Long distance track shoes

Long Distance Spike Overview

Long Distance Spike Overview5 Feb. 2015
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Reviews of the Asics

Reviews of the Asics Gunlap, New Balance LD5000, Saucony Velocity, Nike Zoom Rival D, Nike Zoom Victory Elite and Zoom Matumbo.

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What's the difference between the Nike Zoom Victory ELITE and the Nike Zoom Victory 2?


This was so dang funny. Nike victory elites. All day. Ball till the day you fall.

Joe Bardsley

lmao great video man, really helped me decide what im gonna buy. most people aren't as humorous as you in shoe reviews but i liked yours, keep up the great work dude

Alhryan labita

im a runner and i dont have spike ever since i joined because of we dont have money and im from the philippines.

Martin Ocegueda

The Nike victory 2 are not durable at all.

Julian Roffman

Which of these is the best one for both track and xc? And just one more question, might the zoom rival be a little bit bulky for racing at high speeds?

Justin Ramirez

where can I buy the zoom victory elite carbon fiber??

Kevin Shahan

Out of these shoes which do you feel is the best? I XC in highschool, so 5k, and in track I run the two mile and I do high jump

Above The Riff

Don't ever say carbon fiber like that again.




My God

Nate Silvers

How is that Victory Elite super flexible if it has a carbon plate? I saw you flexed the back of the shoe but it's the front of the shoe that needs to be flexible for the windlass affect. This really puts me off buying the shoe.

Bob the builder

best vid ever


Can you guys make one of XC or sprint spikes?
(if you do XC spikes put in saucony xc5 killeny)


Hi, I am a 400m and 800m runner. I ordered the saucony velocity 5 in my normal shoe size and 1 size above due to availabilty on amazon. I guess i'll try them when they come, but how is the sizing on them? Also what are the differences from the 5 and and 6? Thanks :)

Manu Bibeault

i want to run a 400 meter with that is this possible ????

Leonardo Yahuaca

Do you think the Nike zoom rival d will be good for a 400 and 800 meters runner?

Ninoska Zúñiga Havliczek

Hi, can you recommend me some spikes? i can't decide between nike zoom d, nike zoom rivl m8, the matumbo's 3, adidas adizero avanti or the brooks wire 4, you know other spikes? I want something cushion but not too much, for the mile and forward.

Oliver Novotny

He’s wierd

Timo Fukar

You earned a sub


Can the Saucony velocity be used for both cross country and track long distance?

I Know What You Did 5 Minutes Ago

The Asics Gunlaps are recommended for 1500 - 5000, (correct me if I'm wrong) but what if they were used in the 800m? How would they feel?

Greg Avila-Shah

The adidas arriba is a sprinter spike, just an FYI people

Jamie Patel

Hey guys whats the difference between the victory elites and the new victory elite 2? Why is the new elite 2 so much heavier?

Shire from the Shrine

Are the rival ds good for Xc grass running and stuff ?

The Spikes I Wear to Race | How to Win Like Mo | Mo Farah

The Spikes I Wear to Race | How to Win Like Mo | Mo Farah8 Dec. 2017
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Hi everyone! I’ve already

Hi everyone! I’ve already shown you my running shoes, and in this video I’ll talk you through the spikes I used when running the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, and the shoes I’ll be using for the marathons. I’m a big fan of the Nike Zoom Victory, but the Nike Streak is my absolute favourite. Thanks for all the comments, keep liking and sharing!

Hit this link to subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzefeIxBpFzEHh-bPSfTBNg?sub_confirmation=1

Follow me on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mo_Farah

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Sir Mo, i would like to have give the nike zoom-vic-spike shoes you've thrown aside please ???

Krishananand yadav

In which best shoes for 1500 meter

Mulatu Kelta

good information, brother thank you...
I had no information about spikes... but you washed my brain.... stay blessed

Charlie junntunen

I wear a Nike zoom rival MD 8 mens spikes but I wanna know what is the best kind of spikes for multiuse for when i run my distance like when i do the mile or the 800m etc i can hold my pase with out my legs hurtingbut when i do the sprints like my 400m or 200m i can sprint fast

Ahmed Elmasry

how to breathe while running 5k

Rex tai

Run the Hong Kong marathon

Chan Bros

So basically he doesn't need 4% to run his times. He only wears it because Nike told him to do so. LOL


Hey mo!

tafadzwa vhovha

how did you train to be perfect at the 10 k race .plz may l have tips to do it in about 8 months
oo l am from zimbabwe

Lane Garcia Splash Squad Fan


Elon Mosque

Why am I here?? I’m a sprinter


I assume you wouldn't recommend a non pro runner to run 20 milers in the LT though, given it's a flat?


Love the Nike Streak LT3. I've done 20 miles in them one time. Light and responsive...

Vinesh Kumar

Hello sir good night

Nate Williams

Mo make a video on how to cut the shoes like your I have Achilles problems too

Foadjemal Hassen


young sprinters

Hi sir, l am a sprinter but I love and enjoy your running very much

Hermon Tekleab

What about the 3k

Nilekash kachari

I really like to watching your videos, thanks to Sher your everything motivation, and all of sar, your my hero sar ??

The Bodo Village boy

Hi bro

Wurst Eh

Any advice on how to an optimal running technique? Such as the appropriate foot strike, breathing technique and the manner that the legs should be moving during a distance run

Rajnesh Deshwal

Sir plse put shoes link in the description

Ham Dani

How much the Price

tuSharma Skull Buster

Sir how many hours for traning should be do for 5000

Blue Dabber

Thank you again Mo your my idle and now I also know which shoes I need to run in ! ?

Rohan Da beast

Hi Mo thank you for inspiring me to become a runner, keep up the good work ???? #running4life


20 miles in the Streak LT 3's? Damn, my feet are freaking torn up at 13 miles

Matthew Kinler

Help , i need a middle distance spike I can run with , but I run on my heel... any spikes with large heelapd

Clemens Weber

Interresting choice do not use the Vaporflys. I myself believe that the less you have on your foot the better, so great choice with the streaks. I might give them a shot aswell

Benjamin Byrd

Sir Mohammed, why throw the spikes away when you can just send them my way?

Arshan C G

Thanks for the detailed information mo??

Cuturean Antonio

Don't you have a coach? O.o

Rohit Paswan

Thankyou mo ....information

Reinis Martinsons

My shoes: ASICS gel cumulus 16 gt-x, LD/LJ/TJ/HJ spikes- some old ass asics spikes (they have "effort" written on them if that says anything) MD/sprint spikes- Nike zoom rival M 7.


Where can i get these

Christian York

Mo I'm a sophomore in highschool and have made huge progress in my running. I need your help and advice on how to incorporate miles, diet and how to raise money for my gear and race costs please reply for my contact info!

Athletics sport

1500m workout to break 4 minites

Ani Running Special

Hi if anyone has a password and username for milesplit plz hit me up

Alexander Kwa

Sir mo, how far do you run in your Pegasuses before getting a new pair?

FunnyShortsGamer FSG

Sir mo
Can you do vids on spikes and racing shoes pls
Salute to you sir

Bryce Morris

His socks are fire

Bhakta gaming

Nice farha

Leena Mehta

Please give me suggestion which spikes I should use I'm doing 100m n long jump


Mo farah i want to buy shoes blue one

Finbar Skitini

love the vids man, your such a humble guy keep it up

Judhistir Panaka

Sir mo shoes price?

Vilas puranik

Sir i m your huge fan....
Which spikes is usefull for 5000mtr sir

Ym Adventure


Johan Contreras

hola mo soy un atleta venezolano y quisiera llevar mi carrera a la elite mundial, se que no es facil pero cada vez que entreno trato de ser mejor para ser como tu. soy corredor de 1500m y 5000m pero quiero ser el mejor del mundo. que me recomendarias para llegar a la elite mundial. puedes contactarme por WhatsApp 04164203228

Justin S

Where all could I go about finding the zoom victory’s? Google was no help

Aman Chhoker

Time table

Justin Son


ive been with you for soo long when you had less than 100 subs i found you when you uploaded your 2nd video

Sony Entrr

Mr Farah you are the distance running king

Jason Krantz


Undercover Martin

Shame on the ones who desliked

farhan mahamed

I support u

Piyush Sharma

This spikes are use in 100m also?

Olly Pope

Can I buy your clothing range it’s pretty cool

austin gallman

Mo could you create a video on running form from head to toe on what you should and shouldn’t do please and thanks

Sagar Pardeshi

1600mitar 4.12 minit partis

18 Harish kumar

Mo sir. what's your secret of Recovery ! and how much it's is important


Hi how are you?today i subscribe your CHANNEL very informative video i do workour daily but i want runing so your videos is very superb and guide me thz.

Juli Krausz

You are my idol

Follow meback2

Budget shoes under $50 I live in India I cannot buy Nike and Adidas.i am practicing for 5km timing got around 16 min.u r super hear .I lover all 5kms u made a record of 12:55:30 in 2012 that was great and 10kms 26:13.my goal is mo farah.can pls make more video sir.thanks

Dexter Haven

Question: Do you ever train at altitude?

Hafso Ali

Sir mo please don't tell us anything for foreign language
But explain your mother's language so Somali ??

tuSharma Skull Buster

Is shue selection effect's hard

Travis Miller

Hahah, 13 dislikes and 1.7k likes

Sushil Sharma

I'm very inspire with you,

manish kumar

Make stape exercise

Marc-André Blais

what do the spikes in the shoe make? i feel like you just gonna be unbalanced and hurt yourself although i guess thats not true cause i have been playing soccer and its kind of the same thing with spikes.

Дарий Рустамович

Have u ever used Newton shoes? Do u know smth about them?

Lavish Gurjar

Mo Farah is a biggest star

Tyman Smart

Can you do a video that shows how you prepare yourself physically and mentally before a race? And what you think about during a race and racing strategy?

intelligence army

Sir spike se 1600 miter run kar sakte hai ki ni

Ani Running Special

Bro I am in in 8th grade I run the 2 mile in the time of 11:28 don't believe me check Ga mile split for sorry can't say my name ??

I wish to be like you and maybe some day I will beat you

George Collins

0:31 Please stop calling it “nikey”! Please pronounce it as “nyke”!

my videos videos

Not enough money for shoes

Subham Chattaraj

Sir mo how to buying Nike shoes most your favourite show pls pls...

Carlos Pinedo

So you can use the nike victories for the 800 and the mile because if so this helps because I thought they were only for 100m and 200m

Thomas Kubala

You should do a update on the shoes/spikes that you use

Nels Trandahl

What?? Those are definitely not normal Vic 3s

Aman Chhoker

Sir plese 1500meter workout terining

Yusry isak

what watches do you always use?

Hector Martinez

Can you do a video on the 4% shoes

Vinesh Kumar

Mere sir shin pain hota hai any tips
Please sir meri bhi jindgi sambher jayegi



Randall lason

road to marathon

Ajay pratap Singh Rajawat

I'm suffering from shin pain please do suggest help

Andrew Garza

it would be cool to see a video on your running techniques

Johnathan Fagundes

Thanks mo great videos watching all the way from Guyana, train hard win easy nike runners might

Isidore White

Great vid Mo liked it a lot ??

Ethio World

Thank you so much Mo Farah!

Lucky Lakshman

Hi sir I am my hero


how much Nike pay him to do this

Μάριο Ντερβίση

Shoes do not make the athlete!!(athlete make the shoes)?


Could you use spiked shoes on the road if you don't have access to a track?

Janrebb Puno

Could you use those victory's to run the 3200?

2017 Track Spike Reviews - Long Distance

2017 Track Spike Reviews - Long Distance7 Feb. 2017
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Gazelle SportsSubscribe 438 721

Our Positive Vibes Liaison

Our Positive Vibes Liaison walks us through this seasons long distance track spike offerings.

Visit us at your local Gazelle Sports for Michigan's largest spike selection. http://gazellesports.com/women/shoes/running/spikes.html

Comments (25)
Kyla Fugate

Hi I run the 800, mile and 2 mile and I’m not sure which spike would best suit me. I narrowed it down to new balance md500/800 or ld5000 or maybe Saucony Endorphin. Which do you recommend for my events?

Luis Andrés Norambuena Yáñez

I bought a zoom shoes matumbo 3, and I have some questions can the nails be exchanged? Or is there a key for conical nails?

Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost

LOL. I got the New Balance LD5K before I even watched this video, but thnx anyway

Srinivas Dokare

Brother, thing here in India is different. Spikes are not available in store. They say people rarely buy running spikes thats y they dont keep it. So i think i have got only one option..thats to buy online. But i'm worried about the size. I normally run 1500m to 10,000m. Thats long distance. Whats your advice in my senario.

Shiva Kushwaha

My foot size is 23.5 cm and i run 5000m and 10000m . Which shoe will be good for me. Light weight for competition .

Keaton Smith

what’s a good cheaper mile shoe?

Ramon Owens

This guy is so awkward its funny ?

kacper agita

how about Nike mtumbo 3?

Jacob Lemus

do a comparison of the victory elite 2's and the victory 3's

Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C

This is a great review! Thank you very much! I'm a Masters-level runner (50 year old age group) looking to compete in some distance races. I usually run marathons. However, I think 5k, 10k track and XC races makes me a faster marathoner. Your review is REALLY helpful.

ciaran kavanagh

can u do a review of nije marumbo 3

Luis Huerta

Is the UA miler pro an entry level, last year I had the UA entry level 80 dollar distance spike and this upcoming season I want a more premium shoe


You missed showing the outsole on 3 of the shoes. And, no pros/cons on spike placement. Some of these are just inferior.

Adrien Sinclair

I wouldn't call the nike victory a distance spikes. It's more for 800-1500m. Running a 10k in them like you suggest would be far from ideal ;)


Please restock your adidas Avanti spikes!! I need a size 9.5 asap

Jamie Patel

Hey guys I'll be running 800m, 1500m and 5000m events on the track with the 5000m the longest distance. I'm undecided between the Adidas Avanti, Adidas Ambition 4, Nike Victory Elite 2/Victory 3 and Matumbo 3. I currently run in Rival D9 and just dont feel like I'm getting enough propulsion off the surface. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is the Adidas distance good for middle distance

Alyssa Hill

What are the under armor spikes called?

Sagar Pardeshi

1600mitar shou

Austin Molitor

Anyone else absolutely hate the Zoom Rival D's?

Andrea Gutierrez

Do a XC racing shoe review!!!


feel like of heard "has a bit of a filled in arch, wouldn't call that an arch support" before. nice video

joe mersed

review the nike mamba 3 spikes

phanis pittalis

i run 1500m - 5000m and i cant deside wich spike to choose between the addidas avanti and the new balance ld5000v4, which one do you recommend?

Joshua Flying Garcia

Can Nike Zoom D's be used for XC ?