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Do Posing Trunks Make The Man?

Do Posing Trunks Make The Man?1 Aug. 2017
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Do Posing Trunks Make The

Do Posing Trunks Make The Man? Layla Dideban tries to get to the bottom of this. What do you think of this topic? Let me know in the comment section down below. Enjoy

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When to tjey start using G-strings. C-strings are probably out of the question outside Brazil.

lil country

Wtf did I just watch


The secret is it must be nicely small, slightly tight and the sides must be very thin and give a V-shape for extra sex appeal. A posing suit can enhance a bodybuilder's sexual attractiveness exponentially.
Another little secret, colours under the spectrum of red are inherently more erotic.

All these tricks speak to the subconscious and can help a bodybuilder look more attractive and draw more attention towards himself.

Luis Rod


chuck davey

Hell ya!!! and the skimpier the better. Love seeing a big bodybuilder wearing a skimpy posing trunks. G-strings/thongs are even better!!

Genaro Mena

Excellent video congratulations ?

Angel Woman

Posing Trunks !! Nothing in them !!

leon Bañuelos

Esta bien bueno este chavo

Wielki Hu

doesn't she sexually harass him?


Thanks Layla for once again proving that any woman in the media faced with the simple "task" of conducting a serious interview with a guy wearing ,or in this case, advertising skimpy posing trunks,has a total brain freeze and turns into a gibbering wreck.

James Provost

Hell yeah I want a pair just for the hell of it lolz ??

Luis Rod

posing suits are very HOT, I LOVE THEM!!!

Erik Khalifa


Clayton Meador

posing straps sure look great for posing in them...competition or casually...either way! ? Yessss..!!!

Omega Mochi

What's the link to Lorenzo's work? I'd like to look it up.

Гальванизированный Труп

this girl is so slim and tanned and fucking sexy I'd do so many naughty things to her my god

Manuel Beltran

Me encantan los mini bañadores de licra en los hombres

Jim Steele

Very Sexy Muscles Man


He's got a fat waist . Needs to shed about 15 pounds

Anthony Pomponio: Posing Trunks to Weightlifting Platform

Anthony Pomponio: Posing Trunks to Weightlifting Platform26 Dec. 2015
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How do you get that upright position in the ATG squat. Jeez, mobility is a bitch.

Mr T

enjoyable vid but holy ECHO - hard to hear most of what was said

Ajeje Brazorf

ma che cazzo di nome è pomponio? ihihih

Anil T.V

is Anthony single by any chance...?


I so want to get into the Olympic lifts! Sadly I have the worst wrist and shoulder mobility. :(

Denis Beaulieu

Good little story

Sha Sha

Damn he's handsome

Jeremiah Cooper

Anthony looks to catch slightly internally rotated at the shoulders? Your thoughts on external vs. internal rotation of the shoulders in the catch of the snatch?

Brandon Williams

Awesomesauce!!!!! Super cool journey, super cool guy!!! I want to do some bodybuilding to build up my back. I think its my biggest weakness. My squats are about the same as Anthony's my olympic lifts are no where close to his.

Posing Trunks Australia - Best fitting posing ever.

Posing Trunks Australia - Best fitting posing ever.15 Jun. 2017
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Head over to

Head over to www.posingtrunks.com.au for some great posing trucks for your bodybuilding competition.

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Angela Swinden

Great video Ray, promoting a great product!...