested in seeing my current physique. Stay tuned for my lean bulking journey, the rebuild is going to be tough!

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Joey V

Great info thanks bro

Olivier Lazure

A 1 lb gain per week (4 lb gain per month) is ideal when starting out if you are very low body fat and have no muscle mass, then when you reach around 18-19% body fat, instead of cutting, you can simply bulk on a 0.5 lb gain per week (2 lb gain per month) calorie surplus which is half the other amount and this should make a beginner gain only muscle and no fat, the reason why someone needs to reach 18% before being able to do that is because you cant build muscle effectively or recover from your workouts if you are too lean. After the bulk, the beginner should be at around 16% body fat which is perfect to keep bulking slowly. A quick bulk is only useful for guys who are too skinny (below 18% body fat)


nice man. how tall are you?


HGh and tren can cause cancer


What would be an alternative to the KFC box meal?


Keep up the good work man, respect from AB.

Joshua Somanader

You should do a video on your first cut! What you did and what you would change if you were to do it again

Xiang Rong Eo

How tall are you?

Yung Wynna

I gained 50lbs in 5 months, we basically both went on a super bulk

Matt _

No way, another Canadian fitness YouTuber. I’m from Toronto too. Way to represent Canada man??. You should think about trying out for Team Canada’s weightlifting team


Here from Tik tok. Imma support you on YouTube bruh!! Keep it upppp love the content g

Ramiro Lopez

Love your videos


Forgot to comment but thanks for this vid brotha I listened to ur advice and lowered my calories. Keep it up !

Naked Mind

Good stuff man I gained 40ish pounds in 5 months. But I went from being super super skinny and not working out at all. To bulking for 5 months straight going nuts in the gym with a PT’s help. Couldn’t be happier

Samy Barbier

bro you benched 315 after 10 months of hitting the gym? holy

Aryan Krish

You look like brother of David Laid...

Daniel Nguyen

Any tips for a detrained lifter trying to hit 4 plates on squat again, but 20 lbs lighter.

How i gained 10kg weight in 2 Months ✅ | Full day of Eating ✅ | Learn how to gain 10kg in 60 days ?

How i gained 10kg weight in 2 Months ✅ | Full day of Eating ✅ | Learn how to gain 10kg in 60 days ?4 Oct. 2020
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mohan rawat

Coffee m to calories ni hoti?

Mr. High

Subah brush ni krte uthte hi pehle Pani piyo 3-4 glass

Mukesh Singh

Amazing Video bro ?❤️ ! Thanks for Sharing This ?

Raj Prakash

पता नहीं कौन कौन से प्रोटीन बता रहे हो भाई ??..... बाजरे की रोटी से weight improve करना है तो वो बताओ....मेरे पल्ले ना पड़ रहा ये सब ??

Som Singh

Killing it

Mohd Saif Ansari


Mr. ChirkutAK

Bro mummy kick skipping ke video banao


Nice vedio

Ashwani Gupta

Inspiring bro?

Zaky Hindi

Great effort, Keep making videos and your health and let viewers to learn the health techniques Kudos ?????

tarun james

Chola samosa ??

sakshi verma

I also want to gain weight ?
Eosinophilia ?same pinch

Sophia Lin

Wow, keep up the good work!

Saanvi Tyagi

U know brother same is my situation i m 50 kg nd with 5 . 10 hieght but somehow i gained 56.5 but want to complete my goal for 60


no idea what u said

Fitness Freak Aman

Very helpful video for gaining weight ! Keep it up ??

Olivia Schumann

Love you ????❤️?


What’s ur height ?

Dev Singh

Nice video

Rukna Raksayab

bro skipping rope konsi use kare??

I gained 20 lbs in 4 Months

I gained 20 lbs in 4 Months12 Mar. 2018
Athena AmoebaSubscribe 438 721

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135 was what I used to be as well. Its so hard though ? I’ve been fluctuating between 147 and 152 forever.