Icing knees after basketball

How To Ice Your Knees for Basketball Players Tutorial | Knee Pain Injury Soreness | Dre Baldwin

How To Ice Your Knees for Basketball Players Tutorial | Knee Pain Injury Soreness | Dre Baldwin25 Feb. 2012
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Dre Baldwin talks about How To Ice Your Knees for Basketball Players Tutorial | Knee Pain Injury Soreness.

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Dre Baldwin is a former Professional Basketball Player who is now an Entrepreneur: Keynote Speaker on the topics of Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline.

Dre played college basketball at Penn State Altoona and then overseas basketball for 9 years through 8 countries.

Dre has written 11 books, published over 5,000 YouTube videos and created over 150 basketball training programs.

Dre is owner of Work On Your Game Inc.


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Comments (100)
Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

read my book "Buy A Game" its free Google it

kak kak

should i ice my ankles too? cuz it hurts sometimes after i practice

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@m2rtin123 maybe u need to see a doctor if its serious

Kevin Rodriguez

Make a video how to cross some one

Steve Gabel

I'm 67 years old and developed, according to doctor, a "scratched meniscus". He recommended icing the knee and Physical Therapy. Icing the knee is difficult. It is hard to get a lot a ice to stay up on the knee, but by using your method of a Ziploc Bag (I got some Hefty 2.5 gallon Ziplocs at Smart & Final) and an Ace Bandage I'm able to get a big bag of ice on the knee. Thanks. Best self video yet.


Dre, this is a great video! I've recently sprained my right knee and now I need to ice it frequently, besides doing alot of fysio exercises. One question though, I've always been told not to put an icepack directly onto skin, but to wrap it up in a thin towel or something similar. I don't exactly know the reason for this, I was just wondering what your thoughts on this would be.

Marko Djenic

Thanks Dre, really helped

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

try a cloth between your knee and the ice. i dont do this but maybe it will feel better for u. and yes you shold let them warm up again after the ice befre any sudden movements

Nikhil Manuel

Thank you. I get knee pain quite a lot from basketball so this is very helpful

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@YoooPatrick uw. if that works for u then do it

Gilbert Cazares

One more thing Mr. Dre, if you were very much lacking in the skill to play this difficult sport (in which I love very much I see it as a love/hate relationship) why did you keep playing basketball throughout the beginning, why keep playing if you only took "2-3" shots a game? Was it the blooming love for the game, or was it because you were bored?

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

questions for your doctor


...also drove to train hard and, 8 years later as a 22 year old, I am finally breaking ground and becoming a well rounded player.


Hey dre i gotta question , i have always been playing non stop and i admit i was OVERplaying plus i dont ice my knees and recently my knees has been hurting when i put pressure in it. ive been icing it for the passed week or so prollly about eveery other day . im 15 years old and i wanna get back to the court how long you think this would take ? and is icing the only thing i can do for now ? thanks man

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@kuraiko00 ur welcome


I second Gilbert's question. I have also struggled with basket ball for many years of my life. I was always the kid who got overshadowed throughout the course of a game. I was disappointed in my self but it w

Vladimir Charles

they all say I got potential ... I know I do. practice harder. Tell me. I've been lowering my game because I don't want to overdue my knees since I'm going thru a MAJOR growth spurt . I'm starting to lose confidence I know I can play harder but I don't want to hurt my leg since I'm growing. I'm a 8th grader.

should I start to Play Harder?
or take it easy?.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

tell ur doctor

Shain Mpofu

how can i work on my shot?

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

do it and see, then u will know. every persons body is different

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@LOLisInevitable uw

Mohammad Zahra

How long do u keep it on ur knee

Abednego Tamba

Lol! "Get it from a restaurant"

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@ASmoove05 look it up u r on the internet

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@1234sabab look it up ur online

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

ur welcome

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

ha. u can buy reuseable ice packs on Amazon which is more convenient and all u need is a freezer

Bailey Cole Ledford

When I'm icing my knees each and every night after basketball about 10 mins in to the icing, my knees are very sensitive to the ice. And I visited my high schools trainers and I have patellar tendeonitis, so why do u think it's irritating my knees...?


I like Ur videos u don't play around u just get straight to the point

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@blazianballa17 i dont do that but it could work for u

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@m2rtin123 maybe bball aint for u. i dont know any more than a doctor does


Thank u son


i recently torn my ACL and going to hav a surgery this week.how long will i be able to play basketball again after the surgery?will i be able to play at the same level?

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@cedricrebullar how long for what? only you know how ur body feels

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@17dnomyar cool

Gilbert Cazares

Mr. Dre, after reading the comments below I went to Google to look up your book and I am through with Chapter 1. Are you still friends with Brandon to this day? I mean I really liked how you explained the "tone" he said when he gave you those two instructions. Anyway the first chapter is superb and I will get back to you when I finish "Organized Basketball" It's funny because I was listening to the track "Within" by Daft Punk and its suits the first Chapter surprisingly well.

John Hanks

Thx for sharing your wisdom. Very detailed. Young athletes pay attention so I can draft you on my fantasy team when you grow up lol

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@mikolinho1 ur welcome

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game


Jesse Maldonado

would you recommend using the jumper knee support wrap or pre wrap when playing. or just icing your knees after should be fine.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

till u feel like taking it off. listen to ur body

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game


Joseph Foster

will wearing a knee sleeve when playing ball help prevent pain and soreness??


dre , what do you mean at the beggining , so can i stop growing or do i grow by icing knees ?

Ejub Petrovac

can I ice knees before the workout?


Alright thanks a lot I'll do this next time

twiggzy 2

Have you done a video about ankle injury? If not can you consider it, I'm a guard and I have some problems with ankle injuries. Thank you.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

ur welcome

Read my Comment

I'm 13, is it bad if I ice my knees? Will it affect my growth?

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

depends on your knees and your body

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

like, does playing make u taller? no


i ice my knees ALOT i dream of getting taller, im in my teens my doctor says its growth pains,


Hey man! I have a question: For how long you usually ice your knee?
Thanks !

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

till ur body tells u to stop


would it be a good idea to ice ur knees after every game?

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@tallikeyao yea sucks for him

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

do what u want


Hey Dre, there's also another form of icing your knees that I find more effective than traditional icing which involves ice on the knees. I've actually switched from traditional icing to active ice massaging. Heres my 'technique' (I don't own this, and I'm just sharing knowledge).

1) Fill a styrofoam cup with water (2/3rds full) and freeze it.
2) Take the frozen styrofoam cup and peel away the styrofoam and expose it until some ice is visible to the eye.
3) Have your leg elevated and preferably on a flat plane with a towel underneat the knee.
4) Hold the styrofoam cup by the base (bottom) and apply the expose ice portion of the cup around the knee.
5) Start gentle message around the knee joint (not directly on the knee). Make cicles on the area inside of the knee, area outside the knee, area above the knee, and area below the knee. Don't directly apply the ice on top of the patella cap.
6) Keep massaging in circles in the areas around the knee for no more than 10 minutes. You may need to expose more of the styrofoam cup as the ice starts melting.

I prefer this method over traditional icing the knee because:
a) It's more more pro-active as your are increasing circulation to the knee along with the reducing inflammation.
b) It's really easy and cheap to make because all your need is a freezen along with styrofoam cups filled with water.

If you have a chance to try this out, let me know if this helps you or anyone out.

Jay Merchant

Why dosent dre have 1000000subs already

Abdul Ka

Hi Dre, Is it an issue if I need to ice my knees and im a 5'11 basketball player. Ive noticed that I cant just go to the court and run like i used to when I was shorter.

jamal crawford

ight good stuff.. is it OK to ice your knees before running games? because there is never a time when my knees don't hurt before running games.. I've tried stretching, but it doesn't help with the knee pain. (please answer?)

Paul Deng

Mr. Dre i have Osgood shlatter knee disease which stops me from my knees to their full abilities but i still like playing basketball but have to face with the pain. do you think icing my knees will help lower the pains or do you know some stretches that could recover the knee.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@PJTheMan155 thansk!

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@scorchie87 try both and see what works for u

chukk mane

@dreupt is it ever to late to ice your knees , ive been hooping all my life and my ima sophmore and during my freshman and sophmore year i had to run Cross Country for my school so it helped kill my knees im 16 about 6 months ago my knees started hurting like crazy during and after hooping , i didnt start icing it till like 2 months ago , so my question is , is it ever to late to start icing them , and does icing kill the pain for a long-term or just short-term


when did u start playing basketball?

Conrad X.

Thx. Lmao that "refrigerator with no shredded ice" comment. Damn middle class life

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@crazeyskill define rich

Jonathan Marquez

I'm so happy I found this video, I was out working on my shot and every shot I took my knees were hurting more and more and this happened to me last year but it went away its coming back and I needed help. great video it helped so much!
I'm 15 and 6'2 my knees stopped hurting when my growth spurt ended but now they're hurting again so I'm thinking I may be growing again. once again thank you!

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@amahovac thanks!


How long should I put it on for???


I just finished practicing and I put two ziploc bags of crushed Ice on my knees. My skin is really red, my knees feel frozen, lol. Any advice on what I should do in the aftermath of icing my knees? Im scared to start walking around again with my frozen knees... should I let them "cool off" first?


Am i doing something wrong if it starts burning after 20 sec. This is my first time using ice on my knees and i just had a hot shower.

kostas agapitos

Dre i know that if u put ice at any part of the body u will probably have a burn... I will appreciate if u reply me


Thanks, Dre. I have a question though. My basketball team is a little far away from home, so it usually takes me about one to two hours to get home - Is it okay to ice your knee after such a long time? I mean, will it have any effect? Please elaborate on this. Thank you.


Dre can I ice my knees hours before my basketball game?

Gilbert Cazares

Thanks Mr. Dre.

Tawana Cobb

can it help with arthritis in the knee

Dave Vadney

Thanks Man....Playing 3 times a week and both knees are struggling....was looking for the best way to ice....

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

i dont but u can do as u wish

Vicente Valera

Now that's my nigga

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

depends on how your knees feel, which only you know

Bernardo Santos

Hi Dre, I am having some knee pains since i started playing basketball and i think (hope) this will help! Thanks a lot :D

nikko lite

my knee has been hurting for three months because of running and when i walk it gets painful.


Great video


Hey Dre,I sprained my knees 2 weeks ago and I'm about to start playing again.Do you think it's ok to ice your knees a few hours before you play,or is it only after you play?

Lazy Panda

Thank you i need this! I was rejected so bad that i landed on my knee i even cried a bit because it was so painful i could barely walk. it wasn't the best day for me xD

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

listen to your body. not about "should" you know your body best

nazanin b

do injured knees ever go  back to their normal? i dont play basketball but i recently injured my knee dancing and it just feels like it will never be the same :((

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

appreciated. welcome

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@answer199 uw

Chris Rondo

Thanks bro what's your email


Can this help with runner's knee? Apologize in advance if this is a stupid questions.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

cool thx

Άγγελος Τσίγας TV

should I do icing after working out at the gym or when I go back home? Good job btw...

Daniel Cometa

Dre, how long you have to be "iced"?
And is it better before or after the shower?


Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

@DC7312 see my site wrote about it


Thanks Dre. Needed this! I've been using those tiny ice packs but now I know I need the big ones. Btw what do you do about your ankles? My technique has been putting them into a really cold bath tub and letting my ankle sit in there for like 20 minutes.

Dre Baldwin - Work On Your Game

think about it -- if that were true we'd al wear them and play with no knee injuries ever happening.

Kostan Levirs

Yo dre thanks man you've deffinetly earned a sub!


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German Diaz

Professional!!! super atlhete

Roy Garzon


Steve Stev

ah i mean lebron james playng video games ....


So what does he eat after the game? I would be starving lol

Engin Agan

how can he work out on an almost full stomach?


Just one meal for the whole night? I'd eat two before a game and a workout.

1% at a Time

how did he get so strong using pussy weights

Bowler Guy

Doesn't LeBron drive a Kia?

Joe Fou

Music on the beginning ??

Cornelius Wooten

Damn, this Guy work out before the Game...thats insane and unheard of

AfgOmar 619


Jumanji Woe

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Josh Williams


mtb ker

3:10 Hey Flop xD

The Tony

This had to be old bc he still has his hairline lol

4ever 4ny

Lebron is my favorite natural vegan peanut butter and jelly

Rodolis Estrella

A 6 hour work day where you eat A1 pregame meals, work out with the world's top trainers and go out and shut shit down in basketball being an athlete is a dream job.

zh y

Seriously? This guy writes with his left hand and shoots with his right. How does that happen

alexander 323 konstantinos

I hope you people know he's an illuminati puppet who worships Satan.

Ben Jackson

I never lifted before a game cuz it always messed up my shot ha

Ceasar Pagapong

this is the reason why he rarely gets injured.


it's not the same day look at his beard

ol' mighty

I dont get how people compare lebron with god. I mean he is good and all but he is no lebron.

Michael Broady

Who's watching this after game 1 of the playoffs

Mehdi Nasri

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Chevaughn Miller

I got that sweater Bron bron

ab cd

The Song of 0:37 would be a myth .....

Tony Kara18

I guess he left his car at the stadium parking..

Rok Podlogar

pregame? man this would be prefuneral for me.


WAT!!!~~~I thought Lebron drove KIA K900 to the games??!!!

Michelle p Parker

straining that Damon hairline


Wow he's so young in this

Olivér Gyurán

I cant find the song what lebron playing in the car i read some forum and nobody know the name off the song anybody here? What is the name off the song when LBJ in the car

Brian Perez

no ice bath

Jet Fox

Some Flopbell Press, Single Leg Flopell, Flop Queen Walk. Nice routine

Maicon Dougla's

2:02 dance Sirí

Casey Baker

Love LeBrons! Favorite player since he entered the league

Mohit Sandhu

pls tell me song at 0:57 (starting with a shotgun shot) pls....

John Elmot

This guy's a war machine. And he's got style too. Amazing.

Victor Esquivel

music in the beginning?

Ronald Veryu

so did he just leave the audi? dangg

Emerick Sawyer

Kinda pissed. Clearly not one day of footage


thought he farted @2:57

Anything Crazy

wow Lebron injecting steroids lmao

Victor Da Silva

Much respect for this hard working racist

Chad Hommes

I thought the sound effects during the post game stretch was LBJ passin some gas lol


Does he eat after thr game? I woulf be starving. Especially with that little dinner of chicken, peas and garden salad.

Josh Williams



Wait, no ice bath?

Bibek Maharjan

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Mister Patterson

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George Pirelli

lebron weak af


Clyde Drexeler == Lebron James


I'm calling him 6'6.5 - 6'6.75 Barefoot. NBA deceives you about his height I swear!

Amr D

why the hell did he shoots with the right hand and writes on the left hand. wait what?


This is too sick.

Kareem Eter

I only disliked to be the 100th person

Jackson Fang

so who pick up the car he left in the stadium

Jonah Paniagu-fittro

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I wonder how often he works out before games? Can't be every game that'd be kind of crazy. Either way, working out before would explain his jumper being inconsistent at times...

Barack Hussein O'Biden

I really thought those were farts starting up during stretching @ 2:57


look at his hair at 2:50 and then at 2:52 nigga gettin haircuts midworkout and b4 games?


This video is from like 2008 that audi a8 model was barely out yet

Hot N Spicy

He's mayweather of basketball

Cool Boy

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Val Maddox

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iFoundsparkles 1



Those highlights showed Lebron played the pacers and celtics on the same day WOW

Justin Pinello

Just James.... king James is an earned title. Kings win wars (championships) lol. Maybe try a nap before the games and you can finally beat GS


Injects HGH then gets ready.


what is the song 0:38 S


Its crazy that trainer is still with him till now 2020

Chris Kane



Why did he take different cars

Cole Lutz

So he doesn't get any shots up before the game?

Never surrender.

This man is fucking BEAST.

Stafgr Uglnioe

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Does he take a shit before the game tho?

Nick Copek

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How u lift weights before the game.. ?? It's messes up your touch muscle memory

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Why this nigga will lift weights before a game lmao

the funny kids63609

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Willie Davis

Legendary Work Ethic


Funny how all those fans act very differently about him 1 year later.

Chang Liu

so he just left his car in the stadium?


I think as he gets older this maybe too much of a workout before games this is a lot .

island boy

so much respect for his worth ethic .. a lot of people get content after they reach a certain level of fame or fortune .. Not this guy ..

Jared David

Obviously not from the same game..

Richmond Alviar

who took home his audi?

Dee Nuts

So he works out 20 min after eating, that’s crazy lol if I did that I’d be throwing up

Zach Salisbury

Crazy how much bigger he’s gotten since this video

Tresh Talk

My daily routine's harder..

Art A

To this day I never found the song that plays at 0:37


He left his car


he is 260ish? he looks thin as hell tho i guess do at 6 9 but i would guess him at 235

The Ultimate Guide To Fixing Your Knee Pain - Basketball Knee Pain

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or an athletic trainer. Always seek advice from a medical professional.

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Let me know what else you guys want to see!

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HoodedNeptune 1

How long do u foam roll for ?


what are those band this called

Jonathan New

Zion Williamson workout?




How can you cure ankle pain?

GOA -_- studbud

Can you make a gid on studying film in basketball

Jacob Brown



i don’t have that foam thingy