Face fat workout

Face exercises to lose face fat for women | Facial Yoga Asanas For Your Face | Reduce Fat From Face

Face exercises to lose face fat for women | Facial Yoga Asanas For Your Face | Reduce Fat From Face5 Dec. 2018
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Pebbles present, Effective Exercises to Slim Down Your Face. Facial Yoga Asanas to Tighten and Lift Your Face.

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Yoga Trainer : Kati Moore - www.gaialifeyoga.com

Concept & Editing : Milind Patwardhan

Disclaimer : This video is for demonstration purpose only. Please consult your doctor before performing any exercises shown in this video.

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Comments (100)

lmao 0:17 is literally ???

Maddi_XOX !

Does this work?

Dhiru Jethwa

ડબલ ચીન કેશે દુર કરે

Literally give me Views thx

Im trying this and I will update every day!
Day1:My face is swollen and hurts,I see a tiny difference.

Martin Liban

fuck I can't stop laughing

Eela khan

1.41 lol hahahah funny

Sakshi Chandresh

does this work?

Wahida Shaikh

U looks so awesome easy exercise

Maya Forte



i love it

Pharisha Pathaw

Does it really works?


this was amazing and you are gorgeous! thank you!

Nora Star

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Kk Singh


Sdjfdkfse Vfhkfkskxjnz

BE HONEST we all hate when people grab are cheeks not the behind one but also that but I hate when my cheeks are grab omg it hurts like hell

Thanseema Riyas

Prethathine pole und

sumith Kumar

Did you hear about Agoge Diet? These guys deserve a medal. Their customized training and diet plan helped me change my life. I can't thank them enough

pritpalsingh ahluwalia


Valentina Tello

my jaw started to hurt


Is she snake???

Titus Mbindyo

This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about "facial exercise before after" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Jenrooklyn Facial Mummification - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.


I have the feeling these exercises can wrinkle your upper lip and cheeks

Aïcha الجمال

ive had a chubby face all my life

anika red

doing this because my mom said i look fat

Chazz. Asmr

This is Literally gonna be my every day and night routine it’s like I’m skinny but my face is fat lol

Maxwell Soto

Good demonstration I love how they got straight to it without all the unnecessary talking,and the lady is beautiful


my face hurts :D

Abhishek Singh


Lana Ozn

It causes wrinkles around the mouth!

Tia Maria

I’m doing this while I’m on the toilet

Noor Ayisha


RP Valley

I made below comment 6 months ago but no action has been done about it:
“Sorry but wondering what your qualifications to advice this are. I used to love whistling but developed lip wrinkles. Feeling sorry for these ladies who are trusting your advice to regret it - too late. Suggesting you take it down for their sake. Just concerned for them.
Everyone, please see https://goldengateobgyn.org/lip-lines/
"No one wants lip wrinkles. They can add years to your face regardless of your age. Unfortunately even if you’re not a smoker they can still appear over time. Lip wrinkles are often caused by pursing, volume loss and sun damage. In order to reduce lines around the mouth it’s important to address motion, volume and quality of skin...
Repetitive pursing can cause lip wrinkles to get etched in the skin. Whether it’s from smoking, whistling, drinking out of a straw or playing a woodwind instrument … repetitive pursing creates line..."

Afjal Sharif

Disclaimer :Don’t try these in front of anyone?

Roblox Girl


Bintaa M

Me in class:??


Do this work?

Swarna Latha

Can we do this daily once aa reaply mam


Does this work?

Sydney Schwartz

Who else looked in the mirror after this ?

Nimue Kang

This is so funny exercise. Well if you want to have a slim face you just have to minimize or control your eating habit

Johnny Gamerz

I'm doing these exercises but i cannot see any result.... Plz tell me what should i do now

Marioly Guzman

I started doing this yesterday so ill do this everyday for a month, ill come back to tell you guys if there is a difference! I try doing it twice a day, morning then night.

sorry guys I got very off track, I was just doing this before my vacation and I don’t really know if I saw results

Clown Tears

Geez I yawned so much


Does this not work for male people then

Diksha Mandlik

Trying this.. for a week
Day 1 - tiered
Day 2 -
Day 3 -
Day 4 -
Day 5 -
Day 6-
Day7 -

entertainment channal deeba

Bring aged lady to show the accurate results after doing this exercise

barneyzop white nigga

Is it weird for a guy to do this?


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anushka ambad

Sorry but you look like a dian


i’m sorry but i can’t stop laughing

dee rawr

HAHHAHA WTF This vid has to be a joke 0:14 dat face tho

Zala Murgelj

not me doing that at 8pm?

Sunita Chavan

Sach me hoga kya

Jessica Walker

Advice: don’t do this with a mirror in front of you
You won’t be able to take it seriously


1:54 ??????


and drink alot water at least 3 liter every day to get a slimmer face



Lonely cow

Idk why but I keep yawning

Ruby Gooden

Me in my room????????

sajjal shehzad


caroline amelie

she looks like sanam chaudhry

Marycel Esling

Yea better do this alone because we will look creepy and weird

Bubs Bunny

Me doing this in front of my mom:

My mom: ???

Glowup 2020

my neck feels weird when I lean my head back. like in side of my neck. why?

Monica Epperson

I never do these exercises consistent enough to see RESULTS.


I cant stand her face


i look like a dumbass doing this but atleast ill have a slim face

Sanam 1643

You look so seductive ?


Has this actually worked for anybody

It's Megan

Picture day is next week and I might as well look ugly with a less fat face ??‍♀️

Aayat Shafiq

U are good
But u made me laugh ????? ? ?
U made my day

Chichi TV Angelina Dizon

Im newbie here


My cheeks hurt when I tried it again on the second day ?


till how many days we have to do this ??

Iona Andrews

I'm trying this
Day 1-felt okay just a bit tiring
Day 2-felt food , did it 4 times , couldn't see results yet obviously
Day 3- did this 4 times no results yet
I will update on day 7

Mochi Martinez

im doing this with the window open and my mom is probably watching me from the camera and my brother watching tv-

runs upstairs


Who else is doing this in their bed —->


I did this 3x times my face feels sore. Don't do it many times do not recommend.

mario M

It’s work?


Who else is doing this secretly in their room? ?

Asha Yadav

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Pragya Rao

i'm doing this everyday I'm just gonna keep updating

Dianne Dormer

I just wanna know if it works and damn my face hurts

Just Levi

If I got caught doing this my life would be over and I would have you guys plan out my funeral.

Ayjan Annageldiyeva

I'm gonna do this starting from today December 16th, let's see how this goes
Edit: I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and I'm seeing HUGE RESULTS omg, u should definitely do this, also my advice is don't keep checking the mirror for a change every day, just do the exercises eat less sugar and fat and don't overthink about it)

Asha Lynx

ill tell yall if it worked so like this


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Nicole Carlos

1:58 LMAOO

eh hi

Im doing this with Chloe ting exercise today is the first day :>

Yadira Arnold

turn to God before its to late

Losh Reid

I have a round face who else?

TrashCan IsHome

Bro my dog was staring at me like I was retarded as I was doing this ??

Natalia R


Noradeen Alsamet

My fish fell in love with me

Aqsa Touheed

Background music is so irritating ?


0:05 swan pose/bird
0:41 kiss the air
1:20 hands and jaw
1:54 extending eyes
2:10 pucker fish/fish face
(i copied this btw cuz it's for my self

Sarah Kim

I'm trying to do this but this is so funny???

INDIAN VLOG ERA kitchen to beauty with lifestyle


Reduce Chubby Cheeks | 6 effective Cheekbone Exercises | Model Face Yoga 2020 (fast results) ~ Anna

Reduce Chubby Cheeks | 6 effective Cheekbone Exercises | Model Face Yoga 2020 (fast results) ~ Anna2 Jul. 2020
384 263
Anna VeronikaSubscribe 438 721

Here is my highly

Here is my highly requested "Reduce chubby cheeks"-Video for you.

My exercises for cheekbones which I do as a Model to reduce chubby cheeks and to firm and lift my cheekbones. You will get more defined, lifted cheekbones when you do my exercises where you only need 8 minutes!!!! to fulfill and you will see fast results.

Leave a quick comment which is the most effective exercise for you from my video.

See you next week.



My other Model Face Yoga Videos:

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSA9_M4TRzr0GLC1undrqDxciQJEFMLPZ

Get Rid of Double Chin:


Firm Jawline & Neck:


Lymphatic Drainage NECK Massage:


2 Minutes Firm Jawline Excercises:


Reduce/prevent FROWN LINES between EYEBROWS




How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup In 8 Minutes:






How to reduce forehead wrinkles without botox:


How to increase collagen in your face:


Asahi massage for face:


Face Yoga exercises for glowing skin:


Model beauty routine - in the morning:


Relaxing face massage for sleep:


Model Face exercise: natural anti ageing 5 minute face yoga:


Also see you on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna.veronika.m/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/annaveronikam?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annaveronikameyer/

website: http://www.anna-veronika-meyer.com/blog/

Comments (100)
You can Stay

Day 1
Day 2

Archana Achu

You're soo pretty that's not fair??❤

Kaci Giles

In USA the peacock is the bird with a beautiful body and voice of a wet cat who wanders neighborhoods looking angry

Rojina Kafle

Day 1: I feel good ,hope this works

llisa gomez

People please. Anyone who knows anything about anatomy and physiology knows that facial muscles are NOT weight bearing muscles so they will not be tightened or enlarged from exercise. If anything, you will stress and stretch that muscle out of proportion. This is a ridiculous thing I came across and had to comment so people don’t waste their time. It’s a silly thinks that people used to do back in the 60’s before they discovered that it does not work. Those muscles are not the same as weight bearing muscle. Please research what I’m saying. This is silly and a waste of time.

Sara Paskell

Imma keep y’all updated- its 23.01.21 uk
Day 1: ✅ did this twice today
Day 2: ✅
Day 3: ✅
Day 4: ✅ so far i haven’t really seen any results but I am only 4 days in
Day 5:✅
Day 6:✅ someone complimented my cheekbones which is rare?
Day 7:✅ also i iced my face today
Day 9: ✅ i’m sorry gois i forgot 8


Thanks mam for this video I really got a results fast love from India??????

Nimmy Maria Babu

Does it really work???

black lilac 2

Im gonna try this

Natasha Parcha

Nice I love your videos ?? .... And the earing is so beautiful.. I'm from India ❤️

Zouha Zeh

THANK'S Veronica!

Nimmy Maria Babu

Which is the most effective. Anyone?????

Sugar Mama

Madame how many weeks or days will take reduce it permanently??

Keith Malic

Exercises Starts
I'm Been Holding Each Of This Exercises For 40 Second 2 Sets For Total Of 8Minutes, You Can Also Do It If You Want. Goodluck ?

Khushboo Chaudhary

Peacock is India,s national bird.

Priya Lakkappa

I've been doing this and the firm jawline and neck video and brooo the results are already in lowkey, I can see a difference in my jawline its more defined and my cheekbones are starting to show through like a more snatched look, will update in a week!


I will share results lmao!!!
Day 1 ✅
Day 2 ✅ I can really feel the pressure lmao
Day 3 ✅ I can feel weight off my face
Day 4 ✅
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Shruti Goel

All her videos DO WORK man, i casually started doing this few weeks back , told no one, n today my mom said "y does ur face look thin n cheekbone lines were visible"....

Rani Goswami

I was really feeling burn when I was doing this excersice ,this is my first face ?excercize that i felt burn ?? this is very effective

Thank you very much ☺️?❤️

crafty panda

Starting it today
Day 1 : ✅
Day 2:✅
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

Kannan Babu amen

Isn't the earing u are wearing is gimiki like indians wear that so i asked ?

olivia gaskin

starting to do this for a month along with emi wong's collarbone video.
day 1: done :) my cheeks feel really warm lol

Tanvy Tasnim

Thank you!!

Valita Tomlinson

I think i just going to embarrased myself writing this but anyway :D
Week 1: I don't see results
Week 2: Tbh i don't see results yet
Week 3: I'm starting seeing some results in my cheeckbones.
Week 4: I forget to do it one day of the week but tbh i think my cheecksbones are a little more skinnier but they never get smaller lol, but i'll keep trying.
I'll put this every week to tell you if this works.
I do the videos 2 times in the day btw.
I'm doing this also with the jawline video and the video of get rid of double chin.
Sorry if my english is bad, i'm learning :)

Nasrin Akther

I am trying this along with the jawline video
Day 1 : done
Day 2 : done

Hussain Khan

Plzz make video on droopy eyelids

Hajar Zaidi

i have to do it slowly bcos there are so many of pimples on my cheeks

sam not osa

oof my cheekbones hurt xD

nap gamer

I don't know if anyone has told you this but you look a bit like Keanu Reeves when you talk.

pandy_ starx

Wow! Thanks for the exercises gonna do this every day?

Bai Anrisha Laila Ampatuan

I always watch you videos, Everything worked! I love you, ps new subscriber here


You look so very beautiful


Can someone explain why this helps? I dont really see how tapping your face defines your cheek bones :)

Meow meow honestly a bakery Meow

Day 1: done
Day 2: done
Day 3: done
Day 4: yoo I see a bit difference, I look hot
Day 5: done
Day 6: uhhh why didn’t anyone told me that I’m going to get a double-hale Bc of this wtf, ok I’m so sorry I sounded so mad, I was just sitting in an awkward position that gave me double hale lmao sry
Day 7: done
Day 8: donnnnnneee
Day 8: done
Day 9: done
Day 10: done
Day: 11 done
Day: 12 done uh so I look hot

Bentley Ankrom

Day 1: it didn’t burn
Day 2: it burned quite a bit
Day 3: done


0:46 so I can skip to the vid


did this + the "firm jawline and neck" video for two weeks and can really see results, my face is not so round anymore, my cheekbone is more proeminent and my jawline are so much more visible now than it was before this exercises. and it also have the pro thing that is easy to do so i really recommend it all!


My cheeks get so big whenever i smile :( i hate it

Zahraa Ebrahim

Doing this with long nails and braces is not fun at all ?

카일 티비KYLE TV

i'll do this with get rid of double chin video.
(like to remind me!)

DAY 1 - done
DAY 2 -

Ncy ff

Damn it!!!...Her face is so perfect ???


Thnx my face looks like a Hamster ?????

Rania Saeed

So guys I’m gonna be doing this for 2 weeks so I’m starting this update today, also to remind I’m also doing her jaw video also with this so yeah

Day1: there isn’t gonna be much difference on day one (jan 1)
Day 2: done
Day 3: done
Day 4: done
Day 5: skipped

Rachel Wagner

if you can’t spot reduce body fat how does face yoga work?


I just wanted to say thank you I've been doing these along with some of your other videos for a few days and I feel more confident.

Iara Leal

hey how are you? I have a question: how many times at week can we do this?


doing this everyday along with another one :)
Day 1: done<3
Day 2: done<3
Day 3: done<3
Day 4: done<3
Day 5: done<3
Day 6: done<3

Nimmy Maria Babu

I have tried facial exercises of various YouTube channels but to my utter despair they were of not much use. I thought this to be the same. But now I am like ?. It really WORKS ??? .

ava scully

i’m doing this and the jawline vid i’ll lyk if it works when i’m done

Megami Limbu

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Christabel X

Gonna try this with the jawline video hope it works ☺️
Day 1:


im going to start doing this for a month. i already have a skinny face, i just want to tone it and chisel it a bit more. will keep you posted :)) please like to remind me! i will be doing this along with the jawline video and the double chin workout (though i dont have one:')) )

day 1-
day 2-
day 3-
day 4-
day 5-
day 6-
day 7-

Mariana Vallejo

can someone reply to this and tell me if it worked?

Caroline Daniels

Anyone else confused on how to do the first exercise? ??


im gonna try this I’ll let yall know if this works

Nihad yeah

If I stop the exercise, will iI go back my before face ?


It's Really Effective♥️

Guys You Should Try This I Promise You Will Never Regret?

Priyanka Baniya

I am gonna start following you from today. Looking at you I am so motivated.Your ear rings are very beautiful and look fabulous on you. These danglers are also called ‘Jhumkas’ in India. Peacock is the National bird of India.


That's a beautiful jhumka❤️

crazy world

Can you do your face cair routine?


after doing this for one month if i will stop will i lose all my gains?

Itzel Martinez

I'll try to do this also with the jawline video.
I'll go back in 3 weeks and see what if it works on me.
( please leave your like to remind me )

Marzy J

tanks a lot very good

Positive Soul

I decided that I'm going to do these exercises every morning and every night for a month, I will come back right after every week and tell u guys about the results am getting and if it's worth it or not.

So its been a week and a half, I've been doing these exercises along with some cheeks massages and some other exercises to fix uneven cheeks and I see a few changes, my face looks more defined I think, is not a big change but I'm being positive and I think if I keep doing them I will see some results soon, I will keep updating.

Hafsa zahid

Omg ..❤️❤️ it's amazing

Carly Ortiz

Dear santa, i want to be pretty enough to be a model:(

isa j

started on dec 24
bruh cheeks still fat

comment so I go back to this. if I don't answer it's cause I'm at my moms

c h e k s h a



Thank you anna for this . I'm from india. Ur exercise really works . Because i have tried lot of face yoga exercises but no changes . May be I'm executing it wrong. But not always and when i do ur exercise it works within 2 weeks . And that instructors gives 5-7mins explanation for one exercise still it did not work . Thank you so much anna for ur videos . I am waiting for new videos

Erum Ansari

Peacock means mor in Sindhi language.

Anna Veronika

NEW VIDEO - Collarbone Exercise

Bias is Tae Tae

Hi Anna I am your biggest fan for Bangladesh ?? and the earring You are wearing is called jhomka or kanner dul. Luv ya ???

Alex W

these worked so well but got lazy so gonna try and get back into habit of doing these exercises so:
day 1 ✅


Going to do this for a week
DAY 1: Done:)
Day 2: Done:)
Day 3:Done:)
Day 4: forgot:(
Day 5:Done:)!!!omg I see some differenceeee
Day 6:Done:)
Day 7:Done:)
It works but not that muchhh

vişneli brownie

lets goo i’ll write the honest results!!
day 1:✅
i’ll start again in 25/01/21 OKAY
okay today is the day i will start when i get back from dentist
i’ll do it tomorrow im gonna watch harry potter

yall it's alice

The second exercise was so good, I could really feel the tension in my cheekbones. I hope the results are as good, thank you for this video! <3

Jency Paul

Why people suggest the same facial exercise for both to get chubby cheeks and to reduce chubby cheeks??

ʀ ɪ ʏ ᴀ

I am going to try this

Day 1 - ✅

Dea Faust

I feel relax

Da Calvary

Has anybody gotten results after doing it for a while? I just started

Chiara Vertongen

Guys it really works. At first when i did ex.4 i had cheeks in my eyes-
Now after a month i don't have that anymore :)


You look soo beautiful with that ear rings ? Mitra from India

shayaan tariq

when i do the second exercise (the inflating cheeks one) i dont know why but lower lip becomes a little bigger than usual.....is that normal?Why does that happen?


So , At the very 1st time I thought I'm not gonna share my experience ! (Idk why ?)
But after just doing for 4 days, I definitely can see a difference already !
I'm doing 4 video exercise together !
So here is my experience, and I'll share everyday -
Day 1: done ✅
Day2: done ✅
Day 3: Done ✅ (and I can see some very small lines below my cheekbones ❤️ which is great right!?)
Day 4: Done ✅ (my chubby cheeks always became little slimmer than before ?)
Day 5 : done ✅

Golden Star

0:40 is where it stars ?

Olivia Falcone

I’ll do this and a some other videos of hers everyday until I get real results I’ll update every week.

Week 1: no changes
Week 2: I see a bit of difference
Week 3: I definitely see changes
Week 4: I see so much difference omgg

Anupma Arya

Please make a video to get slim collarbone

Antonella C.

(like to remind me!!)❣️??
First day: done
Second day: done
Third day:

Nicole Lovegood

trying this with the jawline one
day 1: done ✔
day 2:
day 3:

Maro Zoica

I just did this exercise and I can already see some cheekbones in my chubby cheeks... Thank you so much for your incredible videos.
Guys, this really works!!!!

Krishnendu M

Quarantine got me looking like a pumpkin. Starting off today
Day 1: done
Day 2: done
Day 3: done
Day 4: done
Day 5: done
Day 6: done
Day 7: done
Day 8: done

Rose Cornelio

day 1:✅

Patricia Anderson

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Ashley Nicole

thank you!! i kinda feel my face changing everytime i do the last step :)

Biya Siddiqui

These exercises are super easy & effective. Specially number 5. I have been doing this since a month & saw a change in my face structure . ?

Miraal Azhar

Day 1: im not that fat but my face is so I'm trying this to see if it'll work :(
Day 2: defnitley burned more this time, I'm also going to do the jawline excercise at the same time
Day 3: done
Day 4: I didn't do it today cs of exams
Day 5: done, i don't know if it's working my face looks fatter tbh but ill keep trying
Day 6: done
Day 7: I forgot
Day 8: done, did jawline one too today


Alright im doing this till graduation starting now:

Week 1:
Day 1-Done (Dec 29, 2020)
Day 2-
Day 3-
Day 4-
Day 5-
Day 6-
Day 7-

Feedback/ Results:

Khoka Bsl

I love you videos so much and please make a video for how get apple cheeks

Anureet D

My left side is saggy, flat and chubbier (because of chewing and sleeping on that side) than my right so can you do a video on how to even out that, plsss??!

Crystal368 Stillwell

You’re so nice

Face Yoga to Reduce Facial Fat | Fit Tak

Face Yoga to Reduce Facial Fat | Fit Tak2 Aug. 2020
1 041 958
Fit TakSubscribe 438 721

Probably one of the

Probably one of the most difficult areas to lose fat from, is our face. Face yoga expert Mansi Gulati shares some exercises you can do to reduce face fat, reduce wrinkles and look young. Watch now!

To download the TAK App, click on this link below-



क्लिक कर देखें लेटेस्ट TAK फोटो गैलरी: https://www.tak.live/photogallery

You can follow us at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fittakofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fittakofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fittakofficial/

#FaceFat #FacialYoga

Comments (100)

Tried this for 10 days daily morning n evening n also when I used to get time THIS WORKS! Just be consistent n have patience if not gone completely the size of my double chin n fat on face has reduced. Thankyou so much ma'am??

mahek shaikh

How do we reduce double chin

Harikrishnan Chandramohan

Just do mewing.

Madhudeepak William

Wow...I feel this yoga will must be effective after 60 of age?

Prerna Kandari

Balloon exercise can be done for gaining facial fat as well??

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Wt to do for chubby chiks

Janya Naidu

Sis can say some exercises to slim down and reshape our nose plz plz plz

Khushboo choukade

Mam please face fate yoga

Khushboo choukade

Mam face swelling exercise

ashraf shaikh

.neend nahi aati and eyes daark cercle

Malathy Sri

How many times per day we have to do this

Jayshri Yadav

Mam please solve this, aagar face ke dono side aalag aalag ho jaye to meanse ek chota or ek bada to dono same karne ke liye kya kare

Sandra Suresh

Is this for reducing chubby cheeks?

Unsa Mahimkar

Can we do this and double chin excercise together?

Lucy Lucy

Please tell about dabble chin.excessive

Monika Soni

Nice yoga

Maya Aneesh

Truely effective...i tried it..❤thanks

C Ghousiya Begum

Does it work?

Kamaljeet Kaur

Please tell more exercises for reducing face fat

Rishabh Malik

Hello galsi munnati, oh sorry mansi gullati ?????

Prajakta Jagdale

Thank you for the video... defienetly i will do and comment with result.... will these excersize to help for neck fat loss

Tamim sultana

Thanks mam❤

saurav karki

What is your exact age?

devraj dev

How many of you feel when she says “relax” sounds sexy ?

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Mam ye balloon Wali exercise to cheeks ko chubby krne ke liye hoti hai..but. Aap kh rhi hai face flat ke liye... pls reply me

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Absolutely great video mam

Amisha Mhatre


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How many times a day?

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The way u say beautiful it is so beautiful ❤️


I did but it increased by fat under chin

Debashish Dutta

I have been using these exercises for the last 4 months and the results are now visible. Thank you Maam. It is important for us to continue with these exercises religiously.

sandeep kumar

I can really feel good result in my face

Arfa Ali

I'm so impressed by your face yoga exercises.. Awesome ??✌️✌️and God bless you Alot Aamin ????♥

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I have acne spots on my face did it helps to reduce that

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Swapna Vayuvegula

Thank u for this informative video..

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I have been doing this exercise mam.. But after doing these.. my one cheek is a little bigger than the other one.. Only my one cheek lost fat it seems.. Can u help me with it please??


so useful

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All these exercise even the last one we hv to perform 3 times? N daily?

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You need to exercise hard, eat clean and less, sleep well and take the basic steps for health to lose the extra flab from the body, which in turn will result in you losing fat from the face,atleast not with cringe face..


Thanks for tips

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Please put captions in english

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Thanks dear I’m started to practice this


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Ma'am, can we breath during the balloon pose
Or should we hold our breath

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its face exercise ...please don't use word "yoga" loosely

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Can you please talk in English only as we don’t understand Hindi!

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Doing it for 1 week but couldn’t see any result..pls tell me when can I feel the changes

Ankita Singh

Ya it really worked

Aakash Bokke

I tried it!
It's Truly Effective!


Your beautiful and your skin is just wow. I have brown scars, pigmentation, will it go? If I do this on a daily basis?

Akansha *

Thank you mam for all this

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Can one do these excercise's if one has high bp ?

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Please reply someone

18BEC010_ Gokul nath. V

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YouTube : ok let's show some delicious ad

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Plz tell

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Do u inhale as well during pranayama or just exhale

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U have solution for nose...straighten nose..if u bone bump on nose

Rutuja Bobade

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Can we do face yoga after lunch and dinner?

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