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Louie Simmons Talking about Olympic Weightlifting and Sports Performance

Louie Simmons Talking about Olympic Weightlifting and Sports Performance7 Dec. 2016
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This video was shot before

This video was shot before everyone went nuts about Louie Writing a book on Olympic weightlifting and having travis cooper snatch with bands. Pretty good nuggets in this video.

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Dmoney Ali

Olympic lifts are best for triple extension


He looks like a older branch warren Hahaha

Michael Libbie

Look closely at Lou's neck. It's important.

erick gonzalez


Michael Ryan

10:15 box Jumps

Johnathan. Aviles

This shit feels like an interrogation lol


Speaking Greek to most, but I get it, brother. This guy would have been training roman soldiers if he lived in the distant past.


Hang variations are done to develop the pull under and "catch", but also bar path depending on how low the hang is. Stretch reflex is understood, but developing it is not the purpose. Unless Louie is saying a weightlifter takes advantage of stretch reflex to pull under and catch weights that are heavier than they can lift from the floor. Which is the case for some, especially if legs are long.

Tiger Crooks

I was 19 when I first tried Westside Barbell. But honestly, for me it's nothing for a longrun but there are things you can carry over to your own programming.


Wow, these interviewer guys need to get their act together. Stammering and "uhh.....mmh" is really telling of how ill-prepared the questions are, or worse, how ill-prepared the interviewers are for the technical answers given.

Why Jujimufu Doesn't Olympic Lift

Why Jujimufu Doesn't Olympic Lift24 Nov. 2019
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After getting to hang out with Jujimufu and Tom, I decided to make a video on why Juji doesn't train the olympic lifts and why the general population might stay away from them as well.

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weightlifting makes weight lifting a science and boring, self deprecating and a long journey.

If i want a sport that takes thousands of hours to even become reasonable, they invented golf for that!

If I want to push my body and mind to the max, and struggle to stand up after a workout, lifting weights (squat, deadlift and bench) does this very very well. Plus you have progression based on effort, plus programming.

N.B* was in my university oly team, was trained by a national champion who represented country at commonwealth games. I found the squat to be a far more impressive movement in itself, for whatever reason a heavy high bar squat was far more alluring as a dream than a heavy snatch for example.

Coyote Gris

But... He said that it was a healthy issue why he didnt recomend it, not about enjoyment.


My globo gym purchased bumper plates, Rogue bars, and a platform. You are not allowed to weightlift. One guy was told to stop doing power cleans because he was dropping the weight on the ground. So what's the point of buying the equipment??? On top of that...our gym has the weightroom on the 2nd floor...pretty stupid. All the cardio studios and day care is on the first floor. I'm glad to afford two gyms (Crossfit)...so I can do some weightlifting.

Intellectual NinjaMonkey

How is possible that I love lifting weights but hate Olympic weight lifting? I feel exactly like the video describes Juji probably feels. Oly lifting is just a different sport with so many things to learn that really ruins all the fun of lifting...

And who the hell olympic lifted anyway before the internets (except the traditional olympic lifters)? it is just a fad...

Dr H

It’s hard to do olympic lifts when you’re jacked...not enough range of motion

Oskar Ehre

Mark henry was an Olympic weightlifting

Alejandro Sanchez

I wish commercial gyms had the platform or plates where I can do my clean & jerk. However , I can’t do them cuz they wouldn’t like it , but if I were to do them , they have to be controlled


I feel like, danger aside, more people would be interested in trying out a javelin throw than olympic weightlifting if the option was there.

AWD Abstracts

Appreciate the love thrown the throwers way. Very rarely do they get high lighted for the amount of work that they have to put in to be successful.


I see my boi UFpwrLifter aka the bench god I like!


I love doing the clean and jerk, but I suck at the snach. Trying to get better at it, but its really not a priority

Jonas Tieppo da Rocha

I'm a competitive powerlifter. Sinceraly I LOVE weightlifting. But, being honest, if you are old, and don't have mobility, you will take two years just to hit a snatch. And by this time, I prefer keeping competing on powerlifting. But big respect for weightlifters athletes.

Julker S

Steroids are not allowed in the Olympics, that's why


I enjoy it because clarence inspired me to do it and it seems fun and difficult. Did my first session of snatches with a coach and man does it work your shoulders.


Funny that you and clarence inspired me to do it.

Griffin Halperin



What’s wrong with doing a few power cleans now and then?

Brent Hodges

I feel the same as Juji. I can pull over 650, squat over 500 and bench 4 plates but I literally can not do a snatch to save my life. I can power clean and I can over head press but I can't do the snatch with more than 135 and it feels like my shoulder is going to tear. I also get insane amounts of knee and lower back pain from trying to squat low but I end up just screwing it all up. But maybe that's where a coach would come in.

david vellez

I thing than this can be funny

Simpbucks-Nic Cloud

Gyms should have more shot put circles

Jacob Klein

Olympics drug test.

Oliver Allen

Zack! What is the song at the end's name?

cameron darrow

they had us do alot of Olympic lifting for football


Another “we do the oly lifts we so special video.” They are not that hard to learn. Some have more mobility and power than others, but they are not that difficult. Anything heavy is is hard, heavy squat or snatch.

Uncanal de entretenimiento

So 1, he does not like it.
2 andmost important. Weightlifting requires not only strength, but coordination, technique and dexterity. Which need hours of pure training to develop and a coach.

As a thrower I know perfectly this. Since the most helpful exercises to help to develop a thrower in all aspects is the snatch and clean and jerk. As it is happening to me, brute strength is not enough. You need dexterity to perform well. And the best test to see this without throwing is weightlifting. That is why I do not lift the same in snatch or clean and jerk even though my strength has increased a lot.

CJ Larson

The snatch is a bad time guaranteed. So many factors to be dangerous, also without a doubt your shoulders will suffer

Adam Bahir

Am I the only one who found the intro song sync with the shoes hitting the floor @ 0:47?


I had no idea weightlifting and bodybuilding were even different things. Pick thing up put thing down?


Anyone notice how the beat in the background of this video is the beat to Tyler The Creator’s ‘Earfquake’?

A Tribe Called Quest

It's also harder for westerners because the way they do the deadlift doesn't help progressing oly lifts. High hips minimum leg drive pull from the back etc. It's just so hard to retrain your body to sit in the bar squat up from a dead position

Joshua Roughan

As an official owner of a Globo-Gym, I disapprove of the use of my gym as a pejorative, other than that, great video


It's just by coincidence that olympic weightlifting and traditional globo-gym movements use weighted circular plates and barbells. That's why the two were so easy to merge. If weightlifting, as an olympic sport, utilized other kinds of implements that were not standard weight plates and barbells, it would not be as widespread in gyms.


Who is she?!

Tatu Carreta

I havent been lifting for that long and I do hypertrophy training but I dont care about olympic lifting at all,it seems like if I wanted to become strong I would do powerlifting or powerbuilding training,as I understand olympic lifts are about getting strong in some particular type of lifts,but they are not going to make you the strongest or the biggest,so whats the appeal? that you move the weight in a particular way which requires technique?

Seems silly to me as I can get bigger doing hypertrophy or stronger doing powerlifting or powerbuilding,you only get strong at doing some particular movements with olympic lifting. I dont understand the appeal.

toshi k2

"There's a natural progression from bodybuilding to weight lifting.. " - What?! Bodybuilders don't exactly do it for fitness or strength - just narcissm.

Friday’s are cool

This vid just made me search javelin accidents

Eros Play

I think weightlifting isn’t as popular because the progression you see on the bar is way slower not only that but without a coach you will most definitely struggle starting off


At 3:23 they've got a New Brunswick flag in the gym, whatsup with that?

Chris Knight Natural Wellness & Fitness Group

cool ✨?????✨post brother... hooked on Strength and Olympic training... learning a lot from you channel✨??


Olympic weightlifting is fuckin dangerous


Yeah... tried learning some of the Oly lifts but I just can't get into them. I got to Power Clean 110Kg and push press it, but it was just brute strength thrown at an excercise. Learnt the one arm barbell snatch and got 55/60Kg up with it, but again it was just yanking a weight upwards while minding my back. None of them is a full Oly lift, but, I say that learning them well enough to fuck around with them in deload weeks// when you just wanna have fun throwing weights around is a good addition to one strength arsenal and a good way of finding weak spots in your body.

Siracha Sugar

I heard earfquake, you’re not sly? great music

Joshua Jones

That earfquake instrumental caught me offguard


That was such a gnarly deadlift Zach, nicely done


I actually have a javelin range near my gym xD
Eastern Europe is weird

Anjelica Martinez

“How fit chicks train” of course you use a clip of Meg lifting just the bar ... bruh show her lifting her max. She’s insane strong. Give her credit where credits due. Don’t paint “fit chicks” in the light of an inability to lift heavy weight. Seriously?

Thomas Cogger

I think before you get a coach, you should try to get as good as you can at portions of the lifts. Get brutally strong at atg front squatting, (in the front rack position), split jerking, push press, Deadlift, and overhead squat. These are all movements that can be self taught.

Nicholas Huddle

Quality video.

Chris Knight Natural Wellness & Fitness Group


Travis Johnson

I don’t see either of them ever being good at olympic weightlifting

Juji & Tom

miss you bb, thanks for came -tom


He doesn't because it's a tested event and he's 0% natty ?

Dude McRadGuy

Earfquake instrumental, a man of fine taste I see

Nico Repetto

Didn’t expect to see Firas Zahabi here

T_ C

olympic weightlifting needs to be GONE from regular gyms unsupervised. Thats the #1 way people get hurt and have lifelong mobility-impacting injuries.

It needs to be gatekept. Not because of the cult following, but because people getting in to it don't know better.

Don't believe me? watch 10 videos on youtube about perfect form, then next time you go to the gym just count how many people dont have it. thats right, the majority.

Rick Lujan

Oh my goodness! .... hilariously funny and insightful.... looking good _ feeling good


Because the Olympics have been canceled, Dom Mazetti has already won


I’m more coordinated at throwing a discus and shot put than at Olympic Weightlifting.

d3ad m3a7

you have no idea how many thousand times i watched Clarence swoosh under that bar @[email protected]

Conner Broeker

Because Olympic lifting is not as good a test of power as powerlifting or strength as strongman. Hence the names. Olympic lifting is a test of technique that's it. Not to mention Olympic lifters are annoying and hate on regular gym goers for not participating in their sport instead of just being proud that people are being healthy, improving confidence, happiness, and enjoying themselves in the gym

Bernhard Kohli

Interesting! I just wish they could once experience the thrill of pulling off a squat snatch that didn't work 10 times but then you hit that sweet spot with your timing and swing, and it just "flies" up! That feeling must be comparable to a "slam dunk" in basket ball, or scoring a goal in soccer, etc. And I bet with their strength, these Powerlifters would quickly get the knack of it (maybe a bit of mobility work needed up front ...). Cool content! :-)
By the way... was that really a 280 kg deadlift? Wow!! That's nuts! If I'd ever reach 200kg, I would be the proudest guy on the block.


Because weightlifting competitions are tested ones? :-)


Is that brazos valley barbell?

Super Noodles

I don't do OL but we use the clean as part of training in rowing

Mobin Noori

He doesn't have a good technique

Carl Jacobson

In my case. I have to disagree with this video. I got great athletic results (explosive strength,, speed) and built up a lot of muscle all over my back from utilizing either modified, power version of the Olympic lifts or high pulls and I improved my squat balance and flexibility from overhead squats. I can understand not performing competition style olympic lifts as they are technically complicated, But I think it's a mistake to write off the Olympic lift variations completely - they do have their place in a well rounded strength training program.

G June36

Zack, what should be done to promote Olympic weightlifting? I really want this sport to grow.


I like the shot put/javelin analogy. What if Crossfit did Olympic throwing events for high repetitions? Lol

samo modic

"I didn't learn to snatch in 1day so I'm just gonna quit"

John Barber

Thank uuu for putting respect on throwing??. No one ever shows us throwers any love lmao

Era Aion

...are you kidding? Why doesn't the mountain Olympic lift? Because he's on steroids.

Jon Seres

Where the fuck does this bench equipped Planet Fitness exist? I have never in my life seen a bench or a rack at a Planet Fitness.


I dunno. I tried learning some techniques, but I ain't content with the weight I'm able to do. I feel like my snatch technique is better than my cleans, but it's still the scariest damn exercise I've ever done. Not sure how fast I'd been kicked out of my gym if I started dropping the weight from overhead either. The commercial gyms here, even with alot of powerlifters have that planet fitness "if you make any kinda noise... you're out" kinda mentality. Maybe it's for the best.. I guess 30 y/o is too old to start doing oly lifting. :'D

George Warshington

For me it's first and foremost injury risk then lesser reasons space constraints and like juju i'm not a fan of the lifts themselves. Snatches, while can be done safely for years or even lifetimes with great form, i can't justify the risk of something going wrong. I have reoccuring shoulder injuries from years of sports injuries (currently nursing one right now unfortunately), and one little wobble out of allignment with real weight, and i'm fucked for 4 weeks. Then there's always the risk of a weighted bar overhead, slipping risk in a public gym with an overhead weight (nightmare fuel), and you can say form form form until you're blue in the face but there will come a day you push that limit, and lower back soreness is bound to come from it.

i can remember a time where my goal was 250lbs on powercleans and i worked like a dog building my grip strength and my lagging hip flexors to get there for months. I always hated cleans so i thought applying myself like other lifts in the past would grow my passion for them. It did not. I reached my goal, and realized i'm doing this lift i hate, with more weight than i feel super safe doing alot of the time, and as someone with bodybuilding goals i don't know if it was the best use of my time. That in a nut shell has been my experience with most Olympic style lifts. I agree however, they are skill based lifts. Progress is not linear and it can be frustrating for people that aren't prepared for that. Know your goals, then envision a path that will take you there. Whether that's deadlifting 1000lbs or 18" arms you do you people. Life's too short to force yourself to be unhappy for a goal you don't quite care to achieve

Som Guy

I admire olympic lifters and wish I were stronger in that way, but frankly my window in life to take up that sort of thing has passed


Loved the tyler sample for background music

Clay Coppinger

That heel hook at 4:32 tho...

Tom Greeves

Very good video. I love watching weightlifting. It’s a wonderful sport, and more well-rounded and vastly more exciting than powerlifting.

I also hated the training. It’s very boring and incredibly hard.

A great sport if you have an aptitude for it, but much better to watch than to do if not.

Powerlifting is like watching paint dry, but great fun to do.


I'm 33 years old and never really spent any time at the gym. I never was really into that grind. Well as it happens I got overweight and had a truckloads of bad eating habits and was passive as fuck. To no one's surprise that started to affect my health. My brother finally managed to lure me into the gym. First we started off with some basic shit you can do at home to build some nerving and get a feel for my body as well as get some stamina. After that we started to implement some crossfit features. No heavy weights and no traditional powerlifting. I started to get the hang of it. Until my brother introduced me to olympic lifting. He asked me to do an overhead squat with a barbel. No weights, just the barbel and promised a free lunch if I was able to do one rep. I laughed. Wasn't laughing after I tried and fell on my ass. So I started to simply practice with a wooden stick at home. I practiced snatches and overhead squats daily with just a wooden stick. And what do you know, after some time my mobility got improved like never before and I was finally able to put some weight into it.

I'm still a newbie, I've been doing this less than a year but I'm absolutely loving it. Olympic style lifting has activated muscles in my body I didn't know existed and I've never ever been as mobile as I am right now. It's insane. I think I'm the perfect target for this kind of exercise since I had no preference going into this nor did I have any prejudice. The problem is, there aren't many programs where I live and I'm guessing that's the case in other places as well. I bet there are a whole lot of people who could be lured into olympic lifting if it was more widely available and I personally can't recommend it enough. I have no aspiration for body building or lifting shit ton of weights. I just want to be healthy, mobile and reasonably strong.

What The Kcuf?

Dude, MUSIC NAME PLZZZ (the first one)

Huy Pham

It is like expecting a F1 racer (Even at Godlike level) to compete in MotoGP ?

Murat Arda Aslan

You can't talk about juji without playing joji

синий кот

"tom had a really good idea-" to nobody's surprise


My gym has rubber weights, but somehow they constantly go missing from the lifting area where you can drop weights... I guess they look cool on a bench or squat, but it's freaking annoying


TL;DW - Juji never felt like he was good at it.


i dont know you or anything about your channel, but awesome intro.

Niclas F P

I've watched lots of weight lifting guides here on youtube. Although I have yet to be visiting a weight lifting gym, I do practice the small thing like how to properly get in to a front rack, how to bounce the bar of your hip, and squatting with a bar over head. I do hope I'll get the hang of it so I might have some sort of base ones I get around to see a coach.

Ghost Grown Medicine

Oly lifting doesn't build a good physique, sorry, not sorry. Oly lifting is also crazy for the shoulders, fuck that noise, not for me.


he cant pass a drug test

The Correan

I won’t ever try a snatch or clean and jerk, because I don’t trust my shoulders. I snatch weight up to put it on my rack because I’m too lazy to take plates off, but that’s it LOL.

Connolly bros production

I believe you should try doing different at things in a gem you can do the Holy Trinity of bench deads and squats but I also think you should also try things that are not In your wheelhouse for example Trying kettle Bells trying yoga trying crossfit But with proper

Will Siddall

Can't disagree, Olympic Lifting is very technical and requires additional sets of eyes to improve, but that last clip of Juji snatching shows a ton of potential. Better than most Novice lifters I've come across.

Jacob Mccann

But... what if I do want to dabble in shotput?...


I've never powerlifted I was introduced to barbell work with crossfit ans weightlifting.
It feels to me like weightlifting is a full body workout while powerlifting is isolation lol.

Me the alt centrist

It’s good for football otherwise you’re ego lifting


jujijmufu sounds like brian posehn

Ungus Blonka

1:44 is that a real bench press at Planet Fitness?

Lizan Onur

4:39 What is going on here?

Gavin Dondzila

My thing for it is. Weightlifting’s not fun

Michael Noe

Weightlifting is like powerlifting mixed with a golf swing