Fitness 19 cancellation policy


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As of March 14th, 2020,

As of March 14th, 2020, the COVID-19 shit show has many microgym owners scared and confused as to what the future holds. I truly believe we are going to see many small businesses suffer during this time and I think people practicing social distancing will be the dagger.

Here's what I recommend we do to offset cancellations during this time.

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Awesome advice! Thanks!
In addition to an online offering, what's your thoughts on replacing classes to a morning and evening "guided" open gym experience, only during this time to help avoid lot's of people in the gym at the same time?

James Hambrick

We are offering a live stream of select classes. Thanks!

Isaac Morgado

What about rather then one big class you advertise several smaller classes to keep groups small

Nick Grizz

Good stuff dude!

Bryan Baker

I see you enjoy beverages...


You should’ve added the George Constanza video where there is a fire and he pushes the women and children out of his way in the stairwell.

The Hidden Cost of Joining a Gym

The Hidden Cost of Joining a Gym22 Jan. 2020
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Connor Ward

He looks a lot like that guy from wizards of Waverly Place.


Who needs a gym. Get into calisthenics. Live in the woods or mountains. Use tree barks as pull up bars. Use your bodyweight. Get a disposable resistance bands from physical therapy room. You'll still build muscle and save tons of money IF you're motivated


I made a promise to hit the gym hard, and I did! But then Covid hit and they have been closed for 6 months

Hyde grant

and then they send maria, who’s maria, Ahh mariaa


Glad my hospital pays for my gym membership... too bad I'm a busy doctor and it's hard to find time to even use the FREE membership -_-

Aditya Bhatt

Anyone else thought they are Allyson Hannigan and Jason Segel

harsha 10

Your excitement about 2020 in the first few seconds ,aged well.

Os P

2020 covid gyms perception its always full reality shutdown ^^


I wouldn't believe the sales guy if he wasn't "jacked" himself.

Alfred Banuelos

Worth the physical and mental health. Can even help you socially. But you can do that running on a trail and weights at home if your goal is to be fit and healthy.

Ashish Praveen Dhas

Another Hidden secret of gym
You stop going gym after some time you again gain weight.

I started doing yoga at home at my convenience.
No gym
No stuck in traffic
Saved time ??

Rayhan Morales


Burhan Diwan

Don't forget the hundreds people spend on getting gym clothes and shoes and then never use them.


HAHAHA all the gyms are closed

anna bella

$600 for a gym membership?
I go to a very nice award winning gym for $144/hr and I have access to everything the club offers


Start body weights then add dumbells (chnageable) still going after a year? Buy a squat rack and bench. I bought a package for like $700 or something. Been using them for 5 years now.


My college had a gym. I exercised every 2-3 days. Before that I would only exercise once every 1-2 weeks. Now that I graduated I exercise once every month or so. Too lazy. ;.;


All the dislikes are probably gims owner

Matthew Gailey

Nice TX shirt y'all

Tony Bright

Reading this 10 months into 2020.

I'm a YMCA member and am paying $40/month.

Of course, it was closed to us from March to end of June.

We had the option to pause our membership, but I kept it going because the Y provides valuable services to the community such as Y camp in the summer. They are a center for Feed my Lambs, a charity that feeds at risk kids when they don't get school lunches. All sorts of senior services as well.

Regarding the sponsored item, about the only thing it's really good for is to change where you appear to enter the Interwebs.

Once the traffic exits the VPN gateway and goes out on the internet to your bank, credit card company, and so on, it's no different from that traffic if it left your home or even the coffee shop.

Most traffic is encrypted by your browser already, so the security claims of VPN services are dubious at best.

VPN companies are hoping you don't realize this and choose to send them $20-$50/month for something of little value.

Even browsers such as Opera offer free VPN services as part of the browser.

Archarlie Chou

How little did they know

Christopher Trainor

Ahh...the Bad Ass Benevolent Bro show that helps you grow...Also I work at a YMCA...it is all true...

Nicanor Núñez

2020 is gonna be a great year

Diya Petkar

regur-ur-ly at 5:18 ?

Koti Abraham

Your videos are next level love from india

Obag Najul

Focus on not eating like a fat ass

Ed Kennedy

That guy looks like he's never stepped a foot in a gym lol.


Listen to these two you'll do nothing in life.


Pro tip: Do like me and try to get a part time job at the gym on the weekend for a free membership while earning a second income. :)

Ernst Kerry Etienne

I got a feeling I saw those people in my past life.

Pedro 21

60 dollars damn I pay like 10 in my country

Nimmish J

You guys pay $58 per month, you can get the best gym at only $20 a month in India.

Prashun Mahajan

Ryan Gosling? ?


Planet fitness is only 10 dollars a month lol and they're literally everywhere and they don't give you shit when you try to cancel

Sidney Boo

This is brilliant.

Praveen Jakkannavar

Presenter is overweight

Jorge Luis

Awesome content and just on time! ??

Roger Sepeda

I feel like they literally can make a video on how everything cost money their next video .
How not existing is costing you money .

Metodi Angelov

the gym in my country Bulgaria is 15 euro per month.

Frank Chen


Vladimir Ciric

Exactly. Stay out of the gym and let muscleheads train in peace, we don’t want you texting around anyway, people like you are the reason why good gyms turned into Disneyland. Save your money and enjoy your new yoga mat. Good riddance.

Sam_2 Alexander

I just wish I could still go to the gym☹️

Adam West

Getting married and having kids is also precommitment. Risk of getting divorced raped and child maintenance. No thanks.

At least the gym can't steal half your shit if you want to get out of your gym contract.


Meanwhile we pay around 1.50-2$ per visit where I live

Mayank Joshi

Ryan Gosling

Raghav goyal

Who the hell pays $58/month, i joined planet fitness from 3 years. I just pay $10/month with taxes and $40 annual fees. I don't know which gym you guys go. ??‍♂️?

Carola ,

I pay 31 euro a month. For that I get free drinks, free personal training, use special training equipment and go whenever I want. I go 4 times a week.


My future self stopped working out because the gym is a sunk cost

Aml Serioja

I pay 20 bucks a month for the gym ! Sunday is closed


I love the gym, I hate, hate home workouts ?

Water Bottle

Pay the 600$ and watch them close with your money a week later. xD

Jason K

Check with your health insurance company. I've had companies give me a once a year bonus of $100-$200 for purchasing exercise equipment or a gym membership. My current company has a fitness program for $30 a month and I can go to any of a number of participating gyms I choose.

Steph Liveright

Great points PBS... Using your theory and examples, we should pay cash for taxes instead of payroll withholding... If that was the case, 99.99% of the country would be "conservatives" the very moment they saw how much cash was exiting their wallets. Huge government and overreach would cease... Along with PBS funding... Great idea guys...

Lord Sebastian Flyte

A woman at work said she was thinking about joining a gym in the new year. I told her it would be much better to buy a bike or new walking shoes and speed up a near by 2 mile hill a few times a day like I do. Fresh air (few cars as it's in the beautiful English countryside) and no athlete's foot from a sweaty germ ridden gym which most people join out of fitness trendy ism!

David Varghese Thomas

I freakin love these guys!

tuco salmanca

Oh really fuck off man cant even pay for gym


50 bucks a month for me. I use the shit out of the gym

Vaitiare Rojo

I was usually going to the gym 5 days a week before corona, now im a delivery girl in uber eats as exersise and its awesome to get paid by working out 2 hours a day! ?

The Gucci special savage The Gucci spavage

Man this made me so happy learning how much of a steal I’m getting for going 6 days a week for only 10 bucks a month that’s like crazy lmaooo

jimena waltero

Hehehe I’m a pain in the butt for the gym, sometimes I even go twice a day.

Melissa Junkermeier

Thankfully my husbands employer covers $30 each of our gym membership and with our membership being only $25 each a month, we actually make $10 bucks a month LOL We have to go 8 times a month for them to cover it, so it’s really good incentive for going!

Annemarie May

I used to go to gym but I stopped. Not out of lack of self discipline or because the gym machines etc don't do the job. They do. But there are less expensive, less boring, less time and energy and less environmentally polluting or heath risking ways to achieve the same goals. Basically g is work. And work should be giving you something eg you get paid for it at your job. It shouldn't be actually costing you money and wasting your precious free time to do something that gives you nothing in return, that you couldn't get just as readily from some other form of rewarding work. Joe about cleaning and scrubbing your house, walking everywhere, instead of driving? Or, as a man, clean your car up, do some hard agricultural type Yakka to grow crops, hunt wild pigs, kangaroos etc, dig dams and ditches etc or try catching Wild mountain horses to break in or herding cattle, sheep etc or splitting rocks in a quarry etc. All this is productive, rewarding work you could be paid for, even, whilst it gets you very strong and fit, builds magnificent muscles etc. Just want you want! And, for girls, waiting on tables or jobs like nursing and caring will run you off your feet and keep you very fit and slim. I might not mind paying money for fitness training, if I could actually get good at some physical art eg dancing, gymnastics, ice skating etc or some physical game eg basketball etc from it. That might justify spending money on fitness sessions. But senseless things like paying money just to do pointless, boring running on a treadmill in a gymn simply makes no sense to me. At least, if you pay money to keep fit by dancing, you acquire a useful social skil eg social dancing and you can meet people using it. But what does paying gym fees give you? Nothing, really. Such a waste of time, money and energy on nothing.

Rohan Alias

I clicked to see ryan Gosling
Ok bye

Josep Mateu

Buy second hand weights, cheaper but literally same weight

Sara Dirksen

Watching this in the gym lol

Dominic Eaton

As someone who sells these gym memberships, this did make me chuckle, and can say it is all completely true


Wow, your gyms are cheap! I pay double that!

Brian Huang

funny how gyms all went out of business after this video came out

Ed Kennedy

So let me get this straight.......eating keeps you 'poor, cars keep you 'poor', gyms keep you 'poor' ect......these two must live in a tent and eat beans and rice and drive a bicycle.

Stephen Njoroge

Very Smart

Ryan Werner

I signed up for a gym and instead of just showing up 2-4 times a week I showed up every day for a month and only worked out for about twenty minutes. I mastered the art of showing up first and now it has become habit lol. I go every day now and get a good workout every time! I'm a bandit lol

You're should of learnt grammer !

"Welp, it's 2020".......indeed.....


1 month A.C(After Covid)

mahesh bhaskaran

For a moment I mistook this guy for Ryan gosling

Sir Kay

I just dropped a video today on my channel showing how I work out from home. I'll be damned I be stuck in some gym with nothing but attention thots and Roidheads trying to show off. Plus the smell of sweat, but hey! it's trendy and you're deemed modern if you have a membership. I so loe my life of not being a sheeple.

Sarvesh Shriyan

They are funny and informative

Felix Unicruz

I just take long walks

Ed Kennedy

BS, you can join a gym now for $20.00/month.

Abhijit Deo

Always remember one thing if you want to get fit . Exercise only accounts 20% of the total effort you put the rest 80% is what you eat.

Chad Shaffer

Life is hard


Joining my gym has been one of the best decisions I've made. AND I negotiated my contract using the total cost rather than monthly cost... Saved hundreds


Since I go to the gym 3x a week at least, thanks for subsidizing my healthy lifestyle, you fatf*cks ????

Our Future Is Mars

haha by January 22 I have long since given up on my new years resolution


I don’t see why my decision should be impacted by the 82% and 22% that fail to commit wisely. Neither I see why that would be the gym’s fault.

tomaž miklavčič

This aged badly...

JC Denton

All you complain about video. They made a video based on research that a lot of gym members goes to gym like once a week. If you go to gym 4 times a week, this video isnt for you

Erick Martinez

I started out at a gym. Lasted 3 months before I cancelled the contract. I made a goal to do 40 push ups in a row before joining again, Now I feel more confident when I use machines and know I have my basic strength down.

Peter Soar

Cool. I guess I’ll keep making gains and loving it.


Best fitness program I've ever done was high school wrestling and BJJ. Nothing like kicking ass and getting your ass kicked.

Ertiza Kazi

good thing i got a free membership due to insurance and go everyday

Anthony Sandoval

I pay $10 a month I’m good


Pokémon go

phonvoli ormogwey

3 things: a set of dumbbells ($35), a treadmill ($350) and a rowing machine ($300) will run you a total of $685 but: - the cost of going to the gym by car or public transportation + not having to shower with strangers + not having to be seen with strangers while your dadbod is dying while exercising... That's an infinite benefit IMO.
Especially the weather flexibility: these people are clearly from the sun belt if they think that running shoes will let you run all year long. These people don't understand winter: it takes 30 minutes to put on the penguin outfit to go outside to go to the gym and 20 minutes to take it off once you're there, or if you have a car - 20+ minutes to heat it up every time you want to go outside... All these factors extend the length of the "doorstep mile", therefore decreasing the value of exercising outside or at the gym, and increasing the value of having your own equipment.


Planet Fitness is $22 a month for a black card membership.

Absalom Rivas

I pay 10 per month so is not that expensive

Mike Hunt

Planet fitness is like $13 month

Sirdhar Pusa

Running shoes and skipping rope. Best and cheap equipment to loose weight

wiryawan setiadi

wow that's so expensive, in my city yogyakarta (it will be different in other city in indonesia), the gym monthly price is around $8,5. and i go to the gym 5 times a week, so i think it's really worth the price

Jose Flores

I'm an introvert and going to the gym was the worst things I've ever done. After the headache of cancelling the membership I just made my own home gym...... after spending around $2,000 on cardio machines and power towers, I went the YouTube home no equipment workouts which cost me no money and actually motivated me to keep working out.


I work out 6 times a week. Got started when I was officially declared obese and now I'm toned and have abs even though I am a mother. You don't need a gym, just will power and commitment.
I've never been in a gym and don't think I will ever go to one.

COVID-19: How gyms are handling memberships

COVID-19: How gyms are handling memberships3 Apr. 2020

The fitness industry has

The fitness industry has been impacted by having to close their doors. Large gym chains are handling membership billing differently. Consumer advocates and Do Not Pay a service that helps people get out of contracts offers advice for consumers still getting charged.

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